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July 03, 2013

It is the little thingsthat drive you crazy: Where did I leave those papers? What is that guy’s name? Did I forget the bread again? What is her phone number?

In the grand scheme of things, they are minor lapses of memory. They may become more frequent and aggravating as you get older, but they are not necessarily a cause for concern. It may take you longer to remember a name than when were young, but you would probably retrieve it, even if it takes a few hours. To keep these petty memory problems from building up into major headaches, try some of the following memory techniques.

Pay attention. You often blame your memory when you can’t remember, but many times, it is just as much the fault of your attention span.

Make the unconscious conscious. Make a mental note of all the little things you usually do without thinking. Example: If you can remember where you left your car keys, every time you put them somewhere, stop and make a point of saying to yourself: I put my car keys on the table. It’s a new way of thinking, where you have to reiterate each action that you perform. Or, go back to where you came, in this way you are in the surrounding and the place you once forgot. Then you will be amazed, in few minutes of thinking you will get what you looking for.

December 05, 2012

You guys have experience to have itchy face? I read that having an itchy face has different reasons:

1.) It is caused by seasonal allergies.
2.) Dry skin
3.) Eczema
4.) Food and Medication Allergies
5.) Or, you didn't wash your face

To make sure, consult your doctor if possible. Or wash your face most often with mild soap then put moisturizer that fits on your skin. Some use Palmers product or Cetaphil which I heard help them. A friend of mine is using this now and she finds it very helpful, so I this might also work with you (or maybe not) if you are looking for some products for skin repairs, then you have now an idea to which you have to consult yourself/judgement first to try it or not. You can even read reviews online on how those  product (if you think putting-up something would do wonder) work as I said, it can help you decide. Or if you have allergies, avoid food that you are not allowed to eat. Or avoid stuffs that makes you itchy. This is not an easy situation, yes, itchiness is annoying indeed! So check, live freely and be happy!

November 25, 2012

Whenever we want something to be chilled or whenever we want to preserve some food, we place them inside our refrigerator. It is one of the most important appliances in our house because it can stretch the shelf life of almost every edible thing. Others can’t even survive if they don’t have a fridge at home.

However, we should also bear in mind that our fridge can become awfully smelly if not being cleaned up properly. There are several ways on how to neutralize its odor and one of which is to place a charcoal inside the refrigerator.  Coffee grinds placed in bowl can also do some magical powers to remove the odor as well as baking soda. There are also people who have been utilizing lemon juice combined with vinegar and water.

Accordingly, a teaspoon of vanilla in a cotton pad can also remove the odors. These are just few tips on keeping your fridge fresh and odor free.

May 11, 2012

Yes, the fresh lemons would do for cleaning the kitchen tiles.

As much as I know lemons can be a good cleaning stuff for stained clothes,a very good cure for cough, meat marinade, an ingredient for detox cleansing, a usual juice and the likes, this can also be a good stuff for cleaning. Just as I said, it is a great stuff or kitchen tiles cleaner, to name just a few! It's not that I know. But days before this day as I extracted a juice from it, there are residue spilled into the tiles of my kitchen. And before I knew it, it already made my hard to clean dark spots in the tiles now squeaky clean. Whew! What a good find. Now I know. You  know what, I find it very hard what to do with the above tiles in the kitchen in a savvy way (yep, I don't want to put grout on it, well, before putting such you have to let it clean so the dark spots won't be spotted still since our tiles in the kitchen is color off-white (close to white).

So, that's a great news to those moms/homemakers/housewives like me who wants to clean their kitchen in a savvy way. I got a juice at the same time I have cleaned my kitchen! What a great day! Smiling left and right me. :-)

July 07, 2010

(Guest blog post from Donovan Meridan)

In order for you to have a fabulous summer vacation, you need to be reassured that your home and it's contents are safe and secure while you are away. The following are some ideas and great tips that will give you peace of mind, so you can truly relax and enjoy your overdue and deserved get away.

Stop your mail and paper delivery. This is easily done through the US Post Office and through your local paper.

Close all interior doors in your home. If a fire starts in your home, having all of the doors shut may prevent smoke and fire damage to some rooms. if the fire is caught in time.

Have a light in the house or your porch lights set on a timer. A dark. empty house is just too inviting for those who wish to take your treasures.

Make sure you monitor your home security camera systems. How many of us have this feature, but do not use it? What a better deterrent to a burglar than a loud alarm going off when they break through a window or door.

Inform a neighbor you are friendly with or a family member that lives close by, of the days of your travel and have them check on the house once or twice during your vacation. This could prevent a lot of damage if something were to be found leaking or left running. Of course remember to give your neighbor or family member the instructions to work the Home Security Alarm or they will have a very embarrassing situation on their hands.

Do not mention you will be out of town on any social networking websites. It is just an invitation for theft.

June 03, 2010

For folks here in United States of A, Canada, Europe and some other places in the world, 18 days to go and it will be summer (June 21 is the exact date). And what have you plan for such season for your summer to do list? Lovers, family and friends surely have plans like going picnic, swimming, boating or many more but surely bicycling is one of the list. Simply because there is no rain involves when it is summer. Would you mind where do you want to go bicycling in the coming weeks? Wherever you want to, just be sure to have a great bicycle you can count on. Speaking of bicycle, Bob's Bicycle store has a great deal, coupons or discounts. You can have a whooping 10% discount and more or even can have free shipping with it. Most folks nowadays tightens their financial belts, who wouldn't? So when you want to get bicycle/s for this summer, I urge you to check out such store for super savings. Have a great summer bicycling fun! ;-)

March 10, 2010

Are you planning to have a car or to have a vehicle? If so, then car insurance is what you need. This is the basic key element when an individual if you want to drive and if you already passed a significant written and on-field test drive made my Department of Motor Vehicles, then you are good to go. Having accomplished it, then one is already excited to drive and expected to get a car insurance for a desired car to drive in. There are many car insurance companies that offer what one is going to get for safety purposes and looking forward for future security. Accidents are inevitable so this is really essential for every drivers. Thanks to DMV that this is a must in driving. Thanks also to technology that there is already a computer that anytime you want to request for a quote, you can have it at the snap of our fingers! --- pretty cool, isn't it? So then, enjoy driving but always take good care and be cautious.

January 24, 2010

posted by: Cacai M.

Usually I could only see people who smoke cigars at television and it is commonly a person who is a boss or at a high position. I could say the cigar image at the right side is mostly use by elite individual. This is by the way called in Philippines as "tobacco" or "tabako" in bisaya dialect. "Tabako" is mostly smoke by older adults and I could remember my step grandmother (deceased now) did used to smoke like this. My step grandma isn't rich but to them smoking cigar is better than cigarettes because the nicotine isn't that much---that's what I heard on my grandma. We even have a plant that she could get whenever it is already good to make for tobacco.

Haaay if only she's still alive would this be a good gift for her. Now I could say cigars are not only for men but for women. I could say women because there were also older women adults smoking tobacco or a fancy one called "cigars".. Hemmmm.. do you think it's cool this for a gift to those who loves smoking like this? I am also wondering how safe is this to the passive individuals just how cigarettes affect more to the passive(inhales the smoke but not the user) than an active(the smoker) individual. This could also be a good gift to person who fond of this, I think so.

January 11, 2010

posted by: Cacai M.

Oooh well, I am thankful that I can do things and stuffs mostly to which I wanted to and can relax to the my heart content---thanks to my husband dear for that. And now, I am on to off the clutter here in my internal PC stuffs. I have to clean the files and pictures that I no longer needed that just eating the memory of this PC. Secondly, on my BlogRolls---I will be checking on the do's and don'ts to which I don't want to disclose what specifically... just figure it out what.. (LOL).. And the next is on my blog generally. I have to inspect every details---I hope I can do what I wanted to, inspection eh? (LOL)... To move forward, I have to do more post and do some tasks---I don't want it on the 11th hour (it's not my thing and no plan to against my will :-)... and also my whole self in general. :-) I know it quiet need a determination and hard work on my part if I want my journey goes smoothly even sacrificing myself as long as I can earn a sweet reward in the long run. I will try my very best aside from my household, peeps, personal, and wife chores. It's not easy to manage time and mind but that's life. After all, there's nothing smooth when you didn't felt the rough. Help me God. And now, I am praying. Have a good day! Let's welcome difficulties with smiling gesture so we can surpass it and it won't stick unto our journey all the way. :-) Have a fruitful steps.. ooh.. good luck to me. (~_~)

December 10, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

You can't open your blog lately? Haven't you?

Just lately as I open my other blog (Cacai M.'s Place) in the morning, there's no blog page I saw. I wonder why. Then I open this blog (my main blog) and the second (Thoughts, Ideas, and Resources blog), I was glad it does normal whereas the other one didn't! I was in little "panicky" . And I open and refresh it again and again but shows no good, it loads so very slow and I even didn't saw any page it landed into. So I close it and just went on to my yahoo mail. And there one of the newly site I registered my blog onto told me that such blog got rejected and the reason they got a message while trying to visit my site -
Warning: Visiting this site may harm your computer! Uh-uh... "What happened?" is what on my mind. Then what I did was remain calm, run my anti-virus sweeper software then went to this blog. I read the comments and cbox messages, then one of the message came from blogger buddy Dhemz told me that she can't open my CMP blog (she called it CC's place). And there the author (me) visit again the problem, and it's still of the same, no blog showing. And again, I refreshed it again and again. Then fortunately, as I chased the links showed as fast as it can (normally) at the lower window, there's such BlogAdvertisingStore (former PP) site URL, then it stopped for a while, then another link showed and no more. And there I checked my HTML code of BAS (located in the header section of the html codes), and delete it, then saved. I refreshed again the blog and holah! -- it came back to normal. And couple of minutes later, my anti-virus software did its work and no found virus and all is well. So bloggers like me who was once has codes from BAS or PP and you can't open your blog like what I experienced (which I found many blogs as I blog hop lately, can't be opened), try to remove such code and you will be fine (as long as you experience as what I did lately). Have a good day!

October 01, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Most women likes to shop. Traditionally, it is her basic rule in the family or at least to herself and for her behalf. In some cases, husbands do the shopping for the house stuffs for some reason, and I respect that. But that's not an exemption to save money huh? (~_~) Men, use coupons to save money! (~_~)

I was taught to use coupons to save money to live better. And I use to do it for buying goods or stuffs. And I use it until now. Why not? (~_~) Anyway, we all know that the basic need of individual is grocery - foods and drinks. Would you like to use grocery coupons to save you money especially this time that economy is experiencing a recession? If so, you need grocery coupons like Vons coupons for your grocery activity. But if you feel that you have more than enough, then better give it to the ones that needs it. And I guess that's what you have in mine. Hey, using coupons are awesome! Don't hesitate to grab one for you. You will never know that you already saves a lot. So then, enjoy chasing coupons for grocery or online. Have a good day and enjoy shopping with savings!

September 22, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Am not that big, so I don't think I need appetite suppressant to go along with my food intake. But if I do or perhaps that is your problem now(just like my friend who can't get enough of the foods), then getting it is for you to think of. This will be a help if nothing will do against your body needs. Think of your being big as to overweight because of your appetite, you might like to chase appetite suppressant what you feel good to you. Remember to call your doctor for some advices and such or always consider to look for the good ingredients that are good to your body. Be savvy. Think about it and don't hesitate to buy (if that's the best possible solution) to get the body figure you wish to have. I am going to tell my friend and you to be aware of the scams out there. Get the best, affordable, and the best one if you want it folks!

September 18, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Motorcycle is very nice to ride into. Accident could happen anytime of the day or just anytime. Thinking optimistically is a very nice thought but possibility for circumstances that can't be avoided or "accident" is very much likely to happen. If you(motorist) are in State of California or should I say in San Jose City of California State, you might like to consider an experience San Jose motorcycle accident attorney in times like this. I guess everyone(motorists) won't hesitate to call for help if in need of a lawyer's service so better think sharp.

posted by: Cacai M.

Laptops are nice since I have currently one of those but one thing you should have to consider of having one is to have equipment like a fan where it sits(aside from the its internal fan) since it will easily got hot unlike desktop computers. What I like with desktop is what I don't with the portable personal computer(some called it "notebook" or "net book") and that I uttered already. When it comes to trends, desktop won't be far from it. Well, it has its own pros and cons but when having one, try to weigh what you like most especially when you are thinking of shopping very soon. I didn't regret of having my portable one since I like it the way I think before only it should have to have a big memory yet, I love it. For hubby, he likes desktop much than portable or laptop. Well, am happy for him 'coz that's what he likes. "Desktop Computer is cool" he said. (~_~)

September 16, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

When you have something to do, time flies so fast, isn't it? On the other hand, if you when you don't have something in plan or do so, time is so slow. Well then, enjoy your time as to working, studying, and some other productive stuffs so that one day you will reap the fruit of your labor or you will not regret that time is already ahead of you. Trials are just evil forces, continue to do good and be sharp always. Don't stoop on other's foot but rather be in one's shoes. Time flies so fast, you never know what you've missed. Sometimes, there is no second chances in life's journey. So, be the best of what you are, what you want to be, and be yourself - live, laugh, and love. Have a good day!

August 17, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Yep, one should be aware that washing him/her face should be at least three times a day to avoid pimples and blemishes. This is explained by science and based from the author's experience as well. To continue with what I wrote, even how tired you are of your household chores or office works or alike, you should not forget to wash yourself or even just face at night if you are concern of having pimples and white heads. To do the washing(especially if tired), use a lukewarm water with soap then, with that the face skin pores will open and the dirt inside will be washed away by the lukewarm water with the soap leaving your skin smooth and clean. Then finish it with cold water so the skin pores(skin tiny hole) will be closed. One thing also that can cause pimples are lack of sleep. So watch out for it!

August 05, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Cellphones are mobile phones.
Am not really a technology savvy, I know some but not so. Anyway, did you hear about an
unlocked phone? This is a cellphone which you can put on different sim card one at a time provided that the phone supports the frequencies of the service provider. I remember days after my arrival in here that I let hubby(with me) drove unto neighborhood just to look where else I can have a cellphone service that I can put on my sim card from the Philippines so I can get the important numbers in there but to no avail. I even went to att to ask if my phone was okay with that sim but unfortunately until now I haven't opened my sim card... waaaaaa.. (~_~) Well, now I found the solution that the phone should be an unlocked one. Ask your phone service provider about if you want to use lots of sim card with one mobile phone here in America.

July 29, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

When it comes to best diet pill it is not that easy to determine which the bad ones and the good. With this problem, some website created the "Best Diet Pill List" which came from the 4 four questions that you need to consider in buying one, these are: Effectiveness, Price, Safety, and Consumer Reviews. As to my own opinion, it is really true that you need to check this 4 ques before making a decision to have one. Health is very important so, take your time to check and see what you really like to get that corresponds to your need. Be healthy as always!

July 25, 2009

Have you seen the search bar I put above the recent post of this blog? For now, it's above of this post and days come by or perhaps later of this day one post will come over and still it's in there. Did you know what's the purpose of this? I know you pro bloggers know but to newbies and do no know yet, for me, search bar is very helpful in blogs either it's for world wide web or intended only for the blog you are in but mostly it has these two(www or search in here). And I find it very helpful especially if you're looking something like memes, awards, and tags received which you like to put in your post already and of course to the post as well that you like to see and read it again and you do not know where can be found on the blog. The easy way? -- is to find it through the search bar. All you have to do is type the post and memes, awards, or tags title and hit the enter key of your keyboard or click the search button after the blank bar which is inside the small rectangular shape box and there you go.. you will then be redirected to what you like to search. It's as simple and as hard as that? --Nope! it's pretty simple. So from now on, you might like to use it this way or you(co-bloggers) might like to put search bar on your blog. And if you like to read and see again my previous posts, you might like to use the search bar or if you want the little harder way--scroll down the scroll bar and click the older posts and if you're already there and want to go back the previous posts, you might like to click previous posts text at the posts footer or just click the back button on your browser. And also you can see it through my labels and archives which is located at the right side of this blog. Have fun browsing! (~_~)

June 30, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

If you've been following me before (which I guess you do) or if not, this is my rant post about my computer speed not even mentioned how many times I call my Internet Service Provider of which I will not disclose it's name to protect it's privacy and also it's some kind of personal. It's just my thought that I wanna disclose (~_~), anyway, am educated enough to put some things into proper place and has to investigate before proper action. Take note, am referring this to general huh--not specific person and it's my personal thought. Calm down and take a deep breathe. (~_~). So to continue, I figured it out the solution after several attempts and ohhh boy, I even scream silently of wishing how will my internet speed be fast as I want and I guess mostly bloggers and computer user do care about this especially when you have to do something to finish a deadline, isn't it? Okey, my tip for you computer users in world wide web who will use it almost the whole day, keep away from heat and if it does, turn on your air condition(a/c) or a fan but I go for a/c or any that keeps the pc not hot. And second and best solution (because am assuming that you already know the basic wizard that computer is an enemy of heat)-- run your anti-virus software hourly instead of daily. Even if you have to download it and save hourly, it's worth it if you want fast internet connection. Anyway, it will just pops-up hourly after setting up the hourly update and all you need to do is just click it to download and wait for a very few minute or minutes(3 minutes maximum). And oops I assume you have your basic problem solution there. If not, you can come back here if you have questions or if you can relate this topic. I will do as I can to help you regarding this subject.Ohh by the way, you can delete your downloaded update after you end up using your pc for that day to avoid shortage of memory.



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