June 19, 2013

I am speaking in my experience.

I love eating apple especially my favorite Fuji variety. Or I can have some Honey Crisp ones second to it as well as Pink Lady and Granny Smith variety. It used to be Granny Smith my favorite but my taste bud change in the journey and now Fuji is my new favorite. :-)

Okay, since I love eating apple, I came to observed that it stains teeth if you don't brush your teeth after eating such. Looks like it is just the same like staining teeth while smoking or drinking coffee!

I also tried apples floating it with water in a pitcher but such way didn't last long, in fact, I just did only once because of the fact that I have to brush my teeth every now and then after drinking such. And I'm not fond of brushing it. Ha! You know, looks like that's only what I can do for the entire day, hello, I have a lot to do, so goodbye doing water fruit infuse with water! And every time I eat apple I have to teeth-brush which is okay and tolerable.

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  1. Ruth said...
    I did not know this. I'll have to pay attention the next time I eat an apple.

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