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October 09, 2012

Facebook really helps us to connect with our friends and family who are in a distance. Just by posting your photos, sharing what you have been up to and more, your readers, specifically your friends and family will be delighted to hear anything from you. Anyhow, how about personalizing your Facebook page, such as changing the appearance of your page by putting fb cover photos for Timeline? I guess it is more fun if we could change it and have our very own style and design. I know exactly the place where you could get this beautiful and attractive design for your page. Just click the link that I have I provided, and you will see what I was talking about.

August 21, 2012

Do you love eating banana? Asking me, YES! Banana fruit is one of my favorite. I think because I was born year of the monkey? Ha! Just kidding. :-D

Okay, everyday I must make sure to eat one or half a banana. I used to put it in a sandwich together with cheese. Usually before I sleep at night that's my food. Light and easy and healthy. Well, as I journey-out by surfing my Facebook today, I saw one of my friend posted about the health benefits of banana and I am happy to know these benefits and would like to share with my readers here: As it says, banana can help for those who wants to quit smoking (good that I am not a smoker, just that I love eating this fruit) , banana can boost brain power, relieves menstrual cramps (ladies try this), prevents anemia, promotes healthy bones, reduce depression (good for, lower risk of heart diseases and hypertension, regulates bowel movements (excuse to those who are eating now) and prevents people with ulcer. What do you think folks? Is this a myth or a fact? Well, for me banana is a fruit and all fruit are healthy so go for it.

Happy eating banana! :-)

August 14, 2012

Sometimes I feel like crazy remembering past negative vibes. So every time it attacks me I have to do something, to make those happenings in positive way. Looking back from the past is not bad but we all know that past has past. It is great to look back when such will do good for the present, otherwise, it is not healthy at all. We must look ahead of our future but we are just human sometimes we cannot avoid to think of it. Ha! Oops!

Anyway, I just remember that one of my old mate is now a successful business woman. I saw her Facebook and remembering the past that mate of mine did not have any plan to be a business woman. I am just happy with her achievement and now she finally has her own business. I am so glad that she did not forget me at all. She added me in her Facebook friends. So still good to remember the past but only those good times and some bad times, well if it would do good for the present (as I said) or for the future, then all is good to go. Yay, what a journey it has been. Smile.

May 11, 2012

Picture below is a bowl of pompano fish soup with lots of vegetables which apparently you can see it in the middle. The one in the right side fish is the pompano, a kind of fish which is so yummy-delicious for soup. My first time for this fish as made into soup. I am glad my friend P introduced this fish to me and I declare as so delicious for this kind of fish recipe. To go with the fish meat, on the left side is a non-fat brown and white rice {yes, I mixed it. You would surprise how tasty it is when you try it. Try it to taste for yourself. :-) }
I tell you it's so yummy! No cooking oil is present and lots of veges involve, is heaven to me! This picture got a lot of likes of my friends in my Facebook. I don't know if you like this but for sure me and my friends love this fish soup so much. Didn't I tell you that eating vegetables first makes me not crave for rice anymore? If you don't know yet, a meal for me isn't complete without a rice. It seems like it isn't a meal or I did not eat anything. Knowing such would be perfect for diet. Whew! What an awesome find. :-)

December 08, 2010

Here in USA. Here beside my husband's arms. Hehehe! Okay, here in our home, apartment rented home. So glad my travel yesterday was safe. By the way, I am currently using my husband's PC checking and a little write-up at the same time trying to figure out how to continue reformatting it using my drivers. Angelie did great of reformatting this but just have to adapt my place here especially the Internet network, have to connect it. Some drivers are lacking so I have to put it back on. For now, I do not have the guts of doing those things maybe tomorrow or the next day(s). With that, I expect no glory too. Ha! I still have to uploads tons of pics so the extended family back in the Philippines can see it, that is what they are after as of this moment so I may put it in Facebook first then go on with my other backlogs.For the meantime, I will be checking-in my emails and if I have task to do. I will be busy! Busy as a bee! Buzzzzzz.

(This post wasn't published as only half was done. This wasn't published unto its original date wrote but the original date remains it is. Just so if you  are wondering or maybe surprise if you subscribe on my RSS feeds or through email subscription.)

November 30, 2010

I am just sharing one of my favorite dish which was prepared during my thanksgiving celebration  four days ago. Yes, I celebrated thanks giving here same as thanksgiving date in USA. I never thought it is of exact day, I did not even plan it as thanksgiving but the thought is really is. Well, but not until I have seen a neighbor in Gingoog City commented in the Facebook wall of my sister that I celebrated the occasion here in Philippines particularly in Gingoog City, at my extended immediate family, father's place. 

blue marlin serviche ("kinilaw malasugi")

An image above is what the title is. The picture may not that good but the taste and actuality is. No other picture I got so to give a hint, this is it. :-) Yes, that is one of my favorite dish. My father and brother made that. If am not mistaken blue marlin or "malasugi" fish is the best one when it comes to that dish. Then rice and soft-drink after wards. Yummy! For sure, my Philippine vacation is not complete without this. I bet women and men loves this.

What do you think? Are you fond of ceviche? How do you like it?

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