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June 19, 2013

I am speaking in my experience.

I love eating apple especially my favorite Fuji variety. Or I can have some Honey Crisp ones second to it as well as Pink Lady and Granny Smith variety. It used to be Granny Smith my favorite but my taste bud change in the journey and now Fuji is my new favorite. :-)

Okay, since I love eating apple, I came to observed that it stains teeth if you don't brush your teeth after eating such. Looks like it is just the same like staining teeth while smoking or drinking coffee!

I also tried apples floating it with water in a pitcher but such way didn't last long, in fact, I just did only once because of the fact that I have to brush my teeth every now and then after drinking such. And I'm not fond of brushing it. Ha! You know, looks like that's only what I can do for the entire day, hello, I have a lot to do, so goodbye doing water fruit infuse with water! And every time I eat apple I have to teeth-brush which is okay and tolerable.

May 06, 2013

Weeeh! Since I arrived here in California, USA, I have never seen a lanzones in any store here. I was surprise when I saw a frozen lanzones a few days ago in an Asian store nearby. Of course, as a person raised in a tropical country where fresh fruits are everywhere, I don’t want to miss a chance to try a frozen lanzones. I couldn't even imagine how it tastes because it was frozen. I actually have question on my mind if these were ripe already before they packed and sealed.
Anyhow, I bought a pack, and I was so excited to eat it. Naturally, the taste is different from fresh, but it is enough to compromise the desire of eating fresh lanzones. It has been a long time since I ate fresh lanzones, and it was in my hometown. Lanzones is one of my favorite fruits, and when I ate it, I even swallow the small seeds. Anyway, the amount I paid for the frozen lanzones was worth enough for my cravings.

August 21, 2012

Do you love eating banana? Asking me, YES! Banana fruit is one of my favorite. I think because I was born year of the monkey? Ha! Just kidding. :-D

Okay, everyday I must make sure to eat one or half a banana. I used to put it in a sandwich together with cheese. Usually before I sleep at night that's my food. Light and easy and healthy. Well, as I journey-out by surfing my Facebook today, I saw one of my friend posted about the health benefits of banana and I am happy to know these benefits and would like to share with my readers here: As it says, banana can help for those who wants to quit smoking (good that I am not a smoker, just that I love eating this fruit) , banana can boost brain power, relieves menstrual cramps (ladies try this), prevents anemia, promotes healthy bones, reduce depression (good for, lower risk of heart diseases and hypertension, regulates bowel movements (excuse to those who are eating now) and prevents people with ulcer. What do you think folks? Is this a myth or a fact? Well, for me banana is a fruit and all fruit are healthy so go for it.

Happy eating banana! :-)

June 28, 2012

I grew up in a family that always keep a fruit to eat every day, whatever the fruit can be.  It is a great journey despite of some lacks of wants and even needs. An apple, banana, an orange and alike. We always have a bite or two, because it is really good for our body. If you can remember the saying, "an apple a day can make a doctor away" , well, it is true. In my experience, eating fruits daily gets our body immune to any harmful diseases. For it increases the risk of such illness like for example colds, cough, high fevers and even cancer as well. It also serves as an anti-oxidant to our body that sweep away all the bad things on our stomach, and also gives fiber. Drink milk every day, for it gives an amount of calcium and makes our bones strong as ever. Eating vegetables also is a tip for stressful people, for it can revitalize our cells and make a new one which can produce an outward glow on our skin also. If we are to remember, our moms always tells us to keep eating greens, and others say “eat your broccoli” . And yes, that’s very true, try some now and be stress-free!

May 30, 2012

Before I eat this all, you can now get your share. :-)

Sometimes it is funny how taste buds change. For long time, I never ever like eating raw vegetable or a salad like this. But this time, my taste buds changed. I am longing to eat of such already even without the pomegranate salad dressing (my fave dressing ever). This time, I have the fresh lettuce veges with spinach along with fresh cranberries and the crispy apples with chicken cubes on top. I ate it all except the three pieces of chicken. Wow! I cannot believe that I ate it all, this is my first time. Whew! Happy me. I no longer need a rice for my meal. My tummy can now stand without a rice in my daily platter! What a great news from my tummy and the taste-buds. Ha!

Image above of some of the lettuce salad had already been eaten. I think one-fourth (1/4) of it. I cannot imagine how I loved it to which I ate it all. :-)

And the diet continues. Smile. :-)

May 17, 2012

I have to admit this is my first time of this name of apple, Pink Lady, is the name. All I know is that Fuji apple is the best. Well, not anymore now since I have seen this new one. And mind you, it taste like the Fuji, there's nothing difference except that what I just ate was in a bag of little ones whereas in Fuji, I know there are big ones. Who knows there are also big of this. This has grown here in USA and the Fuji is I don't know where it grow. All I know it that it taste very much alike. And it is cheaper than Fuji. I got a dollar and fifty cents for a bag of 12-15 pieces I think. Not bad for a first-timer of this variety huh! I was even skeptical of buying it since most fruits in bags seems like it is not as tasty than the ones that are of pieces (not in a bag). But I was wrong and I am so glad I got this as I can now differentiate what's the difference of the two for now. I will have my journey of finding-out if there is bigger ones of this. I want to try it too if there's any difference to Fuji or the little ones. By the way, it is not very little huh, it seems like medium when compared to the big Fuji I saw (or bought. I bought the big Fuji while bought this one too to the thought of  "what if I don't like this" . :-) I don't have a luxury of going back and forth to the store huh! :-)

So this is it, just making my notes of one of my random memorable journey. :-)

Didn't I told you that I am in diet right now? Yes, you bet! Okay, I told you in my other former posts. So I am in fruit diets. Meaning I eat more fruits nowadays and the 30 minutes-1 hour-fruits eating before the typical meal. And to tell you, even if I am not in diet, this mazanos banana variety is my favorite of all the banana family, alright the variety.

By the way, this is my first time that I know how they call it here (or at least in the grocery store or market). As I bought it, I then looked what the name because I know that it is the banana of my favorite. And yeah, it is "mazanos" (or the "tundan" , "tundal" in "Bisaya" birthplace dialect in the Philippines, Camiguin.

And so now I know. I smile left and right because I now know where to get when I ought to get and eat it. And the great catch is, it is very near of our apartment home rented. Yay! Happy me! :-)

August 08, 2011

Yours truly have been experiencing leg cramps as you know am 34 weeks pregnant now. Before this 34th weeks, I had it already, well, not that bad enough before but then I learned and was advised with reading how to cope with it. One of the ways on the journey of coping up with it is eating avocado fruit. I was reading on the pamphlets which my OB-GYN gave me. Those were a lot of pamphlets but I was patient enough (I should have to or else, nothing kept on my mind or I will be an airhead. Ha!) to read those, again, I should have to. I then eat avocado at least twice a week even if I do not have cramps (but of course especially if I have, I should have to eat those if I have it).

I do not know if you believe me but I do not care about my body before, as in "sickness, come what may" and I do not care! I would just care if it was already there. Resilient bod, huh! I was just opened my eyes on the reality after a close friend of mine told me about it, that I should have to observe my body needs to be on the right track of being resilient body. And so now, I was used with it. I already care.

This avocado thingy really have good effects on the leg cramps, I observed my body several times of not eating it between eating such. I can prove it myself aside through experience aside from it is already proven by science. :-)

July 31, 2011

At first I was skeptical about it. Yes, my reading journey absorbed unto my head. I read it out somewhere from a reliable source that it is not good to eat banana fruit after sunset is not advisable. And I put it on my mind. From then on I won't eat banana fruit after sunset. Not until lately. I was tempted. And I ate the half one. I was also testing if it would hurt my tummy as it has been said, it will. The reason is simple: it won't be dissolved because it is already night time after then. Our body isn't active anymore unless if you are going to have a work-out during night time, maybe. But then currently, my tummy is heavy and it did effect. I don't really know much if it's something but one thing I know is I ate it, that's reasonable enough. Next time I won't take a chance, I won't eat banana fruit after sunset anymore to avoid something or what. Just to be in a safe side. After all, there are many fruits available aside from banana.

I have to research more about this. Let's check it out! On the other hand, one thing I know, am sticking to my decision of not eating banana after sunset.

March 27, 2011

It were two consecutive Sundays (before this day, Sunday) that I had guavas bought from farmer's market. This time, supposed-to-be the third consecutive Sunday, no guavas for me. It is the fact that there's no guavas in farmer's market anymore (and I do not know if it has still or none but I am more convince FM still has it lately, FM hours by the way is early in the morning up to 1 p.m.) but because I shop not at farmer's market. I went to 168 Supermarket for the sake of getting more vegetables and stuffs I like to have and good for the baby-in-my-tummy too than in the former. So I sacrifice the guavas, roasted shelled peanuts (hubby's favorite) and banana cake. These three are my favorite buys in there. And yes, I got it more than just that three in 168 SM. I even had what I want more than what I imagined to get. ;-) So no regrets, I still had the shelled roasted peanuts but not as good as in FM, the other two I haven't got (169 SM don't have it) but as I said, I got others which can substitute such though I ought to get the guavas. I thought there would have something in the latter but then fine. No regrets! I still had a great Sunday despite some other stuffs I don't have. ;-) I wasn't able to attend mass but I guess God will understand because it's been so cold lately and am afraid I would be dizzied in the church. Thanks Lord God for this day. ~hugs&kisses~

How about you, how was your weekend/Sunday?

March 13, 2011

In fact, guava is my favorite fruit. As in, I can eat many of those in a day. If only my teeth won't be sensitive after a long eating on it and being gluttony (he he he!), I would eat more than I can chew. Ha! That is how I so love this fruit. It could either be big or small ones (just not the unripe ones, okay?) I can eat it without a doubt. I just remember we used to call the small ones in the Philippines as native and the big ones as American guavas. ;-) Today is my second time of purchasing couple of small guavas (just like those native ones in the Philippines, only it is from Mexico and Thailand I purchases lately), it's my third time of purchasing guava here in my place, east Los Angeles, second time today buying in the Farmer's Market. And I am so happy seeing those. Though it cost three bucks each pound ($3/lb) but I could not be happier of purchasing such. It made me happy. Image below was my second time pictures, lately I had more of these. It's skin was not that so pleasing but the taste is so yummy!

I only have two more left, would you want some? ;-) Oops by the way if you eat guava, be sure to eat a lot of water afterwards. Just a tip. Have a great Sunday!

February 03, 2011

It is now new year, actually, it is second month of the year. New Year celebration is celebrated after 12 a.m. of 31st of December and so it is already January 1st. With that celebration, it involves foods. And not just ordinary foods but round ones which were traditionally prepared in the table. In deep sense, the round ones stand or to carry-out good luck and blessings for the entire year. And also have to dress something which has round or dots with it as it is to attract money. Whew! That would be awesome! Of course being wise and hard work has to go with it. There are still more to do during new year, like all the containers have to be full and never have to take out money from packet. Never eat or have something which acts backward like no chicken or turkey as it scowl their feet on the ground backwards and much more. Also turn on the volume of appliances or make sounds with all the family's motor vehicles or any motor-made. Even kettles and pans has to make sounds. And have to jump to add height than normal. And much more!

To go with the tradition and to attract, love, grace, money, blessings, or prosperity the homemaker of me prepared these below for our family with DH. (You can enlarge by clicking the image below should you like to do so.)

What about you, what did you do during the New Year 2011 celebration?

Hello! How is everybody? I hope everything's fine despite of all the trials, hardships, obstacles and all such! Life is like that. As it has been said a recipe should always have spices to have it taste good or else it does not taste as food, agree? So we need to have courage! Just like me, I almost gave up when I was sick for one week. As in I cannot control my body that was why I can tell "I am dying" but then here I am standing, writing still! And so keep the life going! Life is great!

Well, before I proceed this isn't Friday here in my time but since in other part of the world is Friday already, then food trip Friday time! And my food trip for today is guava. I want to eat a fresh about-to-ripe guava. Though this craving was already in Sunday to which I can found no fresh guava anywhere in the market, I just settled for guava in syrup to at least feel such. But to my dismay, it was being sliced and without its skin already and the worst (sorry for the word), as I took a bite it is too sweet (what is syrup for anyway) for my taste bud this time. I then take the bowl off with its cover and put it in refrigerator hoping I would like to eat it the next time around but not yet as of now. By the way, am pregnant. That maybe the reason am picky. Until now, I don't like to eat and feel nauseous. :( I can settle a milk and one or two piece of cheese bread in the morning, one piece of banana fruit for lunch and another fruit for evening. Thankfully I have vitamins or else. :(
guava in a syrup

Who wants to eat or taste it? It's free, you can have it all should you like {though I don't think you will like the taste too but then as I said, if ever you do}. :-)


August 23, 2010

jack-fruit in a bowl image
Some folks do not like jack-fruit but not me or you, perhaps (which is which, your choice what counts). Jack-fruit is available for many countries but in US, this is scarce. Me as a jack-fruit lover, craves for this eventually if not mostly. Thanks to canned jack-fruit as I can just go to the store and buy whenever my taste bud wants it. Though the taste on canned goods than fresh ones (as not frozen but fresh from the farm) differs from each other but it is better than nothing. Seems like the canned goods jack-fruit's other sweetness went up to its syrup. I actually drink its syrup unlike other canned fruits (like fruit cocktail and others, I seldom drink its syrup). I guess it was my only third time I bough some canned jack-fruit. It is not that I do not like but it was just recently I knew it has. Thankfully I discovered it as just like buying fish in the market at the same time letting it fries at the location without any additional fee on frying. But the fish, on the other hand is another story. I just point-out my two recent discoveries as I can eat even without the fresh and saves time and cooking oil on frying while doing my grocery shopping at the on-set while waiting. That is a lot of something for me. I have to be multi-tasking as I do not have a maid or a helper. I could never imagine if I work as full-time. So then, have a great (Jack-fruit) Monday!

January 27, 2010

posted by: Cacai M.

What do you think of this young coconut milk???

For more of my Wordless Wednesday, it is in here. For more participants, you may like to click the logo below.

January 07, 2010

posted by: Cacai M.

This is one of the fruits that I missed eating eat here in USA. You could only seldom found this in any store here. Glad I found one in 168 SM last Sunday as I went shopping in there. You know I could only go there sometimes and once I am there, I really spent time searching those stuffs that I missed way back in my homeland. Well, homesick sometimes struck on me especially when it comes to foods. I was very happy I found the above fruit (guava or we call it back in homeland as "American guava" because of its size) that I even take a picture. :-) Ooh well, this is one of my firsts here in the place where I am now. So better have a remembrance, the ejournal takes good care of it. :-)

What about you, do you like eating this kind of fruit? What I know is that women loves eating this, do you? Have a good day!

December 30, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

One of me and dear hubby's Christmas preparation is the smoked baked ham shown above. At first I wanted to cooked the ham which has to be cooked for long hours through a raw pork meat-- that ham which is super soft and so tasty. I even texted my aunt in the Philippines (it's one of her specialty when it comes to cooking) how she made it and asked for the recipe. And she texted me back and gave it to me the ingredients and a little instruction on how to do it. And so I Googled it more. But then I found out that 99% cook here in America use the smoked ham and clover. I wasn't convinced with it, insisted to cook the traditional cooking even how many hours of simmering it with the ingredients to make it fully soft. After hours of looking at YouTube and other information, I proceeded to the market and bought stuffs for "Noche Buena" centering the ham. :-) Hubby dearie don't like to eat though... even just a little to taste, it's not his thing. He wasn't fond of it. And so even he don't want to eat it, he let me got it. In the wet market, I haven't found a good pork meat, only one left and the rest was sold out already. So I ended up looking at the smoked ham.. Couple of minutes comparing different holiday hams, I got the brownish two pounds one. So that was it, I sliced the two layers plastic cover and slice it(crisscross preferably) a bit from end to end and put pineapple juice. Then put some brown sugar in the skin slits. Then I put some of the pineapples slices at the top of the ham and covered it with tin foil. Baked it at 325 degrees Farenheit for 20-30 minutes every one pound so all in all I put it in the oven for 40-60 minutes. And done! Happy eating..

November 12, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

durian fruit

Durian for me is the most expensive fruit among others. It originates in some Southeast Asian Countries and even grow just in there until now. This fruit only grows in places with tropical climate. It has been said that this is the king of all fruits. There are a lot of vitamins can be found in durian. But pregnant women and people who have high-blood pressure are advised not to consume. About its odor, mostly don't like it, but some finds it fragrant.

I admit I don't eat this fruit until I was on second year college. Back then I can't stand its odor. Until all of the people (at my Uncle's house) surrounds me were craving of it! Still it is a no-no to me. Not until my late Uncle Nardz taught me how to eat this fruit. He told me that once I tasted, I will crave for more. Surprisingly, it was true! I even love the smell as the time went on. The smell is fragrant to me. Ooh well, do you know that one piece(shown the image above) costs $3.39 w/out tax? Yep, it is! All over the world whatever the currency is, for me durian is the most expensive among the fruits.

By the way, how did my Uncle convinced me to ate it? He let me pressed my nose and didn't breath for a second, then indulge the little amount and on and on.. I don't know if it will work for you but it worked for me. (~_~) I am glad to love this fruit even though the odor is stinky, it is even prohibited to carry in the public transportation and public places. When sold in the market, it has to be sold like the above image (covered with soft cellophane) or whole in a distinct place. Exporters carried this fruit through putting in container or in a private van and shipment. It could be carried individually through a mesh bag since it has a thorn.

Do you like to eat durian? Do you love its taste or even smell? Why and why not?

July 07, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

As I walked upon my steps to my journey at the Asian SM(168 Super Market) yesterday to buy foods(food supply), I saw this Red Sunjo Pear(as they named it--don't know if it's an Asian name{I guess it is})--and I call it as Red Pear because I saw a green one like this so I thought to make a difference, I just called it in two words as I said lately(Red Pear). It is somewhat like a "makopa" fruit in Philippines(my country home), the only difference of it's image is it's just bigger(haven't taste it yet). This fruit is new to me and what I did is I bought one. Actually, I didn't intend to bought one until I saw it and after I got home from preparing food for dinner as well as putting the bought stuffs on the ref and stash where else to put, I grab my camera and here it is(click images to enlarge):

Red Pear

another image of Red Pear

Hey, hubby laughed at me watching last night taking a pic of this (lol). Ohhh yeah, it seems funny to me after a little conversation after taking it. I explained to him why and still seems little funny. Am serious but deep inside ohh yeah it seems funny because he's thinking that I will it eat, yet just took a pic. heheh.. Anyway, I will eat this later because I just ate mango so to avoid fruit rambling inside my stomache(except fruit salad), I thought of eating it one at a time. hemmm.. would you want some?


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