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June 15, 2013

Life has a lot of surprises! I was just chatting with my friend a minute ago. As she mentioned she is now single again. I thought all the while that she is engaged to a person whom she knows that he is the one for her. But what happen? There are lots of circumstances in life that we cannot expect that it will happen one day in our journey.

So now they are "break" already. So lesson learned, in every relationship for singles or couple never expect too much. It surely hurts when everything turns into nothing. Waiting in vain, right? So make sure to control and if not then you will be hurt. But you will learn a lesson after.

So for my friend, sorry to hear about that. Maybe God has another plan to both of you. Just be who you are and he will come in the right time to you. Just be patient enough.

February 08, 2013

Undeniably, the easiest way to find singles anywhere in the world or in the place where you live is to join an online dating site. For some reasons, online dating is interesting, and challenging. When you join, obviously, you are looking forward to meeting someone, and the possibility of finding the right man or woman is very attractive. An online dating site normally requires members to post their recent pictures, answer some personal questions regarding their personality, and write a little information about themselves. This may be the hardest part because having to describe yourself can be a tricky task especially figuring out how to discuss your values and interests in a way to make it more likely that someone compatible will be interested in getting in touch.

Anyway, there are lots of online dating sites in the World Wide Web nowadays, and searching for the best online dating site is a little difficult. Most of them offer services for free, but to use additional services of the site, there may be a subscription fee. The fastest way to find your ideal companion in the digital world is to find an online dating site based on specific criteria. From there, you can now narrow your search by choosing from which country you would like to find your ideal mate.

For some reason, it's always great to have someone on your side during this coming Valentine’s Day (Feb 14). Well, it's not too late, is it? Check it out! Enjoy virtual dating! :)

December 05, 2012

Stuck in a rut of dull dinner dates? Romantic meals in posh restaurants are no fun at all if there’s no chemistry. Give online dating a go and you’ll bypass all those awkward moments. Many websites look deeper than simple likes and dislikes, finding you the perfect match for a successful first date. For those new to dating online, here’s some advice on things to avoid.

1. Neglecting your online profile Your online profile is the first thing prospective suitors will see, so take the time to present yourself properly. Avoid misleading anyone by uploading only recent photos and being completely honest with your information. Those little white lies about how much you earn can come back to haunt you; save yourself heartache in the future by being upfront about your life experiences.

It’s not just your profile that requires attention. To find the most suitable matches, dating sites in the UK like eHarmony, want to find out exactly what makes you tick. Dedicate some time to think about each question. A good start is to decide what and who you’re looking for – what values and beliefs do you want that person to have? By putting in the effort now, you’ll save yourself from unsuccessful dates with incompatible people.

2. Giving out personal information Online dating is no more dangerous than dating in the real world. However, it’s easy to feel a false sense of security when all your flirting is happening online in your living room. A computer screen isn’t an adequate replacement for common sense; to stay safe online, think carefully before giving out any personal information or your contact details. Likewise, if you do decide to go meet someone, tell a close friend or relative where you’re going.

3. Judging people by their profile picture When a match is found for you online, try not to focus too much on that person’s profile picture. Physical attraction is just a small part of a successful relationship; other factors are important like your beliefs and long-term goals. For Asian dating in the UK, eHarmony is great for matching singles with a shared heritage. Take the time to read through your match’s profile and discover more than you would from a picture alone.

4. Spending too long online It’s easy – and exciting – to get caught up in a flurry of flirty emails. However, it’s all too easy to leave it at that. Before you know it, months have passed with no physical meeting and the initial spark of attraction has fizzled out. Although the relationship starts over the Internet, it’s best to take it offline as soon as you can. Start by chatting over the phone to see if the chemistry is still there. By that first meeting you’ll feel like old friends, but with that tingling of excitement.

5. Not having an open mind Where there was once a stigma about dating online, today more and more singles are turning to cyberspace to find true love. Online dating shouldn’t be seen as an easy alternative to regular dating. True, it can reduce the number of awkward encounters on unsuitable dates. However, you need to put the effort in for it to be a success – just like in real life. Approach online dating with an open mind. You’ll be put in touch with people you wouldn’t normally meet but who match your personality perfectly. Be part of a network of amazing people – one of them could be your soul mate. You don’t know until you give it a go.

(This is a guest post)

October 09, 2012

If you’re looking for a fun and outdoors loving partner, you need look no further than dating an
Australian. Yet this laid back bunch has more to offer than just BBQs and a sunny outlook. With this
in mind, here are 10 reasons Aussies make great romantic partners.

1. Friendly

If there’s one thing Australians are renowned for, it’s being a friendly bunch. One of the best things
people enjoy about going on an Australian holiday is that the locals are so open and welcoming.

2. Love of the outdoors

With all those beaches and hillsides, the Aussies have an ongoing love affair with the great outdoors.
Of course they have spent plenty of time in fun and cosmopolitan cities and towns, but dating an
Australian means enjoying activities which make the most of Mother Nature.

3. Great holiday destinations

If you’re dating an Australian, it could mean plenty of glorious, sun-kissed holidays visiting the in-
laws. Whether you’re hiking in the Blue Mountains, surfing on Bondi or hitting the wineries on the
Perth coastline, there’s no shortage of things to do and see Down Under.

4. Up for an adventure

While every Australian might not be the next Crocodile Hunter, on the whole Aussies are bold and
up for an adventure.

5. Sports lovers

Australia is a nation of sports fanatics and they love to get involved both on the sporting field and at
the pub watching the match. From cricket to rugby, AFL to Olympic swimming, there are countless
sporting codes and teams that Aussies love to get behind.

So, whether it’s going for a casual kick-around at the local park or heading to the stadium in your
team’s colours, chances are dating means plenty of sporting fun.

6. Laid back

Maybe it’s all the sun and sand but, compared to the rest of the world, Australians always appear to
be a laid back bunch.

7. Cultured

As far as culture goes, it’s not only Neighbours and Crocodile Dundee that makes up Australian
culture. Aussies grow up with a mix of the best of British, American and international television
and movies, not to mention a thriving local industry. The Australian local music scene is particularly
unique, and dating an Aussie can open you up to the country’s fun and funky underground music

8. Multicultural tastes

Australia is a melting pot of cultures, meaning most Australians grew up with an abundance of
styles, practices and attitudes. Not only does this make them an open-minded lot, it also means they
have a diverse palate in the kitchen. Thai, Chinese, Indian and Japanese are some of the common
tastes you’ll find in the average Aussie cookbook – not quite the humble BBQ most people expect.

9. Beach body

With warmer weather for most of the year, Australians are always under pressure to look their best.
Dating an Aussie means having a Bondi-ready bum all year round.

10. Debt free

With the global financial crisis not reaching the Australian shores, Aussies haven’t experienced as
many money worries as the rest of the world. With more jobs, lower mortgages and less debt, going
out with an Aussie is likely to be a financially stress-free experience.


October 02, 2012

Anyone will tell you that being in a relationship takes work. To have a strong relationship takes time and effort from both sides – but it is possible! If you’re unsatisfied with how things are, then take a look at these simple tips. Soon you and your partner will be giggling like a couple of teenagers again.

1. Affection

Whether it’s holding hands, a peck on the cheek before bedtime or a hug when you come in from work, showing affection is important when building and maintaining a strong relationship. Show your other half how much you love them with little displays of affection and they’ll do the same.

2. Communication

If you want a strong relationship, you need to communicate – otherwise you’ll never get passed your problems. When people talk about communication and relationships, they’re often referring to talking honestly about your feelings. While this is essential, you need to remember to listen too.

3. Surprises

We’re not talking about diamond necklaces and Rolex watches, but small surprises here and there make a big statement. If your partner is feeling low, bring home a box of chocolates one day. It doesn’t even have to be a gift. Surprise them by cleaning the house unexpectedly.

4. Intimacy
Relationships that are just about s*x never last. However, s*x is vital  if you want to keep the passion alive in your relationship and strengthen the bond between you. Intimacy is an important way to express your love for each other and become closer.

5. Date night

Relive that blissful honeymoon period at the start of your relationship with regular date nights. Switch off your mobile phones, send the kids to their grandparents and enjoy an evening with just each other for company.

A romantic meal or a trip to the cinema will do the trick, but don’t forget to liven it up too. Relationships can lose excitement over time so keep things fresh by trying something totally different like a cookery class – or maybe even skydiving!

6. Future goals

What do you want out of your relationship? Is marriage on the cards? Do you both want kids one day? It’s easy to get lost in the moment, but if you want your relationship to last a long time, it’s important that you both have similar aspirations for the future.
If you’re currently looking for love, sort out these details before your first date. The eHarmony website finds matches based on things like values so you’ll be sure to meet a like-minded individual.

7. Understanding

Building a strong relationship is easier if you both share the same morals and beliefs. That’s why they said, eHarmony is so perfect for Christian dating as you will find people with the same faith. If you do fall for someone whose views differ slightly from yours, though, it’s important to show understanding.

8. Forgiveness

Last but not least, if you want a strong relationship, it’s important to forgive. You’ll know when a line has been crossed, but don’t sweat the small stuff. If the washing-up hasn’t been done, it’s not worth holding a grudge for weeks.

September 23, 2012

I am glad that hubby doesn't need to work this weekend. He could sleep all day at home, but I know it is impossible because my husband doesn't like to stay in one corner and do nothing. He’s a workaholic husband. He works hard for us, and I am so grateful to the Lord above for he gave me a good provider and a loving, thoughtful, and most of all a faithful husband.

Since, I don’t have a fixed income, and I stayed at home 24/7 days a week just to take care of our bundle of joy, I tried to help my husband’s bills by saving our bills such as energy bills, water bills, and I have never shopped without his approval even if I don’t need to ask him. I know he provided me everything I need specifically my personal needs but I don’t want to take it for granted. We are not a perfect couple. We also have misunderstanding sometimes but that is just part of our journey being a husband and wife. Anyway, since he is at home, I want to cook his favorite food, and I also want to watch a movie later tonight with him. So, it’s a date with him here in our simple abode.

September 03, 2012

It seems like it is always a struggle for me nowadays to get into fresh from my kitchen foods. You know, I am a mommy who is so hands-ful to my family, yes not only to my daughter Sam since I am  not only a mommy but a wife and housewife. :-) Okay, my husband gave me a break since Friday and I hope it would be until Monday (Monday is holiday here in USA honoring for Labor Day holiday). Wink. I said "break" or a bit of day-off because I can sleep as I want (though not too long but it is such sweet if you somebody's does the job you are handling like giving milk to the precious princess, putting the laundry to the washing machine).

Then I woke-up feeling hungry and scouring in the kitchen what to eat (or what to cook). DH likes me to cook corned beef which I just simply turned it down because I like to have an easy-minute food which landed my mouth to a canned fish or sardines which I got to open the "hot ligo sardines" and mixed it with vinegar, salt and a little salt then ate it with rice along with Dr. Pepper soft-drink (my favorite drink as of the moment after meals).

Then suddenly DH requested again to cook for corned beef to which I wrongfully-thought lately for me to eat it. Ha! The thing is, he requested it for him to eat or viand. Ha! And so I cooked the big can of "Pam" corned beef I bought online. It is my first time to try this corned beef and I can say it is delicious. I heat it up with a diced of garlic and onions (of course a little olive oil with it to brown), along with a dash of salt. Minutes after it was cooked. But before that, I got to cook for rice. And so dinner had been great. I even ate twice. Ha! :-)

September 02, 2012

A tight embrace, a warm blanket, a cup of coffee. Sometimes we just long for that warm fuzzy feeling. It makes us feel safe, protected and distant from the cares and stresses of everyday life. I am a first-time mom and taking care of my little angel alone is really stressful, especially if we need to send her back to her pediatrician. I am just lucky that my husband, despite his hectic schedule at work has time for us.

Whenever he comes home from work, instead of asking him how was his work, he was the one who asked me how was my day with our little princess. I understand that he is so worried about me taking care of our little princess because I am a first-time mom, and no one will teach me on how to take care our baby except the pediatrician and my little experience taking care of my cousins a while yesteryears ago.

One night, hubby told me that I deserved a great reward for taking care of Sam and him. My eyes were big as the dinner plate when I heard this. I thought he would bring me to a shopping mall, and shop whatever I want. However, the reward is more than I expected. He wanted a romantic place for us, just the two of us, and our daughter will stay at my mother-in-law while we are away for our second honeymoon.

The next morning, I couldn’t wait to open my laptop and search for a place that we could pamper ourselves again. Fortunately, I found a romantic place for us, a truly a world-class holiday for couples only. Yes, the place is perfect for newly wed couples, and lovers. It is also a romantic place for a man to propose marriage to her girlfriend. I am certain that hubby would like to experience in st lucia honeymoon for us. With the best food, wine and accommodation they offer, I am sure that we will have a perfect honeymoon once again. Woot! :-D

If you are planning far in advance to visit a popular vacation destination during tourist season, assume that prices are higher compared to off-season. At Rendezvous, if you book now or on or before the end of October, you could save up to 40% discount on your room rates. That is really cool, right? I could book now and stay later. I couldn’t wait hubby to come home today so I could tell him this perfect romantic holiday for us.

How about you, are you planning to have a soon-honeymoon or second honeymoon journey too? It would be a great step to find and book in advance as soon as possible to save to save time, money and effort. Happy honeymoon then! :-)

August 03, 2012

Breaking up is never easy, but it’s even harder when there are kids involved. Whatever the circumstances of your romantic relationship ending, chances are that you will be continuing a relationship of sorts with your ex, as co-parents of your children. And whatever age your kids are, they will also need a certain amount of assistance to adjust to the new situation. So, how best to enter this new phase in your life?


Have the discussion about how you will go about co-parenting early on. When will you each see your kids? How will big decisions be made? What notice is required about any change of plans? From the major questions such as schooling to day-to-day management like school lunches, it all needs to be sorted out and, if necessary, formalized. It could help to bring your children into these discussions as well.


Unless you are in the happy position of being financially self-sufficient, for many, becoming a single mother means your financial status – and security – will likely change. Retirement funds, joint bank accounts, child support, mortgages and car repayments will all figure in these changes. Consult an accountant to find out about any changes to your taxes.


It will be important to have a support network to turn to in times of emergency. Something as simple as having the flu for a few days can be stressful for a single mother, so it’s good to have family and friends you can rely on to do some child-minding if necessary. Making connections with other single mothers will also be important – someone to understand the difficulties you’re facing.


Most mums tend to put themselves last, and for a single mother – running a household solo, often juggling school lunches and household decisions with a busy career – it becomes even more difficult to find ‘me-time’. Even something as small as 20 minutes for a bath, catching up with your girlfriends for coffee or reading a book after the kids are in bed will give you the space to focus on you for a little while.


It might seem like an insurmountable task to re-enter the dating scene with kids in tow. It can be difficult to meet a potential new partner, but sites can help set up introductions with compatible dates and they are a good way to ease yourself into dating again.

Most importantly, you need to think positively about the new direction your life has taken. It may not be the direction you expected, and it can be difficult to reset your expectations. However, it can mean greater independence, the ability to try new things and the freedom to do it your way.

May 09, 2012

The possibilities of meeting new people are endless. There are various ways for you to meet new people and eventually finding someone to date. If you have just moved to a new town, you must take the initiative of socializing with the other singles in your community. If you have recently made friends with someone who is also looking for dating prospects, you can both go to places where you are most likely to meet other singles. Do not hesitate to get to know the people that you work with or with those that you constantly meet at community gatherings. You may be able to meet someone there.

But if being busy with work prevents you from getting involved in the dating game, you can try online dating. There are websites where you can meet and interact with other singles. You will be able to create your own profile and indicate what type of individuals you are interested to meet. You will be able to browse through profiles of individuals that interest you. You will be able to communicate with each other and you can both decide whether you want to meet personally and date. Through online dating, you will be able to find dating prospects without having to leave the comfort of your home.

May 04, 2012

Being a mommy can be quite overwhelming. Usually, she is dealing with house chores (aside from taking care of the baby)  like cooking, washing clothes, cleaning the kitchen and all the areas of the house because a baby's immune system is different with a typical person. You know what an infant's immune system is. She/He can capture something and because an illness in just a snap of our finger's time. So it has to be cleaned, everything. And so while embracing such work, a husband should also has to help.

And that was what my Dear Husband did last night when he got home. Oops, not that complete cook like preparing the stuffs and such. Okay, I did the preparation of the chickens for him to cook. Preparation means washing and cleaning the chicken. I took-off the skins and put some lemons on it so it is flawless. :-) Yep, it needs to take-away the before-skin stuff before preparing for seasonings and flour coating.

Hubby can sense the overwhelming task I have and I am thankful of that. One thing also why he did it because he is asking something. Ha! When he does that, no questions ask for the reward. :-) Happy wifey me! Smiling. :-)

May 03, 2012

If you’re going on a date to a restaurant, it’s always worth putting a bit of thought into where might be best to go – particularly if you’re keen to make a positive first impression! And with such a great variety of restaurants available throughout the UK, why not take some time to weigh up the pros and cons of the different options before booking?

Going to a seafood restaurant for a date is a great choice for many people – dishes tend to have a fresh, exotic feel and choices such as lobster or a seafood platter also give you a chance to splash out on something special that the two of you can share. Seafood, however, is not to absolutely everyone’s liking (and allergies can be problematic), so it’s advisable that you check this out with your date before you book anything.

Although sushi is still technically seafood, it’s also about the unique preparation techniques and the varied feel to your meal. The dishes are light, fun and quick, making for a playful atmosphere. Some restaurants even offer customers the opportunity to craft their own dishes, which could make the date all the more special – do your research online to see if this option is viable.

Eastern cuisine 
Indian, Chinese and Thai cuisines have long been popular with couples and families alike. Restaurants typically have a large amount of choice to suit most palates, with menus covering different meats, fish, rice, soup and noodle dishes. The only thing to watch out for is that many venues double up as a pick-up takeaway, which might not be the ideal ambiance for your meal.

Italian restaurants are a safe bet: the romantic associations with Mediterranean cuisine still ring true and it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like at least one dish on most menus. But for that reason, some of the excitement and novelty might be lost: trying something new can often achieve the desired spark on a date, and pizza or pasta could look a little boring. Wherever you end up taking your date, though, charge cards can help to make at least one part of the evening run smoothly: payment. With an American Express Gold Card, for example, you can earn reward points on virtually every purchase you make, with no pre-set spending limit or interest charges.

September 02, 2011

I was hungry. I intent to sleep rather than eat. But am fine. No worries, everything's alright of me and my baby-in-my-tummy. Then I felt the need to eat already, yes, that was lately. I am already full right now. Thanks goodness. He he! " What to eat? " , was what in my mind. I have foods but I don't like it. In the nick of time, I thought of fresh " pancit " (noodles) and the thick pork chop stacked ready to cook. I already defrost it as I thought of cooking it anytime. And then I did. It was ten o'clock p.m. And I was done about 30 minutes. Aside from a plastic pouch of  fresh " pancit " I had and the pork chop, I also included cabbage and carrots along with an orange and green color bell peppers, onion, garlic, dash of black pepper, cooking oil and water (I like it soup-y) to complete my menu for the night. Now you do the cooking imagination. I will share it to you should you like. But I guess this is just an easy recipe for you so I do not mind of sharing. Should you like, I'll share it with you.

All in all, I had a yummy dinner. The bonus is, DH ate too (he seldom eat cooked noodles or pancit). And so I was a happy kitchen camper. Now am hungry again. Ha ha! :-)

Where will be a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship go? As they journey each other from dating unto that relationship, they would surely go into higher level if they are serious with each other. Well, it will just be into wedding, right? But before that, there must be first an engagement. Well, mostly has an engagement party first but some prefer not, but of course it is great to have one. There would be an engagement party or not, but an engagement rings like titanium rings is a must for a thoughtful and lovable one. A girlfriend would surely appreciate her boyfriend's thoughtfulness and an idea, who wouldn't? Well, unless if a girl is not serious but then, that's out of the picture, since we are talking here about a serious relationship.

Since a man and a woman (as gf-bf) already engaged and here comes soon enough the big day, wedding day soon, the guy already prepared their wedding rings just like an amazing tungsten rings prior to such. Two rings, is very much important during these celebrations. It symbolizes the event, the very moment they already are  one. Without it, the essence of engagement and marriage lost. So, that very first day or such an event it should have to be present. Ooh well, I never heard of an event without it especially if it has a party. Don't you think?

August 25, 2011

It's not a date sandwich, that such term use when there's a legal holiday which falls on the last weekdays of work, but a common term of a food or snacks. Do you love eating sandwich? Or how do you like doing or preparing it for your kiddos, spouse or anyone? Or to sell it on your cafeteria or store?

Alright, yours truly is just a mere homemaker (and a mommy-to-be) who enjoys homemaking as my full-time career. I love cooking and preparing foods which my husband love to eat. One food he likes me to prepare is the sandwich. He let me prepare it for his snacks (but he call it "for lunch") at work. And it is already a routine for me when we get-up at 5 a.m. in the morning while he fix for himself to get ready for work and me, doing the ironing and preparing his sandwich to put in a brown paper lunch bag together with another sandwich bag of potato lays or pringles on it. 

I used to put pickles and lettuce on his sandwich but currently he don't want me to include in the ingredients so I just follow what he said, after all, he's the one will eat it. His sandwich includes: 2 slices of bread, sandwich spread, turkey slices and top with a single cheese. To prepare it, (1) I just put the sandwich spread on one side of the slice bread then followed with the turkey slice and the single cheese. (2) Then put the other slice of bread on it. (3) Wrap the sandwich beautifully with a paper towel and put it in a plastic sandwich bag before putting it up on the brown paper lunch bag with the other bag of  classic "lays" potato. That's it! One of my creation in my kitchen journey. :-)

August 16, 2011

Ha! You guess it right, am in my DH desktop right now as I journey on my blogging hobby. The wife likes using it here because it starts-up easily and I could go on directly to what I want in the world wide web especially when I want a fast connect, emergency log-in that is. Hep! Yeah, he authorizes me (and just me, lucky me, ha ha!) but when he's at home, I should have to use mine, of course (even if he's not home because I have mine, but then...). Bad me but I only use this when, as I said, immediate log-in. My laptop starts up a bit slow because I have many programs installed in there and my anti-virus has to immediate run before it starts aside from I have it leave as automatically updates windows. 

The fact that I don't want to abuse the kindness of my husband's PC, then I just use it for a reasonable time. Yes, I am the one fixing this when problem arises but still I have my computer so it is just fair that I will use mine. I am not ranting, I am just expressing how programs affect a PC memory and such. Ah, speaks about blogging and surfing huh! What else could do when it comes to Internet, right? *wink*

That's all folks, I have to get up and cook now for dinner. Have fun and enjoy the rest of the day! ~hugs&kisses~

August 02, 2011

Rice is the staple food in the Philippines and some other countries but never in USA and other countries too. I am proud to say my Dear Husband eats rice even if he was born here in USA. Thanks goodness. :-) Whenever I cooked rice, he also ate. I am proud of him of not being picky when it comes to it (though he still won't a eat a lot of vegetables unless it is salad or potato). And we can eat together with rice unto our meals. Lately, he can also cook rice in stove well (I said in stove because we also have rice cooker and also rice can be cooked in microwave). Yep, he asked how to do it and then I replied. It is easy though. He prefers fresh rice (what I meant fresh is when it is freshly cooked not refrigerated from previous meal/s difference) unlike me that it's okay if it is already refrigerated, heat it up when I want to eat/. 

Yes, I am the one responsible for household chores and (of course) I used to do it (and until now for myself if he's not at home or I need it). But then since am now pregnant and doing chores (but if am free, I am the one doing the thing, of course), aside from he is practicing to cook for himself if we have the baby already, then that's what he currently did. Am happy about it, we share responsibilities. Thanks goodness I have a husband like him. :-) He cannot cook viands a lot (mostly he just heat it up or the easy way other than buying ready-to-eat ones) but that is fine with me because as I said there are lots of fresh foods-to-go from restaurants/food chains here. Well, am just a happy wife though maybe that's just too small for you. :-) Whatever! :-) Diary, keep it in memory. :-)

July 22, 2011

I might guess what you have in mind, yes, you bet those were our (DH&I) foodies lately. And yeah, I cooked early in the morning for that boney beef soup (or "nilagang-baka" in Filipino primary language *Tagalog*) and spicy chicken stew ( or "halang-halang" in Filipino bisaya dialect). I had an energy cooking it despite I asleep at 2:00 A.M. last night (my body clock extends the dawn time to about-afternoon). DH prepared to work at 5:00 A.M. and I also wake-up when he does because I have to iron his upper clothes. But usually no ironing for me during Thursdays because he will just wear a long-sleeved GIS work shirt, and that already hanged good from dryer which no need to iron. That saves electricity and energy. :-) And so what I did was then cooked and those were it along with rice and began to clean the house slightly. :-) After my awesome breakfast, relax a bit, stand and walk. Then after that, a journey of checking emails. Sleeping was the next thing happened. My friend, Ate Claudia visited me and brought fruits and stuffs. That made me smiled, complete morning! I let her brought some of my spicy chicken stew fresh from my kitchen and the rest of such was my husband's dinner along with the beefy ground chili and beans viand with rice. My kitchen journey was great! I was not able to take pics, next time.

What about you, how's yours?

July 20, 2011

What's your dinner folks? My kitchen journey on cooking is very silent nowadays. I can only cook rice and some easy stuffs just like reheating foods for DH. Cooking the ground beef with a lot of onions added to the chili and beans in cans is what he likely most when talking about combination of easy stuff but fresh (halfway at least). Mostly we bought ready-to-eat fresh from restaurant. I know if I can cope up my stuffs to do, I can then restore my normal kitchen ways, cooking leafy vegetables with coconut and stuffs like that. At the same time, cooking DH foods because he don't like eating vegetables unlike if it's salad and potato. :-) 

Yesterday I was thinking of cooking the chayote with thin pork chops for its mix. I planned to saute it. But plan changed. Adding to the changed was DH asked me what to eat for dinner, he was not asking of what I was going to cook so advantage to my changed plan besides I have stuffs to catch-on. Ha! So we settled of a fresh burrito each of us and with his additional chili tamale. This is my first time I love eating burrito because there's only beans (brown) and  beef (soft-style of cooking) covered with soft tortilla. Whew! Yummmy! No picture taken as I indulged unto it directly. :-)

July 12, 2011

Am a bit of party whore. Ha! Okay, these days I am but not the older days. The baby-in-my-tummy likes to go parties, likes crowds. Ooh yeah, likes in front of many people as mommy said. :-) When I was young, I don't like attending such, I avoid parties though I like mingling people but party is not on my calendar, young-vocabulary or such. But then it changed when I got pregnant. Am always alive when I have invitations even if DH could not come, I insist going alone (okay with friend or friends, oops! even just me!). I don't know where I got my energy but I love it! 

Last Sunday, I had my self-proclaimed statement to my husband, yes a bit of promise that this would be my last party attendance. Teehee! It's not that I don't like anymore but husband and my doctor advised me not to be in crowd because a pregnant woman has a weak immune system and it will affect a child-in-my-tummy whatever will happen to me. Alright, am such a bit of stubborn. What can I do, I have awesome and lovely friends whom I want to be with. And yes, I had attend an awesome first birthday of baby Julianna, Chelle's only daughter (for now *wink*). And she has awesome friends too whom I met when I was there. I have friends as well that made me enjoyed much. Though we haven't been swimming in their pool and sang a song (karaoke) but it's fine, we enjoyed anyway. Thanks to my friend Chelle and her husband Bill for inviting me on their child's First Birthday. Meet and greet and the pigging-out was successful especially that a whole roasted pig and a lotta foods were served, ha! Thanks guys! To Analou and Dennis, thanks for the ride! God bless! (By the way, DH thought I was just going to Airlane Ave, Los Angeles only he find out when I was home that it was in Lake Elsinore, ha! But I was safe and sound and he permitted me so that was no big deal. What a brave prego me, huh! *wink* Ah, pregnancy journey. :-) )

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