July 07, 2010

(Guest blog post from Donovan Meridan)

In order for you to have a fabulous summer vacation, you need to be reassured that your home and it's contents are safe and secure while you are away. The following are some ideas and great tips that will give you peace of mind, so you can truly relax and enjoy your overdue and deserved get away.

Stop your mail and paper delivery. This is easily done through the US Post Office and through your local paper.

Close all interior doors in your home. If a fire starts in your home, having all of the doors shut may prevent smoke and fire damage to some rooms. if the fire is caught in time.

Have a light in the house or your porch lights set on a timer. A dark. empty house is just too inviting for those who wish to take your treasures.

Make sure you monitor your home security camera systems. How many of us have this feature, but do not use it? What a better deterrent to a burglar than a loud alarm going off when they break through a window or door.

Inform a neighbor you are friendly with or a family member that lives close by, of the days of your travel and have them check on the house once or twice during your vacation. This could prevent a lot of damage if something were to be found leaking or left running. Of course remember to give your neighbor or family member the instructions to work the Home Security Alarm or they will have a very embarrassing situation on their hands.

Do not mention you will be out of town on any social networking websites. It is just an invitation for theft.

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