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November 27, 2013

Tomorrow (Nov 28, '13) will be the Thanksgiving Day celebration here in United States of A. So this is a pre-day greeting to all of you folks! Am I the first one to greet you? I hope so! Ha ha!

And so, what is your plan for tomorrow? What will you be preparing? Turkey, green beans, mashed potato and some wine? Some music? Ah ha! I bet it would be a lot of fun for family, friends or colleague. That is so awesome of  you guys! I also think you would go to the church as a basic solemn place to thank God above everything else, or it is not really necessary to go there if it is not possible. One can even pray in the solemn place in the house, but of course it is great to be in the church --- whichever works, right?

Once again, Advance (for tomorrow) Happy Thanksgiving everyone! For me, I'm always thankful that I'm still here doing some posting. I'm thankful of you!

Have a great day and continue to be grateful for every challenge and of course the smiles. Be optimistic as well as realistic. Don't forget to be happy despite of the downs or trials in life, it's just spices. Hold your ground. Smile! :-)

May 11, 2013

Mother's Day (May 12th) is fast approaching. How do you like to surprise your mom buying her wishlist so she can be happier than ever?

A great way to save money on furniture, lighting, cookware or any household products, is to look for a coupon code or discount coupon at first before doing shopping. Another way to save on those items is to buy it used except for the lighting but of course buying new ones. A lot of people are uncomfortable with an idea of buying used furniture, but buying used gives you the chance to save money and buy a much better piece of furniture. However, if you don’t like the idea of buying second hand furniture like dining table, chairs, bed, dresser, sofas, bookshelves, TV stands and more, but you feel that your budget is hurting, then looking for its coupon codes, is a smart idea. Yes, buying brand new ones are always the best, meaning, one has to find a discount coupon code to can enjoy the saving instantly. Isn't it awesome that you get discount by having such?

You will see a variety of furniture stores, which offer great discounts by providing coupon codes that are ready for grabs. I was at the site earlier, and while I was navigating the site, I found a beautiful closet for my daughter. I like the style plus the paint really match to the other furniture in my daughter’s room. I wish the coupon code is still available by the time I have extra money to shop for this baby closet. I really love it. You may like to check it out for yourself too. You know, it's always great to give moms the stuff(s) they like/want to have. This is a great time for that. Have a great day. All the best!

March 19, 2013

When the holiday season starts, people tend to make a lot of excuses and pretend to be always hungry in order to try all the sumptuous dishes being served in the dining table. It is going to be an endless adventure of munching for the entire week. This is going to be fun but just imagine the amount of calories that you’ve been accumulating. You’ll just be surprised when you get to bond with the weighing scale when the season ends.

As much as possible, discipline yourself not to over eat during the entire season. It’s okay to taste everything but make sure that everything is in moderation. After all, when the summer season arrives, there is a need for you to shed off extra fats to be able to fit into your gorgeous bikinis. Do yourself a favor, if you could maintain your slim figure, much better. This isn’t just for looking sexy but for health purposes as well. Obese people are more prone to diseases compared to the physically fit ones.

"Health is wealth" , please remember that. 

January 31, 2013

Valentine’s Day is at the heart of prom and formal dress sales, which take place from mid-January to first week in February. Usually, when you buy prom dresses a week before Valentine’s Day, you may find huge discounts, but if you shop days before Valentine’s Day, don’t expect that you could get a discount. However, there are online stores that offer huge discounts on prom dresses all the time.

High school and colleges will soon to have a promenade night, and they will for sure are looking for elegant and stylish prom dresses. I remember when I was in high school; we had a prom night, and I did not remember who looks for a gown for me. It was just a simple gown (and I don't even like it, to the extent that it did brought me confident the entire event. Ha ha ha! Ooh well.) and no fancy accessories.

Nowadays, prom dresses are so lovely, especially if it is made by a well-known clothes designer. The new generations prefer to buy designer clothes because for them, fashion is very important. In addition to that they are often better made than most off-brand clothing. They use fabrics and tailoring that drape on the body so well. Some women, when they discover a particular designer whose work fits them well; they usually became a constant or frequent customer of that designer.

Anyway, if you have been looking for gowns on any occasions such as prom night, party, homecoming, ball night, debut, to name a few, you might like to check cool sites like Milanoo, huge selection of elegant and stylish high-quality gowns that fits within our budget are surely what we are looking for, isn't it? It makes me mesmerized with the style and design of their gowns, especially the new release like that of prom dresses 2013.

Shopping for formal wear does not have to be a budget-breaking proposition, even though it tends to be the most expensive clothing there is. The best advice for saving money on your fancy clothes is to shop with savvy-ness on mind.

Have fun shopping then! :)

December 13, 2012

Time flies too fast, soon it will celebrate the birth of Christ. This season reminds me of how precious Christ is, he is the Father , the Son and the Holy Spirit! I am not into religious topic here, just reminding everyone to try to think of Him not only this coming Christmas but every day! I am now completely fine in every Christmas, I have Sam who fills up the emptiness in me. She makes me happy and complete. So, I am planning to buy some presents for my angel. She brings the world to us with her dad. No matter what, I will do the best I can as a mom. God has His plan for me as a mom and for Sam.

Well, Christmas is the time of giving and for you guys out there be prepared. Prepare for foods and drinks! Smile. :-) Give and don’t expect for returns. God knows what you are doing so leave it all to Him. He is the one in control! Right?!

November 20, 2012

Honestly, what do you think when it comes to pretzels? Alright, you may think the traditional pretzels to which it can be located under snacks/junk foods or something to munch on. Oops you got to recheck if you think such, that's because what you saw are products from Pretzel Crisps Deli Style which can be found in deli area of the grocery store. And yes, different texture and taste from the traditional ones.

It has seven (7) different flavors, to names are: Sesame, Buffalo Wings, Original, Garlic Parmesan, Everything, Chipotle Cheddar and Jalapeño Jack. For me, I like most the Everything flavor. Though all are salty but I eat it with something sweet like that of peanut butter. 

I think this is great to give as a gift to your mother or friends who loves cooking, as a celebration of Thanksgiving or a way of thanking her in any way when it comes to foods that gives impact on you. :-)

What do you think? And so, Happy Thanksgiving then! All the best!

August 28, 2012

A usual party can be made into a unique and fabulous one if the party organizers try to widen their perspective and try out new things instead of the ordinary things that party goers expect. What makes a particular party exciting? Apparently, there are a lot of factors to consider. First and foremost, is the venue where the party is held. If there is enough space for the specific number of invited guests then there is enough room for fun for everyone. Next, there’s the food and the drinks. It is therefore necessary to hire a trusted catering service provider. Then, the next important thing is the dress code. If one would like to have a party that is apart from all the others, a costume is a big hit.

Since there are a lot of ideas to choose from, the guests can come anyway they like it. They can come dressed like kings or queens. Others can also come dressed in nurse costumes. Those who fancy to be winged creatures, they can come dressed in angel costumes, too. Those who like to be furry things can sport bunny costumes. Some other ideas such as masquerade or favorite celebrity look are sure way to make a party truly memorable.

Sure, it would be a great party journey for you and everyone if all are dressed-up according to a party costume agreed!

May 09, 2012

Yes, four days ago I had my "Forever 25" birthday. I just hide my age in that phrase in quotation mark as you read. Ha! And now, it is my baby love daughter's month day. And minutes from now, I have to get ready to leave to go to church with my friend Te Claudia, whom was not present in my after-day birthday (a day after my birthday) celebration with my friends. My family's celebration was on the day of my natal day. Me and my two friends (one with her family, much thankful she has with them which made it more) were present in one restaurant, Sizzler. I love the idea of being in a serenade. Ha! My first time being serenaded during my birthday. It made my day! The waiters and waitress along with my friends sang along and I was just smiling all the way. I can't thank them  more for making it a very happy one. We're just few but very happy. I think I can share you the video which my friend A took. Next time. For now, I have to go on the next round so I can already prepare to go to church, my friend C would have waiting for us with my daughter. Bye for now. Thanks for being here.

April 20, 2012

Everyday life, everyday journey, is there any difference? Monotonous? You might think. But oops! If you think about that, then please think again! There are many things to forward to. There are many things to be able to happy and gay. Don't you think? If not, then think once again (this is for your own good, forgive me to let you think thrice but this is for your ownself). Life is not just about struggles, household chores, kitchen journey, watching and doing some sports-related stuffs but yeah and again there are many and among them are having parties, going vacation, food trips, strolling and many more. Yes, party! When there is a party, I expect there is also some laughs, karaoke or dancing (either which). With such, party invitations, is just a need especially here in United States of A that every person needs an invitation or else you will be called a gate or party crasher (well, I think family members are excluded to that, obviously. *wink*) I am telling you about that because I want you to look forward of your life if you think it is already monotonous, because you deserve the former which the goal point is to be happy and forget about problems. Problems are always there, it is already our twin as a life sojourner so we have to know how to deal with it. And one thing to, is to distract such and look forward (or backward happy memories) for happy moments. Let us not give "nega" a thing to be with such. Let us attract positive vibes, apparently not the negative ones. Let us be optimistic in any sense! So let us party like a rock star! Ha ha! Why not? So plan yourself having a positive vibes to attract positive vibrations, okay? Party for love (of having a beautiful life) and get that invitations ready!

February 14, 2012

How was your Valentines Day everyone? I hope you guys enjoyed it as you like it to be. Some others don't celebrate such because they said they are already celebrating it everyday. Yes, it is. But for me, every 14th of 2nd month of the year has to be something special for two hearts in-love or if you have no special someone of opposite sex, no worries. VD has to be unique than any other day. Be it in a simple way or the fancy one, nonetheless, as long as you don't forget to celebrate it. How? Maybe just by giving some flowers, necktie pin, maybe hat or anything (or something) that special to someone/family circle loves or like to have. It is a bonus if it last long. The flowers (shown in the images) which my DH gave it to me was advance (yes, he gave it lately, the evening of 13th) as there's some story about it. It is a bonus to my part. :-) DH actually don't like giving flowers to me at first (three years ago was his first of handing me flowers and from that year onward he swallow his pride just for me. I know it's sweet of him.), but he then realized that what counts is what makes me happy. I can recall he has something for me in every occasion and that mostly jewelry. To cut the cost off (which I decided myself), I tell my DH days before that I only want flowers and nothing else (well, to get batteries of my watches too, it's so simple I know. But I like it this way, this is me and nothing but what I like/want. *wink*). And he did, I am truly happy wifey. Less cost! Savvy, eh? ;-)

 I don't care if it won't last as long (this bouquet of flowers lasts a week after valentines because of the flower foods to put in a liter of water and place in a vase where the flowers sit) as the money equivalent won't. It's the thought that counts, you know. And that's how am being happy at the same time we save. :-)

Let's not forget guys that Valentines Day is not only for lovers but also for family circle and alike. So all hearts can enjoy. Now, enjoy responsibly! :-)

January 25, 2012

Time flies so fast  and long before you know it, little Cupid will be in the center of everyone’s attention again all there will be loads of hearts, flowers and reds everywhere. A few weeks before the great V day, don’t you think it is about time to hit the mall (or click your mouse, whichever is most convenient to you) and search for that special present for that special someone in your life this Valentines? Of course getting him, or her, the same thing you gave him or her on Christmas or New Year’s or any last special occasion will defeat the element of surprise and would probably fail to put a smile on his or her face. So, forget about expensive jewelries, you might not even afford it and your sweetheart might just end up keeping it in her jewelry box for fear of losing it once he or she has worn it. Think more of a lovely romantic dinner date for two at one of those plush restaurants in the city. Or probably a weekend getaway for two would also do the trick. Or, maybe you can get him or her one of those special Valentines Zenni Optical sunglasses. They are not only fashionable and sturdy, they also make for practical and functional gifts, am sure your sweetheart will love.

December 27, 2011

Another Christmas season I am going to spend here in United States of A. This counts from four years ago. My journey isn't easy, it isn't hard either. I don't have regrets, it's only that if only, God spared the congenital defect of my daughter which nobody (yes, even my doctor!) knows when I was still pregnant. Oops! Not that way, nobody can question God, alright. It's just that I am in the modern place and one of the top country in the world (if not number one), why oh why? I could go on and on but then, it's too late to say it since it's already here. My precious one and only baby had her first open-heart surgery already to which, she will going to have other two to correct fully the defect, of course she can live a normal life just like any other child and can do stuffs like them, isn't that great? I am thankful that she's with us and very active one after such incident she had. She smiles, giggles, coos, babbles and even imitate my smiles. Ooh laughter's and tears bind together makes me complete. I admit, it is no easy one. I am the only one that can give her the milk and medicines. Yes, her daddy can but I am the one, primary one, who's going to prepare for it in time, sometimes, when DH like to help me. No family and friends to support me hands-on. And DH said he cannot afford for a nanny since we're just on an average-income family. And he has to work in order to survive. Imagine that! Okay, so much about it. We just have to focus the lighter note, what better to talk on anyway. Let's just have to focus the bright side that makes the equilibrium higher than the opposite one. I am so much blessed to have my baby love. And that makes me merry this Christmas despite of the other lacks. God is good! How about you, what can you be thankful for as being merry for this Christmas? Being alive is more than enough, so, we must embrace that! Merry Christmas everyone!

December 24, 2011

Christmas shopping does not mean you have to spend a fortune just so you can give every friend, family member and loved ones a present this Christmas. If you know the right places to search and buy gifts, you will have big savings and much worth for every cent you spent. Check out those midnight sale and end-of-season sale where they sell items and products with great discounts. Imagine getting the same quality and brand at a cheaper price. Your friends will thank you for the beautiful gift and your pocket will be delighted, too!

You can also check out warehouse or depot outlets who sell products at a steal. Check out alternative merchants, too, that will give you more value for your hard-earned money. Like this company for example that sell economical eyeglasses and prescription glasses. For a very reasonable price you get a pair that is not only fashionable and durable but also one that would not charge you more with additional expenses on marketing and what-no's. They bring their products directly to the buyers with no middlemen and additional retail expense to worry about.

Giving gifts this Christmas need not be a cause for worry if you know the right place to shop!

December 09, 2011

 It will be only  few more weeks into Christmas plus I bet a lot of us are still looking for things to give our dads or the other men in our lives. I think you will agree when I say that giving gifts to men is no easy feat. It is almost always a struggle to hunt for the best items you’d think they will like. Maybe, for a change, this year. How about gps with bluetooth for that? It is not only useful item to give, but it will also satisfy the techie side of the most important man in your life. How cool is that? :-) We always have to remember that a daddy/husband is one important person in the family. He is the one who brings food in the table (though there are also moms does). Isn't it sweet if you could give him something especial this Christmas to show your love to him? You could make him smile whatever gift you could hand-in as long as a love is there.

As usual, I am hunting the Worldwide-web for possible gift ideas for friends and loved ones. You know Christmas is coming up. Giving gift is something a culture of everyone when its this season of the year. It is one journey of being kind, literally. :-)I bet you are also planning of what to give for your loved ones and friends. For me, hopefully, I would have extra bucks for such and everyone. Well, currently, I am browsing this in ear headphone reviews as I am considering getting some for my music-connoisseur friends as I said earlier, as a Christmas gifts. Almost everyone now owns mobile music players or mp3’s, even children. Would you believe, that I think it best to give them a headphone or any similar accessories that will go well with their latest favorite gadget. I hope I will stumble into a bargain so I can get several items at one time, I don’t think these items will come cheap! Don't you think?

November 24, 2011

Today, the 24th of November, year 2011 marks the date for Thanksgiving celebration here in United States of America. I don't have the luxury of scouring how the Thanksgiving began, its history, all I know from its word is giving "Thanks" to those people or alike who/which makes people of USA (and to those celebrating) they are today. I want to take this opportunity to thank my friends and acquaintances who makes my world  meaningful as with them. Thank you (you know who you are) for being there for me when I need you.

Alright, this is a time of being grateful so, ungrateful isn't the thing, ha ha, oops! No talking negative thoughts unless if its good for the situation. Positive thinking attract positive vibes. Oops! Where am I? Alright, am just here and I found where I ended up and where should it has to be. Am just being thankful! THANK YOU for being YOU! Thanks to you too who are reading this message of mine. God bless and enjoy the Thanksgiving Day! Have a great one!

November 17, 2011

Thinking of what better things to give your yogini friend as Christmas presents? Why not check out those beautiful Crystal Singing Bowls while having one of your shopping journey moment. These are lovely handmade singing bowls made from the finest and highest quality Quartz Crystals which your friend can use during her meditations. Crystals are also believed to have healing features that made these singing bowls ideals for healing and therapy sessions. What is even better is these items are available in different sizes so you can choose which one fits your friend’s preference the most. They are also built to be hard-wearing so your friend can enjoy your gift for a long time.

September 02, 2011

Where will be a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship go? As they journey each other from dating unto that relationship, they would surely go into higher level if they are serious with each other. Well, it will just be into wedding, right? But before that, there must be first an engagement. Well, mostly has an engagement party first but some prefer not, but of course it is great to have one. There would be an engagement party or not, but an engagement rings like titanium rings is a must for a thoughtful and lovable one. A girlfriend would surely appreciate her boyfriend's thoughtfulness and an idea, who wouldn't? Well, unless if a girl is not serious but then, that's out of the picture, since we are talking here about a serious relationship.

Since a man and a woman (as gf-bf) already engaged and here comes soon enough the big day, wedding day soon, the guy already prepared their wedding rings just like an amazing tungsten rings prior to such. Two rings, is very much important during these celebrations. It symbolizes the event, the very moment they already are  one. Without it, the essence of engagement and marriage lost. So, that very first day or such an event it should have to be present. Ooh well, I never heard of an event without it especially if it has a party. Don't you think?

July 19, 2011

This picture was taken by my friend, Analou's husband. Thanks by the way for this image as I can share it to you the pigged-out we had in my friend Chelle's house last July 10th. Sure, it is great to have a whole roasted pig (Filipino party specialty and one of the important foods in every occasion when talking about Pinoy party) on the table together with the other foods (of course). Before, I really thought I could never eat this food anymore. Well, until I found my friends. It is really a good journey when precious friend are there along the way, isn't it? Knowing that my place is more of a Chinese community that's why I thought of such but then social network, telecommunication and Internet does miracle unlike the ole days. After that time, I was not able to do my do-it-your own other cooking recipe than pork as the main ingredient because I have the roasted pork "bring-home" to which I cooked through vinegar and soy sauce together with spices like garlic, black pepper leaf, black pepper seeds (to which DH don't like me to put unto it when it is whole, it is hassle for him to get it, *grin* . If it is crushed black pepper seeds, it's fine) and a little of water. Remember not to mix the laddle mix the ingredients when putting up vinegar, not until the vinegar already boiled. I got this tip from Panlasang Pinoy website and it works for me. My friend Chona by the way told me the easy way how to cook "paksiw" or the vinegar and soy sauce recipe. Thanks to Chelle for inviting me and to all the good friends as well as new friends. :-)
Can you guess where am I there? And what recipe is  missing above (look from the first pic *wink*)? I cooked spaghetti by the way for my potluck. Everyone had a happy pigged-out!

July 12, 2011

Am a bit of party whore. Ha! Okay, these days I am but not the older days. The baby-in-my-tummy likes to go parties, likes crowds. Ooh yeah, likes in front of many people as mommy said. :-) When I was young, I don't like attending such, I avoid parties though I like mingling people but party is not on my calendar, young-vocabulary or such. But then it changed when I got pregnant. Am always alive when I have invitations even if DH could not come, I insist going alone (okay with friend or friends, oops! even just me!). I don't know where I got my energy but I love it! 

Last Sunday, I had my self-proclaimed statement to my husband, yes a bit of promise that this would be my last party attendance. Teehee! It's not that I don't like anymore but husband and my doctor advised me not to be in crowd because a pregnant woman has a weak immune system and it will affect a child-in-my-tummy whatever will happen to me. Alright, am such a bit of stubborn. What can I do, I have awesome and lovely friends whom I want to be with. And yes, I had attend an awesome first birthday of baby Julianna, Chelle's only daughter (for now *wink*). And she has awesome friends too whom I met when I was there. I have friends as well that made me enjoyed much. Though we haven't been swimming in their pool and sang a song (karaoke) but it's fine, we enjoyed anyway. Thanks to my friend Chelle and her husband Bill for inviting me on their child's First Birthday. Meet and greet and the pigging-out was successful especially that a whole roasted pig and a lotta foods were served, ha! Thanks guys! To Analou and Dennis, thanks for the ride! God bless! (By the way, DH thought I was just going to Airlane Ave, Los Angeles only he find out when I was home that it was in Lake Elsinore, ha! But I was safe and sound and he permitted me so that was no big deal. What a brave prego me, huh! *wink* Ah, pregnancy journey. :-) )

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