November 27, 2013

Tomorrow (Nov 28, '13) will be the Thanksgiving Day celebration here in United States of A. So this is a pre-day greeting to all of you folks! Am I the first one to greet you? I hope so! Ha ha!

And so, what is your plan for tomorrow? What will you be preparing? Turkey, green beans, mashed potato and some wine? Some music? Ah ha! I bet it would be a lot of fun for family, friends or colleague. That is so awesome of  you guys! I also think you would go to the church as a basic solemn place to thank God above everything else, or it is not really necessary to go there if it is not possible. One can even pray in the solemn place in the house, but of course it is great to be in the church --- whichever works, right?

Once again, Advance (for tomorrow) Happy Thanksgiving everyone! For me, I'm always thankful that I'm still here doing some posting. I'm thankful of you!

Have a great day and continue to be grateful for every challenge and of course the smiles. Be optimistic as well as realistic. Don't forget to be happy despite of the downs or trials in life, it's just spices. Hold your ground. Smile! :-)


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