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July 15, 2013

Don't you love chocolates? I know a mom who really loves chocolates and she said how could she live her life without it? Wonder why? It puzzles my mind. Yes, I admit I do love eating chocolates but the fact that she can't live without it, that catches my attention.

Then came to my experience. One time, I was so sleepy (well, if you are on my shoes, " I'm always sleepy" is an underestimate sentence to describe my responsibility. To go further, that I can't explain as of now. But you get the hint, at least) that I don't have energy to do my responsibilities as a  mom which my  mind told me that I have to but my body was so weak. I had to find a solution, " I have to get going " and so I did. It came to my mind about what I thought about that chocolates thing. My thoughts about it and the theory I had in mind, why she said that. Chocolates has most the same effect as coffee, for me. Then I tried, eating chocolates to have my energy back. And it worked! Yes, it worked like wonders! I had my energy back then I tried it again days after, same result. So if I don't have any ideas that can think of and dark chocolates (or any chocolates is the only available), why not take the plunge eating it. As long as I'm not hungry (chocolates contain oil that may develop heartburn, there's a big possibility that you'll throw-up or tummy trouble if you're hungry eating chocolates), I am going to indulge myself in, if that's the only thing that can bring my energy back even at least for a moment then I'll do it.

What a journey it has been. An experience that I can prove to myself, thinking back how that busy woman/mommy cope up everyday journey she's in, and why she tells that. It may just only a metaphor but it connotes the idea that it actually is an energy booster as well as fights sleepy-ness.

Do you think so? Why, and why not?

July 08, 2013

It is the ultimate act of self-respect. Make yourself do it. Read an inspiring book, soak in a bubble bath, go out, eat your favorite craved food. It is these little pleasures that will allow you to feel special. Fake it if you must, until you actually feel deserving of it. Acting as if something is true can make it so. Whatever you choose to journey in, follow the action by writing down what you did and how it make you feel. Keep a journal and review it regularly. Make it your own attitude file. Include stories, quotes from friends, and photos that have made you feel especial. Be and feel good on yourself.

If you are wearing a great dress with sexy heels, what good is it if your hair is dull and flat and your makeup is lackluster? Or your nails are chipped. How about sexy sandals on feet with corns and callouses? Spend the money or do it yourself, but don’t overlook the finer points. Attention to details on the outside flaunts inner confidence and shows you care about yourself.

June 11, 2013

One of the most empowering steps you can take towards achieving a good life is to begin cooking for yourself rather than relying on restaurants, takeaways and packaged foods. Honestly, I am not really a good cook, but I prefer to cook our own food than ordering foods from outside. Cooking is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself. It lets you connect with your food directly because it allows you to choose and prepare the foods you know will make your body happy. When you cook wholesome meals, you are nourishing yourself, both in body and soul. And when you cook for friends and family, you are giving them a gift of nourishment and love. Most of all, cooking should be fun. It is a journey, an activity you can share with your friends, family, and your children (if you have). You can also share your specialty to your friends on Facebook. :-)

Have a great day everyone! All the best! :)

April 13, 2013

As a first-time mom and being a mother, my journey has been the most difficult, trying, lonely, confusing, challenging experience I have encountered. I am not complaining because this is what I like and want to be, a mommy and a homemaker. For years, I was in BC and the time that DH and I already planned for a little angel, I was overjoyed when God granted us the desire of our heart. Now our little angel is growing so fast. When she was little, most often, her dad usually bought her toys that are suitable for her age. Now, that she is a little bigger, and ready to explore the outside world, I then bought her a mini scooter just like a kick scooter, to which I helped her in maneuvering it.

I thought this kind of toy is for the boys only. Not until little girls (including my friend C's daughter and son) in the park. When SAM saw them, she also wanted to have herself and so interested to be at it, yes, ride on it. I cannot stop her from doing so because she cried out loud. I gave in, after all, I was with her helping to maneuver the scooter. Furthermore, I tried to position her feet on the scooter’s floor, and put her tiny hands on the bars, she was actually scared but excited as well as so happy about it. Also, when I started to push the scooter slowly, her anxiety started to break off and in just a few minutes, she enjoyed more riding her mini-scooter (with me at her back of course). If the weather is good, especially if the husband has no work, we usually go to the park and let our little angel play, run, walk, swing and the likes. If Sarah is happy, I am happy as well. Her laughter is like music to my ears.

Ooh my SAM. :)

March 19, 2013

As great as we Moms are, most of us just aren’t the tool carrying fix-it kind of gals we'd like to be. We just can't do it all. Too many of us just don’t know the difference between a Phillips screwdriver and a flat-blade one. While this isn’t a really big deal for most of us smart women (we usually find other areas in which to excel). It does pose a problem when something breaks down or needs fixing, especially when we don't have a handy guy around to help.

Even so, times are a changing, and although you, like me, may believe home-improvement projects fall into the guy area national telephone survey conducted by Opinion Research Corporation shows that about half of all American women of knowledge, have undertaken one home-improvement job or another over the last two years - even if it is just painting. Still, this is an astonishing and pleasant fact (a project none of us would have taken on some 30 years ago.)

How Do They Do It?

Apparently, before taking on a project of this nature, most 'handy-gal' women seek out the advice from the Pros at the local home-improvement store. Or they watch a how-to video, a TV program, read a book or ask a neighbor about the process of the job at hand (see what I mean - smart women.

What’s The Point?

When asked, these women stated that the primary reason they took the job on themselves was to save money. Although, some said it was the satisfaction in knowing they could get it done that led them to success.

How Do You Start?

The simplest way to take on a home-improvement project is to plan ahead. Take on a simple project, something like installing a curtain rod, blinds or tightening the cupboard pulls first. Look at the hardware you need to install, then head over to your computer.

Research the repair method, view a few videos and write down any special tools you’ll need. On a whim, take a walk down to your basement or to your tool drawer and see if you have the necessary tools to complete the job. You probably don’t, but don’t let that stop you.

A Great Way to Get the Guys to Pitch In.

Even if you aren’t a real do-it-yourself-er, having the tools available can get the job done. The secret to making the guy in your life get up off the couch and fix the problem is to have the right irresistible power tool available. He’ll be so excited to use the tool that he won't realize he’s doing real around the house work.

November 20, 2012

It has already been months that this mommy (yours truly) hasn't been able to grab an ice cream for myself because every time I can get a hold of the ice cream that I used to love, my partner teased me that it would make me fat. True! --- And that's because I love to ate it, I just imagined myself grabbing those once a chance (well, I had always a chance because it was always in our ref. Imagine the calories I can get. Okay, that was before. This mommy want to get her pre-pregnancy body back. I am a mommy who is a goal-oriented to have that desirable body. In short, I am in diet to get that figure that I want. *wink*

I was delighted to know from a co-blogger about this Arctic Zero ice cream desserts. Ooh yeah, an cream of 150 calories per pint. I love the idea of  "a protein shake in ice cream form!" .Gosh, I then told my husband about it that if by chance, I would like to try it. And lo and behold, I got it! Happy me. :) I got to try the different flavors they have in pints (flavors: chocolate peanut butter, cookies and cream, mint chocolate cookie, chocolate, coffee, , strawberry, vanilla maple, pumpkin spice) and bars (in 4-pack box with 2 chocolate and 2 vanilla, and the other one is in 4-pack box with 2 strawberry and 2 orange cream) as what you can see above. It's not about the taste but what I can put it in my mouth to which I also have the idea of an ice cream. The most what I love is its ingredients are of " no artificial flavors, no artificial flavors and no artificial sweeteners" .

I even shared it with my friends said it is great because it is gluten-free and such. It's good for her daughters and she grabbed one of it. It's great to share it with them. Another friend too has liked it and even her kids (below) loved it.

Thanksgiving will be in two days, you can grab my idea of gift-giving to your friends or family who are fond of ice creams who can afford to consume only a number of calories and other areas they're concern when it comes to health.

November 13, 2012

Household chores can pile up throughout the day, particularly if only one person is doing them. By encouraging your children to help out with chores from an early age, you will not only benefit from their help but also teach them the necessary life skills they need to run a household. Chores teach responsibility, respect, and practicality. However, sometimes it can seem like pulling teeth to get any help from your kids around the house. By establishing expectations and a routine, you can get your kids more involved and make life easier for everyone in the long run.

Start at an Early Age

Some easy first chores for children can include making their own bed, tidying up their toys, setting the table, and helping fold laundry. These can be done from a very young age, don't take too much time, and help improve motor skills. Toddlers tend to enjoy helping out around the house. By encouraging your child to help out from a young age, you can start to instil good habits that will hopefully last through the later years.

Some of these tasks can be difficult for small children to do alone, so you can work with them to straighten sheets or fold laundry. When your kid is ready to go to school, you can get him or her involved in school preparations such as organizing school supplies, affixing school name tags to clothing, and preparing a packed lunch. Children in primary grades are just learning to enjoy their new-found independence, so this can be encouraged by letting them take an active role in preparing for school.

 Keep House Clearly Organized

It will be easier for your child to help around the house if he or she knows exactly where items are supposed to go. You can use name labels UK to mark sections of the living room where each child can put their own toys. When a child is setting the table, it's helpful if dishes, place-mats and cutlery are always in the same places. This will help teach order and organizational skills along with independence. Shelves, cubby holes, and drawers can be used in bedrooms to give plenty of room to put items away in their right place, rather than simply throwing them all in a heap in the closet.

Don't Turn Chores into a Punishment

Although as children get older it may be increasingly difficult to turn chores into a fun game, you don't want to give the impression that they are being punished by keeping a tidy house either. Reward children and teens for completing their tasks, rather than punishing them with extra housework. If you punish them with chores, they'll have a negative connotation with helping out and will avoid it at all costs. Show your appreciation when a job is done well, and give them additional privileges if they go above and beyond expectations.

Whether you choose to actively reward your children for their help around the house or simply keep chores as a basic expectation, consistency is important. Let children know what you expect from them and follow through when they don't meet your expectations. By setting standards from a young age, you will help raise more independent and helpful youngsters.

(Thanks for the guest post Alina Anghel)

October 17, 2012

It sounds as if, well, yeah; I was dead tired, but I am not complaining. I ran to the grocery store to buy something that I could prepare for our visitors. I cleaned the kitchen after cooking and of course, nanny-ing to my precious little angel as well. I run from here and there, and I had no time to park myself in a couch. I wish I have a nanny for my daughter, so I could finish all the things earlier. Nevertheless, I am proud of myself for I was able to do all these things all by myself. It’s a great feeling to see that everything has been done. I know being a mom to Sarah, and a wife to my husband is not easy. I have different roles to them, and I wish I would be able to perform my roles very well. Anyhow, it’s time for me to stop now for I need to put Sarah on her bed, and besides, I am sleepy too.

October 09, 2012

Sarah is just one year old, and a few more months I guess, I have to give her a potty training (I get nervous when I think of it). Honestly, I have no idea on how to start with it. I hope there will be no fighting scene between me and Sarah. Ha-ha! I asked hubby about this, and he told me just to give her the potty chair, or I will let her see me sitting in the toilet. Ha-ha! Hubby thought that it is just as simple as that, but for me, this is really a big thing that I should have to learn before Sarah could start her potty training. I actually asked some of my friends who have children about this potty training issue, their own journey about it and the steps. And they shared their experiences; some were funny and some were frustrating. Anyway, I know there are also books that I could read on how to train a child to poop on her potty-chair. I wish I could have it soon so I could start reading on it.

I hope my mommy instinct will work. :-)

October 08, 2012

It’s a first day of the week, and as a stay at home mom, Monday is just an ordinary day for me, not unless if somebody invites us (me and Sarah) for a lunch. :-). But, to my husband, it is the first day of the week at work, and hopefully he has a great week ahead at work. Good thing today is a holiday, Columbus Day!

 I am just glad that I have Sarah to fill my day everyday. Not just like before Sarah came into our lives, I was alone from Monday to Friday during the daytime because hubby was at work. If I could only pull the time faster, I would so that husband would come home soon.

Now, everything has been changed, but the changes have made my life complete. Being a mom is not an easy task, but the feeling of being a mom is wonderful. I know I still have lots of things to learn as a mom because I am a first-time mom, and I mean to learn these motherly tasks for the sake of my daughter. I wouldn’t be a perfect mom, but I will try my very best to be a better mom to Sarah.

September 28, 2012

Okay, usually she is in great mood. She smiles a lot which melt everyone's heart. :-)

 I am just glad that my little princess has the extra great mood today. She did not disturb me while I am doing the house chores (and yeah, I even have time to blog like what I am doing now). I give her toys, and all other things that could make her time occupied so I could finish my work before my husband arrive. Even if I was doing the house chores, I had to check her if she is okay. I am just glad that every time I check on her she is playing, talking to her toys (ha-ha! Ahh! Kid. ) and standing (or learning how to talk, grabbing the rails of her playard).

She give me smiles when she sees me and continue playing while I am busy. I am so thankful that I am able to finish some chores. Anyway, since hubby is not at home and Sarah does not eat solid food yet, I will just prepare food enough for myself but I do not know what to cook. Oops! Well, I am not a picky eater, so whatever inside the fridge or in the pantry, I will just cook it. I hope hubby will bring food for tonight so I do not need to cook for tonight’s dinner.

August 03, 2012

Breaking up is never easy, but it’s even harder when there are kids involved. Whatever the circumstances of your romantic relationship ending, chances are that you will be continuing a relationship of sorts with your ex, as co-parents of your children. And whatever age your kids are, they will also need a certain amount of assistance to adjust to the new situation. So, how best to enter this new phase in your life?


Have the discussion about how you will go about co-parenting early on. When will you each see your kids? How will big decisions be made? What notice is required about any change of plans? From the major questions such as schooling to day-to-day management like school lunches, it all needs to be sorted out and, if necessary, formalized. It could help to bring your children into these discussions as well.


Unless you are in the happy position of being financially self-sufficient, for many, becoming a single mother means your financial status – and security – will likely change. Retirement funds, joint bank accounts, child support, mortgages and car repayments will all figure in these changes. Consult an accountant to find out about any changes to your taxes.


It will be important to have a support network to turn to in times of emergency. Something as simple as having the flu for a few days can be stressful for a single mother, so it’s good to have family and friends you can rely on to do some child-minding if necessary. Making connections with other single mothers will also be important – someone to understand the difficulties you’re facing.


Most mums tend to put themselves last, and for a single mother – running a household solo, often juggling school lunches and household decisions with a busy career – it becomes even more difficult to find ‘me-time’. Even something as small as 20 minutes for a bath, catching up with your girlfriends for coffee or reading a book after the kids are in bed will give you the space to focus on you for a little while.


It might seem like an insurmountable task to re-enter the dating scene with kids in tow. It can be difficult to meet a potential new partner, but sites can help set up introductions with compatible dates and they are a good way to ease yourself into dating again.

Most importantly, you need to think positively about the new direction your life has taken. It may not be the direction you expected, and it can be difficult to reset your expectations. However, it can mean greater independence, the ability to try new things and the freedom to do it your way.

July 17, 2012

I recall when I started to build this site Cacai’s Journey. This supposedly a journey of me and my DH, Cacai and Nad. Okay, I did not expect that this will lead me writing of my journey in life. This was just a matter of hobby and getting fun online with some other friends along and as I said, it was unintended for me alone. Then, an experimental page mold me much in sending information to my readers and followers online. Sorry to say, but I have limitations, of course. I don’t much exposed on what my family and my journey is but most of them has been written here. I am just a simple woman who just really like to share little things and some big things, of my daily journey here.

Now that I have my angel with me then I am not totally free to have time sitting in front of computer. I give much attention to my dear one and of course to our provider which is my hubby dear. Well, I am just thankful that I have this site specifically for my journey in life.

Thank you for being part of this journey. ~hugs&kisses~

June 01, 2012

You may already know that my taste-bud has already like eating fresh vegetable salads which is a no-no for me before. I could not content my happiness that very first time I love to eat it. It seems a miracle to me, but it already happen. Whew! Now I am loving it!

Ever since I love vegetable salads, I haven't eaten all my share of exactly the same of what I had before. And you bet, I am so happy about it. Thinking of learning and loving what I can taste and eat just amazes me. My thoughts exactly. Ah, this must be because of my dieting huh! If such, then I must be glad I bump into this journey. Ooh yes, who would not like being a mother? I say such because I gain a lot of weight of having my baby girl and I never regretted even a very little. In fact, I love it much. It's just that, I have to loss weight to which I did and continue doing or maintaining at least. :-) I am just two pounds (2 lbs) away from my pre-pregnancy weight now after having a crash diet to which I lost five-six pounds (5-6 lbs) so not bad, isn't it?

And now, if I don't like eating the pure fresh vegetable salads or the ones that we used to buy in our favorite food chain for such, then I just have to buy the pomegranate dressing, my favorite ever. I now have the buddy for such. Yay! :-)

Have a great day everyone!

May 26, 2012

I already lost four-five pounds (4-5 lbs) as I had my crash diet weeks ago of most liquid and an easy-digest foods I ate for 10 days. This way was introduced to me by a good friend Anne. True enough, I succeed and I lost my undesired weight, in short, I got my goal of having such. It is not an easy diet journey but because I was determined I got it and good thing I still maintain my weight until now. Good news, isn't it? I can just smile. Such diet was my first time. By the way, I gained weight as I had my baby, this is from my pregnancy body up to delivery and afterwards. Now, I am proud I am already 118 lbs from 122-123 lbs. Yay! It's a call for celebration. :-)

If I did not lost such, I may consider to have another way of dieting to which they called as african mango diet just to attain my target weight. It's just on my mind that I really have to lost such weight because I am not used with my weight and I can see the parts of my body like it is swollen. I can't blame my thoughts because I am fit or even slim when I was still single. I never dreamed of this weight, but because I long to have a child of the right time which is this time, I have to endure it during such. Actually, I loved it! And after delivery and before the 3/4 quarter of a year age of my child, that was the time that I have to do the dieting I ought to have, or planned of a right time which is best for my health which won't sacrifice the quality of care my child deserves to have. You know, when it's not a right time for dieting yet, you may end up to being sick or alike to which will affect your time for baby care. You know. :-)

May 18, 2012

Wow! That was (I just had my dinner) my first time I finished four (4) pieces of medium drumstick deeply fried of olive oil by my husband. Yes, he is now the one volunteering to fry chicken every time fried chicken is our meal. I could not contain my happiness of what he is doing. I am happy because I don't like frying chicken. I usually had blisters out of a very hot oil. It is not my first time frying chicken but I don't know know I just cannot minimize the hotness or so. What my husband does and advises me at the same time, is he put a cover on the pan but that is close to impossible to me to do that because our stove is high. Putting a cover in the pan would make it worse for me. Good for him because he is tall. Alright, I am grateful he sees the problem. Ha! I can just remember, every time I had blister/s before, he is always there for me to put vaseline on it so it won't be painful. :-) Just being grateful, on the other hand. :-)

Okay, so, this is a record for me and apparently I am making a note. (*wink*) To pair with my viand 4 fried medium drumsticks, a half a cup of rice is doing great along with a lemon-sugar free maple syrup. Burped! Oops! Excuse me. I just had a great dinner (aside from DH cooked it). Smiley me. :-)

April 03, 2012

Of myself. I just then realize that I only ate once lately (dinner) which supposedly thrice all (one for breakfast, lunch and dinner). The hungry had passed. But lately as I woke-up in the middle of the night to feed my Sam, I felt uneasy. As in looked like my knees chilled. It seemed like I feel very cold but after I ate 3 pieces of my favorite nutty slice bread and a cup of "ovaltine with fresh milk", I felt great (that is why I am still here now blogging. Ha ha! Ooh well, I didn't like standing in the kitchen (or anywhere else) also lately to which I supposed to continue cleaning my Sam's feeding bottles. So what I did was just blogging. Yes, just sit and relax and just let my mind flow with the help of writing. I am in good mood to do posting now which is great. After this, I like to continue my kitchen and in-sink chores. So, should I have to say "bye" in advance? Okay, bye. See you next time. Thanks for reading this journey and steps of mine. I like to share my random thoughts to which I hope my experience helps you in any thing good.

You have a great day! ~hugs&kisses~

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