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July 17, 2012

I recall when I started to build this site Cacai’s Journey. This supposedly a journey of me and my DH, Cacai and Nad. Okay, I did not expect that this will lead me writing of my journey in life. This was just a matter of hobby and getting fun online with some other friends along and as I said, it was unintended for me alone. Then, an experimental page mold me much in sending information to my readers and followers online. Sorry to say, but I have limitations, of course. I don’t much exposed on what my family and my journey is but most of them has been written here. I am just a simple woman who just really like to share little things and some big things, of my daily journey here.

Now that I have my angel with me then I am not totally free to have time sitting in front of computer. I give much attention to my dear one and of course to our provider which is my hubby dear. Well, I am just thankful that I have this site specifically for my journey in life.

Thank you for being part of this journey. ~hugs&kisses~

May 09, 2012

The possibilities of meeting new people are endless. There are various ways for you to meet new people and eventually finding someone to date. If you have just moved to a new town, you must take the initiative of socializing with the other singles in your community. If you have recently made friends with someone who is also looking for dating prospects, you can both go to places where you are most likely to meet other singles. Do not hesitate to get to know the people that you work with or with those that you constantly meet at community gatherings. You may be able to meet someone there.

But if being busy with work prevents you from getting involved in the dating game, you can try online dating. There are websites where you can meet and interact with other singles. You will be able to create your own profile and indicate what type of individuals you are interested to meet. You will be able to browse through profiles of individuals that interest you. You will be able to communicate with each other and you can both decide whether you want to meet personally and date. Through online dating, you will be able to find dating prospects without having to leave the comfort of your home.

May 28, 2010

Diet pills are "in" thing nowadays. There are organic ones, approved by United States Food and Drug Administration. You don't even need a prescription to buy but you need to dig-up some useful information like weight loss supplement reviews so one has enough knowledge of what he/she is about to take. You know.. prevention is better than cure.. or should I say "read, research and understand". You are the master of yourself, so they say. So gather everything, the facts that would make you understand and know what is it and when one has enough, you can then proceed of buying then after ward, let everyone know through your review. Yep, there are ads claiming its the best one but left you with sorrows thinking about you did not get what you expected. That is why when you plan to buy some, read as many reviews you can gather. Good luck and all the best!

March 03, 2010

Yeah, it is wordless to the sense that the goodies are free delivered to your door or mailbox. I went to the shopping center at my place two days ago and I came home about dark already then I opened my mailbox at the other stairways entrance, then there I was surprised because I did not expect that it was as quick as it. I was just answering from their guessing game at Facebook a day ago and unexpectedly as fast and quick as that, delivered right to your address! I would like to thank my genuine blogging friend Tsang Shydub (Aliehs Worthington in Facebook -- you may like to add her too in there) of Simple Happy Life for letting me know through her blog post while I was doing my round (blog hopping) and reading my fave blogs. I then add IZEA, Inc --- as a fan and tried if I still have slot for their freebies and to my surprised (as well) I still have! :-) Apparently, I was happy! (~_~) I won payperpost' thirteen inches (13") pen, an IZEA sticker, and a thank you note. For now, it is t-shirt! And the good thing is you too can have too! Yep, you read it right.. free t-shirt with free shipping and handling too, as in all free for deliver at your door if you got a cool interesting name of the shirt. You have to watch the video in order for you to have an idea should you like to do so. If you wish to own one, then go ahead and add IZEA as a fan. Below are the images of the goodies I had (and currently waiting for the t-shirt I just won) uploaded at their fan page. I love it! :-) Definitely wordless as I opened my mailbox two days ago and upon receiving freebies. (~_~)

free goodies I got

in my computer station table

What do you think folks, is it wordless on you? For me, apparently it is (you can see at my smiles)! :-) Have a great Wednesday everyone... have a blast!

December 30, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Do you agree that nowadays everything is in the world wide web (www)? What do you think?

Well, we already know that research is very much possible to do online, dictionary, encyclopedia, and everything that a library has. We can also do shopping online. Even finding life's partner is very much possible. Getting online life insurance is so much easy too because at the comfort of our home or at the snap of our fingers, the information is available. Technology makes our work and life easier and we should be thankful of that. We will not abuse it so it will grow more and more beneficial to everyone. We just have to take good care of it so the world wide web will continue and grow more as to its great service to humankind.

December 23, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

New York is a very busy city and a nation's most populous. According to the United States Department of Commerce, it is the destination of choice by many foreign investors (according to wiki). With that, is it possible that jobs in New York is scarce or difficult to find? What do you think? For me, I guess if you have skill and determination for the job you like, surely you can have it. It's only the patience and perseverance in finding one is the answer. Perhaps you will have to begin searching through newspapers, searching it in field, or perhaps in the internet? Just believe in yourself, have a good communication, and ask for God's guidance and surely you will get it.

December 16, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Thirty-seven (37) to posts to go to get to five-hundred (500) posts. Will I get to be in such number before this blog anniversary? Before I will go further or for you to think, lemme tell you this first. First, I didn't intend to get into such posts in number(500) for just the name. It just came up to my mind after I got the email that this will be one year old soon. Then lately as after I hit the publish button on my last post before this, I got to see my posts inbox and saw the number of my posts. Then came to think about it. This blog anniversary by the way is on the 13th of January 2010, about a month only to go. There's one more thought I had, why don't I have to run a contest then, will it be a cool idea? Hmmm.. tell me about what you think. You can reach me anywhere you want -- in YM, email, cbox, in this comment, or perhaps in any social networking site, eh? If so, you can also tell me if you want to sponsor my contest, if you wanna host the contest, proposal, and etcetera for the blogoversary. Hey, it's just an idea okay? No worries because it's just an opinion. I will also give something special (if ever the contest will pursue). Tell me about it.. Just a thought.. :-)

posted by: Cacai M.

Are you tired of downloading an exact song with a particular artist? What about searching a file about it? Did it frustrate you to get into it because of its slow loading performance? How about uploading it, do you want your file to share with ease and speed? Worry no more because there's a fresh songs search engine that you could do it with just a snap of your fingers! Rapidshare Searchengine is the latest today with one of a kind data of songs it has. I can understand how frustrating it is sometimes when searching a type of a song with its artist to which it isn't available, Rapid Search is design to help you with that. When talking about searching a file, Rapidshare File Search is what you need. You can also upload your file and share it to other Rapidshare users or to other people through your email and other. Try it and you will find how cool it is. From downloading to uploading, saving, transfer (to cd, dvd, etc), then to searching, and etcetera and so on. Comments and voting support is also available. You can also give a flag or share if you feel that you have the copyright of such song. This is a site in which the data it has came from all over the web sites like forums, blogs, and other free internet resources. You can register for FREE, no fees -- absolutely no money involve in registration. You have also the choice if you want the service for your as faster as it is through a little service fee but basically it is FREE so no worry. And besides you can cancel your registration any time you want. It's cool and amazing how fast the service is. I can say because I am a member of it. Check it and try it for yourself..

posted by: Cacai M.

Wooohoo! It's been about one year already that this blog is on. I can't believe it! Time flies so fast and it seems there's nothing so much I brag about.. lol.. just kidding.. am just not narcissist.. lol.. Okay, so much about that. Yep, about month only and this will be one year old. I got an email yesterday from Google apps reminding me about some renewal stuff and I was happy about the reminder though it was in my spam inbox. I was glad I open my spam or else it was sent into a bin after emptying it directly which I does usually after checking the title. Ooh well, it's just that some expects that perhaps it will go to your spam, and so because I am a good follower -- I didn't eat it like a spam canned goods. (~_~)

Okay, that's all diary.. let me remind before January 13 huh. Have a good day!

December 14, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Who said that holiday card isn't in nowadays? Ahemm.. Holiday cards are still in demand today despite of the greetings from the latest cellphones, calls, or here in blog, eh? It's a tradition of getting and giving cards by the way. So now that Christmas is already in the neighborhood, few more days and it will be on our door.. (~_~), Christmas cards are also prepared and ready to fly but not me. I haven't bought Christmas card yet unlike the other two years. I am planning though but hey, blogging friends and readers, I will just greet you here huh? Holiday greeting here is unique and I love the idea.

Anyway, talking about a holiday card, I got my first Christmas card today as I get mail downstairs. It was from my friend Eva with the name of her husband address to me and my husband too. And I was surprised and overwhelmed! I know I got amuse in small and big stuffs. But hey, it's first and advance. I didn't expect to have it early knowing that I haven't prepared mine yet. I would like to say thanks a bunch to my friend in Michigan. By the way, she surprise this time, last year I surprised her. I guess it's just my time for now, an unexpected one. She's by the way my neighbor in my hometown. We're not that close in there, it's in here, talking on phone, in social networking site -- that made us bond and we talked just anything under the line. :-) Thanks for being thoughtful. You're so sweet of my friend. muahh! Diary, take good care of the memory. kisses!

July 25, 2009

Have you seen the search bar I put above the recent post of this blog? For now, it's above of this post and days come by or perhaps later of this day one post will come over and still it's in there. Did you know what's the purpose of this? I know you pro bloggers know but to newbies and do no know yet, for me, search bar is very helpful in blogs either it's for world wide web or intended only for the blog you are in but mostly it has these two(www or search in here). And I find it very helpful especially if you're looking something like memes, awards, and tags received which you like to put in your post already and of course to the post as well that you like to see and read it again and you do not know where can be found on the blog. The easy way? -- is to find it through the search bar. All you have to do is type the post and memes, awards, or tags title and hit the enter key of your keyboard or click the search button after the blank bar which is inside the small rectangular shape box and there you go.. you will then be redirected to what you like to search. It's as simple and as hard as that? --Nope! it's pretty simple. So from now on, you might like to use it this way or you(co-bloggers) might like to put search bar on your blog. And if you like to read and see again my previous posts, you might like to use the search bar or if you want the little harder way--scroll down the scroll bar and click the older posts and if you're already there and want to go back the previous posts, you might like to click previous posts text at the posts footer or just click the back button on your browser. And also you can see it through my labels and archives which is located at the right side of this blog. Have fun browsing! (~_~)

June 01, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.


This post is for my best friend here in the place where I am now--she's Aurelyn. She's one of my best. Remember of my post Penmanship and a Heart Tag(look for the letter B)? Yep, am proud to announce how good she is to me--that's why she's one of my best! We call ourselves Dhay. heheh.. We're buddies since last year. Though she currently lives a little far already and it's quiet 11-12 miles far from our home yet it's just like we live just as before(1 mile away from our home). By the way, she's 3 months pregnant and am hoping to be her kiddo Ninang soon and am excited! (~_~)

Anyway, for some kind of thankful of her to me and to my hubby- we dropped-by yesterday at their house to give some present and called her over the phone for the birthday greeting. Am thankful to friendster social networking too that I expressed my greeting in there for her. Happy Birthday Dhay Lyn! Many, many more birthdays to come!


May 16, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Are you looking of a barcode scanner for your store needs? Well, every store I saw needs such stuff especially here in United States, I guess it's required for convenience and accuracy. Now, if you likely to let you're store up and running you really need this one. It makes the cashier fast to work because it need not to encode the bar code to the computer, just to scan and done - ready for customer to pay the purchases. Also, it's not only for the cashier advantage but as well as the customers as well because one can scan in any part of the store to know the price of such product. Ahhh technology, how amazing you are! Well then, customers, merchants, and business men, good luck of your purchases and businesses! I hope you all the best!

April 29, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

It's been about 2 weeks that I haven't been to school specifically 6 days of school days absent in my Office Tech class and 1 session for communication class - high level of Speaking and Listening. I was touched lately that my professors and classmates missed me that much. I told my prof though but still I can see the miss they felt. I love them as my school buddies! I missed my communication session not already the other because I have been there lately as I said and this will be continued then. Anyway, I just take my other not yet taken subject one at a time. For now, am in review of Microsoft Word just to enhance my rotten knowledge - imagine how many years already that I didn't use it but am glad am into this class now. It's always been good to be updated so knowledge will be refreshed. It's not my goal before though.. heheh.. I mean I don't like to take classes anymore because am done of it. lol. but nope, it's very important then, it's just now that I realize after thorough thinking of my future - it's then beneficial - who knows I (w/ hubby) could build our own small bus. soon as we settle down in the PI or here after his retirement so the course I took will not go into waste or education is really important whatever the reason is!
Anyway, Am glad I still know the process but some I forgot, so, all in all this is very beneficial to me. I have already finished the Telephone Techniques and the Filing. Thanks God that HE guided me along my education steps that I got an A Grade. And so far, I already have my average of Timed Writing of 46WPM (Words Per Minute) with no error. My target is 50, so long way to go? It conflicts to my blogging sometimes before though but I then got the exact time management. The next thing that I wanna do is then continue my Microsoft Word huge book exercises (am just in 1/3 of it) as fast as I could so I can finish it whole on or before Spring Class end, the better if I can get all as well the 10-key Calculator and the Microsoft Excel in order. Hopefully, wish me luck or I mean pray for me folks! I believe without God in all what we do, we are nothing. Hopefully too as I said in my other post in here that next year it's either to get the Master's Degree in Business Management. I hope it's not that expensive in CSU-LA (California State University - Los Angeles) and I can have all the requirements. Or it depends which one is good for the season, either Web Designing or the first. It's way to go though, I need to have a good decision about it but I know God is always with me so I will not fear in every steps and journey I make. Ohhh well, am so serious now, let's just then end this or I will in emote here.. *wink* but yeah hopefully with God's grace. Hope so. Have a pleasant day everyone!

April 15, 2009

Learning multiple language is appreciative but is it essential? Is it important to the living and such? I remember, Philippine hero Dr. Jose Rizal learned multiple languages from English to Spanish to German and such! Lots of languages he knew. As far s I knew, he travelled from one country to another, and different country has different languages so, he learned it so he could speak to locale. And now, how this affect to my subject? Is it related to the current situation folks? How did you see it as essential? For me, I find it essential as long as you want to speak to such person who has that language and knows nothing but such and the info that you want from the person is importand or some just like to be a friend of, a co-worker, classmate, seatmate, instructor, and etcetera and so forth. For business transaction too, understanding the signs, and all - this sums up to verbal communication.
Everyone got impressed to the person who knew the language that can communicate well verbally especially English for this is an international language. Here in America, the language spoken is English as primary language and the other is Spanish or Latin. With this, everyone living here must know the language use even just English. The city place of community I am now speaks mostly of them Mandarin but also knows to speak English because as what I said English language is the primary and whole people understands when speaking of this language. However if you just know a little bit, knows nothing, or you just to improve your intonation, pronunciation, and some and all, you can goes to school either online or through the traditional way which is going to campus and some just have a self-study - get a cd or dvd to view and hear how it sounds and the translation. Such are all effective ways to get what you wanna know. So then folks, is it essential?

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