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September 29, 2013

This picture (which is pixelated, I know, sorry about that) was taken more than five years ago. I was just few months after I arrived here in United States of A. I was there together with my friend Au & her hubby. That was in Our Lady of Angels here in Los Angeles, California. It is quiet famous as many tourists went there. Though, it is just 15 minutes away from where my little family live, still it is quite far as it will be crossed in a freeway. It really needs time to go there unlike a chapel here near us (three minutes drive or seven minutes walk *walking is a good exercise*). I can always look at it when passed-by going to my daughter's appointment in Vermont Ave, Los Angeles (plus the Jollibee food chain) once a day, every week, though. Anyway, this picture doesn't do justice, this church is beautiful in actual much more nowadays.
I plan to go back and spend time there one day soon. Can't you guess, I also miss by slim bod here. Ha! Reminiscing. Now I'm already 120-124 lbs. Whew!

Time check ---> 12:57 A.M. (Pacific Daylight Time or as commonly seen "PDT") as of September 29, 2013. One day to go before the September end day. So how's everyone, what's up?

Me? I have been caught up with a lot of things especially with a two-year old toddler. You know, it is really had being a mom juggling being a home-maker, as a mom and as a wife with no assistant or a help. I have to focus on my child but I also have to cook, clean and everything associated with that house work as well as being myself and keep my sanity intact all the time. I guess, that's all we are all working on, especially the latter, isn't it? Ooh well, you can't relate if you're not a mom yet.

Anyway, have a great Sunday everyone! Spread the positive vibes. By the way positive vibes doesn't mean it doesn't have negative aspects but rather, being positive means overcoming the negative/s! Be optimistic.

Once again, happy Sunday!

August 30, 2013

I have been keeping a journal since I was in high school. When I reached college, I wrote more or let me say, I made more that in later years. I had a hard time which place should I stock those piles. I don’t like the thought anyone going through my journals while I am still alive.

Someone asked me, what’s in your journal? I told her, oh well, they are personal experiences, mostly what my day was or a weekend like or my aspirations. I also recorded some love moments and even the fights and confused moments. I think keeping journal is a healthy habit. It may look weird for some because it makes an introvert person more introvert, but to me, it’s kind of healthy because if there is no one near you, or if one is not comfortable sharing her deepest thoughts, she has the journal to pour out her feelings.

Keeping a journal is not just for girls. There are men who kept one, too. Even great men have journals. Examples of men who kept a journal or diary are Ralph Waldo Emerson, Kurt Cobain, Ronald Reagan, and Captain Cook. These are just some of them. There are or course a lot of women who can add up to this list.

So, if you want to end up like any of them, keep writing! It does not matter if it’s only for your eyes, the important thing is you write about the moments of your life. :-)

August 01, 2013

Life is precious, so if possible we will give our best for this one life. Ready to accept all the challenges and surprises along our journey. 

" Life is too short " -- this is what I always hear since when I was young. Indeed this is true, we must have to enjoy life while we have that gift. God give us only one life and if possible we have to enjoy every single moment of it. But in some way, we are just human and need more exploration in life. Problems come along the way, challenges is there always. The only thing we can do is to pray and ask God to give us more life to live and to handle those situation from time to time.

So what is life really? In some way this is a philosophical question which everyone has different perspective what life is, when we say life, its an existence. Once you exist in this world you have life. " Life is a gift from God, what you become is your gift to God. "

Everyone needs to exercise. It can be of any form and type. It can also be indoor and outdoor exercise. Be it as dancing, brisk walking, jogging, running, set-up, push-up, crunches and many more. As we know, we have to burn calories stored in our body as we eat every now and then. It's great to do it, it's great to burn unwanted calories in our body. Also, it releases stress, tensions, bad moods and all that negativity one had in mind. It makes a difference if we are doing that with a good and right suit, isn't it?

Disclosure: I received product/s above for review purposes. Your thoughts and opinions may vary from mine. FYI, I was not compensated in return of this review. This is a 100% personal honest opinion of yours truly. 

I'm glad I've got pair of an Active Wear from Ellie. I have few suits but it also cool to have some more and with this cool active wear. I love the below the knee-type printed side bottom or the To Due for Capri (look for the capri, not the shirt) and that three-fourth two-in-one shirt, It Takes Two Top. It is a summery-look pair. It is fancy to me. Its fabric is soft, lightweight and feel so good having it while doing my exercise. I have to say Ellie got good stuffs and the best thing is, it is made in USA! I even want to shop more from their company, for now, I love to have another one of that top I got. Have a great day everyone! ~hugs&kisses~

July 08, 2013

It is the ultimate act of self-respect. Make yourself do it. Read an inspiring book, soak in a bubble bath, go out, eat your favorite craved food. It is these little pleasures that will allow you to feel special. Fake it if you must, until you actually feel deserving of it. Acting as if something is true can make it so. Whatever you choose to journey in, follow the action by writing down what you did and how it make you feel. Keep a journal and review it regularly. Make it your own attitude file. Include stories, quotes from friends, and photos that have made you feel especial. Be and feel good on yourself.

If you are wearing a great dress with sexy heels, what good is it if your hair is dull and flat and your makeup is lackluster? Or your nails are chipped. How about sexy sandals on feet with corns and callouses? Spend the money or do it yourself, but don’t overlook the finer points. Attention to details on the outside flaunts inner confidence and shows you care about yourself.

June 26, 2013

“No man is an Island” a tagline that never fades, it’s true we can’t leave happily in this life journey without any companion. Everyone of us have own Friends and a Best-friend(s) whom aside from our family we share to them our thoughts, feelings, secrets and sometimes those did which are naughty stuffs and so. To keep friendship, one need to trust each other, adjust each other and never ever fail the trust broken to each one party because once trust is being ruined that person will not trust you like what trust he/she gave to you before, unless if you do something  really extra-special and promise to not do it again. Of course the other party has to prove it!

Not all time of our life we will be with our friend(s), time come we will be apart with each other, just keep on communicating each other to keep friendship. Communication is the very core step of friendship and it is not a problem nowadays since we have lot of social networking sites and alike. The most important thing is that even though your friend is not in your side but he/she must be in your heart all the time.

June 19, 2013

I am speaking in my experience.

I love eating apple especially my favorite Fuji variety. Or I can have some Honey Crisp ones second to it as well as Pink Lady and Granny Smith variety. It used to be Granny Smith my favorite but my taste bud change in the journey and now Fuji is my new favorite. :-)

Okay, since I love eating apple, I came to observed that it stains teeth if you don't brush your teeth after eating such. Looks like it is just the same like staining teeth while smoking or drinking coffee!

I also tried apples floating it with water in a pitcher but such way didn't last long, in fact, I just did only once because of the fact that I have to brush my teeth every now and then after drinking such. And I'm not fond of brushing it. Ha! You know, looks like that's only what I can do for the entire day, hello, I have a lot to do, so goodbye doing water fruit infuse with water! And every time I eat apple I have to teeth-brush which is okay and tolerable.

May 14, 2013

What is our breakfast today? Oops! Not a breakfast anymore because we woke up late, and it’s almost lunch time, so this is what we called a brunch, a combination of breakfast and lunch. Anyway, I made this so easy to prepare brunch for us. I made grits, ham and hard-boiled eggs, plus a milk chocolate "Ovaltine" and a coffee (combination of the two).

I like grits because it is very easy to prepare, and it is really good, especially when it is still hot. Anyhow, do you know that the white corn grits contain more calories, protein, carbohydrates, fiber and fats than the yellow corn grits? Nevertheless, both grits are good for our health. And I'm glad I have that two: white (rice)and yellow (corn) grits. The fiber and other contents which can be found in grits, help us to feel full longer periods of time and it helps to promote regular digestive functioning. In addition, grits contain almost no sugar and mainly consist of starches. So, if you are trying to reduce weight, include grits in your diet. It will also flatten your stomach if you eat it at least three times a week.

Good luck and all the best (in the dieting journey)!

May 06, 2013

Weeeh! Since I arrived here in California, USA, I have never seen a lanzones in any store here. I was surprise when I saw a frozen lanzones a few days ago in an Asian store nearby. Of course, as a person raised in a tropical country where fresh fruits are everywhere, I don’t want to miss a chance to try a frozen lanzones. I couldn't even imagine how it tastes because it was frozen. I actually have question on my mind if these were ripe already before they packed and sealed.
Anyhow, I bought a pack, and I was so excited to eat it. Naturally, the taste is different from fresh, but it is enough to compromise the desire of eating fresh lanzones. It has been a long time since I ate fresh lanzones, and it was in my hometown. Lanzones is one of my favorite fruits, and when I ate it, I even swallow the small seeds. Anyway, the amount I paid for the frozen lanzones was worth enough for my cravings.

April 13, 2013

As a first-time mom and being a mother, my journey has been the most difficult, trying, lonely, confusing, challenging experience I have encountered. I am not complaining because this is what I like and want to be, a mommy and a homemaker. For years, I was in BC and the time that DH and I already planned for a little angel, I was overjoyed when God granted us the desire of our heart. Now our little angel is growing so fast. When she was little, most often, her dad usually bought her toys that are suitable for her age. Now, that she is a little bigger, and ready to explore the outside world, I then bought her a mini scooter just like a kick scooter, to which I helped her in maneuvering it.

I thought this kind of toy is for the boys only. Not until little girls (including my friend C's daughter and son) in the park. When SAM saw them, she also wanted to have herself and so interested to be at it, yes, ride on it. I cannot stop her from doing so because she cried out loud. I gave in, after all, I was with her helping to maneuver the scooter. Furthermore, I tried to position her feet on the scooter’s floor, and put her tiny hands on the bars, she was actually scared but excited as well as so happy about it. Also, when I started to push the scooter slowly, her anxiety started to break off and in just a few minutes, she enjoyed more riding her mini-scooter (with me at her back of course). If the weather is good, especially if the husband has no work, we usually go to the park and let our little angel play, run, walk, swing and the likes. If Sarah is happy, I am happy as well. Her laughter is like music to my ears.

Ooh my SAM. :)

February 03, 2013

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December 05, 2012

You guys have experience to have itchy face? I read that having an itchy face has different reasons:

1.) It is caused by seasonal allergies.
2.) Dry skin
3.) Eczema
4.) Food and Medication Allergies
5.) Or, you didn't wash your face

To make sure, consult your doctor if possible. Or wash your face most often with mild soap then put moisturizer that fits on your skin. Some use Palmers product or Cetaphil which I heard help them. A friend of mine is using this now and she finds it very helpful, so I this might also work with you (or maybe not) if you are looking for some products for skin repairs, then you have now an idea to which you have to consult yourself/judgement first to try it or not. You can even read reviews online on how those  product (if you think putting-up something would do wonder) work as I said, it can help you decide. Or if you have allergies, avoid food that you are not allowed to eat. Or avoid stuffs that makes you itchy. This is not an easy situation, yes, itchiness is annoying indeed! So check, live freely and be happy!

September 27, 2012

Things have been changed when I became a mother. When I  had no baby yet, I had plenty of time on blogging. I could also go out the house any time during the day (but I am not complaining okay. Smile. :-)). I could visit some of my friends here in our place if I wanted to. Or I will invite them to come over, and we will have fun in the kitchen such as cooking, talking and of course, eating. Our home before was actually empty. It was only me and hubby living in this quiet place. Now, everything has been changed when the bundle of joy arrived. The empty home is now alive, and full of laughter. Despite the problems that we had when my daughter arrived, my husband and I were/are so grateful that we were able to pass all the pains in our heart when Sarah needs to undergo a surgery. With the help of the prayers from family and friends, our little princess is now grown-up and yes, so joyful. :) And because of Sarah, we have a happy and lively home. How happy is that? Yes, very happy despite all the trials and struggles (and all along the way). :-) Life is a beautiful journey and worthy to smile much more with our happy angel. :-)

September 23, 2012

I am glad that hubby doesn't need to work this weekend. He could sleep all day at home, but I know it is impossible because my husband doesn't like to stay in one corner and do nothing. He’s a workaholic husband. He works hard for us, and I am so grateful to the Lord above for he gave me a good provider and a loving, thoughtful, and most of all a faithful husband.

Since, I don’t have a fixed income, and I stayed at home 24/7 days a week just to take care of our bundle of joy, I tried to help my husband’s bills by saving our bills such as energy bills, water bills, and I have never shopped without his approval even if I don’t need to ask him. I know he provided me everything I need specifically my personal needs but I don’t want to take it for granted. We are not a perfect couple. We also have misunderstanding sometimes but that is just part of our journey being a husband and wife. Anyway, since he is at home, I want to cook his favorite food, and I also want to watch a movie later tonight with him. So, it’s a date with him here in our simple abode.

September 03, 2012

I am imagining a place fronting the beach where I get a full of view of the sun as it rises in the morning and sets in the afternoon. I can see myself and my hubby in the terrace sharing sweet nothings while enjoying the view sipping a cup of tea. What a great life's journey it would be!

This prompted me to browse the net for some possible places to be and while at it, I landed on this website of  Luxury oceanfront real estate in Miami that simply fits the place the way I wanted. It is a noticeably good source for me and for all others out there looking out for luxury oceanfront condos in Miami and Fort Lauderdale area.

What impressed me is the wide array of choices for possible property buyers which include Luxury oceanfront condominiums in Miami provided with important details about the place. The website is owned by Seaside Properties Group, Inc. which is a luxury real Estate Company located in South Florida. They sell luxury oceanfront condos and waterfront houses from Palm Beach to Miami which clients are sophisticated, wealthy home buyers looking for a second or third home.

They say that when you dream, you should dream big things because dreaming is free. Who knows this dream of mine might just come true one day?

September 02, 2012

A tight embrace, a warm blanket, a cup of coffee. Sometimes we just long for that warm fuzzy feeling. It makes us feel safe, protected and distant from the cares and stresses of everyday life. I am a first-time mom and taking care of my little angel alone is really stressful, especially if we need to send her back to her pediatrician. I am just lucky that my husband, despite his hectic schedule at work has time for us.

Whenever he comes home from work, instead of asking him how was his work, he was the one who asked me how was my day with our little princess. I understand that he is so worried about me taking care of our little princess because I am a first-time mom, and no one will teach me on how to take care our baby except the pediatrician and my little experience taking care of my cousins a while yesteryears ago.

One night, hubby told me that I deserved a great reward for taking care of Sam and him. My eyes were big as the dinner plate when I heard this. I thought he would bring me to a shopping mall, and shop whatever I want. However, the reward is more than I expected. He wanted a romantic place for us, just the two of us, and our daughter will stay at my mother-in-law while we are away for our second honeymoon.

The next morning, I couldn’t wait to open my laptop and search for a place that we could pamper ourselves again. Fortunately, I found a romantic place for us, a truly a world-class holiday for couples only. Yes, the place is perfect for newly wed couples, and lovers. It is also a romantic place for a man to propose marriage to her girlfriend. I am certain that hubby would like to experience in st lucia honeymoon for us. With the best food, wine and accommodation they offer, I am sure that we will have a perfect honeymoon once again. Woot! :-D

If you are planning far in advance to visit a popular vacation destination during tourist season, assume that prices are higher compared to off-season. At Rendezvous, if you book now or on or before the end of October, you could save up to 40% discount on your room rates. That is really cool, right? I could book now and stay later. I couldn’t wait hubby to come home today so I could tell him this perfect romantic holiday for us.

How about you, are you planning to have a soon-honeymoon or second honeymoon journey too? It would be a great step to find and book in advance as soon as possible to save to save time, money and effort. Happy honeymoon then! :-)

August 24, 2012

Time flies too fast, ain't it? Ah, common phrase of a busy-as-a-bee folk like me. Grrr.. :-) The Olympic ends already and I haven't been watching the program constantly. As in just sneaking-in when got a chance. You know, busy mom, wife and everything. Whew!

Okay, truly it was fantastic! A friend of mine,  had been up late just because of that amazing show in England. Folks like her must be so blessed to be able to watched all the awardees and individuals who were willing to represents their country. I can sense the tough and hard competition were experienced by contestants and you can see glory and mercy in each event. They have the talents that really comes from God. Each of the representatives, is willing to take their lives on risk just for the country. They are considered as hero for me. Imagine how hard, nervous to be one of them. Remember that you are representing your country, you are bringing the name of your country. What a big honor! Right? I salute all winners and losers. You did all your effort and give excitement to all viewers all over the globe. How lucky are those folks who had been watching live on their eyes in London.Yet, I am still lucky too because I have TV and a channel/program that I can watch every time I feel like it. :-)

And so, hoorah to the participants! Yay! Kodus!

August 23, 2012

Every girl wants to be a beauty queen. Some may try to deny it but the truth is, at least for the normal girls, at one point in the journey of their lives, they would wish that they were a beauty queen. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s but natural for a girl to wish that. And there is nothing sweeter than to be judged the most beautiful of all. This is why beauty pageants, throughout time, has continued to attract so much attention and following.

Although these pageants are normally participated by young ladies only, the past decades show that the recipe of Beauty pageants and children have become a very common and sought-after event. Young girls are dressed up like young, adult ladies complete with all the make-up and accessories, competing for the title of beauty queen. The most obvious reason to this is that parents, generally, love to flaunt their kids. They want everyone to see just how cute and talented their kids are. Other parents just want to build their child’s self-confidence.

Another possible reason is, as weird as it may sound, some parents, particularly mothers, are frustrated beauty queens. Since they failed to win the crown, they want their child to fulfill their lifetime dream. Most parents would not admit this but this is actually a very true and sad reality. Children having to live out their parent’s dream; how sad can it get? Let’s hope this is not always the case.

We should not fail to realize that beauty pageants, although it’s about beauty and charm, is still a contest. Therefore, it includes competition. There is an emotional and psychological factor involved in these events. Participants are expected to undergo not only physical but also emotional pressure and stress during the contests.

Adults, especially parents, should consider the child’s well-being before they decide to let them join. Is the child ready? Is the child able to handle the stress? Will it benefit the child? Is the child willing? If after much careful assessment and evaluation the answers are all yes, then it’s probably okay to let the child join. Otherwise, better wait till your child is grown enough and prepared.
In an ideal world, beauty pageants and children don’t fit. There’s just too much danger for the child as compared to the cuteness factor. That’s the true beauty of being a parent. Giving love that is unselfish, patient and unconditional; there is no greater beauty than that.

August 14, 2012

Sometimes I feel like crazy remembering past negative vibes. So every time it attacks me I have to do something, to make those happenings in positive way. Looking back from the past is not bad but we all know that past has past. It is great to look back when such will do good for the present, otherwise, it is not healthy at all. We must look ahead of our future but we are just human sometimes we cannot avoid to think of it. Ha! Oops!

Anyway, I just remember that one of my old mate is now a successful business woman. I saw her Facebook and remembering the past that mate of mine did not have any plan to be a business woman. I am just happy with her achievement and now she finally has her own business. I am so glad that she did not forget me at all. She added me in her Facebook friends. So still good to remember the past but only those good times and some bad times, well if it would do good for the present (as I said) or for the future, then all is good to go. Yay, what a journey it has been. Smile.

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