June 03, 2010

For folks here in United States of A, Canada, Europe and some other places in the world, 18 days to go and it will be summer (June 21 is the exact date). And what have you plan for such season for your summer to do list? Lovers, family and friends surely have plans like going picnic, swimming, boating or many more but surely bicycling is one of the list. Simply because there is no rain involves when it is summer. Would you mind where do you want to go bicycling in the coming weeks? Wherever you want to, just be sure to have a great bicycle you can count on. Speaking of bicycle, Bob's Bicycle store has a great deal, coupons or discounts. You can have a whooping 10% discount and more or even can have free shipping with it. Most folks nowadays tightens their financial belts, who wouldn't? So when you want to get bicycle/s for this summer, I urge you to check out such store for super savings. Have a great summer bicycling fun! ;-)

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  1. caloy said...
    how about you sis? what's in your summer to do list?

    visiting u here..

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