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June 05, 2013

Mmmmm… yummy, yummy! That’s the right word to explain. I fried Argentina beef loaf the other day and it was really tempting. I missed this kind of loaf because there's nothing this here in California or in USA. Way back before, I love argentina corned beef at home. Then I just knew that there's already a beef loaf variety and yes, I love it just like the corned beef! Very easy to fry and really tasted perfect.

I am so glad I have awesome friends who are ready-to-go and bought for me when they went from my birth country home.. My longings for this beef loaf has come to an end. Sad enough this is my two last cans.

Actually, there are corned beef or beef loaf here too but they are not into the same taste. This is one of the two I really love most. Frying this with egg is perfect too and with dried fish as a side dish. Perfect!

Oh, I'm feeling hungry again. What should I do with my dieting this time. It is always good to eat this yumminess! I always feel hungry every time I see a can of this .

June 01, 2012

Breakfast or Brunch (in the middle of breakfast and lunch), it is a time for me and DH (and everyone) to have this biscuit sandwich and a french pies pie with that orange juice as shown in the image below. (You can click the image to enlarge by the way, should you like to.)
Apparently, this was my brunch lately. One of my favorite American Breakfast. :-) DH and I loves it! But as much as I like eating french fries even just such alone, my taste bud just won't accept such fries pie to eat together with such, so ended up in a trash. Sorry fries pie. :-(

How about you, what's your breakfast or brunch menu lately? Do you like what I had? If so, how do you like it? Have a great Friday everyone!

September 03, 2011

Have you ever put a beef meat for a mixed veges in a coconut milk recipe? How was it?

It was my first time to put a beef of a mixed vegetables in a coconut milk menu. Never in my life had I seen one with it, but out of curiosity and am craving of beef meat that time, I put it as a mix of such. For sure, it won't poison me because the beef and all of my ingredients are fresh. Then I began my kitchen journey for such menu. Yes, I put several ingredients of vegetables like leafy yum leaves, swamp cabbage/ kangkong, eggplant, string beans, taro root and squash along with the fresh spices like lemon grass, ginger, bell peppers of two different color, then a dash of salt and beef bouillon. Hoorah! I love the taste of it with beef! Well, for that time when it is still warm. Then since I cooked more than I one sitting of eating I  have the leftover to which I actually intent to stash for future meal(s) just a typical way when I cook such menu. But to my surprise, the time that I wanted to eat already, the food was not good anymore. It bubbled. It was not that I did not put it in the refrigerator directly because I did, I even put some in the freezer. And I thought of, because it is beef. Beef bubbles. I don't know but it will be a long time and have to persuade myself strongly with a strong proof that beef, is good to mixed vegetables in a coconut milk, that is hard to do. However, am not closing my mind for any experienced cook or chef about this. For now, I still cannot comprehend of mixing beef of such recipe. I promise myself of putting not. Really, it is a waste of ingredients thinking that such are not cheap. :-( Lesson learned for me.

August 13, 2011

And my kitchen journey continues. This is my second time to eat white pomfret fish stew. The first one was made and given by my sweet friend Preciel. Then this time, I was the one cooking it. I just knew that this fish is expensive than pompano fish (the smaller one which looks like white pomfret fish. You just don't know but I paid $7.97 for three pieces raw and I can recall my friend gave me four pieces and it's already cooked yummy-liciously. Thanks again Ciel for it. You're such a sweet friend! Anyway, I saw several friends picture that they put vegetables on it and I reminisced my grandmother how she cooked just like how they did it. And then I cooked the same way, my first time. Usually it would only have one kind of vegetable or two. And I did the latter, two kinds of vegetables with it. I put bitter melon and eggplant vegetables. I wanted okra but I cannot find it in the market so I settle with those two. Images (above and below) were taken during its cooking time. Yes, the skillet in the stove whilst it is in the process of cooking. Meaning, it was not yet cooked. As you can see the color of the eggplants. And I love its taste especially the bitter melon vegetable (aside from fish)! I really had a great food tirp. Yay!


May 21, 2011

Friday, here I come! I wanna have some food trip! Seeing foods display would increase my appetite or makes me hungry. Well, we gotta eat you know. This is one advantage of hopping from one food to another preparations because we will be having an idea on what to eat especially at a time that we cannot think of what to cook or to prepare. This time, am having a thought of making a fruit salad but am lack of ingredients. I have to go to the store first to buy those lacking ones. Now, presenting my very own version of fruit salad below.
 (click images to enlarge)
This is by the way is one of the foods I prepared during Holy Friday in preparation for the next day or just eating some for such day as no meat in observance of fasting and abstinence. I promised to post a picture so here it is. This time, am craving for this dessert. But it's okay. I would just stare this picture imagining am already eating. Hahaha! So that is it. My food trip this Friday!

Above is your share of fruit salad. Have fun eating! ;-)

February 25, 2011

Two days from the middle month of February, I made this rice noodles (picture above) through my crave as I saw sis Anne Thompson pic of her daughter Faith's birthday. Of course, I saw it before the day I made it, or should I say days. I craved but I find it uneasy to cook directly. So I find time or day I should have to do it and glad I made what is what I want. :-) Yes, that rice noodles above is the result. I mixed it with my first home-made " embutido " and leftover roasted turkey for the meat then carrots and cabbages (green and violet color) for the vegetables. Yes, that violet color ones is violet cabbage. DH did not ate such, first time I put and use such cabbage, that's why. Guess what, I love it!  Most of the time when am the one cooking, I don't like eating it. And the other good news was, I managed to it such without rice, so less carbohydrates since noodles alone is already carbohydrates and is not good for the body, if lots of carbo especially that I am pregnant. Such noodles was made morning and until then were my snack, lunch (with something) and snack again. Then DH had the last serve for dinner. And he liked it (he doesn't like eating noodles like this, glad that time he liked *happy me*)!

And that's my Food Trip though it does not happen this Friday. Happy FTF!

February 17, 2011

Hello everyone, it's Friday once again. Tomorrow I will have my first ob-gyn visit. I suppose to go to La Puente to visit my friend and bring some yummy foods from the market there (you know Pinoy foods) which I crave. Gosh, I so long to visit tomorrow but the weather broadcast seems do not cooperate. Yep, it will rain hard tomorrow and on Sunday it cannot be. So I have to wait one week more. :( Though, it is fine. At least I have something to look forward to. He he! And so, how's your Friday? I am going to share my food trip today. I was aiming to post my very food trip, "bihon/sotanghon" or bean thread noodles I  made lately in the morning with turkey and my "embutido" homemade to its mixed. Ooh well, I am kinda lazy to get my phone which is on the bedroom. So I have to share it on the next day though it's not FTF no more. Ooh well. Pardon. :( 
Beef Soup with Cabbage
 Nonetheless since this food I am sharing was my two days dinner though picture was month ago but it looks as the same as this. Only at first day, the beef I mixed with were bokchoy and Chinese cabbage whilst on the second (same beef with bones, just added water and some spices) I just put Chinese cabbage which it don't bother me, I had an awesome perfect dinner that time. It surprised me since I do not like eating meat days or weeks already but with it, I eat like a pig. Waaaa! Pigging-out! :-) I so love eating the Chinese cabbage and the beef. I put beef cubes by the way, though raw beef is present. It adds gourmet! ;-) Happy food trip!

February 11, 2011

One typical food I had during my Philippines (birth country) vacation last November-December for just 15 days though. Typical, not as daily but it was really served when I want to. That was because I cannot eat this dish here where I live now (with my DH). And so a request (of course with budget, haha) was granted. For how many missed foods I had, fortunately I got it without any hesitations. I felt loved. Hehe! And now, I am craving for this. The fresh from the market one, un-iced. Ooh well. What can I do but just to imagine to satisfy my craving. Waaahh! If only I can have this in our nearby market/store, I will really get this right away or thinking of buying cheap tickets to go to my birth country home and eat this! Yay!But, yes, but, just but nothing real and as fresh as this. With all the ingredients and such. Mmm.. now, I have to stop. It makes me hungry imagining. Whew!

For this day, I am making "embutido" (sorry I forgot an english of this dish), my first time. Thanks to a friend, Jocelyn W. for sharing the recipe to me. Currently, it is cooling off from the oven. I am waiting for it to cool off so I can put it in refrigerator and enjoy it tomorrow.

Happy Food Trip Friday!


February 03, 2011

Hello! How is everybody? I hope everything's fine despite of all the trials, hardships, obstacles and all such! Life is like that. As it has been said a recipe should always have spices to have it taste good or else it does not taste as food, agree? So we need to have courage! Just like me, I almost gave up when I was sick for one week. As in I cannot control my body that was why I can tell "I am dying" but then here I am standing, writing still! And so keep the life going! Life is great!

Well, before I proceed this isn't Friday here in my time but since in other part of the world is Friday already, then food trip Friday time! And my food trip for today is guava. I want to eat a fresh about-to-ripe guava. Though this craving was already in Sunday to which I can found no fresh guava anywhere in the market, I just settled for guava in syrup to at least feel such. But to my dismay, it was being sliced and without its skin already and the worst (sorry for the word), as I took a bite it is too sweet (what is syrup for anyway) for my taste bud this time. I then take the bowl off with its cover and put it in refrigerator hoping I would like to eat it the next time around but not yet as of now. By the way, am pregnant. That maybe the reason am picky. Until now, I don't like to eat and feel nauseous. :( I can settle a milk and one or two piece of cheese bread in the morning, one piece of banana fruit for lunch and another fruit for evening. Thankfully I have vitamins or else. :(
guava in a syrup

Who wants to eat or taste it? It's free, you can have it all should you like {though I don't think you will like the taste too but then as I said, if ever you do}. :-)


January 14, 2011

Can you tell there are errors (in terms of arrangement of utensils and obviously one food) in an image below? Yes, there are four mistakes! Can you find it? I should have to say, obviously! Sorry about it, I ran out of time that was why I just put it as what you see. I know it right after it was arranged (the day after such actually since I already have time to search it out how. Hehehe! Sorry about this.)

And so about what I displayed above (you can enlarge through clicking the image), it was what I prepared on Christmas Day. The highlight was a hamonado-de-pinya or pineapple ham since that was my first cook of such recipe. I got such recipe from my maternal aunt-in-law which before Christmas of two years ago, I thought of how tasty her ham was when I was still there in Philippines. She usually cooked and served it during fiesta but since there is no fiesta here in USA and ham is the main food during Christmas then I planned and got her recipe through text and call. Ha! What a silly me. After that, I was not satisfied since I want to see a video or picture how it was being made. You know, ingredients are not cheap and I do not want to messed it or wasted. I was intimidated of my curiosity actually. And when I went to the wet market to buy such pork upper leg, I found nothing just enough for three or four people, it was big so I decided not to buy. Until Christmas 2010 came, still such pork upper leg could found nowhere as the size I wanted. And so I settle of small one which fit to my standard which do not have skin just few fats (I wanted the fats and the skin as well) but that was fine. And so that was it. I also baked two cakes (red velvet cake and carrot cake from Betty Crocker) which ended up looks like only one and haven't artistically completely done. But it ended up taking off the frosting as DH preferred it nothing, too much sugar is no good. For some other foods in there (other than I mentioned lately) were ready-made barbecue chicken, broiled catfish, Christmas-sy decorated cupcakes, fruit cocktail and cheese breads. Together with the foods are martinelli and sprite for the drinks. Let's eat and Cheers!

And this is my Food Trip this Friday! (Again sorry for the arrangement of the utensils and the undone cake)


October 23, 2010

It's Friday once again. How time flies. So today am in again for a food trip post which is what I cook last more than a month ago. It was a crispy pork chop and a chicken partnered with steamed rice and chicken gravy over it.

It was not actually a typical type of cook how this served as DH prefers broiled one. But during that time, he likes the fried one. And so I deep-fried the meats with olive  cooking oil as for a low cholesterol and some other benefits an olive cooking oil possess. What a relief to have cooking oil as we won't worried about typical cooking oil has. 

Alright, so it is your time to share what has been your food trip this day, what is it? ;-) You may like to share your yummy food trip though. And so, have a great Friday and happy food trip!

It is food trip Friday time, how is everyone doing? Are you full yet? Here is my share for this time.

It is  a package of beef bar-b-q ribs with its sauce, potato salad and a yummy cupcake from LA Lunch Stop (nope, I am not being sponsored on this as usual and if ever being one, I would give my honest opinion(s) as always). Oops, do I sound plugging-in my DH favorite foodie place? Nope, I have to tell. And so, is  it that because  that foodie center where he used to buy is on his building's workplace? Well, actually they won't be forced if they don't like to get their foods there because there are many food centers, restaurants or fast food chains around their workplace but then he prefers most to get his food there especially this barbecue beef ribs. He once told me the name of the guy who cooked it, well, they already knew each other as being "suki" or loyal customer. I remembered as I was just still so new here in our place now, he ordered "to go" at Tony Roma's and it also tastes so good. Guess, what he did not quiet remembered we went there. And every time we passed that restaurant, I always  told him. :-) Does that meant he likes more on his workplace foodie center than the latter? I do not know but one thing I know is he likes barbecue ribs and he always order it at the former or in Pasadena (I just forgot the name of the resto).
And so this is my share. DH bought two (apparently one package for me and his). Mine, paired with sprite and his, paired with his now-favorited drink lemon-tea in a can. 

Have a happy food trip!

October 15, 2010

Aright, after June 3rd of this year, this will be my welcome back post for Food Trip Friday because of my busy-ness and some kind of other problem or sort of a break, or should is it? Whatever, the thing is am already here. :-) 

And my share of food trip for today is an outside-food, made to order one from a fast food chain called "Panda Express".Below are chow mien, peppered chicken, fried rice and sweet and sour chicken. I usually get steamed mixed vegetables but this time wasn't able to, I just feel Iike the sweet and sour chicken. And also chow mien (dried noodles) and fried rice should be half and half. Ooh well. That's all about it, let's now feast it with pink lemonade or soft drinks! :-)

Happy food trip!

August 19, 2010

This was what I planned to cook lately. It was apparently a food trip. I craved for it, then I got it! *wink* Okay, the title speaks for itself, the name of my dish lately. Actually, I cooked for two meals so I still have one for dinner with hubby's outside order tilapia fish later. It was an intention to have a "soupy" one though usually folks cook it otherwise unless it is intended for soup purposes. It is my choice since I like to eat with soup on it even it is a sauteed type.

soupy sauteed swamp cabbage (kangkong)
Yours truly had the fun cooking at it. It turned out what I wanted to, not half-cook or overcooked but in between. A fully cooked one though I did something in the sink as I simmer it, thankfully it did not turned overcooked. I put beef flavor bouillon (this time the one on the bottle not the usual bar type, it is of the same taste though) on it. Bouillon is my cooking close ingredient when I do not like to cut any meat. Ha! :-) Though bouillon has already the ingredients needed, I still brown garlic, onion and two colors of bell peppers with vegetable oil.

cooked swamp cabbage (kangkong)

July 01, 2010

Yes, just a doughnut, a big tasty doughnut from my DH favorite convenience store (and became my favorite 24 hrs store too). While doing my thing in the "lappy" computer one day, the husband told he wanted to go out and buy some drinks and other small stuffs. I just then told, I wanted to go with him and hurriedly dressed-up. Off we went to a certain store. I actually did not knew that such store sells doughnut but my yes caught it up and there you go, I got four of different artistic faces but of same taste, sweet. Ooh well, do we have a sour doughnut? Ha!

Some time in a day, we just want to eat something sweet and even sour, bitter or salty but that time, I wanted to eat sweet. Yes, so sweet just like what I had and it made my day. Just a taste of doughnut. And it made me going, eh?! ;-) Yes, I got to do some backlog and chores which it needed to be finished but of course with meals and a lemon juice. What a day (but fulfilling one)! :) Have a fun-filled food trip this Friday!

June 24, 2010

Happy Friday everyone! Happy foodies trip too! ;-) Here I mentioned Friday though it is not yet Friday in Pacific Time, that is because some parts of the world is already Friday and it is because food trip Friday meme already started. Aw. :) To those who like to see the delicious foods presented or also blogger's trip for foodies, you may like to hop-in to our food trip meme to see each other's presentations/food trips, somehow this will give you an idea what to prepare on your table or the next thing to happen. :)
My food trip is vegetable gourd sauteed with pork (you may like to click images to enlarge it should you like to do so). It was long time already I had been meaning to cook again this vegetable viand but time and space won't permit me. Ooh well, perhaps this weekend I could find time to search for this vegetable. Sometimes, I could only see this many miles from our home but since the craving on me wants it, will find it. Whoops! I hope so. Do you like to eat gourd veges? How do you like it? How do you like to cook it?
Above by the way is the raw picture of gourd. That is all folks! Happy food trip!

June 13, 2010

It has been long time already that I was not able to eat a sauteed shrimps paste just like dried fish though I have it on our refrigerator. Then it came that I was craving to the highest level already. Ha! ;-) At the same time, I had a lot of beefsteak tomato which about going to loss its natural flavor. Yep the big tomatoes are going to get rotten. No choice but to find ways to spent it. :) I had a chance for my cravings. You know I do not want to spoiled my appetite because if I do, I can eat a lot of carbohydrates especially foods like this but ooh well..

That shrimps paste ruin my diet.. hahaha.. I could not resist it! The shrimps paste, I cook it with an olive oil mix with the spices: a lot of tomatoes, garlic and onion fresh from inside the bottle came from refrigerator (it's great it if you warm it first so there'll be no big oil sounds on your skillet or else it will harm your face if not having an extra careful while cooking). And the result is sauteed shrimps paste. ;-) And then it's time to chow with a cold juice drink by the side. ;-)

Happy weekend folks and have a great food trip!

June 03, 2010

Food Trip Friday may be down but that doesn't mean it's fully down. :) Mommy Willa, the moderator of this foodie meme assures to be back in normal or you can post or view an entries in FaceBook. Just comment should you like or any way you have questions or just plain comments.. that would be great.. I love comments! Anyway, an entry of mine is mushroom chicken dinner. A dinner for me, couldn't be only a mushroom chicken but should have rice (be it fried rice or steamed). It could be without noodles but having steamed mixed vegetables (composed of broccoli, green squash/cucumber-like, beans, celery, mushrooms). Yes, I like to have many vegetables. :-)
mushroom chicken dinner
Image above is composed of a dinner "to-go" plate of mushroom chicken rice and steamed mixed vegetables with a drink (invisibly seen) at the side, pink lemonade. So that is it! Cannot have stomach-in anymore.. but full stomach! Hehe.. :)

What about you, do you like mushroom chicken (as much as I do) ? How do you like it?

May 27, 2010

I grew up in a place where sea foods are plenty, different kinds of fish (small and big including shark :), squids, and alike so expect the person to eat foods like that. ;-) Shrimps are just one of those. Though the sea foods whore of me loves it a lot, cooking skill sometimes won't cooperate, that is the immature young me way back. For now, I embrace the love of cooking (trying-hard cook me). There are still a lot and long way to learn the tricks but I am loving every single minute of learning it. Foods. Cooking. Food trip!
Image above taken from my cellphone (without flash {you can enlarge images by clicking it should you like to do so} ) that is why there's no time-stamp unto it (unlike my digital even if it's late, still has it). I cooked it a week ago. That was my first time cooking shrimps with butter though I heard a lot of folks that they cook their shrimps through butter but never ever tried it myself not until AcMomCee/AC/Ace (co-blogger --- I guess you knew her because so far I didn't recognize any name other than her alone in FTF blogosphere, Khayce but not Ace but you know that they are not identical right?) food trip was a buttered shrimp. I looked every detailed of it and every word she wrote.. hahah.. and memorized. Though I don't know if I got all the details she shared but one thing I knew, I didn't forget the important process of it, as well as ingredients (butter with a little oil so it won't go brown, a little vinegar, bell peppers, rose marie leaves, garlic, onion, a little water and I add a little H2O)
I thought I didn't did it good at first because the taste was not good (my most first cooks isn't good) but to my surprise after putting all of the stuffs and balanced the taste, I said to myself "I did it".. lol.. I must be grateful to sis Ace.. thanks marz.. ;-) Image above and the first one are just the same expect the latter, I use a flash or did my magic with the light. So you can choose what you like, either a picture with flash or without... :) So then, happy food trip!

May 15, 2010

My food trip for today is a red velvet birthday cake which happened to be my cake days ago. Well, it was my special day as what most of you know because I was transparent enough and even had my surprised birthday gifts which I was thankful enough to those deary blogger friends of mine. It was such an awesome feeling. ;-)

red velvet birthday cake

Above is what was it. DH gave me money to bought the cake that I want and some stuffs for my birthday. Actually, she asked me what I wanted as a gift but I just said "just give me money and I will be the one to buy it for myself"... ;-) Anyway, that's another story or another portion of what he gave, yep, the cake.. lol..

Maybe, you're astonished if an above cake was another birthday cake of mine, and maybe too that you will just see it as there's just something added. And the latter is correct. When you see there are ribbons over the white decors, that's by the way its original decoration with that ribbons but I took the ribbons because seemed like it's already crowded so the first picture was the result, don't you think so? ;-) I was chasing for the small cake and has a nice decors but I opted for this big one though its decoration was not that cool enough because its my first time to get a whole big velvet cake.. Ha!

a slice of a red velvet birthday cake

Whatever it was, let's have a slice of such! Would you want one? Oops, I forgot DH consumed the last slice yesterday (the expiration date is May 26)... sorry... better luck next velvet cake, okay? ;-) Have a great yummy Food Trip Friday folks! Smile... :)

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