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May 06, 2014

Whew! It has been long time having been here!

How's everything, how's everybody? I hope everyone's treating you fairly! As to my end, nothing much, just my birthday the day before this day. Mayo Cinco, eh? Yep, together I celebrate such commemoration!

So how was it?

I don't really had a blast, but all went fairly well. My DH (Dear Husband) is a home-buddy type of person, as in he likes to stay at home 90% (if not 100%) and it's a little "really" thing 'coz you know, it's some kind of a boring thing, but then, that's what he is. Though, he is like that, he still goes out sometimes or should I say drives me and our daughter to somewhere, well it's only sometimes 'coz there are many appointments during the last day of the week for either one of the three of us or for all of us. You don't want to imagine. That's how hectic our schedule is. Also, I could not remember we traveled together for a week or two-weeks vacation. He use some of the hours in a day to have an important appointment, so it is still totaled into full vacation of two-weeks in a year or so, only that it is being spent through getting hours to hours for as I said important appointments. It is some kind of kinda weird but we are saving it for the future, or the money that could be spent for such just has to be saved, or something like that. We are not an extravagant little family. And we're hoping that one day we could spend it the way we deserve. Okay, so much for that. I will be crying if I could go on and on. Whew! And so I can only wish for a site-seeing for famous attractions nearby to which I was not able to enjoy of about five years of stay here in USA with my husband. I don't like to complain.

And so, a day before my natal was a plan to go to Aquarium of the Pacific and yes, hubby is okay for that as I said a birthday treat as a family. Wink. Wink. And I can only be excited. That day will be Sunday, a weekend. So we have to be there at opening time @ 9:00 - 10:00 A.M. to bet the crowds. That's the plan. And I did plan too of what to bring, prepare, and these and those. Night came. And you bet, our princess was not able to sleep early or, sleep @ 7 P.M. and woke-up @ 11 P.M. then up until 2 A.M. Whew! And yes, I was so tired to wake-up early and I was thinking of our princess. So we slept what our body needs. And decided to go to Huntington Botanical Garden and there we go but they're only up to 4:30 P.M. And we left at home 3:00 PM,hubby drove. "is it worth it? " -- that's what was on our mind in the middle of the road going to Huntington BG. And we talked about it. And suddenly I just said, "we will just go to Rose Garden" in Exposition Park in Los Angeles as hubby suggested as he knows the place and he used to go there as it is near where he live when he was a child until high school. As it's already late and we could not enjoy fully the HBG (to think its entrance is $23 each, though free for child and parking) but Rose Garden is free and up until 6:00 P.M., just pay for $10 parking. And hubby thinks that I enjoy roses very much. Just as we were about to turn to San Marino (it's already near the HBG), hubby turned the wheel on to Rose Garden, just was we decided. Yay! Off we went. Hubby started to talk about his used-to-be life whilst in the Exposition Park and told me what are those big buildings are, and these and those. It was great listening and talking to him!

Yes, Rose Garden in Exposition Park is fantastic! It has 145 varieties of roses. I enjoyed looking at the beds and bushes of beautiful fantastic roses. Then I remember the classic story of a fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast where a place of amazing beautiful roses can only be found. And I don't know if there's a place that you can compare of it. Sure enough, I so enjoyed it there. And the moment we found the area to rest to which it is one of the white-painted beautiful rest house inside the Rose Garden. The moment we rested, I then grabbed a corn-in-a-cob and the "suman" that I brought. I got cold drink. The two (my hubby and about-3-yrs old daughter) didn't want anything but me, so off they enjoyed gazing each other in the walking area of the roses' bushes. I got the chance to capture some great memories of them whilst munching on. Then I was done eating. Getting ready to explore the whole garden. Hubby was tired driving and gazing each other (with my daughter), to which he enjoyed. He stayed with the stroller in the big fountain where it is located in the middle. Just so you know, we stayed in the farthest side, so he still was able to enjoy the half-way, although he used to enjoy it (as I said when he was a child until high school). The little lady and I tour around the garden and take pics, running after each other, laugh out loud and even lying the cool clean grasses. Just pure laugh. And the little miss kept saying "hi" to people she saw whilst they look at her. She's my friendly little bug and I can't be more proud. Smile. And ooh did I say that some big birds flying and did its sound. And I got a shot of such! Sounds cool, isn't it? Yeps, it was great surrounded with beautiful 145 varieties of blooming bushes of roses. We wanna go back there next spring!

On my very day, the husband handed me a beautiful big birthday card (with bucks of course. he he he!) with a meaningful and wonderful message, just what I want. :-) A happy birthday, indeed!

(Some pictures in the Rose Garden to be uploaded soon)

November 14, 2012

Have you observed among the several birthday parties that you have attended that the menu would
always include a noodle dish? It may be in the form of spaghetti, egg noodle soup, and similar recipes.
According to some beliefs, those dishes are being served to ensure the celebrant’s long life.

No one can tell if this tradition is really serving its purpose. The fact that celebrant is having a
thanksgiving gathering for reaching another year of his or her life, it is like hoping that the succeeding
years would as or more abundant as the present year.

Those noodle dishes are just representations of looking forward for living that long. Others who don’t
believe in traditions ensure longer life by being physically fit, watchful in their diet and living a healthy
lifestyle. It may be a different approach but the main goal is still the same, longer life.

May 09, 2012

Yes, four days ago I had my "Forever 25" birthday. I just hide my age in that phrase in quotation mark as you read. Ha! And now, it is my baby love daughter's month day. And minutes from now, I have to get ready to leave to go to church with my friend Te Claudia, whom was not present in my after-day birthday (a day after my birthday) celebration with my friends. My family's celebration was on the day of my natal day. Me and my two friends (one with her family, much thankful she has with them which made it more) were present in one restaurant, Sizzler. I love the idea of being in a serenade. Ha! My first time being serenaded during my birthday. It made my day! The waiters and waitress along with my friends sang along and I was just smiling all the way. I can't thank them  more for making it a very happy one. We're just few but very happy. I think I can share you the video which my friend A took. Next time. For now, I have to go on the next round so I can already prepare to go to church, my friend C would have waiting for us with my daughter. Bye for now. Thanks for being here.

January 20, 2012

Every 21st day of January (in Philippines' time) marks the birthday of my biological mother. Yes, the one who brought me into the world, the one who carried me nine months on her tummy. I am an illegitimate child and I don't know the real story why it happened as like that, oops! Just kidding. Yes, I know. And nothing but fate is the reason. Alright. Whatever the story of some other people (I don't know what's the story of my mother for me, but she just don't want to open it up, after all that was already long time ago and she has already her family without me, beginning when I was nine (9) years old but that 's fine, that's what it is. Every person has a story to tell but for me, I just have to accept the reality, the actuality and leave as it is, nothing I can do anyway but just to accept and move on with my life. Grudge won't help! That 's for sure. God is good and he lead me in a good way.), I don't care. This is my life. My lovely life. :-) Positive attitude attracts positive vibe. Alright, this post is for my mother, Gloria who is celebrating her birthday today. I know she won't be able to read this but I don't care. This is my journal, my diary, and so. My random thought, my journey. I have to shout to the world wide web just to greet her a happy birthday. "Isn't that sweet"?, you might say and I don't know what to answer. I just want to let her know that I remember her birthday and wishes her all the best.

January 17, 2012

In United States of America calendar, it is already one day late when talking about the 16th date of January. Much more when talking about Philippine calendar since Philippines time is ahead of 15 hours this time. Hence, it is already two days belated. Yes, he was sometime during the 16th of January. Before I forgot, I say biological father because I have maternal uncles and grandfather I called "papa" just like how I called him. It seems like when they are all  in one setting and I say "papa" they will all look unto me. Hehe! I can relate how I put a name after when I say "papa" (like papa Reyte, etc) because I have four people I called father excluding my fatherly-figure husband which I love much. Wonder why, why the three (two maternal uncles and a maternal grandfather I also called "papa" or father? Will talk that on the other post. For now, I don't want to spoil my greeting to my lovely father biological father. I owe him my life, if not because of him I am not here. Oops, there's a "though" word of that but I don't care because he loves me as just like his legitimate children. He actually there for me when somebody gives an angst word against me, that's because I did/does/do my best of being a good daughter to him. Whatever it is, I love my father because he loves me too. The journey of having no biological father with me when I was on my newborn to young years is not a hindrance of being a good person, of loving him despite of those journey without him. After all, he has made a "make-up" after we saw and in-touch with each other. To papa Reyte, "happy birthday" ! Have more long years to celebrate your birthday!

January 15, 2012

(note: this is a scheduled post)

I just want to greet happy birthday to my Dear Husband. I put it on my shoutout yesterday. Am not shouting as in literally shouting, alright? It's just a term. :-) Giving thanks to God for a responsible husband is something you would have to shout if you are on my shoes. I admit, he's imperfect as just like everyone else, as just like me. The point of this post is to thank him as well. A little post prayer to God to have him,  more years to enjoy his life as well as mine, to enjoy as a family. Our family may not be perfect, my DH may not be perfect, as well as myself. Yes, he don't have a lot foods and goods on his special day but celebrating it as a family and being him healthy, I think made it such special birthday journey of him. We just have to enjoy life as it is precious, priceless just like our child. This birthday of him marks the first birthday having our bundle of Joy, our  baby Sam. Happy birthday again DH!

July 12, 2011

Am a bit of party whore. Ha! Okay, these days I am but not the older days. The baby-in-my-tummy likes to go parties, likes crowds. Ooh yeah, likes in front of many people as mommy said. :-) When I was young, I don't like attending such, I avoid parties though I like mingling people but party is not on my calendar, young-vocabulary or such. But then it changed when I got pregnant. Am always alive when I have invitations even if DH could not come, I insist going alone (okay with friend or friends, oops! even just me!). I don't know where I got my energy but I love it! 

Last Sunday, I had my self-proclaimed statement to my husband, yes a bit of promise that this would be my last party attendance. Teehee! It's not that I don't like anymore but husband and my doctor advised me not to be in crowd because a pregnant woman has a weak immune system and it will affect a child-in-my-tummy whatever will happen to me. Alright, am such a bit of stubborn. What can I do, I have awesome and lovely friends whom I want to be with. And yes, I had attend an awesome first birthday of baby Julianna, Chelle's only daughter (for now *wink*). And she has awesome friends too whom I met when I was there. I have friends as well that made me enjoyed much. Though we haven't been swimming in their pool and sang a song (karaoke) but it's fine, we enjoyed anyway. Thanks to my friend Chelle and her husband Bill for inviting me on their child's First Birthday. Meet and greet and the pigging-out was successful especially that a whole roasted pig and a lotta foods were served, ha! Thanks guys! To Analou and Dennis, thanks for the ride! God bless! (By the way, DH thought I was just going to Airlane Ave, Los Angeles only he find out when I was home that it was in Lake Elsinore, ha! But I was safe and sound and he permitted me so that was no big deal. What a brave prego me, huh! *wink* Ah, pregnancy journey. :-) )

July 10, 2011

Am going there together with my friend Analou and her hubby. They gonna get me at my home. I already cooked spaghetti and done wrapping my gift for baby Julianna. It is my friend, Chelle's baby first birthday party tomorrow. And it will be held in their house at Lake Elsinore. Surely, there's a whole roasted pig (lechon-baboy) and the pigging-out is completely is. Folks attending have to get ready their diet pills
afterwards as to the sense that eating fun could be seen with a lot of chitchat or karaoke fun. Ah, I cannot wait. Ha! This will be my last attend of a party especially because it is far from my place. The travel journey would take one-two hours. And the fact that am already in my third trimester, I should have to stop attending parties already. :-) My doctor avoided me of crowds and long travels so I have to go that way. :-) Best wishes for the party birthday tomorrow. Happy first birthday to baby Julianna! ~hugs&kisses~

June 17, 2011

Occasion sessions. Okay, you might don't know what to give to your love-one but for sure girls do love flowers. Mothers does, girlfriend, sisters or even you like to have flowers. I just remember when my  husband suggested me to give flower to my friend's daughter during her christening and from then on, fresh bouquet of flowers is always present during special occasions to give to my girlfriends (or family circle) along with a card. For sure I/you would love to have flower coupon codes during these moments. It does help when you like to save (of course we all love to save, aren't you?) you know. We can even buy something more if we have coupon. And that would make more fun, isn't it? Ah, precious family and friends deserve of such wonderful present!

June 02, 2011

The birthday celebrant with her daughter Celyn, blowing the candles.
Above is the group and left below is the family of the celebrant, Au. Then Dorie and I on the right.

My very first friend in the place where I resides now was having her birthday on the first day of June. We have the same birth country and of course, time varies here in USA and when it's June 1st already there, it's not yet here. Technically, she celebrated twice. *wink* And Dorie and I surprised to visit her during her Philippines time birthday, which is May 31st here. She was happy on our visit and that's what really counts. She's a treasured friend and am happy seeing her happy. Along with our visit was my birthday lovely fresh flowers, ice cream cake and a birthday card. The cake wasn't personalized as I wanted but it's fine. Haven't had my birthday gift as I used to give but that made her so I am also happy. We had fun. She brought us to Maxx Restaurant, strolling, chikkas and etcetera. We were with her only daughter, Dorie and I. Her husband wasn't able to come but he was there when we arrived and he's happy and grateful. He is cool. Some of my friends too wasn't able to come but then it's fine, maybe they can make it next time. All in all, it was a fun birthday celebration of her. She did not think I can remember her birthday but I always will. Thanks by the way to Dorie and her husband by the way for the transportation and for getting me the ice cream cake near her resident. It was a rush event. *wink*)
Above were our pics outside the resto. At left with Dorie and Celyn and at right, me with the birthday celebrant with her daughter. Below are my faces inside the resto of Maxx Restaurant in West Covina, Los Angeles, was about six months pregnant.

Happy birthday again Au. muahhhhugs!

May 06, 2011

My birthday went fine. I thought I would just go to church to lit-up candles but went with some friends afterwards with no plan, okay, a minute plan and then just went. Thanks goodness my friends were able to be with me, they are free and were able to go as a minute-plan went. Ooh well. Thanks to Heaven Above for providing me with them. My DH was able to met them too though he didn't ate anymore as he was just from his office (we ate just few meters at the back of the buildings where my DH works) and was a mood to eat dinner few hours afterwards and it's fine as long as we met-up with friends. :-) Just as planned, I went to church but the church which is near at my friends house as well as the buffet resto where we had our small pig-out. Hehe! Te Claudine gave me awesome perfume and birthday card, Au ordered a delicious personalized mango cake from Red Ribbon with live fresh flower pink tulips in a pot and a birthday card and Dorie and Au managed to bring their kids and Au's husband, Cesar, was able to attend too in my birthday get-together. Their presence are precious and I treasure it (of course not only that day but throughout the whole me)! I am just a simple person and their presence are highly appreciated.

Above left was my yummy birthday cake (courtesy of my friend Au and Cesar), then picture-taking on the right.
Above were birthday stuffs. Thnx my precious friends & DH. Below were taken inside the Golden Coast Buffet where we had our pigging-out. Hehe! Thanks much guys!
DH gave me a bouquet of fresh flowers with gift cash (thanks DH, luv u!) for me to buy what I want and I really did. :-) And my friend Analou gave me something for my few jewelry to hang-on, it's a woman-figured. I guess you know how it looked-like. I will show it to you next post as it was in my other camera. Thanks for all your birthday wishes, etc! To all who greeted me here in my blog(s), Facebook, sent me messages, texted and called. Thanks much guys (you know who you are)! I won't forget your kindness and such. Above all, thanks Lord God for giving me another precious age. Am 25forever! ;-) Thanks God for my precious family and friends. ~hugs&kisses~

July 04, 2010

Today is America's birthday. As in, this day is the day which every Americans, America residents or to those who are celebrating is commemorating the independence day which America was declared as a nation and got its name. Family and friends are gathering for a get-together, barbecue, dance, concert especially fireworks display and many more others as for the name of celebrating. Thanks to those who fought for their lives just for this nation to be freed from any circumstances to be declared as a great nation. Let us not forget but give back to those who give their all. Have fun! ~muahhugs~


May 15, 2010

My food trip for today is a red velvet birthday cake which happened to be my cake days ago. Well, it was my special day as what most of you know because I was transparent enough and even had my surprised birthday gifts which I was thankful enough to those deary blogger friends of mine. It was such an awesome feeling. ;-)

red velvet birthday cake

Above is what was it. DH gave me money to bought the cake that I want and some stuffs for my birthday. Actually, she asked me what I wanted as a gift but I just said "just give me money and I will be the one to buy it for myself"... ;-) Anyway, that's another story or another portion of what he gave, yep, the cake.. lol..

Maybe, you're astonished if an above cake was another birthday cake of mine, and maybe too that you will just see it as there's just something added. And the latter is correct. When you see there are ribbons over the white decors, that's by the way its original decoration with that ribbons but I took the ribbons because seemed like it's already crowded so the first picture was the result, don't you think so? ;-) I was chasing for the small cake and has a nice decors but I opted for this big one though its decoration was not that cool enough because its my first time to get a whole big velvet cake.. Ha!

a slice of a red velvet birthday cake

Whatever it was, let's have a slice of such! Would you want one? Oops, I forgot DH consumed the last slice yesterday (the expiration date is May 26)... sorry... better luck next velvet cake, okay? ;-) Have a great yummy Food Trip Friday folks! Smile... :)

May 13, 2010

You just can't go wrong without thinking that somebody would surprise me on my birthday. I didn't really expect of it because I wasn't even yet give back to what she gave me last valentines day and now she sent me birthday gifts again. How was that? Won't you be surprised especially if her gifts are all gorgeous? Yep, I bet you it's pretty all awesome in person... I so love it that much that I can't help but so grateful of this blogger friend of mine, so grateful of her presence. Though we haven't yet meet in person but seems we were friends since back then... Ooh well.. it was just one year ago and in just one instance we're already clicked with each other. Do you know the feeling of friendship being "click" with each other? If you know, you can then tell how it is. Yep, it is not that easy to find a friend that you can be with each other, online that is, but you have that such friendship bond that more than an in person ones. Ooh well, she(Demcy)'s full of generosity, thoughtfulness and kindness. I appreciate it that much! Here's what she gave me.
a beautiful cute lavender(my fave color) and blue(color of the year) blouse

Above is another pretty cute lavender racer back shirt, look at the print (Friends fun and peace sign, this coincides with my jersey lavender jersey shorts --- great for hot summer)! Isn't it that pretty? Yes, it is! ;-) It's prettier in person, really it is.

Two pretty "TooFaced" glamorous lip glosses, lavender cute hooked earrings (which I wear until now, my ears are that choosy but this earrings suits its choosiness that's why it's my fave casual hook stone earrings plus it's gorgeous lavender color --- she got my weakness when it comes to pretty lavender ;-) Thanks a lot madam sis Dhemz!

And her beautiful lovely birthday card and a wonderful sweet message

I know words are not enough to express my gratefulness and no beyond expression I can tell but you know how lucky I am to have a friend like you. I know you are great but I have to say you are awesomely best. I really appreciate your kindness and such ({I hope to keep up on your birthday... ;-). I know that if you give, you don't expect in return but I will try my best to keep up on your special day, bday on August}. Thanks a lot! You are awesomely best! God bless you more and as always... Lab yah.. :-) ~hugs&kisses~

May 03, 2010

It was actually last April 27th brunch time as I was still having my sleep or nap at our couch when somebody knocking at our door then found out that it was a mailman from USPS. I fixed myself and entertained the man, and then minutes after he handed me a medium-big box with my name sticking unto it. I had no clue that Analou and her hubby will give me such present because she told me days ago that she will give me other item but not this. Ooh well, it was then my wordless day. Ha! I was excited to open it and I was more wordless that an elegant lavender gift wrap was in front of me. Lavender is my favorite color and she just knew how I love it that much. Thanks a lot best bud.. ;-)

And then I opened it more excited ;-)... then a box of a cute expandable jewelry box which she said (which I never knew she pursued to bought it online) was my first advance birthday gift. I was laughing and smiled grinning from left to right... lol.. kidding aside but am serious.. I was just so happy because she gave me such before I thought I will buy something like this for my fashion /costume ones.

an image from my camera which the quality is low because of too much light

the actual color from seller's site

It is so pretty and beautiful for on-the-go or just in the house stuff for jewelry. This is perfect for on-the-go for me. I so love it! Below is a pretty cute note along my very first gift. :)

I love it best bud! Thanks a lot to you and to your husband Dennis. So long (and I awe you on your birthday this June)... ;-) wait for such.. :) That's what friends are for! {watch-out for mine.. *winkz*} ~hugs&kisses~

March 15, 2010

And who said that only in the woman sweet sixteen, eighteenth birthday or for a man twenty-first birthday party that it has to be of blast? Yep, that is commonly what is hereby normally-called but oops my friend who will be turning thirty sometime on the third week of April this year is such a special celebration of her! There are lot of reasons why she is doing this. It is because she has accomplished several diplomas already and currently she is working on what she likes which is a nurse on one of the prestigious hospitals in Los Angeles area. Another one is it is because of being thankful of a life she got, and other some couple of reasons. She is single and this is also to celebrate that is now free to accept suitors (granted by her parents after all). :-) With this, she said she needs printing services for her invitations to send to the peeps who she likes to come to her party. She want them to gather on her special day so one of the highlights of the stuffs she want is the invitations. She wanted it to be elegant and more inviting.

To be surrounded with friends and family circles here in USA (her immediate family cannot attend personally , they are in Philippines but they are celebrating as well through web cam and such on that day) is what her deep thought goal for this thirtieth birthday of her. I am planning to be there because she already invited me. I hope there's no circumstances that cannot be avoided of me on that special day of her because I do not want to spoil her special day. I wish her all the best of everything.

February 16, 2010

As I recalled, Presidents' Day last year was Feb 16 and this year it was one day ahead which was yesterday - February 15. It fall on that day because the day was sandwich from the weekend and normally it is not on the exact date every year but it falls on the Monday on the midth of Heart Month (Feb). As what the history and fact told, this is called the "Presidents' Day" in honor of the late two presidents George Washington (The First USA President) which his birth date is February twenty-second (22nd) and Abraham Lincoln (The 16th USA President) which he was born in the ninth (9th) day of February. Though they are not in this world anymore (deceased), yet we celebrate their birthdays (in one) because they are important persons that shaped up United States of America and one of the reasons why this nation is up today. Have a happy Presidents Day all!

December 21, 2009

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Chuchie of Chuchie's Hideaway is celebrating her birthday today. I wanna greet my little sissy here in blogland for a very big "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!". May all your wishes and dreams will come true. More cakes to slice, more food to eat, and lots of wines to drink.. Oops just juices.. just a little of wine huh.. :-) Enjoy your birthday sis.. Lab yah.. muahh!

Should you greet her will have the spirit of a birthday celebration here in blogland. Thanks and see yah..

November 29, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

D or David Funk of
Basic Bloganomics blog, is celebrating his birthday today. I wanna great this cool blogger buddy a very happy birthday! He's a man who spoke softly to every blogger. As I knew him, he has lots of Filipina friends in blogland and am glad he is not any of the racist (or what you call haters, and any of them) people out there. I knew we only seldom see racist nowadays but still there are, so he's just one of the people who deserves to be greeted. :-) So to speak, he's not only a friend to Filipinas but people around the globe. He's just friendly so he deserves a hoorah on this special day of him. Anyway, this is his day so you might also great him on his blog so he could feel the spirit of friendships here in blogland. See yah there..

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