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May 03, 2012

It came into this idea as yours truly is in the point of settling down. Well, after such, actually. I know where I have to stop and being contented of what I have. No more working wise and hard just to attain such goal but rather, making the most of everything I have. I like the idea of "I don't have everything but I am making everything I have" , don't you think this is a great adage? Okay, this is about  why should we have to live life as it is the last. As in we just have to enjoy to the fullest. Enjoy the present, never mind the past (just make it as an inspiration and point of idea) and not to worry about the future as the future will worries itself. :-) As in, we just have to fully make what we can do today for the future and it will do its way. Being wise and hardworking would be the key but that is not all about it. Being contented too and knowing where to stop.

It is great to imagine one can think of not worrying of anything because they are doing everything what one can do currently. Now it is the fate to determine the next. Remember that God does wonders and won't leave us in the dark tunnel if we are doing good. HE even won't leave those non-followers, how much more those followers, right?

Alright, we just have to do what is best and God will do the rest. Living life as it is our last makes difference! :-)

April 27, 2012

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April 26, 2012

I have heard of tales about how it is very hard to withdraw from smoking cigarettes once you acquired the habit. It is already a part of their life's journey. The old adage said that "an old habit dies hard" must have applied to this. It might have physiological significance, or it can be purely psychological, but the thing is it takes heart, determination, and a good ounce of self-control and discipline to curb a habit you’ve had for years or for months. Those who struggle to give up the habit of puffing a cigarette stick or two in a day would try Alternative cigarettes to help them transition to a smoke-free life smoothly.

If you put your heart into giving the bad habit up, you must do whatever it takes to follow through. Of course, this does not have to happen overnight, most experts would even advice to do this in moderation. Yes, I agree. Gradual changes will make it happen. He/She must have to take it note or remember it all the time. Nothing beats a "goal-oriented" character of a person. It really makes a difference if the recipient works unto it, until he/she sees him/herself out of that bondage. Good luck then! ~friendly hugs & kisses~

April 20, 2012

It is every this day of the week that employees tend to shout "yay, it is weekend soon"! And yes that is true since I experienced that before and oops, not only me but my co-workers too! Time flies fast, eh? Seems like it was just Monday yesterday and now it is already Friday. It jumped huh! I like it though since something's important in our family matter is coming and will be done soon. Yay! --- of that!

Now let me greet you, Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy and have fun the rest of the week! Oops, enjoy responsibly! :-)

... weekend is coming! :-)

Everyday life, everyday journey, is there any difference? Monotonous? You might think. But oops! If you think about that, then please think again! There are many things to forward to. There are many things to be able to happy and gay. Don't you think? If not, then think once again (this is for your own good, forgive me to let you think thrice but this is for your ownself). Life is not just about struggles, household chores, kitchen journey, watching and doing some sports-related stuffs but yeah and again there are many and among them are having parties, going vacation, food trips, strolling and many more. Yes, party! When there is a party, I expect there is also some laughs, karaoke or dancing (either which). With such, party invitations, is just a need especially here in United States of A that every person needs an invitation or else you will be called a gate or party crasher (well, I think family members are excluded to that, obviously. *wink*) I am telling you about that because I want you to look forward of your life if you think it is already monotonous, because you deserve the former which the goal point is to be happy and forget about problems. Problems are always there, it is already our twin as a life sojourner so we have to know how to deal with it. And one thing to, is to distract such and look forward (or backward happy memories) for happy moments. Let us not give "nega" a thing to be with such. Let us attract positive vibes, apparently not the negative ones. Let us be optimistic in any sense! So let us party like a rock star! Ha ha! Why not? So plan yourself having a positive vibes to attract positive vibrations, okay? Party for love (of having a beautiful life) and get that invitations ready!

Inspired by a co-blogger friend MommyLu on her testimony about her diabetes and what to eat and what not thing. It came to my mind of why not try the brown rice to which DH insisted me before. This time I am serious, I already bought Uncle Beans" and yesterday I bought two bags of 10 pounds weight each for future consumption so it will be straight strict brown rice diet. DH is happy of my decision. Aside from it is cheaper than the white rice Jasmine in a yellow bag, it is healthy for the health. If I eat rice, he also eats it. So it is a double shot.

Now brown rice, here I come! Get ready as I am on diet! :-)

April 12, 2012

It is Thursday again. It is this day when Friday-off workers has to prepare themselves for the last day of their works. Though it is still 40 hours a week, but thinking about it is awesome for me. Why? You already know that I am not an office worker. I am just a stay-at-home-mom and a stay-at-home-wife. So now you already guessed whom I am referring to? Yes, you bet it! You got it. Before I knew it, just leave it on your own. Anyway, that doesn't matter with my sweet greeting to you to " Have a great happy Thursday" ! How's the day on your end?

I hope you have a great one and enjoying life (it is what it is for anyway) despite of the trials and struggles. Enjoy responsibly! Once again, Have a Great Thursday!

March 30, 2012

It is a common adage, "too much to do, too little time" and yes, that's what I am feeling right now. Much chores piled-up waving up on me to finish or at least getting the most of it. If only I can buy time. But not now, not ever. Maybe, in the sense of "reading between the lines" I can buy it sometimes, but as I said, not this time. Gr! I know, this might also what you are feeling right now. So, appear?! Cheers to that, ha ha!

It is not easy I know. But this is our life, we have to learn how to manage it so we can have a great life. An order life is a boring life, maybe but maybe not. As I said, it makes it easy and less stress. A manageable one, that is. What we could just then do is to maintain it.

And so we have to strive hard to control our time that we won't be stressed-up even just by thinking about it. Relax and enjoy the time-being. How I wish I can have that this time. Well, I know this won't be long. As it has been said "no pain, no gain" , "no perseverance, no fruits", so endure it! As long as we're in the right track, that's all that matters, don't you think? Have a great one!

March 28, 2012

Good "mornight" as I always say. Meaning, the night is already morning/dawn and I did not get a chance to spend a good night sleep as it is what should be. Blame it to motherhood and wifely-hood. Ha! I am just a little kidding. *Grin*. I am busy. As much as I like to do all things but I just cannot. Well, sometimes I manage to do that. But what am I up to for that? As long as the important ones has/need to be done is all set, then that is. Yes, it is just easy to say that but really, it is really very hard (I am not complaining though. It is my choice anyway, but still wishes, there's somebody I can lean on. Ha ha!) doing it especially if you are in my situation. Good thing I won't sweat on the basic needs, I can just imagine if basic needs aren't handy. Gosh! :-) Anyway, I can do this. Aja! After all, it is just on our minds. We should not dwell on the negativity and just focus on what we could do in the situation. Being an optimist attracts positive outcome and that is what I did and am going to do. By all means. I always pray to God to not dwell on negative people and just pray for them. Help them as I can. For God, is good, great of all great!

And so, here I am doing one of the process of time management. I adjust my time as to the comfort of my family. I am just grateful I own my time. I cannot do the time machine and such but I am grateful as it is. And it is time to park the keyboard and see you in the other posts and updates! Keep in touch and always be great on your journey here in the world wide web and as a life sojourner. It is time for me to do the other pending tasks. Have a great mornight!

September 23, 2011

No matter how big your burden or problems or worries are, please remember that God is good all the time and that He never fails! He might have given you those loads to give you a lesson or to make you and the people around you an even better person. There comes a time in your life that you feel like you are stretched too thin or challenged way beyond your physical capacity or your means, but at the end of it all, you will realize that God put you in that exact position to tell you something. He might have wanted you to leave your old ways and start over a new leaf or to leave all your doubts and worries behind and put all your trust to Him. He might have placed you in such a predicament or dilemma to test you or to remind you that He will always be there whenever you need Him. God works in many ways and means that transcend all our senses and reasons, that sometimes even if it may seem difficult or impossible, you just have to put all your faith in Him and let Him do his works. As an old adage said, “where reason ends, faith begins,” sometimes we just have to let it go, and let God take care of the rest for us.

Yes, HE is in fact great, amazing and everything beyond and in between. We should offer our whole heart to HIM and trust everything we have and all will be fine. I absolutely agree! Everything we have now are owned by HIM and every little thing or huge has all reasons why it is there and we just have to widen our knowledge, have more faith as well as again, trust everything to HIM. Whatever obstacles we have we can make it if we have such, that's for sure!

August 28, 2011

I tend to write and talk for good vibes. Positive vibes, and how could I be happy in lieu of the negative happenings happened (or about to happen, there is always this). Looking forward on how to deal the situation optimistically. I have to calm myself first then do the thing it should have to. After all, we are not here in this life if we just have to suffer. Life is a choice of whether to accept what happened and move on. Never regret but always keep the lesson learned. 

We have a choice of whether to be grumpy, sad, miserable or be happy. Life is beautiful so we have to enjoy it. Rich or poor, we are entitled for happiness. But mind you, in simplicity, we experience true contentment but of course, it is great being fancy. The point is strive for excellence and know where we stand (in the community, to others, of ourselves) and most especially, know where to stop. It is just easy to say it, right? But then I believe, we will be equipped with what we deserve to know in due time and make it then as an armor in this journey of life. Yes, know when to stop! There's no sense of going if you can see that you will be lost.

August 18, 2011

Let us spread the positive vibe folks! We may not be happy all the time but we have the obligation to ourselves to at least not be worried most of the time. We are unique individuals but we have same journey of having obstacles in life that come and go. We just have to learn how to embrace and learn from it. It is hard I know but we have to survive. After all, there is always a sunshine after the rain. I believe, if there is still life, there is hope, don't you think? Now we have to spread that. If you think a person needs a word to comfort him/her, then go, and do not hesitate to give your heartily words of comfort. We are just temporary here in this world we journey, and there is no sense that we will not spread the help and comfort if we can. No monetary value can exchange for that. We just have to be sincere to the deserving one. And you will be remembered.

Spread the positive vibes! Love, love, love! Optimism, optimism, optimism!

August 16, 2011

In our life's journey, we cannot be always young but we can always be smart, or can really we? It is now time to think about that because we are concern with our mind. What we think is what we do and what we do can affect our daily routine. But how? Is there any science and training that does that? I heard about brain training program online and how it would assess a person's cognitive ability with a step by step help on how to improve our brain function and keeping it healthy and smart. 

Nowadays, scientists, neurologists and alike have many experiments regarding on how to improve our way of life. That's their passion and job anyway. Yes, as our age progresses our brain function decreases. Indeed, with time and age our memory and other reflexes such as eye to hand coordination diminishes. It has been called as cognitive decline by experts. For me that is also due to stress, hard work and other problems we encounter day to day, and it does really affect to our thinking. On how we think about stuffs and things alike. And it has been said that it is now proven that we can do something about it to maintain our skills and even improve it. This is interesting to me, not only because it is free and can be done online but because we need it to maintain our mental ability. Our mental alertness is far more important just like our physical appearance. We need to be physically and mentally healthy, otherwise, we loss consciousness on how beautiful life is despite of the obstacles we face day by day. After all, obstacles are spices in life. It adds taste just like having it on our favorite meal.

August 12, 2011

Days ago, we had heavy rains here in Southern California. If you only know Southern California seldom have rains especially during summer. And when it rains, it mostly floods in some certain areas. But then that is another thing. Rain gives people an opportunity to save rainwater through rain chains and some other ways folks does for it but such rain chain is often how the people here does it or at least to the people who appreciate of such idea. Aside from that sophisticated way of saving water, it also beautifies the gardens and manages the birds to drink waters in such stuff intended for them. In that way, everybody is happy, don't you think? 

Water is expensive. So it is great to save from the free flow. It is just easy and less maintenance then it would benefit a lot of living organisms throughout the house by using it afterwards. And you can even give it to the needy should you like, a somewhat Good Samaritan way. Life's journey is inevitable and it is great to give than to receive. Who knows one day you will be the one who needs something not just water but some other essential. Ah, it is really better to save (and give than to receive) especially if it is from free (from rainwater). :-)

July 19, 2011

In our everyday life, nothing such we are always happy. There are times we are sad, lonely and even desperate of the things we like or love to have but cannot be ours even if it is already at the tip of our fingers. That is just normal as just like wear and tear. But then we are unique, we have choices if we have to live on that moments. There are actually several reasons to happy despite of the obstacles and hindrances in day to day living. Humor makes our mood great. Oftentimes, we just smile or laugh at corny jokes but really funny pictures would convince us to just laugh our heart out. This is one step to overcome lonesome especially at desperate time. Would you rather frown or just be grumpy? Nope, you don't have to do that. We have to embrace and expect the difficult times in our life's journey but we have to show that we can overcome it. Funny pics, videos and expressions does help. We need to be healthy. Laughing is healthy, we need it. Don't force yourself to laugh but laugh it out loud! As it has been said, they try to find the funniest pictures available on a daily basis. It  is designed to be the best part of the day for regular visitors who are looking to relieve stress with small doses of humor. More so, their pictures are funny, sometimes sexy, sometimes shocking, and almost always entertaining to keep their visitors coming back as said. You may like to check it out if you find yourself you need a laugh.

October 23, 2010

Dark spots, dark follicles in our skin. Who want to have blackheads? Errrr.. not me! Not you, I presume and its sureness 100%. :-) It is just like pimples, annoying and would dis-beauty ones personality (externally which most of the times first impression last). That is why blackhead removal is in demand with it. Good thing, it come to the rescue or else, one would be timid because of it (well, not all but mostly). :( I actually have a little few on the tip of my nose before and I hope it won't get back.

Well, it is not a secret that a person will become old. We could not be young and turn younger. But age is of ascending way. It is just the way it is and nothing we can do about it. Wrinkles would also come and one can tell through it, though some are not yet that old. Otherwise, such wrinkles especially in the eyes would be treated like putting-up wrinkle eye cream as everyone would like to have, a wrinkle-free. That also meant it would look as younger you, logically and physically. Once one tell them about one's age, they would surely tell "what is your secret?" ! Ahh.. you have to prepare your answer to that, it would be either be in joke-style or seriously. Or you can either do not tell or no words utter if you do not like to tell that person. Oops! Sharing is loving.. ;-)

February 17, 2010

It could be an annoying message/sign to the person on its aging cycle or some experience hormonal change. Be it wrinkles on any aging spot that you do not know that it was there. Yep, it is a great struggle for a person that has age spots visibly. Though it does not mean that one is old enough already but you will not know that it is why he/she has to undergo and find the best one in town which can guarantee the age spot removal to function properly. I hope everyone is at its best and such. Be happy and do not mind the aging drama! :-)

February 04, 2010

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