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May 14, 2013

What is our breakfast today? Oops! Not a breakfast anymore because we woke up late, and it’s almost lunch time, so this is what we called a brunch, a combination of breakfast and lunch. Anyway, I made this so easy to prepare brunch for us. I made grits, ham and hard-boiled eggs, plus a milk chocolate "Ovaltine" and a coffee (combination of the two).

I like grits because it is very easy to prepare, and it is really good, especially when it is still hot. Anyhow, do you know that the white corn grits contain more calories, protein, carbohydrates, fiber and fats than the yellow corn grits? Nevertheless, both grits are good for our health. And I'm glad I have that two: white (rice)and yellow (corn) grits. The fiber and other contents which can be found in grits, help us to feel full longer periods of time and it helps to promote regular digestive functioning. In addition, grits contain almost no sugar and mainly consist of starches. So, if you are trying to reduce weight, include grits in your diet. It will also flatten your stomach if you eat it at least three times a week.

Good luck and all the best (in the dieting journey)!

November 20, 2012

It has already been months that this mommy (yours truly) hasn't been able to grab an ice cream for myself because every time I can get a hold of the ice cream that I used to love, my partner teased me that it would make me fat. True! --- And that's because I love to ate it, I just imagined myself grabbing those once a chance (well, I had always a chance because it was always in our ref. Imagine the calories I can get. Okay, that was before. This mommy want to get her pre-pregnancy body back. I am a mommy who is a goal-oriented to have that desirable body. In short, I am in diet to get that figure that I want. *wink*

I was delighted to know from a co-blogger about this Arctic Zero ice cream desserts. Ooh yeah, an cream of 150 calories per pint. I love the idea of  "a protein shake in ice cream form!" .Gosh, I then told my husband about it that if by chance, I would like to try it. And lo and behold, I got it! Happy me. :) I got to try the different flavors they have in pints (flavors: chocolate peanut butter, cookies and cream, mint chocolate cookie, chocolate, coffee, , strawberry, vanilla maple, pumpkin spice) and bars (in 4-pack box with 2 chocolate and 2 vanilla, and the other one is in 4-pack box with 2 strawberry and 2 orange cream) as what you can see above. It's not about the taste but what I can put it in my mouth to which I also have the idea of an ice cream. The most what I love is its ingredients are of " no artificial flavors, no artificial flavors and no artificial sweeteners" .

I even shared it with my friends said it is great because it is gluten-free and such. It's good for her daughters and she grabbed one of it. It's great to share it with them. Another friend too has liked it and even her kids (below) loved it.

Thanksgiving will be in two days, you can grab my idea of gift-giving to your friends or family who are fond of ice creams who can afford to consume only a number of calories and other areas they're concern when it comes to health.

August 13, 2012

The World Health Organization (WHO) has already declared obesity as a pandemic issue and for the time being it seems to be that it’s not going to come to an end or perhaps even just slowing down. Several authorities have tried to clamp down possible contributing factors by imposing sanctions to companies and establishments but it only brought chaos in an already complex situation that even the condition itself is so complex to understand. And the ironic part here is that it coexists with another equally serious health disorder which is malnutrition.

On the other hand, losing weight is an enormous problem for everyone to overcome but what I think is it boils down to a misguided game plan. Many have used protein drinks or supplements and totally avoid carbohydrates to start getting rid of the extra flab. And some even skipped meals, believing that it will increase the metabolism and subsequently lose weight. No argument to that and that is true but what many also don’t know is that the weight loss is just temporary as your body system is trying to adapt to the altered metabolism. Then your metabolism eventually slows down as there’s no food to break down in the process which causes a harmful metabolic changes in the body as your body tries to hibernate to conserve energy. So what about using atkins baking mix to enjoy cooking a low carbohydrates without doing anything excessive diet plan? That would be a great plan, what do you think?

Have fun on your diet journey!

June 01, 2012

You may already know that my taste-bud has already like eating fresh vegetable salads which is a no-no for me before. I could not content my happiness that very first time I love to eat it. It seems a miracle to me, but it already happen. Whew! Now I am loving it!

Ever since I love vegetable salads, I haven't eaten all my share of exactly the same of what I had before. And you bet, I am so happy about it. Thinking of learning and loving what I can taste and eat just amazes me. My thoughts exactly. Ah, this must be because of my dieting huh! If such, then I must be glad I bump into this journey. Ooh yes, who would not like being a mother? I say such because I gain a lot of weight of having my baby girl and I never regretted even a very little. In fact, I love it much. It's just that, I have to loss weight to which I did and continue doing or maintaining at least. :-) I am just two pounds (2 lbs) away from my pre-pregnancy weight now after having a crash diet to which I lost five-six pounds (5-6 lbs) so not bad, isn't it?

And now, if I don't like eating the pure fresh vegetable salads or the ones that we used to buy in our favorite food chain for such, then I just have to buy the pomegranate dressing, my favorite ever. I now have the buddy for such. Yay! :-)

Have a great day everyone!

May 30, 2012

Before I eat this all, you can now get your share. :-)

Sometimes it is funny how taste buds change. For long time, I never ever like eating raw vegetable or a salad like this. But this time, my taste buds changed. I am longing to eat of such already even without the pomegranate salad dressing (my fave dressing ever). This time, I have the fresh lettuce veges with spinach along with fresh cranberries and the crispy apples with chicken cubes on top. I ate it all except the three pieces of chicken. Wow! I cannot believe that I ate it all, this is my first time. Whew! Happy me. I no longer need a rice for my meal. My tummy can now stand without a rice in my daily platter! What a great news from my tummy and the taste-buds. Ha!

Image above of some of the lettuce salad had already been eaten. I think one-fourth (1/4) of it. I cannot imagine how I loved it to which I ate it all. :-)

And the diet continues. Smile. :-)

May 26, 2012

I already lost four-five pounds (4-5 lbs) as I had my crash diet weeks ago of most liquid and an easy-digest foods I ate for 10 days. This way was introduced to me by a good friend Anne. True enough, I succeed and I lost my undesired weight, in short, I got my goal of having such. It is not an easy diet journey but because I was determined I got it and good thing I still maintain my weight until now. Good news, isn't it? I can just smile. Such diet was my first time. By the way, I gained weight as I had my baby, this is from my pregnancy body up to delivery and afterwards. Now, I am proud I am already 118 lbs from 122-123 lbs. Yay! It's a call for celebration. :-)

If I did not lost such, I may consider to have another way of dieting to which they called as african mango diet just to attain my target weight. It's just on my mind that I really have to lost such weight because I am not used with my weight and I can see the parts of my body like it is swollen. I can't blame my thoughts because I am fit or even slim when I was still single. I never dreamed of this weight, but because I long to have a child of the right time which is this time, I have to endure it during such. Actually, I loved it! And after delivery and before the 3/4 quarter of a year age of my child, that was the time that I have to do the dieting I ought to have, or planned of a right time which is best for my health which won't sacrifice the quality of care my child deserves to have. You know, when it's not a right time for dieting yet, you may end up to being sick or alike to which will affect your time for baby care. You know. :-)

May 25, 2012

As much as I like to make maja blanca and cook mixed vegetables in coconut milk with rice and salted fish then stew fish for meal but cannot kept-up with my time. Very busy and I had only few time left for me to do it all if ever. And my baby love daughter Sam already woke-up. Now goodbye to the cooking-journey in my kitchen then. Option B took its place. Yes, a ready-to-eat one should have to be ordered. " And hot pizza, bread sticks and soda has to be in my table before they are here " --- was what's on my mind lately. And hooray, I got it! After I took shower, I called the pizza delivery and placed an order. They made it on-time! Great job to them. Huts off! The delivery man deserves my tip (not that big but he deserves it). After all, it was friends get-together. Meaning, special :-)

It had been how many months I was not able to eat that meat lovers favorite toppings of the pizza DH and I liked to order. You know, I am in diet for the goal of weight loss blah blah. If you didn't know, it was not yet a year old my baby Sam had been delivered in this world by yours truly. Apparently, I still had the baby fat on me. Ha! So a typical pizza is a no-no (yes, unless if it's non-fat *wink*) for successive eats.

And so, have a great day everyone!

May 18, 2012

Wow! That was (I just had my dinner) my first time I finished four (4) pieces of medium drumstick deeply fried of olive oil by my husband. Yes, he is now the one volunteering to fry chicken every time fried chicken is our meal. I could not contain my happiness of what he is doing. I am happy because I don't like frying chicken. I usually had blisters out of a very hot oil. It is not my first time frying chicken but I don't know know I just cannot minimize the hotness or so. What my husband does and advises me at the same time, is he put a cover on the pan but that is close to impossible to me to do that because our stove is high. Putting a cover in the pan would make it worse for me. Good for him because he is tall. Alright, I am grateful he sees the problem. Ha! I can just remember, every time I had blister/s before, he is always there for me to put vaseline on it so it won't be painful. :-) Just being grateful, on the other hand. :-)

Okay, so, this is a record for me and apparently I am making a note. (*wink*) To pair with my viand 4 fried medium drumsticks, a half a cup of rice is doing great along with a lemon-sugar free maple syrup. Burped! Oops! Excuse me. I just had a great dinner (aside from DH cooked it). Smiley me. :-)

May 13, 2012

I am into fish nowadays. The most that I like to cook and craved for is cooking it without a cooking oil. I just had fish soups with vegetables and sometimes no veges on it, just plain spices like bell pepper, scallions (green onions or the onion leaves), tomato, ginger, lemon grass with salt. :-) My tummy already smiled (or can smile all the way) that way. Didn't I told you that it feels like heaven of eating without cooking oil on it especially these days? Yes, I did. Ha!

And you bet, I have a fish stew sitting over my stove this time. It is fresh from my own kitchen. Nothing beats home-made! The pompano-kind of fish (only thinner, sorry forgot the name) is just right for the time. Oops, I just remember the other fish I thaw, will check it after I finish this. I think, it is already great to cook. Okay, tomorrow first thing in the morning. Back to the stew, mmm.. I can now smell it's deliciousness in the air. Ha! As clear as crystal, I am now hungry. It's time for me eat. Ciao!

May 11, 2012

Picture below is a bowl of pompano fish soup with lots of vegetables which apparently you can see it in the middle. The one in the right side fish is the pompano, a kind of fish which is so yummy-delicious for soup. My first time for this fish as made into soup. I am glad my friend P introduced this fish to me and I declare as so delicious for this kind of fish recipe. To go with the fish meat, on the left side is a non-fat brown and white rice {yes, I mixed it. You would surprise how tasty it is when you try it. Try it to taste for yourself. :-) }
I tell you it's so yummy! No cooking oil is present and lots of veges involve, is heaven to me! This picture got a lot of likes of my friends in my Facebook. I don't know if you like this but for sure me and my friends love this fish soup so much. Didn't I tell you that eating vegetables first makes me not crave for rice anymore? If you don't know yet, a meal for me isn't complete without a rice. It seems like it isn't a meal or I did not eat anything. Knowing such would be perfect for diet. Whew! What an awesome find. :-)

May 10, 2012

After a 10 days-detox cleansing diet I had which the ingredients was being given by a good friend Anne, special thanks to her, now a very dear friend (Elaine) too is introducing to me the 30 minutes fruits-before-meal routine (I am making a so-called words, but you can see what is it in the pattern). Yes, I am in that current routine though I still drink some sugar-free or Grade B maple syrup-lemons juice. And I tell you, I can see the good effect on it. I was told to eat fruit/s first before 30 minutes to an hour of eating the normal meal. Friend E told me about fruits, but I am also including the vegetables from soup (like fish soups and alike) though the latter is a bit different with fruits since when eating the meal, I ate (or continue to eat) the vegetables first in the fish soup I made and to tell you what, I don't need to eat rice (I am a rice person, I can't eat a meal without rice or else it seems like I am not eating at all. Makes me more crave in that way.) with it after such. What I did the last time since I like to eat the fish and I can't eat the 1/2 cup of rice I had but I can't also eat the fish without rice, I just decrease the volume of rice. So instead of 1/2 cup, I just the 1/4 or 1/8 of it. And my fish craving had been successfully done. At the same time, I had protein (oops! not sure what we can get with the fish meat, correct me if I am wrong)!

So I am so ready for my other set of diet which is this "30 minutes fruits-before-meal"  for now. Yay! By the way, did you know that I already lost four-five pounds (4-5 lbs) from my detox cleansing diet for 10 days? Yep, a crash diet. First time ever. :-) Hope to maintain it or loss a bit. :-) (I had other post of it)

April 27, 2012

Yes! True enough when a woman just deliver a baby, it is expected for her to gain weight. Imagine bringing a six plus pounder (6+lbs) baby with all the other water with her and stuffs. If you haven't imagine yet, better do it now so we can proceed. Smile. Kiddingly smile but I am serious. :-)

Alright, I delivered my baby daughter six months plus ago. I breastfed through breast-pump mixed with formula for about two months then pure formula-fed afterwards. With that, I can eat whatever I want for health diet but that doesn't work. I still have this 122 lbs weight until now, though I loss the after-deliver weight but there's still the unwanted ones. And I don't like it! I don't like looking at my tummy, legs and upper arms.

So now, beginning today for ten (10) days, I have to do seriously the diet I have in my hand now. I need to do it religiously. So let's see if I am that goal-oriented enough. I aim to have 110 lbs to 113. Whew! Will I get that target weight? I'll see if I can do it! Good luck to me.  :-)

April 20, 2012

Inspired by a co-blogger friend MommyLu on her testimony about her diabetes and what to eat and what not thing. It came to my mind of why not try the brown rice to which DH insisted me before. This time I am serious, I already bought Uncle Beans" and yesterday I bought two bags of 10 pounds weight each for future consumption so it will be straight strict brown rice diet. DH is happy of my decision. Aside from it is cheaper than the white rice Jasmine in a yellow bag, it is healthy for the health. If I eat rice, he also eats it. So it is a double shot.

Now brown rice, here I come! Get ready as I am on diet! :-)

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