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August 01, 2013

Everyone needs to exercise. It can be of any form and type. It can also be indoor and outdoor exercise. Be it as dancing, brisk walking, jogging, running, set-up, push-up, crunches and many more. As we know, we have to burn calories stored in our body as we eat every now and then. It's great to do it, it's great to burn unwanted calories in our body. Also, it releases stress, tensions, bad moods and all that negativity one had in mind. It makes a difference if we are doing that with a good and right suit, isn't it?

Disclosure: I received product/s above for review purposes. Your thoughts and opinions may vary from mine. FYI, I was not compensated in return of this review. This is a 100% personal honest opinion of yours truly. 

I'm glad I've got pair of an Active Wear from Ellie. I have few suits but it also cool to have some more and with this cool active wear. I love the below the knee-type printed side bottom or the To Due for Capri (look for the capri, not the shirt) and that three-fourth two-in-one shirt, It Takes Two Top. It is a summery-look pair. It is fancy to me. Its fabric is soft, lightweight and feel so good having it while doing my exercise. I have to say Ellie got good stuffs and the best thing is, it is made in USA! I even want to shop more from their company, for now, I love to have another one of that top I got. Have a great day everyone! ~hugs&kisses~

June 19, 2013

I am speaking in my experience.

I love eating apple especially my favorite Fuji variety. Or I can have some Honey Crisp ones second to it as well as Pink Lady and Granny Smith variety. It used to be Granny Smith my favorite but my taste bud change in the journey and now Fuji is my new favorite. :-)

Okay, since I love eating apple, I came to observed that it stains teeth if you don't brush your teeth after eating such. Looks like it is just the same like staining teeth while smoking or drinking coffee!

I also tried apples floating it with water in a pitcher but such way didn't last long, in fact, I just did only once because of the fact that I have to brush my teeth every now and then after drinking such. And I'm not fond of brushing it. Ha! You know, looks like that's only what I can do for the entire day, hello, I have a lot to do, so goodbye doing water fruit infuse with water! And every time I eat apple I have to teeth-brush which is okay and tolerable.

May 30, 2013

Image from Kohl's Store

The name of this ring is: "Past, Present, Future 14k White Gold 1-ct. T.W. Diamond Ring which is now currently on sale of $1,900.00 (plus 9% tax, of course) from its regular price $4,750.00. As its description and details, it says: 
" She's sure to adore this breathtaking diamond ring. Comes in a gift box.
  Ring Details:
  • Width: 7-mm
  • Metal: 14k white gold
  • Inscription: "Past, Present, Future"
Diamond Details:
  • Carat total weight: 1
  • Cut: round
  • Color: I
  • Clarity: I2
  • Setting: prong
Diamond weights are approximate. Diamond total weights may vary between .01 and .08 ct. Some diamonds have fewer than 17 facets. "

For me, it is elegant and fancy. Its style also is great and to think it is white gold and a diamond stone looks perfect. What about you, do you like it? If so, how do you like it?

Just some random thought of this day. Somebody is looking at it and wants to give it to his "awesome wife" - he said. So I thought I am going to give my opinion. Would you care to give yours? He would be thankful if you can give your point of view.

Anyway, have a great day and all the best! ~hugs&kisses~

May 11, 2013

When it comes to beauty, it is important to consider the role of regularity. If our body is not flushing out toxins (which is responsible for releasing wastes) regularly , it will show on our skin. It can appear as breakouts, rashes, and pallid, lackluster skin, according to my ever dearest expert beautician and medical experts. Although there have been models, actresses, and other great beauties obsessed with inside/out beauty, it should become an integral part of the total beauty regimen in everyone’s lives.

Anyway, you don’t have to buy expensive pills just to eliminate wastes to our body. Everything can be found in the kitchen just like drinking plenty of water. We need lots of water to push wastes and toxins through our body system. Try to drink about six to eight glasses daily. Detoxify the body by eating fruits and vegetables. Try to eat as many fresh foods as possible, including the skin, for optimal fiber intake. Fiber is the most important vehicle for proper elimination of waste, and there are two types of fiber to consider when reading labels, the soluble fiber, which lower your cholesterol, and insoluble fiber, which helps to combat constipation, hemorrhoids, and colon cancer.

Good luck to our daily regimen, eating and drinking and alike. All the best! :)

April 20, 2013

Disclosure: I received the above item for the purpose of a review. This is a 100% honest personal opinion of mine. I am in no way compensated in return for a review. *Just a reminder, we may share the same idea but your thoughts and opinions might vary from mine.*

Pictures above show what I did to my hair. I curled it with the help of a hair straightener. Did I say "hair straightener" ? You may think it sounds odd but Yes, it is a straightener stuff to curl my very own crowning glory, my hair. But nope, even if it is just a hair straightener, it doesn't mean that it is only use to straighten hair but rather, you can do it as long as you like, provided that it brings out the best of it, just like what I did. Or shall I say it does its job more than its name. Yes, I did curled my hair with such stuff. And look what's the end result. I'm a happy camper. And the best of all, again, it does its job straightening my little curvy natural black hair.

Karmin G3 Salon Pro Black Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron/ Hair Straightener does great to my hair. The fact that it is ceramic and its not that bulky and heavy, is what I like of it. It also comes with handle that whenever I like to do something other than such, I'm in the middle of my hair regimen process, I can put it in that stand after turning off, without worrying it will get wet or dirty. It is intact with that thing. Also it comes in package with Macadamia Natutal Oil Moisturizing Shampoo and KQC Theemal Shine Spray (142g) to bring out the shine of my hair when it is damage in the long run pr so (it's a normal thing that hair got damage, thanks goodness to that shampoo and that spray stuff. I sprayed my hair with that KQC Thermal Shine Spray before I did the curling and yes, it does wonder.

And the best part is, I can always straighten my hair every time I like because it is equipped in package of such stuffs whenever my hair needs such pampering. Option and choices matter.

I can say my first time to do this was worth it. It took some time for me to finish because as you know it was my first time and I wanted it done close to perfect.

Thought I love what I have now, but still I long to own such flat iron curler they have. Hemmm.. I have to put it in my wishlist now. 

April 19, 2013

Exercise is important at every stage of life. It makes you stronger and helps battle high blood pressure, heart disease and more. But as you get older, exercise takes on a much more important role in your weight-loss/weight-control regimen.

Exercise not only helps you lose weight but helps you keep it off. People who continue to exercise regularly are more successful at maintaining weight loss than those do not. Aerobic exercise also gets rid of abdominal fat, which causes more health problems than extra pounds on any other part of the body.

Exercise trends may come and go, but brisk walking is still the cheapest and easiest exercise you can do. A half an hour walk a day is a good way to start. If you can’t do it, take several shorter walks throughout the day. If you can, make walking your primary mode of transportation, if it is not that far.

December 05, 2012

You guys have experience to have itchy face? I read that having an itchy face has different reasons:

1.) It is caused by seasonal allergies.
2.) Dry skin
3.) Eczema
4.) Food and Medication Allergies
5.) Or, you didn't wash your face

To make sure, consult your doctor if possible. Or wash your face most often with mild soap then put moisturizer that fits on your skin. Some use Palmers product or Cetaphil which I heard help them. A friend of mine is using this now and she finds it very helpful, so I this might also work with you (or maybe not) if you are looking for some products for skin repairs, then you have now an idea to which you have to consult yourself/judgement first to try it or not. You can even read reviews online on how those  product (if you think putting-up something would do wonder) work as I said, it can help you decide. Or if you have allergies, avoid food that you are not allowed to eat. Or avoid stuffs that makes you itchy. This is not an easy situation, yes, itchiness is annoying indeed! So check, live freely and be happy!

August 28, 2012

Because of my busy days, I still did not have time to change some of my old templates here! It is hard to find one that really fits on my taste. Okay, I have to tell you that I really like this lay-out of mine and I even let someone put this layout on and I then accentuated it myself like the color, arrangements and stuffs. And I have no plan of changing this main layout but just the arrangements and some minor ones. Then, I found a lot of new templates and downloaded it to my computer and after all it did not work. So I decided to have a pause in searching. Err!
We know that one way of changing blog's layout is to let it customized and find someone who can design but, you have to get ready your pocket for that, yes, it cost too much. I think one template cost 30USD or more, it depends on the design that you like. The only good thing to have customized template is the originality and I admit that working online with your good looking blog helps the motivation. I already had experienced it before. So just hope to find time (okay, maybe budget too) and can do the customization on my other sites. Well, if you guys know someone that offers cheap services please do leave comments here, that will help me when I would consider other person to do it at time. I will surely appreciate it. Thanks in advance. :-))

August 23, 2012

Every girl wants to be a beauty queen. Some may try to deny it but the truth is, at least for the normal girls, at one point in the journey of their lives, they would wish that they were a beauty queen. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s but natural for a girl to wish that. And there is nothing sweeter than to be judged the most beautiful of all. This is why beauty pageants, throughout time, has continued to attract so much attention and following.

Although these pageants are normally participated by young ladies only, the past decades show that the recipe of Beauty pageants and children have become a very common and sought-after event. Young girls are dressed up like young, adult ladies complete with all the make-up and accessories, competing for the title of beauty queen. The most obvious reason to this is that parents, generally, love to flaunt their kids. They want everyone to see just how cute and talented their kids are. Other parents just want to build their child’s self-confidence.

Another possible reason is, as weird as it may sound, some parents, particularly mothers, are frustrated beauty queens. Since they failed to win the crown, they want their child to fulfill their lifetime dream. Most parents would not admit this but this is actually a very true and sad reality. Children having to live out their parent’s dream; how sad can it get? Let’s hope this is not always the case.

We should not fail to realize that beauty pageants, although it’s about beauty and charm, is still a contest. Therefore, it includes competition. There is an emotional and psychological factor involved in these events. Participants are expected to undergo not only physical but also emotional pressure and stress during the contests.

Adults, especially parents, should consider the child’s well-being before they decide to let them join. Is the child ready? Is the child able to handle the stress? Will it benefit the child? Is the child willing? If after much careful assessment and evaluation the answers are all yes, then it’s probably okay to let the child join. Otherwise, better wait till your child is grown enough and prepared.
In an ideal world, beauty pageants and children don’t fit. There’s just too much danger for the child as compared to the cuteness factor. That’s the true beauty of being a parent. Giving love that is unselfish, patient and unconditional; there is no greater beauty than that.

August 12, 2012

People want to stay fit irrespective of his shape and age. But just a thought in mind is not going to work. You need to work for it; you will need to bring in efforts for the same. Body figure do matter for staying smart and fit. But simultaneously clothes fitting too matter lots, for instance wearing brands like pleasure state makes you confident and you find yourself leverage from inner stint of being beautiful and nice.

Dresses matters lot, your perfect fitting dresses not only make first good impression but sense you a pleasure of looking smart and beautiful. You are centre of attraction and many eye balls just want a glance of yours. Here, I am with simple yet effective steps to help you look gorgeous.

Remember the fact that fashion trends is not something that comes from money. It is something to anything that is popular in market. Style and colors keeps on changing. So if you are the one who like wearing the same outfits every time, it’s time to change. Have you ever turn down any party invitation just because you have no right outfit to wear. You have a good collection of dresses in wardrobe but still you are confused then it’s time to look over the trends and follow these tips.
  • Stylish never means being in shape, it is make the best of your shape. Even the undergarments matters, Pleasure state my fit helps keep your beautiful part in shape and beautiful.
  • If you want look stylish, you need not want to spend more than your budget. It is not the breaking of bank.
  • If you are turning old, it never means that you are not the part of style statement. You too can set trends and it’s always great to be role model in the late years of life.
  • Fashion has lot to take with attitude. It is important to be confident. And it comes with dress only.
  • Use of internet helps you follow the most trending. A couple of hours dedicated search can take you to a portal where you can find from pleasure state bras to tops that suits best in you.
  • Fashion and style are too different thing, never take it same. It’s your style which makes the fashion. 
  • Keep your style unique and you are the winner all around.
  • Staying in home never means you have no right to wear good dress. You have a full right to dress nice casuals and trendy wears. Keep up this habit as it is sure to enhance your self-reliance level.
  • And lastly get rid of all those items that are really out dated and it is just adding to the space of your wardrobe.
There is never a late, just keep up the spirit and start a phase to create a new you whenever you required. You are the one who is responsible for your own look.

May 29, 2012

Human hair wigs are the most extensively used supplements by which you are able to capture the attention of others inside a skillful method. Many people believe that wigs are planned just for the women however I would like to tell you these supplements aim at both men and women. They are truly the supreme Human Hair Wigs by which you can add beauty and attract your individual appearance.

Human Hair Wigs are the better alternative to a balding head or for fashion statements. These wigs are barely noticeable. They can be styled to your liking. Since the wigs are made of human hair, they can be cleaned and shampooed just like your own hair. According to Vogue Wigs, you can use flat irons, rollers, and blow dryers at low heat settings with them unlike synthetic hair, which would get easily damaged if you use any of these apparatus.

If you want to wear a human hair wig, you have several options. You can have it custom-made at a salon or a store. Another option is to buy directly from your local mall or wig shop. More conveniently, you can also shop for human hair wigs over the web. There are numerous sites on the Internet that sells wigs and hairpieces for women. One of these is Vogue Wigs, which offers wigs and wig care products. Among its best-selling brands are Sepia, Forever Young, Raquel Welch, Beverly Johnson, and Alan Eaton. You can also shop by different lengths such as long, medium, and short.

April 27, 2012

If you are experiencing muscle and joint pains or just the regular stress of a busy day at work, spending an hour or two on a hot tub can make a huge difference. Regular hot tub hydrotherapy can reduce stress and eliminate the usual muscle and joint pains that we feel. It can also help relieve headaches and even migraines. Having your own hot tub spa at home has many benefits. You have the luxury of using the hot tub whenever you want without having to go to a regular spa center. It is important that you know how to properly take care of your hot tub so that you will get its full health benefits. You need a quality spa cover for that to which it should be having a top of the line spa covers that have features that are more advance that your regular spa covers. SpaCap Spa Covers for sale have a natural dome safe that keep the rain and debris away from your hot tub. They will not break under any snow load or get easily blown away by the wind. It also protects the tub from direct exposure from sunlight. Aside from that, it is also lightweight so it is easy to take it in or out.A quality hot tub cover can make your hot tub maintain its excellent condition allowing it to function properly at all times.

March 28, 2012

Spring season has just kicked-in. It is the start of warm season. You might be looking forward of the spring cleaning so you are ready for summer but for me, I am already much ready anytime as I really like to splurge in the sun hopefully in the swimming pool too. As much as I am so ready of the warm weather, this "Mary Ellen" Made in USA dress that I got to review is very much perfect for the season. You know how I love dresses!

 I got the natural-colored Morocco Cafe Wrap Dress instead of the colored-truffle to which the color of the latter is the pictured below (note: that's not me in the picture below huh. Hehe! I know that's obvious but just want you to know. Smile). I love Mary Ellen! It is great that "fresh produce" clothing company also carry dress for beach, party dress, women skorts of which to name just a few.

Above pictures  of the model with truffle color and me below with the natural color of Mary Ellen Morocco Cafe Wrap Dress. I just want you to know that I would not dare to review if I am not satisfied with the dress I got. As always in my posts, I give my honest in-bias review. If I say, I like the texture of this dress, the way it looked as well as the way it has been made as much as this just only originally cost $84 which now on-sale of $57.99 (oops I am not selling, okay? I am just doing my review. Smile), I really do mean it because it is how I looked and felt it. Mary Ellen is just perfect for its company name "fresh produce" as it is produced freshly! I also like the fact that they ship quick!

March 18, 2012

Being a first time mom in a journey of Cacai M. (yours truly) is really quite a challenging feat. You are doing loads of tasks all at the same time for the first time and most of the time you will really be hard pressed on trying to fit all of your tasks and chores into one single day, just so you can have a few precious free time and downtime the next day. Don’t you just wish you had more time so you can squeeze more work in? Or so you can enjoy and play with your baby more? Or so you can have a few precious hours to hang your feet for awhile and have 8 hours of sleep? I know it is just wishful thinking, really. Maybe, until my daughter is a few years older, spinning like a top to finish this and that chore will be a constant scenario at home. And maybe I would really have to consider getting a permanent makeup just so I can still look as presentable even if I am drowning in a mountain of dishes to wash and chores to finish. I saw this Permanent Makeup Barrie while I was finishing some online work a couple of days ago, and I must say, they are rather impressive and imagine all the time you can save when you do not have to check your face out in the mirror and apply all those make ups and what-nots every time you head out!

November 17, 2011

Yes you read it right! I want a change... A change for my shampoo. I watched some shampoo survey the other day and they recommended some mild shampoo that is good for your hair. I am convinced on how they made the survey so my dearest husband will buy one for me. Hope it will work for me too!

I want to maintain my long back shiny hair which now turned into a bit of red (I let it colored *in the saloon). I don't want to go in a salon for just hair treatment as it cost a fortune. So hope that new shampoo will renewed my hair. So long for today guys, I am running out of my time. So have a wonderful day.

November 16, 2011

It can sometimes be a very daunting task to find the perfect gift for dad, but I guess it just takes a little creativity to make sure you will not be giving dad another pair of shoes, or another tie or another watch just like you did the previous year. Consider dad’s passion and hobbies before trooping to the mall to get him a present. If he spends long hours out in the sun ray ban aviators might just be the best gift you can give him. It will protect his eyes while driving under the heat for hours or helps him work better with his handicap in golf.

The biggest holiday of the year is fast approaching and I am sure a lot of moms out there are hard-pressed on completing their long list of things to do before Christmas approaches, and slowly doing a little Christmas shopping here and there to make sure they are finished with their list way before the month of December approaches. Gifts for the baby and godchildren, including nieces and nephews, check! Gifts for girlfriends and mom friends are also on their way. But, as always, mom struggles to find the perfect gift for the most important man in her life – dad!

October 05, 2011

For most people, the first thing they consider when buying new clothes, is whether they are going to be comfortable to wear or not. Comfort is the first priority for them either going to travel or in everyday lives. They also make sure that the clothes’ design is appropriate for the purpose for which they will be worn.

For women, wearing the right undergarments, is also important. They look for something that is made from materials that make it comfortable to wear. Best Body shaper can be worn to highlight a person’s body shape and to hide minor imperfections such as the extra pounds gain during pregnancy. The Best Bra for most women are something that is made from materials that do not cause discomfort to the person wearing them. It must fit properly and it must conform to body movements. It must also be designed in such a way that it able to hide back fat or bulges and can be worn under every kind of clothing.

September 20, 2011

Having your own website is important because it will allow you to reach more readers if you are a blogger and potential customers for your products and services if you represent a business entity. Having global reach is now possible even for small businesses because of the Internet. With millions of people using the Internet every day, your website has a greater chance of being exposed to a wider audience. Promoting your products and services will also prove to be cheaper compared to print advertising.

First you must have your own domain name that will uniquely represent you and your business. It must be something which people can easily remember and identify with your product. The right domain name will lead more people to your website. You also need to set up a functional website which visitors can easily navigate. A custom wordpress theme made specifically for your website could help create the look that will correctly represent you and your business. There are companies made up of designers and website developers that create a professional look that your website needs. They can also offer other essential services such as providing all the necessary widgets for your website or helping you in finding the right hosting provider. They will make sure that you website has all the necessary information that a client needs when he visits the site. With proper content, your website will serve its purpose of creating more loyal readers for your blog or more clients for your business.

August 25, 2011

Do you have a Dodge Ram vehicle? Is this your current vehicle? Are you looking for its accessories like floor mats? You may have several vehicles and Dodge Ram is just one of those. DH and I just only have one but not a Dodge Ram though similar of it. If it is our current vehicle. If we have such Dodge Ram, for sure DH will get a dodge ram custom floor mats to complete its accessories. I  believe all vehicles need floor mats, don't you think? And it's great if it is customized or it is made for such vehicle. Such floor mat is essential as you just cannot step-in in the car's floor or carpet especially during rainy season without something you step-in first. Or else it would be hard for you to clean it and your car would look messy. And you don't want that to happen especially when you're in your journey going to work or special occasion. You don't want people to judge you as that kind of person, don't you?

August 23, 2011

There is always a time in our life that we go out and involve in activities. Socializing, meeting or be it in a group of something everyone agreed on one thing. Since everybody agrees on something, it is also great to have a uniform. Not the school-type uniform but the common-type t-shirts uniform. Well, you, yourself can attest that upper cloth or t-shirt uniform is a very common one. School Alumni or batch gathering, for instance. I can just imagine the laughter it could bring. Journeying and enjoying the moment makes an event a memorable one especially if all we gotta talk is just fun, right? As in sadness and lonesome talks don't have any space on such time or else it's not fun anymore but lonesome one. What else can a fun moment does anyway?!

I remember when my high school batch joined our school alumni just last May. Batch mates who were in-charged of the t-shirt printing still travel to another place or city for the t-shirts printing. And made sure everyone who attended have our batch t-shirts uniform though there's still two who informed in the nick of time to which it made them having no uniform at all. 

Folks in highly industrialized countries like USA and UK (and alike) don't need to travel anymore to another place just to get the t-shirts, hoodies or done and even be customized ones through online. Streetshirts e-company have a cool elegant colorful t-shirt printing site. It offers t-shirt designer to which you can make your own design and words to put in your customize shirt as many quantities and styles you want. It provides wide array of category design for your custom made. And let it be printed by them. Bulk orders have special offer and it has been said, no minimum order. Meaning, you can order even one piece and what a catch of free first-class shipping on it! Other than that, if your order by 2pm, automatically be dispatched on that same day. Now, am asking you, how cool is that?

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