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January 05, 2013

(This is a guest post)

Fiji is an island nation known for its natural beauty. Many of Fiji's natural sites are unlike any others found in the world. Breathtaking waterfalls, magnificent mountains and gushing rivers are just a few of the beautiful sites of nature found on Fiji's islands. Here are a few of the best natural sites to see while taking holidays to Fiji:

Tavoro Waterfalls
Located in Bouma National Heritage Park on the island of Taveuni, these small waterfalls create a peaceful ambience to the surrounding forest. The largest of the three waterfalls is only about 80 feet tall. The site also offers an escape from some of Fiji's more renowned areas for tourism. Many people come to the falls to take pictures and enjoy swimming.

Lake Tagimaucia

Also located on Taveuni, this peaceful lake sits in a dormant volcanic crater. Undulating hills covered in lush green vegetation surround the lake. The tagimaucia, a rare flowering plant only found in Fiji, adds further appeal to the setting.

Mount Tomanivi

Standing at a total height of 4,344 feet, this peak on the island of VitiLevu is considered to be the tallest of Fiji's mountains. Visitors who wish to climb to the top of the mountain can find a hiking trail starting at the village of Navai. The mountain's summit offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape and the Pacific Ocean.

Rewa River

This wide river originates from Mount Tamanivi and flows all the way to Laucala Bay. Several villages line the banks of the river, and many of the locals often take their boats out on the waterway. Rewa Bridge, which is also one of Fiji's major roadways, spans the river to join the capital city of Suva to the smaller city of Nausori.

Kortogo Beach

This waterfront paradise is also home to one of Fiji's most popular resorts. It is located along VitiLevu's Coral Coast. Beautiful palm trees and a soft sand coating make this beach the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing day. The beach is also known as a great location to partake in swimming, snorkeling and boating.

Mount BukeLevu

Also known as the tallest mountain on Kadavu Island, this peak stands at a total height of 2,749 feet. The mountain is also an ideal place to spot some of Fiji's most fascinating forms of wildlife.

Biausevu Waterfall

Visitors taking holidays to Fiji can find this unique waterfall in the southern portion of VitiLevu not far from the village of Biausevu. Water can be seen cascading down a two-tiered rock formation and crashing down into a pool full of rocks. A pleasant hike along a series of creeks leads to this splendid natural attraction.

Navua River

The upper portion of this VitiLevuriver is a popular spot for avid river rafters. The river flows by stunning rock formations and small waterfalls. Colorful flowers and other forms of vegetation are visible along the river's banks. While most of the river is peaceful, certain sections feature a series of rushing rapids.

September 02, 2012

A tight embrace, a warm blanket, a cup of coffee. Sometimes we just long for that warm fuzzy feeling. It makes us feel safe, protected and distant from the cares and stresses of everyday life. I am a first-time mom and taking care of my little angel alone is really stressful, especially if we need to send her back to her pediatrician. I am just lucky that my husband, despite his hectic schedule at work has time for us.

Whenever he comes home from work, instead of asking him how was his work, he was the one who asked me how was my day with our little princess. I understand that he is so worried about me taking care of our little princess because I am a first-time mom, and no one will teach me on how to take care our baby except the pediatrician and my little experience taking care of my cousins a while yesteryears ago.

One night, hubby told me that I deserved a great reward for taking care of Sam and him. My eyes were big as the dinner plate when I heard this. I thought he would bring me to a shopping mall, and shop whatever I want. However, the reward is more than I expected. He wanted a romantic place for us, just the two of us, and our daughter will stay at my mother-in-law while we are away for our second honeymoon.

The next morning, I couldn’t wait to open my laptop and search for a place that we could pamper ourselves again. Fortunately, I found a romantic place for us, a truly a world-class holiday for couples only. Yes, the place is perfect for newly wed couples, and lovers. It is also a romantic place for a man to propose marriage to her girlfriend. I am certain that hubby would like to experience in st lucia honeymoon for us. With the best food, wine and accommodation they offer, I am sure that we will have a perfect honeymoon once again. Woot! :-D

If you are planning far in advance to visit a popular vacation destination during tourist season, assume that prices are higher compared to off-season. At Rendezvous, if you book now or on or before the end of October, you could save up to 40% discount on your room rates. That is really cool, right? I could book now and stay later. I couldn’t wait hubby to come home today so I could tell him this perfect romantic holiday for us.

How about you, are you planning to have a soon-honeymoon or second honeymoon journey too? It would be a great step to find and book in advance as soon as possible to save to save time, money and effort. Happy honeymoon then! :-)

August 28, 2012

I have searched some places for your journey this summer. You can easily check on my list down here. Got this information through my friend google search. :-) Okay, aside from traveling here inside United States (state to state or exploring in your own neighborhood is great, you may also find some cheap places to travel  like:

 1.) Kuala Lumpur
2.) Vietnam
3.) Laos
4.) Cambodia
5.) Hanoi
6.) Hongkong
7.) Macau
8.) Singapore
9.) Borneo
10.) Bali
11.) Brunei

These are just some of my suggestion! It is still up to you to decide your journey. I just wish you all a happy summer and explore the world and have a safety trip wherever you are heading for. Remember that traveling is always good when it is summer time. Enjoy the heat and feel the cool breeze of the sea, if you are going to to beach areas. Have time to book ahead of time to avoid travel panic. Always mind to make a list prior to your travel to avoid messing up your gadgets and other important things you need.

August 03, 2012

What to bring during travel? Cash or credit card? Guys, for me I’d rather have to bring s small cash and my credit card with me. Having big cash on your pocket is dangerous. There are now lots of thieves around. Credit card is more safer. You can just punch in whenever you need and of course having a very little amount of cash for emergency is advisable.

How about you guys out there, what do you prefer most cash or credit card? Your suggestion is welcome. This will serves as a tip to all travelers and of course to myself too. It is always good to know the con’s and pro’s in traveling. So to ease worries try my tip of not bringing much cash. You can surely have peace in mind. I remember my husband did not bring any cash before when he visited me in Philippines before. As he said it was for his safety. And I do agree with his purpose.

July 23, 2012

I cannot hide! I cannot deny! I missed my family back home. Even though I have now my very own family which is my first Home but my relatives, parents, sisters and brothers are still my family whom I have to think of. Not totally 100% but sometimes I do really missed them. Other thing I miss in the place where I was born  is that miss the Filipino foods cooked by my parents back home. Comparing life here and there in the Philippines, it has a very big difference but must accept and be happy for where I am now. So, I am trying to be in touch with them from time to time. Just a matter of keeping my mind busy to not missing them much.

Maybe when Sam is about 4 or 5 years old then we can travel and visit them, or live there for good. Sam can already walk that time. That would be more fun and exciting. So have to wait for that time to come. Yay!

Where are you heading now? Are you planning for any vacation?

We need to relax and have time to bond together with family or friends (or both). Good to go and visit other places to unwind! Bring your family with you which sure makes your life more complete in such vacation journey! Am I in drama series now?

Haha! Well, I am just sharing my thoughts of what a kind of journey can be made soon. There are lots of possibilities, you can go to a beach, go to camping or go and visit relatives. It is up to you, check your budget and of course check the availability especially if you and your husband are working. In my case only my hubby is working so it is not hard to plan. I am just waiting for his go signal and all I can say is YES! I want to explore and of course to visit some other places that I’ve never seen and been before. So plan ahead of time and give yourself a break!

July 14, 2012

When people decide to leave the comforts of their home and venture to other locations there is usually a reason behind it, or it is already a norm in the house that they have a yearly or twice of vacation a year. Whether the cause to travel was a last minute whimsy or had an actual purpose, it makes one think about all of the reasons why people travel, talking about the first reason I just gave. For everyday life in the work office or in any institution you’ve been working or at home, we cannot avoid that we can encounter stress. To relieve from that stress we need to give some rewards for ourselves. Traveling is one way to relieve stress and aside from that you can also explore new things and new places. I just can remember a while back during my college days. I used to ride a bus and sit near the window once stress came in. With it, I can see the beauty of nature in different places and just came back to my place. Ah, it's great to reminisce those days. Having loads of assignments and projects to finish and alikes. Just missing it now, though. :-))

Alright, you will also gain new experience that will become one of your treasures. Overall, traveling journey can be a wonderful experience or it can be draining, expensive and just plain torture. Nonetheless, if you need to go, then embrace it for what it is, and try to make the best of it even if it wasn't planned. Every time we travel we get to know a lot of things and being knowledgeable after exploring new things and places especially the usual way of fun when we go to our relatives and friends that live a hundred miles away. Such a good step of stressing-out those stuffs in our mind. What do you think? Have a great vacation! :-))

June 28, 2012

Years ago, looking for an insurance plan would mean being prepared to spend journey of hours talking with an insurance agent. And since an insurance agent only represents a single insurance company, you need to spend time talking to other insurance agents as well to know what other insurance companies offer. Nowadays, consumers do not have to go through the whole time consuming process because through the Internet, they will be able to acquire all the information they need about insurance companies and the various insurance plans that they offer. What’s even more convenient is that consumers can now get free insurance quotes from a single website. The website offers information on home, life and auto insurance. Some are looking to acquire auto insurance which provides free insurance quotes from a dozen of top ranked auto insurance providers in Pennsylvania. Clients will then be able to compare prices and they will be able to decide which insurance company offers the insurance plan that will provide them the coverage they need at the price that they can afford.

New York City is one of the most popular and most recognizable cities in the world. It has been the setting of countless films and TV shows as well as in various books and novels. It is also one of the most visited places with millions of tourists flocking the city each year. If you plan to have your steps in New York City for the first time or you want to visit it again, you can make the most out of your vacation by choosing a vacation package that suits your preference.

The various New York vacation packages that are being offered are suitable either for solo travelers or for group/family vacationers. You can even have your vacation package customized if you want to concentrate on places or activities that really interest you or if you want to try something different from your last vacation journey. If you love theater and you enjoy watching musicals, shows and plays, New York is the perfect place to get your fill of all the amazing Broadway shows. Sports fans can watch a major sporting event live and get the chance to watch their favorite athletes in action. Through a customized New York vacation package, you will be able to get tickets to all the shows and event, dine at world class restaurants and visit all the ‘must-see’ attractions that can only be enjoyed in this amazing city.

May 17, 2012

I still can remember when I did my travel from here in US to Philippines (by birth country) two years ago and the travel from Philippines to here in US (about five years ago). That was whooping 16 hours or about travel with only one stop, in Manila and the other one is in Taiwan and Manila. You know the time difference of California and Philippines, it is 15 or 16 hours (depending if it is Pacific Daylight *15 hours* Time or, Pacific Standard Time *16 hours*). Now what is the effect? Jetlag! Yes, you read it right. Our eyes get used to the sleeping/night time and the day time on the other hand. Let say, it is daylight here in US and night time there in Philippines. Since our body clock cannot adopt easily to the time zone we often need some sleeping solution of that. Some tend to buy online or at drug store where sleeping aid is easily available just to get the eyes sleep when all of the people are sleeping. You know, we have to adopt to the surroundings too. :-)

Back to the days when it was my first day in the new time zone, it is very hard for me to sleep in their night time and wakes-up during daytime. That is hard, nope that's underestimate, it's very hard. When it comes to body clock, that is such a whew! I can't say more. I am not complaining though. :-)

April 20, 2012

Summer has just sprung, soon enough summer is already here. You may be planning a summer vacation to Orlando. With that, to make the most of your quick getaway journey to Orlando, you might want to keep these neat suggestions in mind:
  • Consider that any weekend in Orlando will be full of tourists and locals alike checking out what this beautiful city has to offer, so make sure to book those hotels and car reservation before-hand. Orlandoescape is a perfect site to find all the affordable Orlando Hotels that will fit your budget.
  • Make a list, and stick to your list, of all the places you want to visit, grouping together attractions and destinations that are in proximity with each other so you can cover as many grounds as possible in a short span of time. Don’t forget to include the various theme parks and nature attractions in this list.
  • Don’t forget to sample the Orlando cuisine as well, making sure to stop by Victoria and Albert’s, and on Chatham’s Place too.
 I am sure you can include a whole lot of other activities on this list, just make sure you have enough time to do all them. Enjoy!

September 07, 2011

The words behind Cacai M.'s  back just speaks for itself. Yes, that was taken at Disneyland California entrance. Disneyland California is located in the City of Anaheim, Orange County just next or nearby to Los Angeles County (where I live). This image was captured year 2007. I was with my friend Au and her husband that time. DH was at work, good thing he permitted me to go strolling with them. Smile. By the way, Disneyland has another branch locally (Disneyland Florida)  and even in other countries like Paris (Disneyland Paris) and (Disneyland Hongkong) just so you know (in case you did not).

And below two other images were taken inside the place which is where Mickey (or Mini, either of the two *wink*) was being held by his (or her if its Mini) father.
Such a cool colorful full of joy amazing place, Disneyland is. For me, Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, don't you think?

When I had my travel journey last year in my birth country Philippines, of course, camera was the first in my list. I bought two digital cameras, the new one, Olympus which was one top of the line when it comes to swimming picture-taking. I intent to bought such for my trip. And the other one was my first and ever beloved Samsung Digital Cam (aside of my other spare camera which is my Samsung phone and the other video cam) to which it was just a spare one whenever the new one won't function or battery emptied. Too bad, something's happened with my Olympus new camera. To make the story short, my Samsung digicam does its purpose and greatly dealing with shots. I was very thankful that I brought spare of samsung camera batteries that every time the battery was about to empty, I just then changed it with a full battery spare ones. So no hassle and continued shots were being taken cared of. No more waiting when the battery will be fully charged.

Since I was traveling that time, I bought Samsung battery chargers, yes I bought two chargers exclusively for my Samsung digi-cam batteries and it's for travel purposes, Samsung travel chargers that is. It really helped to have an extra when traveling and that would fit to the country's switch voltage. Buying Samsung batteries for Samsung gadgets is one smart step of taking care of our Samsung stuff since that is the best compatible stuff which coincides and fit to what brand of stuff a person has. We never know what lye's ahead when putting other brand to that particular gadget, contradicting each other. It may broke or explode, to which it usually happens when putting stuffs incompatible with it. Don't you think?

August 17, 2011

The sun is still bright and up and its not too late to plan a last minute summer getaway before digits starts to drop again in a few months. Now some families have decided to put this plan aside due to recent economic crisis. But if you are a smart planner and you know what and where to look, you’ll be surprised to find out that there are activities that you and your family could enjoy without breaking your budget.

The first thing to consider when planning for a family vacation is the interests of each family member. It will be better to visit a place where facilities are provided for a number of activities, that way everyone can surely have a good time. Popular choices for family activities are hiking, camping and fishing.

Of course location is also another thing. If you want to save on gas, you might want to consider destinations that are within your area to save you from the long drive. Do a little research of top family destinations in your city and if you haven’t been to these places, you might want to consider them for this trip. Another way to save is to take public transportation such as buses.

Think of the experience that you want your kids to learn from this trip. This is the most important factor that you should consider whenever you are planning a family holiday.

Jen is a freelance content writer is also fond of traveling and outdoor adventures. She enjoys writing uplifting news and sees this as an opportunity to share stories and inspire the readers.

(Thanks Peachy for the guest post)

August 16, 2011

When we have our travel journey, we always have to have a bag for the things we want along the way. Usually it is for basic needs, however it could also contain our wants depending upon what we really want to bring if it is not much speaking of weight. There are many kinds of bag but often we use the trolley ones for our luggage when it comes to a far journey. For the little and important needs or if we are just commuting, going to the market, to a friend's house, strolling and alike, we then like to have a messenger bag since it is just an easy-peachy piece to tag along in our body. We just have to put or hang it up and that is it! Easy to get what we need just like coins, fare, ticket or even girl stuffs like face powder and such. And we can guarantee it is place in safe because we can see it most of the time as it is place in front not in the side or back.
I used to carry carry messenger bag when traveling. It is convenient for me. I am eye-ing of a messenger bag made in San Francisco, CA here in USA. As what I knew it is hand-made. This made me save for it for future travel. Wish me luck for my savings journey. I hope, it would be too soon to get it. :-) Speaking of San Francisco, I can think of a new good friend of mine living in there. She wants to let her know when am in town. Hoping to see her one day. Ah, I got really fascinated with that rickshaw bag made in there huh!

August 06, 2011

Have you been to a tourist spot where there are prints of foot and hand with the famous international celebrities? How about in Los Angeles? Do you heard about it?

You probably know that Los Angeles has been a famous place internationally. Yes, not only in USA but around the world. And speaking of such, folks are dying to journey to this place just to see the spots or the famous celebrities in the entertainment industry.

Images below are footsteps and hand prints of famous celebrities here in Los Angeles, California featuring baby Ariell, the daughter of my friend Anabel on the left which was taken during her (and her family) visit here Los Angeles last June this year (just a month ago) and on the right side is standing, taken about four years ago (my bad, the other image which was closer was unknown (cannot find it). 
I am glad that I was able to visit this place and measure such celebrities footsteps and hand prints from mine. :-) Yours truly did it just by putting my foot and hand on their prints. And whew! They have big foot and hands, ooh well, they are also big body builds so expect that they have such. :-) Along with their prints were also their quotations and some other short words from them.

July 29, 2011

One tourist attraction of Los Angeles, California or in USA, is the Hall of Fame in downtown Los Angeles. We all know Los Angeles is the center of movie stars, actors or actresses icons. The Walk of Fame symbolizes them. It is just a star constructed in the walking area around Kodak Theater but mind you it cost thousands of bucks paid by each of the Hollywood stars inside such star print, just to have their name printed on it. It is still worth it for them, after all, such cost is just only a fraction of their salaries thinking about making movies especially if they got a "break" (or big project). If you are here, you can see a lot of people coming there everyday. It is also the place where foot and hand prints of the Hollywood Stars located and the starting point of tour bus ride going to other Hollywood attractions or around Los Angeles. You would be amazed of the views.

I am fortunate enough that I live in Los Angeles County in a very close city near downtown for only 20-30 minutes ride. I can enjoy as much as I can unlike those who are far. Images in the left side corner above was taken about four (4) years ago {that was year 2007} with my friend Au that time. And on the right side, was taken just this June of this year with my friend Anabel. Can you see the difference? Aside from the star where I was at (never mind the clothes I wore of course when talking about differences *grin*), I am bigger now because I am pregnant. Can't you see? ;-) Anyway,

July 26, 2011

If you will be having a journey away this weekend for your much-awaited summer vacation, and will be gone for a while to explore the beach or embark on that 3-day mountain climb you have been dreaming to take for a few months now, that is good news. You will going to bond with your family or friends. That would be a lot of fun. But just before you go, it is best to check out those pool covers for your pool property so you will have a durable yet affordable protection for your pool whilst you are away. When we have a pool, that is one of the steps you want to do before you go. Tell me about it! You do not want the pool covered in muck or dirt, or fallen dried leaves, or worse tiny pesky insects, when you got back from your vacation, right?

I can imagine what you think right now. Of course, the fun moments! I wish I could join with you folks! *wink* The important is you are having fun at the same time not worrying on something in your home and the stuffs left. You can then guarantee it is safe from something (after making sure all are under control)!

July 24, 2011

" A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step " , that is a famous quotation that everyone is looking up when taking a ride, going for a walk, travel or even a journey towards your own meaning of success. Okay, when we travel, we always have to begin one step and then another one, until we our steps are out of our house. Now, we are going to the airport then to the place, yeah, the final destination. Mostly we travel for vacation. It is either in our locality (inside the city or nation where we live in) or internationally. I love USA and I also love exploring the views in here and looking forward to travel internationally. Philippines is not strange to me because that is my birth country. But yes, I admit having went to Bohol, Philippines (one of the places in Philippines) was my first time together with my extended family. Image above shows the many chocolate-look-alike hills that is why it is called Chocolate Hills. More chocolatey-look when it is summer time or the inside-chocolate-look because there are no grasses left due to the hot sunny weather (grasses dies). Chocolate Hills in Bohol, Philippines is just one of the tourist spots where Americans or people internationally goes when wanting to step-on going to Bohol. :-) Images above by the way were taken at the top of the Chocolate Hills tourist spots place. I stood in a chair and made a poise as if I can point-up the hills. That is far from the chocolatey hills but because it is high, that's why it looks as that. :-)

July 12, 2011

Our abode is the most important place for ourselves and our family, yes, our home should  be the top-notch of all places. We may have travel or about to travel, journeying to any places or country but we end up in our home, house and home. Since population already increases, bad guys also increases but that is expected. In this world, there is always that bad guy. It is just on us how to deal with them, but what the heck, why can't he/she/they disappear forever, right? Okay, we need solution to get rid of them. Electronics/technology helps a lot  nowadays. Having cctv cameras are one of those stuffs that can help us for the safety and security of our home especially if we are on-vacation moment. Of course, police patrol is a big help but for personal share, it is really a big help. It is our eye when we're not around. It watches like a dog. We have choices on how to protect our crib and it is up to us on how to use it!

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