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June 21, 2013

Yes, you read it right --- today, June 21st is the first day of Summer Season 2013 here in USA. Today marks the beginning of Summer Solstice 2013. Yay! Hooray for the summer journey!

I cannot agree more because before this day, it has been about a week, that I feel like always dehydrated because of the weather here in Los Angeles, California. I'm not sure if we have the same weather but really it felt terrible. I was not able to enjoy my days with my little one because of such weather and I felt like I had a fever for days. I even thought that my flu shot was fighting with a flu during those times. Ooh well, summer made its steps before it hit its first day!

There are a lot of ways to combat hot season like eating cold watermelon, drinking cold drinks and any cold stuffs. Also go to shady areas like under the trees.

And so, happy summer everyone! Smile. :)

July 23, 2012

Where are you heading now? Are you planning for any vacation?

We need to relax and have time to bond together with family or friends (or both). Good to go and visit other places to unwind! Bring your family with you which sure makes your life more complete in such vacation journey! Am I in drama series now?

Haha! Well, I am just sharing my thoughts of what a kind of journey can be made soon. There are lots of possibilities, you can go to a beach, go to camping or go and visit relatives. It is up to you, check your budget and of course check the availability especially if you and your husband are working. In my case only my hubby is working so it is not hard to plan. I am just waiting for his go signal and all I can say is YES! I want to explore and of course to visit some other places that I’ve never seen and been before. So plan ahead of time and give yourself a break!

July 14, 2012

A Hawaii vacation is something that every family member will look forward to. Although preparing for it can be quite overwhelming, you need to make sure that you attend to every detail of your soon-vacation journey to ensure that everything will go smoothly as planned. Packages on Hawaii vacations are very popular and they get sold out easily which is why you need to decide on which vacation package to avail as soon as possible. Being able to make reservations early is encouraged because it will allow you to get the vacation package that you need at the dates that you prefer. There are some travel agencies that offer discounts to clients who book for reservations months in advance. You may want to take advantage of those offers.

It is important that you find a reputable travel agency like Aqua Resorts that can offer you the best Hawaii vacation packages at the most competitive rates possible. You may browse through their website and see which travel service you want to avail of. They can help you find the best accommodations in the islands. One of their services is the air and hotel package which includes a complimentary airfare and accommodations while you enjoy every steps of the way of the other wonderful amenities and services. Through their services, your dream of having that perfect Hawaii vacation with your family or friends will become a reality.

July 05, 2012

Do you love grilling during summer? I am one of those grill addict! I don’t know what to call it but I really love grilled foods.  Fish, chicken, pork, beef are the most likes and most wanted for me. I miss them actually, it is now time to do the grilling once again. I am planning to do it one of these days when we will be settled in at home. I cannot promise to do it alone because I have Sam to attend first.

For those who loves grilling, we are in the same boat! Grilled foods are healthy and they are delicious and super yummy right? Way back in Philippines, it is very easy to order grilled food in the restaurant and they really are oozing and tempting. So I do really miss it! Here, you must have to do on your own to eat such delicious food that you’ve missed from your birth or origin country or you will pay an extra, extra more bucks for somebody to do it for you (services from restaurant). Ouch! Okay, I usually do broiling instead of grilling since I can do it inside the house, turn on the timer and done! I can even broil dried fish which is so yummy-delicious in the oven to which hubby doesn't care (well, I heard that most American husbands does care when wife does it because of its odor? Am a lucky wife! Wink.). Okay, I just gave you a tip about cooking dried fish without a cooking oil if you cannot do it by grilling (also to be sure, make it when hubby isn't at home, do it in the name of odor?). Wink.

May 30, 2012

Sonic the Hedgehog is an engaging gaming character that has captured the minds and hearts of millions of gamers, kids and adults alike, for many years now. Sega’s tiny blue hedgehog with the wild hairstyle has become a worldwide phenomenon. Hundreds of games have been developed with Sonic the Hedgehog as its main character. A variety of Sonic the Hedgehog games of different genres and styles can now be played online using a single website. There is sure to be a game fit for every type of player in this kind of journey.

At some areas, gamers have hundreds of games to choose from. Arcade and action games are great for honing the gamers’ reflexes. These are short and quick games that require quick thinking as well as accuracy. You can also find different puzzle and creative games that help develop logical reasoning and critical reasoning. It encourages the players to be more alert and be quick in deciding what their next step would be. The RPG/Movies games meanwhile are great for gamers who like to engage in games that require them memorize combination moves, special attacks and develop a game that will allow them to complete each mission successfully. These are just some of the exciting Sonic the Hedgehog games that are available at the site.

 Playing online is a popular form of entertainment for gamers who like to spend their time engaging in exciting games. Multiplayer games are great for gamers who want to test their skills with other gamers. They can even compete with gamers from different parts of the world by playing online games. One distinct advantage of playing online games, is that gamers are able to develop their strategic thinking. There are games that require players to come up with the best strategy to win the game.

May 10, 2012

For most people, summer is synonymous to going to the beach. Swimming all day and playing on the sand with friends and family can really make a summer journey more enjoyable for everyone. Even before summer starts, people are already planning for their upcoming summer getaway; beach resorts are already receiving advance bookings and airlines are already offering their summer rates for travelers.

A summer vacation can be more enjoyable if all the summer essentials are present. This includes sun block lotions, the right eye-wear and hats to protect them from the sun and of course, the right swimwear. Wearing a swim wear that has a suitable design can add to a person’s confidence and can make him move more comfortably. Colorful beachwear for summer can be found in different clothing stores. They have summer wear for every age group. A colorful swim wear can help create a more relaxed and happy mood not just for the person wearing it but also to those who see it. Sweet caps for kids in various designs and colors can make the younger members of your family look fashionable as they play around the beach. With all the essentials and fashionable and colorful beach wears, everyone will surely have a memorable and fun summer getaway.

April 27, 2012

Soaking your body in warm water can make your muscles relax and relieve you of the muscle and joint pains that you are feeling. You can also relieve your body of the stress that a busy day at work brings. There are even some simple exercises that you can do while in your hot tub that can help improve muscle tone. The many health benefits of hot tub spas have encouraged people to invest in their own hot tub at home. If you have a hot tub at home, it is important that you invest in the proper accessories such as a hot tub spa cover. You can purchase them from reliable retailers. Spa covers uses the latest technology that gives them more advance features that regular spa covers. Spa covers give the hot tub spa protection against direct sunlight and other elements such as rain water and other debris. It provide excellent protection to your hot tubs. They do not saturate or break easily and are made from top of the line materials that stay lightweight thereby providing your hot tub with the high level of protection it needs. Enjoy your pamper thru soaking journey! :-)

September 07, 2011

It was not a plan to visit my friend, Te Claudia's home. She invited me in the nick of time. I was about to take a dream plunge, ooh yeah, going sleep after changing bed sheets and making bed and some household chores when the phone rang. Oops! She called. Yours truly actually received a text message before that but was not able to reply. I prefer call than text. Wink. Then back to the call thing, yep, we had a conversation which tempted me to walk going to her house. Her conversation food temptation was effective. Ha ha! That was why I dragged myself walking there. The good thing is her place is not that far from mine. And so I was there, we ate steamed mixed vegetables, some beef, cake, piniato and other stuffs. We had karaoke too while trying to reach our other two friends nearby but Preciel cannot make it and we understand. She and her family got sick. Sad. We hope she and her family will be alright very soon. Our other friend was able to come after trying to reach her phone numbers. Dorie, who happened to celebrate her birthday today was with us which was great. I have to great her once  more now, " happy many more birthdays to come Dor! " and more graces ahead! All in all, we had. Te Claudine and her DH dropped me by at home which am thankful of. It was a fun friends journey day!

July 26, 2011

If you will be having a journey away this weekend for your much-awaited summer vacation, and will be gone for a while to explore the beach or embark on that 3-day mountain climb you have been dreaming to take for a few months now, that is good news. You will going to bond with your family or friends. That would be a lot of fun. But just before you go, it is best to check out those pool covers for your pool property so you will have a durable yet affordable protection for your pool whilst you are away. When we have a pool, that is one of the steps you want to do before you go. Tell me about it! You do not want the pool covered in muck or dirt, or fallen dried leaves, or worse tiny pesky insects, when you got back from your vacation, right?

I can imagine what you think right now. Of course, the fun moments! I wish I could join with you folks! *wink* The important is you are having fun at the same time not worrying on something in your home and the stuffs left. You can then guarantee it is safe from something (after making sure all are under control)!

July 24, 2011

If you plan to step-out the entire summer season, I suggest you invest on a couple of sunblocks with spf100 to protect your skin from the scorching summer heat from the sun on your journey along. It is also most wise to buy a pair of durable, versatile and funky sunglasses to keep your eyes protected from the sun’s blinding rays! Consider buying something that is both fashionable and highly-functional. Also, think about which style or designs will go well with the outfits you plan to wear on each summer activities you have lined up. It's great to have prescription glasses for such that go along with the style and weather. Don't just worry about the darker glasses frames that blend well with your summer dresses or laid back plaid easy polo is also of paramount importance. You wouldn’t want the pink flowers in your maxi dress clashing with the leopard or tiger print of your sunnies’ frames, right? It is such a big no, no! I suggest you go for the neutral and easily adaptable shades, like black and brown which are the usual staples. If you want to be a bit bold with your fashion statement and wants to capitalize on fun summer color you might consider something in the pastel shades like baby blue or light pink. They would easily blend well with your whites and plains. Enjoy and have fun!

June 21, 2011

Spring Season of United States of A has just ended. June 21st of year 2011 marks the first day of summer. Hurray! Are you happy? Isn't it going to be hot then? Not me of course, but the weather. Well, that's what summer is all about. We just have to embrace it. Actually a lot of folks like summer. Summer means fun! Sunbathing, tanning and all of the field activities a family and friends imagined during cold season can be done. Oops swimming! Did I say swimming and barbecuing? That's what most folks looking forward to. Being in field is fun. Fun, fun, fun! Join me of welcoming the summer season. Let's enjoy the weather!

May 17, 2011

For sure there would be a lot of thoughts, I mean activities you have on your mind this coming summer. Well, spring time cleaning could also be a family and friends soccer game time, isn't it? After spring cleaning, that is. If there would be a lot of time still, then it still a part of spring season for such activity, why not!? As long as soccer socks and suits along with the players (whom are your family and friends, this is for fun, right?) are in, then the fun game is getting it on! Such company of players are surely fun-to-be-with. It might not be professional all, but the goal is game fun, so have fun! ;-) Happy playing! Happy Spring Cleaning and advance Happy Summer!

July 25, 2010

I just want to share some piece of watermelon to those sunny hot days you got there right now. This was my comfort one week ago. Yes, the whole week before this week was such a hot, really hot! As in you could feel the scorching even after you took a bath from cold water. Air conditioning must be doing its best but poor pocket of paying back the prize but what can you do if that is the only way to give coolness to your bod? Ooh well, this seedless big watermelon was consumed by myself alone in just the span of two days for only a couple of sessions. Ha! You might laugh but thanks God for it (as well). ;-)

And now I got another watermelon because I can feel the humidity again though it is not that as like last week. Just for sureness, I have a reservation or just for taste buds purposes. :) I did not look at the weather forecast on my end for next week and this weekend but so far this week has been good as talking to weather, the highest temperature is approximately 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Oops sorry for the cupboard, I massacred it. Hahaha. You know, when it comes to kitchen journey no one can get on the way (it's all the way) hahaha.

That maybe hard but not difficult that difficult as you may think because there are many solutions out there just like RV loans, refinancing your RV and many more. Name it and you can have it but being just sure one has something to pay for its obligations, right? But anyway, just saying. I know you will not get a loan without any running income to pay in the future. One can tell of why you are having such RV and just have some financial problems for the meantime but good enough to pay it right. Talking about that, you may now have an option or go directly to where it is if you feel like it. See for yourself and quit worrying about your-about-to-postponed road trip. Happy trip then, enjoy and have an extra are! ;-)

July 07, 2010

(Guest blog post from Donovan Meridan)

In order for you to have a fabulous summer vacation, you need to be reassured that your home and it's contents are safe and secure while you are away. The following are some ideas and great tips that will give you peace of mind, so you can truly relax and enjoy your overdue and deserved get away.

Stop your mail and paper delivery. This is easily done through the US Post Office and through your local paper.

Close all interior doors in your home. If a fire starts in your home, having all of the doors shut may prevent smoke and fire damage to some rooms. if the fire is caught in time.

Have a light in the house or your porch lights set on a timer. A dark. empty house is just too inviting for those who wish to take your treasures.

Make sure you monitor your home security camera systems. How many of us have this feature, but do not use it? What a better deterrent to a burglar than a loud alarm going off when they break through a window or door.

Inform a neighbor you are friendly with or a family member that lives close by, of the days of your travel and have them check on the house once or twice during your vacation. This could prevent a lot of damage if something were to be found leaking or left running. Of course remember to give your neighbor or family member the instructions to work the Home Security Alarm or they will have a very embarrassing situation on their hands.

Do not mention you will be out of town on any social networking websites. It is just an invitation for theft.

July 06, 2010

Yep, it was a long weekend here in United States of A or the entire America especially to those who were celebrating. Much more to the Thursday-off government employees (like my DH) but pending of works to do which need to be done today if there are backlogs to tend to. The 4th of July fell Sunday, though folks were celebrating on Sunday but the observation of the holiday (commemoration of America's birthday), was yesterday -- Monday. So it was a four-days off for Thursday-off government employees or private establishments exercising the same way. Whatever it is, the thing was it was a fun weekend! How was yours on your side? To those who were celebrating, how was your 4th of July celebration? What did you do?

Mine was a fun though DH and I were just in the house. We just got some foods outside (to and fro for many times in a day, I love it! I took a lot of pictures too, lol) and ate in our humble rented-abode. Just had some internet thing, watched movies and some little house chores in observation of the holiday. It was great to just be lazed and I would like it not to be ended but that is just an imagination. Back to stressful weekdays again. Ha! We just have to manage and hurdle all the stuffs here and there, whatever! ;-)

How was yours on your end? I bet you had a great one on your long weekend journey. That's great (or you can share about it -- should you like to, of course but it's great if you share even just some sentence)! *wink* ;-) ~hugs&kisses~

June 09, 2010

When you are trapped in a neck of time which all you can do in a present situation is worry about planning your travel like getting a ticket, accommodation, and all that stuffs to do, then travel planner or travel agent is right for you or with your family and friends. Get the best travel agent like all inclusive travel which could plan all the way from travel to fantastic meals and drinks, accommodates, tips and all that stuffs. You could set one-on-one on what your goal is and the best of all is affordable. Yep, just get the one that could help you make your vacation, reunion, or event l a successful and memorable one. Good luck and happy trip then.. :)

June 03, 2010

For folks here in United States of A, Canada, Europe and some other places in the world, 18 days to go and it will be summer (June 21 is the exact date). And what have you plan for such season for your summer to do list? Lovers, family and friends surely have plans like going picnic, swimming, boating or many more but surely bicycling is one of the list. Simply because there is no rain involves when it is summer. Would you mind where do you want to go bicycling in the coming weeks? Wherever you want to, just be sure to have a great bicycle you can count on. Speaking of bicycle, Bob's Bicycle store has a great deal, coupons or discounts. You can have a whooping 10% discount and more or even can have free shipping with it. Most folks nowadays tightens their financial belts, who wouldn't? So when you want to get bicycle/s for this summer, I urge you to check out such store for super savings. Have a great summer bicycling fun! ;-)

May 24, 2010

Honestly, as for myself and DH, I/we do not have any plan for this coming summer. Yep, weird you can say but it's just an ordinary season for us. Hahah! But if budget of time and money would permit me to go, I would like to spend it in a fun place like spending it in Disney World, Universal Studio, Sea World and any other great places for fun. Since I am in Los Angeles or California, am I near to that places but it also great to spend it in other state like Florida. Orlando has it like California and for sure if you are in that place, you would like to go and enjoy your summer fun, won't you? You would want to grab the great deals like Orlando vacation packages with family and friends for the famous summer escapades that is going to happen very soon. You guys would surely have fun because you are well-surrounded with your close folks.. have a great one then.. have a great moment! :)

April 19, 2010

Well, I could say that there are folks who have sheriff their homes to turn it to the new owner, banks. Yeah, banks foreclosures are rampant nowadays and there are folks who now homeless in a short period of time unless folks who are just lazy to find home and livelihood to which they are just contented of being homeless of their entire life. Alright, enough with it, I just hope those unfortunate ones can find their right of way before it's too late. And back to homes, I guess considering of buying some used motor homes are smart way because it is inexpensive and they can also can use their motor-homes in getting stuffs in the market or something like that because it has a motor, isn't it? :-) Though, it is not that very much possible just like a normal car but since it has a motor and it is not that very big just like a trucking truck, it is very much possible and you can bring your home anywhere you want to go, no need of a hotel. Yeah, there are cons but when it is just what your pocket can afford, why not! It is as pretty as a fix house. Or if not as a home, it could be a vehicle for a road trip, a luxury vehicle (for summer/winter fun) as in it can make as a vehicle at the same time a hotel (as I said earlier). :-) Enjoy..

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