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May 30, 2012

Sonic the Hedgehog is an engaging gaming character that has captured the minds and hearts of millions of gamers, kids and adults alike, for many years now. Sega’s tiny blue hedgehog with the wild hairstyle has become a worldwide phenomenon. Hundreds of games have been developed with Sonic the Hedgehog as its main character. A variety of Sonic the Hedgehog games of different genres and styles can now be played online using a single website. There is sure to be a game fit for every type of player in this kind of journey.

At some areas, gamers have hundreds of games to choose from. Arcade and action games are great for honing the gamers’ reflexes. These are short and quick games that require quick thinking as well as accuracy. You can also find different puzzle and creative games that help develop logical reasoning and critical reasoning. It encourages the players to be more alert and be quick in deciding what their next step would be. The RPG/Movies games meanwhile are great for gamers who like to engage in games that require them memorize combination moves, special attacks and develop a game that will allow them to complete each mission successfully. These are just some of the exciting Sonic the Hedgehog games that are available at the site.

 Playing online is a popular form of entertainment for gamers who like to spend their time engaging in exciting games. Multiplayer games are great for gamers who want to test their skills with other gamers. They can even compete with gamers from different parts of the world by playing online games. One distinct advantage of playing online games, is that gamers are able to develop their strategic thinking. There are games that require players to come up with the best strategy to win the game.

May 09, 2012

The possibilities of meeting new people are endless. There are various ways for you to meet new people and eventually finding someone to date. If you have just moved to a new town, you must take the initiative of socializing with the other singles in your community. If you have recently made friends with someone who is also looking for dating prospects, you can both go to places where you are most likely to meet other singles. Do not hesitate to get to know the people that you work with or with those that you constantly meet at community gatherings. You may be able to meet someone there.

But if being busy with work prevents you from getting involved in the dating game, you can try online dating. There are websites where you can meet and interact with other singles. You will be able to create your own profile and indicate what type of individuals you are interested to meet. You will be able to browse through profiles of individuals that interest you. You will be able to communicate with each other and you can both decide whether you want to meet personally and date. Through online dating, you will be able to find dating prospects without having to leave the comfort of your home.

April 30, 2012

Animal lovers and pet owners would surely appreciate an article/s of how to care pets and animals when comes to pet journey. They can read different informative articles on pet care and how they can understand the needs of their pets better. There are helpful articles such as proper dental care for dogs, which can help make their dogs maintain proper dental health. There are also various articles that can help them understand the various health conditions that their pets have. They should have to be able to determine easily if their pets are showing early signs of ailments. There are articles also about dogs and liver disease. It will help dog owners understand the disease better and how they will be able to provide the best treatment for their dogs and other animals. And that's just one of the many stuffs that dog and pet owners has to know, don't you think? Hmmm.. enjoy caring pets! :-)

July 31, 2011

Technology has come a long way. We can see it in our own naked eyes how it journey towards going up. Imagine the steps it ladder from the ole time. Nowadays there are already a lot of inventions. Thanks to the scientists, makers and alike who made it possible. Even cigarette has already moves forward. It already now has e cig or the electric cigarette. The commonly called "green smoke" . It has been said that this smoke does not produce offensive smoke odor unlike the old school cigarette. From the name itself, electric, it is powered by electric, meaning rechargeable. Or there's the other way, the disposable one. Either which comes in handy and allowing people to smoke freshly, not the bad odor way. :-)

March 27, 2011

You may perhaps suffering from an acne (some called it pimples or zits) and I sympathy of your suffering. I mean, it is not easy for a person suffering such. As in it is a pain in the ass, but then worry-not because there are already active solutions for it nowadays. As in it is just a matter of bucks and a reliable product then one could have an acne-free, beautiful or even a perfect skin one keeps on striving to have. I agree, one thing to have a beautiful, perfect skin is being an acne-free one. How could you then say he/she has a perfect skin when in fact, he/she has an acne? Weird of such former statement, isn't it? Ah, I hope you got the perfect way of striving that perfect skin, acne-free! All the best!

February 20, 2011

Masculine as to men and feminine as to women. Being masculine does not guarantee a physically muscled men. And even some muscled men, does not guarantee a straight man. Oops, that maybe a controversial topic but yep you can see and know the reality by yourself, as in "see it for yourself" saying. ;-) Okay, most women like muscled men which they does not care if it is natural from day-to-day living or men got it from supplements. Most say, the muscles will protect them from any harm, specifically the physiological way. Such also meant it can carry them or stuffs which women cannot. There are still more reasons and you can add should you like.

Does it looks more masculine to you when talking about a muscled man?  How do you like your man as it?

February 03, 2011

posted by: Cacai M.

There are lots of individuals who likes to play in casinos even how far it is that's why only some could manage to do it and the sad part is they will spend more time and just schedule it to do the fun. Yep, it's fun having the interest you like. The good thing in technology is the computer in which you can play it online! Yes, you can have it at the comfort of your home at online cas website. You need not to worry about transportation expense and schedule the time to go in particular place. Well, it's also nice to be in a crowd physically sometimes but talking about comfort and being frugal as to saves according to time, money, and effort it is very much nice to know that best online cas are in one particular site that you can play as what time you're free and you like to. I remember I had a conversation before with my partner in life(husband) that one day we will go to casino not just to watch but to play as well if we know the rule of the game and it's in our mind until this time, it's good to know that such one has already a website that anytime we(husband and me) can hop-in play and have loads of fun. This is a good news for people who wish to. The website am talking about is that they accepts all USA players, and you should have to think about it now or else you will miss the slot. Gambling for me is good as long as you know how to deal with it, the rules of the game, and all the info's you need to know to be able to play it of course. They also offers 24 hour friendly customer support, and a lot to give you the answers of all your inquiries and some.

November 30, 2010

I am just sharing one of my favorite dish which was prepared during my thanksgiving celebration  four days ago. Yes, I celebrated thanks giving here same as thanksgiving date in USA. I never thought it is of exact day, I did not even plan it as thanksgiving but the thought is really is. Well, but not until I have seen a neighbor in Gingoog City commented in the Facebook wall of my sister that I celebrated the occasion here in Philippines particularly in Gingoog City, at my extended immediate family, father's place. 

blue marlin serviche ("kinilaw malasugi")

An image above is what the title is. The picture may not that good but the taste and actuality is. No other picture I got so to give a hint, this is it. :-) Yes, that is one of my favorite dish. My father and brother made that. If am not mistaken blue marlin or "malasugi" fish is the best one when it comes to that dish. Then rice and soft-drink after wards. Yummy! For sure, my Philippine vacation is not complete without this. I bet women and men loves this.

What do you think? Are you fond of ceviche? How do you like it?

October 13, 2010

*You can enlarge images by clicking it*

You may think am obsessed with chicken gizzard adobo but loo and behold, it is not that much. Okay, it is. :-) Though I know Americans do not like this and some told they use this for their dogs. I do not care because I like it! I do not know but that is what they think. Well, let them be. They do not mean it anyway (well, unless if they mean it the way what you think, the negative way). If you know I also have a posting of cooked chicken gizzard before and yes it is of the same style of cook, adobo. Only that the first one, I let all its spices melt but this time, I put lengthy slices too at the time  it is about to cook or removed from stove.

How do you like it, or do you?

August 29, 2010

First, it is a great feeling to have a diamond (be it as a ring, earring, or alike) but one has to think that it is impractical to buy it which in fact do not even have some bucks to fulfill one's need. But if one has a budget more than for a need, then why not buy it, right? After all, money are made for buying. At least one have some investment for future at the same time a person is happy for what he had gone, for beauty accessories for special and important occasion too! Though usually only jewelry store or a rich investor can buy wholesale diamonds but we never know some wealthy highly respected ones would buy it. It would be awesome. I know women mostly wanted diamonds than men. Who don't? Hehe. But due to financial matter, only some husband could give it. Thanks for the wife (or girlfriend) too for understanding the financial matter. Anyway, I may just want to wish perhaps one day my husband could win a lotto, I could then own or perhaps one of the investor of a jewelry store. Who knows! May he win (wishful thinking)! :)

August 21, 2010

It is officially weekend here, as it is now Saturday. ;-) I would like to great you a formal, "happy weekend" folks! I hope everything's well on your side. About mine in here, the scorching heat of the sun for sunny California. Nevertheless, summer is here so we gotta enjoy it as the journey summer season continues. Not with the beach though but many are in there now, surely. Or just enjoy sun bathing anywhere. On the other hand, some wish it is already Fall but that is another story. Ha! Well, perhaps they just do not want to experience summer time but it just have to be or else the four cycles of America would not be completed or some other parts of the world (like Philippines), the two cycles (rainy and sunny weather) as just your side too, won't be completed without summer time.

Okay, that is all about it. To sum it up, just enjoy and have an extra care. Happy bonding with friends and family (as always)! Happy talking, chatting, eating and alike!

Happy Weekend Greeting Image

August 19, 2010

For some reason, several people like rustic furniture and bedroom furniture is not excluded with that. I, myself saw different style and colors aside from its shapes and I love to have it! I have to give credit to wood craft for that. Stores like Scenic Furniture which sells and maintain its quality should have to be mentioned too for without it, it would not known to many, and folks and eventually have a reliable store to choose from like selling a bedroom furniture. As what I have seen in Scenic Furniture store, there are array of choices they have. And it has inexpensive ones too for your kids which is available from just less than 300 bucks, should you like there is also a very nice-looking wood queen long bed and top sized bed to pamper you while doing your snoring. ;-)
As I said you have a lot of choices from inexpensive ones to the very high quality ones. One thing I do not like about wooden beds if the crafting seems crowded to my senses. On the other hand, they did a great job for their selections which you can see are top-of-the-edge ones. What I like more with wooden stuffs, it brings coolness on the surroundings and you have choices of cool designs.

August 03, 2010

A person who wish or already own a car and wish to drive it, should have a car insurance. In general term (especially to those civilized or concerned places or countries), car insurance is a must. Hence, car insurance is in demand especially here in United States of A. It is a must or else you are in trouble even if you haven't gone into car accident, one cannot drive without it. It is a need, not a want though some countries, it is just fine. As I said, not common as long as a person has a driver's license and it is already up to the driver to get it if they want it but that is no good. Car accident is uncertain so one should have to think in advance the "what-ifs" and be prepared. And car insurance is an answer for that. Think about it aside from an insurance of a car is a basic need of a driver. It would ease the bulk amount if accident happen (God forbid!).

July 29, 2010

These baby shrimps in a jar below which produced as known as "shrimps paste" is light in color unlike as what I used to have ever since. I bought this in 168 Supermarket (yes, supermarket as grocery goods). One woman blogger friend told me that in her place, the 168 Supermarket is a dry goods store but in my place where I am now it is a grocery store. Ooh well, perhaps the same store name or owner name but he/she just let it manage but other person and decided to let it be a dry goods in her place. One name of two or more different goods sold.
There you go. You can see the picture without flash (the first and second picture) and with flash (the third one). I bought this more than two weeks ago and put in refrigerator but I was super loaded and my bitter melon (or "ampalaya") did not last for long (normally) so I have to wait for days or a week so I can open it and saute it with it. Or I can fry it alone with tomatoes, onion and garlic. Mm. ;-) It is good as appetizer or with rice with any drinks should you choose other than water. By the way, you can enlarge images by clicking it should you like it larger. :-) Have a great day!

It would make a male wonders, why is he having such a hair loss? If he does not know yet or have not given a time yet for it to know what are the causes if it is hereditary, personal acquired or the way he brought it or stuffs like that, might be his questions. One would never know the possible hair loss cures if he would not give a time to know it, isn't it? There are many men wanting to know it. Fortunately, there are also many products out there can really cure but you have also to take note and very keen of the "not good" ones. Keep your eye on and be knowledgeable as you are after all the master of yourself. You cannot give your decision to other people because in the end, you are the sole obligatory of all your actions. If you plan to give time to your outer beauty, which is also is important, then I hope you all the best of your journey with that. Get the better one (if not best). :) ~hugs&kisses~

July 28, 2010

There are many folks (if not all) who are overweight tend to go for diet pills as aid. They maybe frustrated for not getting their desired weight of just exercise as a way. And so they go to the next process to which as I said, planning to take diet pills, aside from the fact that they want to lose weight in no time. Do you think weight-loss pills may help you with that? You may not know it, should you try and give your best, maybe. Sometimes we have this urge of getting what we like directly, no more waiting as we could afford it and gathered the facts which would not affect our body generally. There are many folks there had their honest reviews (or someone close you know) garnered what they wanted, their super wish body figure. Check it out, should you like. I hope you all the best and on your journey of losing weight. Good luck and God bless.

Step daughter Racky (her nickname) gave her Daddy and I a humble wonderful gifts and it arrived days ago. It is just now that I managed to put it in here. Diary, keep it in memory. I guess she does not know I am managing three blogs but then I presume it won't matter with her. Even so, it is no biggie deal. Speaking of the main attraction here, well, her wonderful gifts, she gave me girl stuffs from "bath and body works" which comprises of fragrant cherry blossoms lotion, body wash and anti-bacterial deep cleansing hand gel. Her dad got from her a electronic shave and a set of body spray. That is sweet of her.

I guess such present is an advance Christmas gifts sine her greeting card is "Merry Christmas" , well, if that so, it is also a perfect timing for Donald and I's anniversary on this month. On her greeting card, she puts her new address in there. I have marked it black as it is classified. 

That is her in the picture above. She now resides in New York to continue her schooling for nursing for third year and soon enough she will be on her fourth year. She is a smart one. She was crowned as Miss Jamaica-Florida and sent us her pics from the pageant. Thank you Racky!

July 25, 2010

Okay, I heard you. You are right a bag to use for travel is called "traveling bag". Haha! Isn't it that awesome when we have a bag suits to what we want? I mean, who do not want a convertible rolling briefcase like that below? Alright I leave that to you what your answer with that, but for sure one want to have a rolling stuff when there will a hike to be done just like in an airport walking distance going to give the ticket or travel documents to the service crew for clearing, isn't it? How much more if it is made up of genuine leather one. Yes, it is surely expensive but the quality would last for years. Ooh well, the traveler's life is definitely fun.
Keep going, just remember that "a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step". Get the best travel bag which suits of what you feel comfortable and feel good while you are traveling. I hope you all the best. ;-)

July 11, 2010

You must be kidding me but most (if not all) overweight folks wants that. But how to get into it? Would it be quick weight lose program is the answer to that problem? Perhaps it could or it might not. All you have to do is listen to experts and on your own body activity, movement and how it responds to the past just like to what its ingredients have. I am no expert regarding this but it might help you in general. Oops, it is easy to gain weight but it is hard to loss if gone overweight. It might be unfair but just like what life is sometimes and we just have to embrace it, get the best quick weight loss and alike. As it has been said that life runs pretty fast, if do not stop and glance once in a while we could miss the whole thing. So be sure you will not miss the big advantage or opportunity once it is already at the tip on your hand. ;-) Imagine the possibility. ;-)

Boohoo! It was just a minute ago which Netherlands and Spain FIFA teams were having championship game ended. The game had its overtime and extra time. Normally, a game only lasted for 45+45 minutes equals to 90 minutes and when no team scores it would have its overtime for 30 minutes which would turn the game to 120 minutes. If no team scores that time, penalty kicks would do the scoring but lo and behold Spain scored of approximately116 minutes! And so the game continued. It has its extra time of two minutes and then crowd cheering already, yes Spain team was proclaimed as 2010 FIFA Champion! How cool is that? It was a tough game because the score is only one which is apparently Spain got it at the neck of time. So how are you feeling there? ;-) You have got the feel the magic or should I say the intensity and the skills of the players with its technique as well as its luck. Oops, can you say it is luck? It is their skill, isn't it? *wink* Have you seen one Netherlands player got mad at the referee? Bouncing the ball and cursing? Ah! It must be disappointment, frustration or something like that. You know what you thought at watching it. Hem-mm. There must be many crying over it? Whatever it is, I would just like to congratulate the winning team. Congratulation Spain for grabbing the title! The winners must take it all. Ha! ;-)

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