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November 26, 2013

Medicines, is important in our health. Whether you like it or not, I don't believe you haven't taken a medicine ever once in your life, be it as you're a mom, dad, granny or even if you're a teen and such. We just need medicine in our life. I know right, many of us that as much as possible we love home-made medicines or herbal products and opted taking it first before such medicines. I used of doing that before going to the next level, as in if it cannot be healed through such. True enough, when I was still in my birth country Philippines, I used to take such proven over-the-counter medicines and even until now that I'm already here in United States of A, I still know those. And anyone who wants my suggestions of such specific ones, I can still say like flanax is good for flu, or that enervon hp for individuals supplement for strong bones and muscles. And the list could go on. Ask me and I can tell you more. My folks told me about it. And I can never be more thankful of them for teaching me basic over-the-counter meds to which I need to take when situation calls. We don't need to rush to clinic or to doctors if it is not necessary, such are just enough as first-aid.

What about you, do you take over-the-counter medicines?

August 01, 2013

Everyone needs to exercise. It can be of any form and type. It can also be indoor and outdoor exercise. Be it as dancing, brisk walking, jogging, running, set-up, push-up, crunches and many more. As we know, we have to burn calories stored in our body as we eat every now and then. It's great to do it, it's great to burn unwanted calories in our body. Also, it releases stress, tensions, bad moods and all that negativity one had in mind. It makes a difference if we are doing that with a good and right suit, isn't it?

Disclosure: I received product/s above for review purposes. Your thoughts and opinions may vary from mine. FYI, I was not compensated in return of this review. This is a 100% personal honest opinion of yours truly. 

I'm glad I've got pair of an Active Wear from Ellie. I have few suits but it also cool to have some more and with this cool active wear. I love the below the knee-type printed side bottom or the To Due for Capri (look for the capri, not the shirt) and that three-fourth two-in-one shirt, It Takes Two Top. It is a summery-look pair. It is fancy to me. Its fabric is soft, lightweight and feel so good having it while doing my exercise. I have to say Ellie got good stuffs and the best thing is, it is made in USA! I even want to shop more from their company, for now, I love to have another one of that top I got. Have a great day everyone! ~hugs&kisses~

July 15, 2013

Don't you love chocolates? I know a mom who really loves chocolates and she said how could she live her life without it? Wonder why? It puzzles my mind. Yes, I admit I do love eating chocolates but the fact that she can't live without it, that catches my attention.

Then came to my experience. One time, I was so sleepy (well, if you are on my shoes, " I'm always sleepy" is an underestimate sentence to describe my responsibility. To go further, that I can't explain as of now. But you get the hint, at least) that I don't have energy to do my responsibilities as a  mom which my  mind told me that I have to but my body was so weak. I had to find a solution, " I have to get going " and so I did. It came to my mind about what I thought about that chocolates thing. My thoughts about it and the theory I had in mind, why she said that. Chocolates has most the same effect as coffee, for me. Then I tried, eating chocolates to have my energy back. And it worked! Yes, it worked like wonders! I had my energy back then I tried it again days after, same result. So if I don't have any ideas that can think of and dark chocolates (or any chocolates is the only available), why not take the plunge eating it. As long as I'm not hungry (chocolates contain oil that may develop heartburn, there's a big possibility that you'll throw-up or tummy trouble if you're hungry eating chocolates), I am going to indulge myself in, if that's the only thing that can bring my energy back even at least for a moment then I'll do it.

What a journey it has been. An experience that I can prove to myself, thinking back how that busy woman/mommy cope up everyday journey she's in, and why she tells that. It may just only a metaphor but it connotes the idea that it actually is an energy booster as well as fights sleepy-ness.

Do you think so? Why, and why not?

July 03, 2013

It is the little thingsthat drive you crazy: Where did I leave those papers? What is that guy’s name? Did I forget the bread again? What is her phone number?

In the grand scheme of things, they are minor lapses of memory. They may become more frequent and aggravating as you get older, but they are not necessarily a cause for concern. It may take you longer to remember a name than when were young, but you would probably retrieve it, even if it takes a few hours. To keep these petty memory problems from building up into major headaches, try some of the following memory techniques.

Pay attention. You often blame your memory when you can’t remember, but many times, it is just as much the fault of your attention span.

Make the unconscious conscious. Make a mental note of all the little things you usually do without thinking. Example: If you can remember where you left your car keys, every time you put them somewhere, stop and make a point of saying to yourself: I put my car keys on the table. It’s a new way of thinking, where you have to reiterate each action that you perform. Or, go back to where you came, in this way you are in the surrounding and the place you once forgot. Then you will be amazed, in few minutes of thinking you will get what you looking for.

June 30, 2013

Lunch is the middle meal of the day. At this time, our body has already use the food we have eaten in the morning and it is necessary to replace them in order to continuously have the energy by the body for the activities during the rest of the day. A nutritious lunch must have the necessary calories for energy in the meal journey. It must include rice, protein dish like meat, fish or poultry, and fruits and vegetables that make one satisfied, alert, cheerful and active.

Supper, on the other hand, is the meal we eat in the evening. Early breakfast means early supper. This is the time when each member of the family is more relaxed and has more time to enjoy the food being prepared. Well-planned and nutritious dishes are served in order to replace the nutrients used by the body. It his highly recommended to take the day’s last meal at least three (3) hours before bedtime. This will ensure a more restful sleep and better weight control especially if you're unto weight-loss journey.

June 19, 2013

I am speaking in my experience.

I love eating apple especially my favorite Fuji variety. Or I can have some Honey Crisp ones second to it as well as Pink Lady and Granny Smith variety. It used to be Granny Smith my favorite but my taste bud change in the journey and now Fuji is my new favorite. :-)

Okay, since I love eating apple, I came to observed that it stains teeth if you don't brush your teeth after eating such. Looks like it is just the same like staining teeth while smoking or drinking coffee!

I also tried apples floating it with water in a pitcher but such way didn't last long, in fact, I just did only once because of the fact that I have to brush my teeth every now and then after drinking such. And I'm not fond of brushing it. Ha! You know, looks like that's only what I can do for the entire day, hello, I have a lot to do, so goodbye doing water fruit infuse with water! And every time I eat apple I have to teeth-brush which is okay and tolerable.

May 11, 2013

When it comes to beauty, it is important to consider the role of regularity. If our body is not flushing out toxins (which is responsible for releasing wastes) regularly , it will show on our skin. It can appear as breakouts, rashes, and pallid, lackluster skin, according to my ever dearest expert beautician and medical experts. Although there have been models, actresses, and other great beauties obsessed with inside/out beauty, it should become an integral part of the total beauty regimen in everyone’s lives.

Anyway, you don’t have to buy expensive pills just to eliminate wastes to our body. Everything can be found in the kitchen just like drinking plenty of water. We need lots of water to push wastes and toxins through our body system. Try to drink about six to eight glasses daily. Detoxify the body by eating fruits and vegetables. Try to eat as many fresh foods as possible, including the skin, for optimal fiber intake. Fiber is the most important vehicle for proper elimination of waste, and there are two types of fiber to consider when reading labels, the soluble fiber, which lower your cholesterol, and insoluble fiber, which helps to combat constipation, hemorrhoids, and colon cancer.

Good luck to our daily regimen, eating and drinking and alike. All the best! :)

April 26, 2013

I have noticed that most herbal coffee or tea has this Ginkgo Biloba ingredient. I actually didn’t know what Ginkgo Biloba does to our body, and where did it come from.

According to experts, Ginkgo Biloba used to treat lack of concentration, lack of energy, dizziness, absent-mindedness and confusion. It increases cerebral blood flow, and it may help with ringing in the air and may improve hearing. But this Ginkgo Biloba should not be taken for those who have anti-inflammatory medications or blood-thinning medications. And if you are treated for infertility, this should not be taken also. Furthermore, as it has been said, the Ginkgo Biloba leaf is one of the best selling herbal products in the world. The green leaf is extracted from the Ginkgo tree which is native to Asia, however, it is grown worldwide. The active ingredients in the extract are the Bilobalide, Ginkgoflavoneglycos, and terpenelactones including ginkgolides A, B and C. In Asia, ginkgo tree extracts have been used for more than 5,000 years for treating cardiovascular problems as well as lung disorders.

How about you, do you know what this Gingkgo Biloba is and what benefit does it bring to our body and health? If so, how do you like it?

April 19, 2013

Exercise is important at every stage of life. It makes you stronger and helps battle high blood pressure, heart disease and more. But as you get older, exercise takes on a much more important role in your weight-loss/weight-control regimen.

Exercise not only helps you lose weight but helps you keep it off. People who continue to exercise regularly are more successful at maintaining weight loss than those do not. Aerobic exercise also gets rid of abdominal fat, which causes more health problems than extra pounds on any other part of the body.

Exercise trends may come and go, but brisk walking is still the cheapest and easiest exercise you can do. A half an hour walk a day is a good way to start. If you can’t do it, take several shorter walks throughout the day. If you can, make walking your primary mode of transportation, if it is not that far.

April 13, 2013

All the food we eat, whether it’s a snack or a meal, should be very tasty and gratifying. If we choose delicious foods every time we eat, rather than trying to choke down foods we don’t like but think are good for us, we will be much more satisfied. And if you are always satisfied with your food choices, you are much less likely to obsess about food. Fortunately, there are literally hundreds of delicious and nutritious food choices out there, including many varieties of fruits and vegetables that you have probably never even tried.

Going shopping for food and cooking for yourself, rather than simply picking up a meal at the local fast food restaurant or heating up a frozen ready-meal are proactive ways to stop food obsessions. Not only do they make you more conscious of your food choices, but they also give you a sense of accomplishment. The simple act of preparing a meal also helps you to take time to nourish and provide for your soul.

April 12, 2013

Snacking is a Western obsession. I remember when we were still kids, eating in between meals were not introduce to us. But today, lots of people would opt to snack all day if they knew they wouldn’t put on weight.

Snacking has a bad reputation. People think that they should eat only three proper meals a day without anything in between. But when chosen wisely, snacks can be part of a healthy eating plan. Of course, if you snack all day long, that’s basically binge. And if you snack only on junk food such as crisps and sweets, that’s not good snacking. If you are munching on your child’s leftovers, that is not smart snacking either.

Snacking can be healthy, according to a nutritionist, but you have to be smart about it. Snacks need to fit in with your individual eating plan. They can’t simply be mindless eating without hunger. If you love to snack, you should be snacking smart.

December 11, 2012

Our body needs proper nutrition to keep us alive, strong and healthy. The different parts of our body work well when we eat the right kind and amount of food. It is important to consider the different nutrients we get everyday from the food we eat. Eat food rich in protein to help the body grow big and strong, carbohydrates and fats provide the body with heat and energy, and food rich in vitamins and minerals to make the body free from diseases and illnesses.

Eating a balanced diet helps maintain a pleasing personal appearance and good health. Always eat three meals in a day. Have a complete breakfast to give you the fuel needed by the body for the whole day activities. Eat green, yellow and leafy vegetables, and fresh fruits. Drink milk everyday. Avoid eating too much candies, chocolates, and junk food. They are not good for the body.

December 05, 2012

Many dogs suffer from digestive problems and surprisingly many of these problems are caused by dog foods. Most dog foods contain artificial colors, flavors and preservatives and dairy and wheat to preserve shelf life and to make cheap foods more palatable. However many dogs cannot digest dairy and wheat effectively which can cause discomfort, diarrhea and even skin irritations. In these cases hypoallergenic dog foods should be fed, which are specifically designed to contain only natural ingredients and no dairy or wheat. It is always important to carefully check the food labels to ensure you are fully aware of the ingredients within the food that your dog is being fed.

The common symptoms of a food allergy can include; diarrhea, constipation, bloated stomach, hair loss, excessive scratching and red patches on the skin.

To diagnose a food allergy a food allergy test has to be conducted. This will involve feeding a complete bland food such as canine i/d for four to twelve weeks whilst the symptoms your dog displays are monitored. During the test it is vital that no other food is eaten by your dog as this will void the trial. It is important to note that you should seek veterinary advice before conducting any kind of food trial as there may be an underlying health issue that needs to be diagnosed. Also the canine i/d diet is prescription only so should be prescribed by your vet first before use.

Liquid Paraffin may also be recommended by your vet as a treatment for constipation, however regular use is dangerous as it can cause a range of disorders by preventing the absorption of fat soluble vitamins, create foreign-body granuloma (the body’s response to foreign material within the tissue) and can even lead to lipoid pneumonia (pneumonia caused by lipids entering the bronchial tree). Therefore always seek veterinary advice before using this product and advice on the duration of treatment.

Pro-Kolin is great for the treatment of diarrhea. It contains natural binding ingredients which coat the lining of the gut to calm and improve the consistency of stools. It also contains prebiotics which encourages the growth of good microorganisms important for digestion.

(Thanks for this guest post Samuel Winters)

December 03, 2012

Being sick kills! Specially if you are living away from your parents. The care that your parents can give cannot be given by anybody that surrounds you. I am so afraid to get sick, that is the only thing I am asking from above to have a good health. Anyway, I read something on how to protect against cold. and I would like to share  that to you my dearies to get some information about it. And here it is:

1.) Wash your hands too often, and make it always clean.
2.) Do not smoke , smoking brings a lot of bad to our health.
3.) Avoid touching your face – this is I read online and this move can help you prevent against cold especially the eyes, mouth and nose areas.
4.) Make sure that your household is clean.
5.) Use paper towels to clean or disinfect.
6.) If someone in your family is affected with that virus, keep yourself away from him/her.
7.) Throw tissues away after use
8.) Control Stress – good not to be stress at all, this brings bad health. If possible think positively.
 9.) Get yourself a flu shot.

Hope this helps!

November 20, 2012

Anyone who loves coffee? Well I have a friend who cannot stand coffee at all. She gets immediately sick with coffee. So she rather have to drink tea instead of coffee. We all know that too much coffee is not good. Everything too much is not perfectly advisable.

Well, asking me I can have coffee and tea as well. Thankful that I don’t have that much problem for the two. But I always check on the best one to drink specially during colder days. For anyone who loves coffee then what kind of coffee do you really drink? A coffee with sugar or milk, or just pure coffee (as being called "black coffee")? Remember that coffee has its caffeine content so just take it easy drinking too much coffee and on tea as well. You can choose tea without any caffeine. Or in other hand, you have the option of having some cacao instead of coffee or tea.

You choose. :)

September 27, 2012

Rising health bills can drive one to save more or get more jobs to pay the bills. As one gets older, there are unavoidable medical bills, pills and tests. Life's journey has never been easy! However, there are ways that you could save money and time. If your doctor prescribes you five pills, ask if you need to take them all or not. Sometimes, only three drugs are a must and the rest of the vitamins and supplements may be taken as needed. Some drugs are considered essential while others may just serve as supplements. There are people who are susceptible to allergies, and this kind of people is really hard to take a medicine. Alright, in every problem, there is always a solution. If you suffer an inflammation, there is a natural way to treat and reduce the pain produced within an area of the body as a reaction to injury or infection.

You may try to drink nopalea. It’s a healthy concentrated wellness drink that could help to reduce pain quickly due to inflammation. It is extracted from the fruit of Nopal cactus, and it naturally sweetened with Agave nectar. The main ingredient of nopalea is the bioflavonoid which helps to combat against toxicity and reduce inflammation. This inflammation can lead to plenty of disorders if not treated right away. When you drink nopalea, it will work directly to the affected areas of the body. There are other health benefits that you could get from drinking nopalea regularly such as increasing energy level, improve immune system, and more.

By the way, you can try nopalea today for free. If you want to take the challenge, you can get the 32 ounce bottle of nopalea, and drink 3 to 6 ounces everyday until the bottle is empty. Fill out the challenge form honestly and truthfully, and review The Secret Killer Health Alert. These are all included in your shipment. Call Trivita to receive your free bottle of Nopalea.

August 21, 2012

Do you love eating banana? Asking me, YES! Banana fruit is one of my favorite. I think because I was born year of the monkey? Ha! Just kidding. :-D

Okay, everyday I must make sure to eat one or half a banana. I used to put it in a sandwich together with cheese. Usually before I sleep at night that's my food. Light and easy and healthy. Well, as I journey-out by surfing my Facebook today, I saw one of my friend posted about the health benefits of banana and I am happy to know these benefits and would like to share with my readers here: As it says, banana can help for those who wants to quit smoking (good that I am not a smoker, just that I love eating this fruit) , banana can boost brain power, relieves menstrual cramps (ladies try this), prevents anemia, promotes healthy bones, reduce depression (good for, lower risk of heart diseases and hypertension, regulates bowel movements (excuse to those who are eating now) and prevents people with ulcer. What do you think folks? Is this a myth or a fact? Well, for me banana is a fruit and all fruit are healthy so go for it.

Happy eating banana! :-)

August 13, 2012

The World Health Organization (WHO) has already declared obesity as a pandemic issue and for the time being it seems to be that it’s not going to come to an end or perhaps even just slowing down. Several authorities have tried to clamp down possible contributing factors by imposing sanctions to companies and establishments but it only brought chaos in an already complex situation that even the condition itself is so complex to understand. And the ironic part here is that it coexists with another equally serious health disorder which is malnutrition.

On the other hand, losing weight is an enormous problem for everyone to overcome but what I think is it boils down to a misguided game plan. Many have used protein drinks or supplements and totally avoid carbohydrates to start getting rid of the extra flab. And some even skipped meals, believing that it will increase the metabolism and subsequently lose weight. No argument to that and that is true but what many also don’t know is that the weight loss is just temporary as your body system is trying to adapt to the altered metabolism. Then your metabolism eventually slows down as there’s no food to break down in the process which causes a harmful metabolic changes in the body as your body tries to hibernate to conserve energy. So what about using atkins baking mix to enjoy cooking a low carbohydrates without doing anything excessive diet plan? That would be a great plan, what do you think?

Have fun on your diet journey!

July 21, 2012

If possible, having broccoli in every meal serves best to your health and your journey here on earth. Specially if you are high-blood, this is very good of taking-off those highs. Broccoli is known as great help to lower your blood and maintain it in the right pressure. I love broccoli folks, just boil or steam it, then it is ready to eat and add on your meal. This is very easy to cook and no need much time in preparing.

Aside from broccoli any vegetable salad will do also. You don’t need to be an expert to combine vegetables in making salad. We all know that vegetables are the most healthy ones than having meat every day.

Do you love broccoli pals? If not, then start adding it into your meal from now on and I can assure you that it will help you keep/maintain a healthy living. If anybody here have some healthy tips please do share in my post. I will surely truly appreciate it. I will surely get back to you and give thanks! ~hugs&kisses~

Are you on diet? Thinking of journeying towards it? If you do so, then watch on your intake. Make sure to avoid much calories in every food you take. Avoid too much calories. I have a friend who totally dedicates herself to be firm and sexy so what she does is she really has to avoid eating much carbo and food or drinks that contains higher calories. And yes, she has a very fit and healthy bod. In my case, sometimes do check on content but not totally avoiding them. So far, I do not need to go on dieting as I am not complaining yet into my figure now. I am well satisfied and thanks GOD for giving me a healthy lifestyle and of course it is always very good to watch out our intake. We must be aware that illnesses are just around the corner so we must fight on it if possible.

So if you have not given a chance to choose the right foods and drinks to consume, then maintain it. Do all the possibility to live healthy and in the future (apparently as now too) you will be the only who can benefits on it.

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