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August 01, 2013

Everyone needs to exercise. It can be of any form and type. It can also be indoor and outdoor exercise. Be it as dancing, brisk walking, jogging, running, set-up, push-up, crunches and many more. As we know, we have to burn calories stored in our body as we eat every now and then. It's great to do it, it's great to burn unwanted calories in our body. Also, it releases stress, tensions, bad moods and all that negativity one had in mind. It makes a difference if we are doing that with a good and right suit, isn't it?

Disclosure: I received product/s above for review purposes. Your thoughts and opinions may vary from mine. FYI, I was not compensated in return of this review. This is a 100% personal honest opinion of yours truly. 

I'm glad I've got pair of an Active Wear from Ellie. I have few suits but it also cool to have some more and with this cool active wear. I love the below the knee-type printed side bottom or the To Due for Capri (look for the capri, not the shirt) and that three-fourth two-in-one shirt, It Takes Two Top. It is a summery-look pair. It is fancy to me. Its fabric is soft, lightweight and feel so good having it while doing my exercise. I have to say Ellie got good stuffs and the best thing is, it is made in USA! I even want to shop more from their company, for now, I love to have another one of that top I got. Have a great day everyone! ~hugs&kisses~

February 13, 2013

I am a picky shopper when it comes to clothes, shoes and accessories. I am a savvy person but likes to have quality ones. I can even find myself hours of checking just to get what I really like to get. Ooh well, I am a woman! 

As you can see on my left side, I have been wearing a Red Dress with Rhinestones and Shawl on it. This is one of the biggest find I got. Ready to attend an event/ occasion or a cocktail party, isn't it? Also I got the Navy Sweat Suit on the third pic above, it's just a little long for me which is so usual for just a 5'2 height me. Ooh well. Smile. :) Its Black Cutout Scarf With Shredded Button is great. I love it as the hat and the scarf are together. Great for a cool weather these days along with the sweat suit. I got my baby girl a Beige and Pink 3pcs Track Suit and its cool as shown in the right corner (though, it's really of a cheap-y clothing but since it allows to warm her up then that's all matters and besides our place won't experience snow ever, so it's just fine. It's still great because of that fact. :)

My DH (Dear Husband) spoiled me of not to get something for himself instead she let me get for me in behalf of him. And so I got two hats: one is Ivory Floppy Bucket Summer Hat with Bow (obviously it is for summer, I just got it in preparation for Summer or Spring {since I live in an area where snow won't fall, so even if it's just Spring, it's more of Summer time} and I love the Ivory Summer Hat! The other one is a Black Fuzzy Soft Beanie which came out to be my new favorite hat during windy or cold days, yes I love it! The last but not the least, I got the Coral Straps Wedge Pumps to pair to pair with the red dress. Not that I thought it should be, it is dry in color and about orange not red, its heel also is not rubber but plastic makes it hard for me to use it. I tried to return but it's a hassle because I have to shoulder a return shipping fee, I just then decided to just stash it and if there's a chance that I can change its heel from plastic to rubber, then I'll do it. I think the color  and the long height will just be fine. All in all, I'm a happy camper!

March 28, 2012

Spring season has just kicked-in. It is the start of warm season. You might be looking forward of the spring cleaning so you are ready for summer but for me, I am already much ready anytime as I really like to splurge in the sun hopefully in the swimming pool too. As much as I am so ready of the warm weather, this "Mary Ellen" Made in USA dress that I got to review is very much perfect for the season. You know how I love dresses!

 I got the natural-colored Morocco Cafe Wrap Dress instead of the colored-truffle to which the color of the latter is the pictured below (note: that's not me in the picture below huh. Hehe! I know that's obvious but just want you to know. Smile). I love Mary Ellen! It is great that "fresh produce" clothing company also carry dress for beach, party dress, women skorts of which to name just a few.

Above pictures  of the model with truffle color and me below with the natural color of Mary Ellen Morocco Cafe Wrap Dress. I just want you to know that I would not dare to review if I am not satisfied with the dress I got. As always in my posts, I give my honest in-bias review. If I say, I like the texture of this dress, the way it looked as well as the way it has been made as much as this just only originally cost $84 which now on-sale of $57.99 (oops I am not selling, okay? I am just doing my review. Smile), I really do mean it because it is how I looked and felt it. Mary Ellen is just perfect for its company name "fresh produce" as it is produced freshly! I also like the fact that they ship quick!

October 05, 2011

For most people, the first thing they consider when buying new clothes, is whether they are going to be comfortable to wear or not. Comfort is the first priority for them either going to travel or in everyday lives. They also make sure that the clothes’ design is appropriate for the purpose for which they will be worn.

For women, wearing the right undergarments, is also important. They look for something that is made from materials that make it comfortable to wear. Best Body shaper can be worn to highlight a person’s body shape and to hide minor imperfections such as the extra pounds gain during pregnancy. The Best Bra for most women are something that is made from materials that do not cause discomfort to the person wearing them. It must fit properly and it must conform to body movements. It must also be designed in such a way that it able to hide back fat or bulges and can be worn under every kind of clothing.

February 02, 2011

We have different sizes which are small, medium, large, extra-large, extra-double large, triple extra large or the plus sizes. What is yours? Oops, nope, you do not really have to answer (of course) unless you like it but if you do, thank you so much (even if just utter it, mine is small, :P).  Since we do have such sizes, there are also plus size stuffs, which is just normal here United States of A and maybe on your country too. Big folks does not mean unhealthy unless if such person is overweight. Big folks is what USA is as most folks told. Well, it can be seen anyway. But again as I said, big person does not mean unhealthy. They are just plus size unless overweight.

January 02, 2011

It is just a wish because it is close to impossible. Why? It is not because I have been already married but because my hubby is not a Roman Catholic. Yes, many religions still have bridesmaids and wear bridesmaid dresses but because I do not think his religion has bridesmaids and sponsors like that. If they have, it is great yet still I want it like what I used to see aside from he never step or enter unto my church and I respect him as much as he respects my religion. After all, we are not that so religious. Now, you understand the scenario. :-) Yet, I still wish to have it. God bless to me. He he he! Ooh wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses, flower girls, etc. :-)

July 29, 2010

Basically, most women handle the shopping job. Either we like it or not we have to! Well, doing shopping is stressful but nevertheless, the end thing is we are happy and contented when our family has enough foods to eat and needed in the kitchen. We are also happy when we have good clothing. Well basic ones are the most important--not so particular with a lot of designs or "in" thing but what comfortable to wear, well bonus points to those who work a lot or can afford to buy those--they deserve it. For some women having a good lingerie is not important but lo and behold because that is the most important piece a person should need to have, for me. What do you think? Can you afford to have a good comfortable dress but deep inside there's something wrong or in the middle of special occasion you are uneasy because of it? How do you feel with that? ;-) Do you think it's fair? I hope you all the best. Oops! I love shopping especially if it is on-sale (or discounts and alike)! ~hugs&kisses~

April 12, 2010

I so admire a woman who knows how to ride in a horse and fun riding with it. I wish to know but I guess I could only ride with it but not to maneuver the horse and let it go wherever I want to go but perhaps if am serious enough on how to get on it and work hard with smartness, then I will learn. Being an equestrian is no joke and it requires an effort, time and money but nevertheless, it will be worth it when it is what one desires. Stuffs like equestrian clothing is a must like this below:

lady riding a horse (image is courtesy of an equestrian apparels site)

Is it cute or what? It is really cute and pretty for me! I wonder how she did it. Hmmm.. am now wondering.. interested eh? She has cool outfits and looks she's having so much fun. Enjoying of what you are doing is great especially if you have the stuffs needed on being an equestrian or at least just know how to drive a horse.. :) Cool, isn't it? Well, enjoy... :)

March 20, 2010

We all know that March is a graduation month. Usually on the third to the last week or falls on the first week of April in the Philippines but here in USA, they called this as Spring closing. This kind of compassion calls for tuxedos for men or to the the father of the graduating student. Male administration staffs and professors usually wear one in times like this. I remember one of a co-blogger daughter ask the mother why is it that there are many waiters on that day. The mother just laughed secretly after she remembered the graduating students on the graduation ceremony they attended. That is funny and cute. :-) After all, most waiters in a formal restaurants does wear tuxedos but that doesn't mean that they have to be under-looked or overlooked, right? :)... Love ones can also give it as a gift should a person like to do so. So then, have a fun graduation to the graduating and to the parents and alike that does wear a cool tuxedo outfit. You are such a respectable one. Keep going.. ~hug~

March 15, 2010

How do you like designer clothes folks? Do you want it as that you have to save so if you have enough already you can buy it? Or you just simply like it? Designer clothes like of Free People are just simply awesome for this spring season. As in you will love to have it if you like fashion with design. Is spring here yet? Oops, I am wondering if spring is already here since yesterday is the change of time here USA (excluding Hawaii and Arizona) --- it is already one hour forward meaning it is already sixteen (16) hours behind of time from Philippines (am specifying this to those Filipino folks who have families here in US and are watching their clocks for the time being). I have heard that spring is yet to come, some said it will be on the this twentieth (March 20) for ET (Eastern Time) or twenty-first (March 21) for Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) and some said it is already Spring because the clock change one hour already yesterday, which is which anyway? Whatever it is the thing is spring season is here or coming! So a season of about see-through clothes or thin too! :-) Are you ready? :-) For me, I am really ready for the sunshine! How about you, are you excited? :-)

December 10, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

When someone loves riding horses, one will likely to have an equestrian apparel. Getting it is what equestrian's basic need. One couldn't imagine in horse racing show if don't have it. It's just that it's an essential stuff and that's what equestrian loves to. He/she likely have a complete set. Ooh well, that's their hobby or a job. I guess there's some big deals of apparels nowadays because it's Christmas time. So you guys out there who loves riding horses, either an amateur or a pro, have the best comfortable apparel.. enjoy horse riding!

August 11, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

It's summer now and soon it will then be fall season then. Spring, Summer, and Fall we could have fun mostly at any day we want. Anyway, just reminiscing the Winter season.. (~_~). It's also fun throwing snow balls and making snow man you know.. Anyway, I just remember that whatever season it is one should taking care of its patio furniture in order to look pretty cool longer. I guess patio furniture covers is important to preserve its beauty and look for formal gatherings as well. Do you agree?

August 03, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Are you fond of shopping in a bulk? Are you businesswoman? You like signature clothes? Want to find e-store that you can bid for how much is the price you like for such bulk items? Shopping of wholesale clothing is an advantage to save money and time as well as effort. For now, many business owners are chasing of summer blowout sale. Some likes to enter contest for free(if there is). Some likes to bid to get what they want. Wanna join and bid? Have some fun searching what you like and be sure to bid good as to your maximum money preference or whatever your decision is. It's on your like folks. Have fun! (~_~)

July 22, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Hemmm... wearing tuxedo is a formal outfit for men and male kiddos as well as for women too! It is commonly use in formal gatherings and parties like wedding, school gatherings, ballroom dancing, in fancy restaurant, or any program which requires to wear a formal dress much especially of tuxedo. And hey, tuxedo outfit requires or would not be completed without a tuxedo shirt which fits of it. As what my friend said, it could be of selection of fabric and designs of which it is then a selection of Wing collar, lay down, and branded. And mostly I found, it is of color white, ivory, and black for the service industry. While I was in the Philippines(my country home), only seldom I saw(while I was there) wearing tuxedo. Or perhaps I just lived in a place where seldom formal peeps and formal gatherings which require this attire to wear. Mostly, I remembered back in my junior high school years up to college that men must have to wear formal attire in promenade time, awarding of honors, graduate, final ballroom class, etc. And for women mostly in fancy restaurants and hotels--waitress, and receptionists. And here in America I found a lot wearing of this mostly in wedding ceremony and as I said in formal gatherings and parties.


April 04, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Hello everyone, sorry for delayed for you know I was some kind of busy doing stuffs here and there especially looking for a suit that satisfies my body for the season. I wanna tell you about my great shopping experience. Since I know my size already, I prefer to shop online to save time and effort, much more that am looking for a sale. heheheh. So then, I got stumbled upon the ShopWiki e-store. And as I was there I got into Clothing For Women Buying Guide which of course satisfies my category as a woman that gives me the good time to browse what I want to and the buying guide is awesome! It will tell you the info' s you like to. There are also designers clothes if you want to and it's there's also lots of latest fashion trends if you're fun of trendy clothes guys. And you can find good deal! Isn't that awesome folks?
With that, since it's Spring season already that it's time to change our clothes from thick ones to the light ones. From thick coats and dresses down to the sundresses. Wow! I love sundresses! I have sundresses but just few so I will have to add more because it will be hot soon. And I got sick if my body won't adopt to the surroundings so am preparing now. So I got this Spring Style Guide For Women and there I find it under the Bright and Light. I just like because I can also see the diffe
rent styles from signature ones to the not-so signature but of good quality and a good price. Wow! I can't wait to see it personally as it will be delivered to our home.
Moreover, I thought of sharing the website to my husband because he's thinking few days ago of buying an office suits particularly the belt and shoes in addition to what he had so what I did is I clicked to the clothing buying guide and there I find
Clothing for Men as one of the highlights of the page and I shared it to him and now he's browsing on his other computer. We will have to order in one time so it will be delivered together. So then, happy shopping everyone!


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