April 20, 2012

Everyday life, everyday journey, is there any difference? Monotonous? You might think. But oops! If you think about that, then please think again! There are many things to forward to. There are many things to be able to happy and gay. Don't you think? If not, then think once again (this is for your own good, forgive me to let you think thrice but this is for your ownself). Life is not just about struggles, household chores, kitchen journey, watching and doing some sports-related stuffs but yeah and again there are many and among them are having parties, going vacation, food trips, strolling and many more. Yes, party! When there is a party, I expect there is also some laughs, karaoke or dancing (either which). With such, party invitations, is just a need especially here in United States of A that every person needs an invitation or else you will be called a gate or party crasher (well, I think family members are excluded to that, obviously. *wink*) I am telling you about that because I want you to look forward of your life if you think it is already monotonous, because you deserve the former which the goal point is to be happy and forget about problems. Problems are always there, it is already our twin as a life sojourner so we have to know how to deal with it. And one thing to, is to distract such and look forward (or backward happy memories) for happy moments. Let us not give "nega" a thing to be with such. Let us attract positive vibes, apparently not the negative ones. Let us be optimistic in any sense! So let us party like a rock star! Ha ha! Why not? So plan yourself having a positive vibes to attract positive vibrations, okay? Party for love (of having a beautiful life) and get that invitations ready!


  1. Sam D. said...
    Happy weekend to you and to your family Cai. Kumusta na? :-)
    Cacai M. said...
    Hi Sam, thank you. I am alright, super busy lang. huhu.. will visit u soon. muahhh!

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