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June 21, 2013

Yes, you read it right --- today, June 21st is the first day of Summer Season 2013 here in USA. Today marks the beginning of Summer Solstice 2013. Yay! Hooray for the summer journey!

I cannot agree more because before this day, it has been about a week, that I feel like always dehydrated because of the weather here in Los Angeles, California. I'm not sure if we have the same weather but really it felt terrible. I was not able to enjoy my days with my little one because of such weather and I felt like I had a fever for days. I even thought that my flu shot was fighting with a flu during those times. Ooh well, summer made its steps before it hit its first day!

There are a lot of ways to combat hot season like eating cold watermelon, drinking cold drinks and any cold stuffs. Also go to shady areas like under the trees.

And so, happy summer everyone! Smile. :)

July 23, 2012

Where are you heading now? Are you planning for any vacation?

We need to relax and have time to bond together with family or friends (or both). Good to go and visit other places to unwind! Bring your family with you which sure makes your life more complete in such vacation journey! Am I in drama series now?

Haha! Well, I am just sharing my thoughts of what a kind of journey can be made soon. There are lots of possibilities, you can go to a beach, go to camping or go and visit relatives. It is up to you, check your budget and of course check the availability especially if you and your husband are working. In my case only my hubby is working so it is not hard to plan. I am just waiting for his go signal and all I can say is YES! I want to explore and of course to visit some other places that I’ve never seen and been before. So plan ahead of time and give yourself a break!

May 10, 2012

For most people, summer is synonymous to going to the beach. Swimming all day and playing on the sand with friends and family can really make a summer journey more enjoyable for everyone. Even before summer starts, people are already planning for their upcoming summer getaway; beach resorts are already receiving advance bookings and airlines are already offering their summer rates for travelers.

A summer vacation can be more enjoyable if all the summer essentials are present. This includes sun block lotions, the right eye-wear and hats to protect them from the sun and of course, the right swimwear. Wearing a swim wear that has a suitable design can add to a person’s confidence and can make him move more comfortably. Colorful beachwear for summer can be found in different clothing stores. They have summer wear for every age group. A colorful swim wear can help create a more relaxed and happy mood not just for the person wearing it but also to those who see it. Sweet caps for kids in various designs and colors can make the younger members of your family look fashionable as they play around the beach. With all the essentials and fashionable and colorful beach wears, everyone will surely have a memorable and fun summer getaway.

April 27, 2012

Soaking your body in warm water can make your muscles relax and relieve you of the muscle and joint pains that you are feeling. You can also relieve your body of the stress that a busy day at work brings. There are even some simple exercises that you can do while in your hot tub that can help improve muscle tone. The many health benefits of hot tub spas have encouraged people to invest in their own hot tub at home. If you have a hot tub at home, it is important that you invest in the proper accessories such as a hot tub spa cover. You can purchase them from reliable retailers. Spa covers uses the latest technology that gives them more advance features that regular spa covers. Spa covers give the hot tub spa protection against direct sunlight and other elements such as rain water and other debris. It provide excellent protection to your hot tubs. They do not saturate or break easily and are made from top of the line materials that stay lightweight thereby providing your hot tub with the high level of protection it needs. Enjoy your pamper thru soaking journey! :-)

April 25, 2012

Family-friendly parks are an excellent venue for a simple weekend bonding journey with the whole family. Everyone can just have a relaxing day outdoors with their family after a busy week at work or school. Most parks these days are making some improvements in their facilities to encourage families to go out and spend a stress-free day with each other. Picnic tables are being installed for families who want to enjoy their favorite dishes while enjoying the beauty of nature. Sharing stories and enjoying a delicious meal will be more fun when it is held outdoors from time to time. Park benches are also added for individuals who just want to have a quiet time while witnessing all the other activities within the park. It is also a perfect place to read a new book or reread your favorite novel. Bleachers can also be found in parks where local sporting events and gatherings are being held. Members of the community can support their local teams or watch a presentation by kids from their local school.

March 20, 2012

United States of America has four (4) seasons, namely: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. As in, the seasons divided the year into four (as there are four) to set the season's feel. As to my own thought, Spring Season is the beginning of cold season or snowy time, the Winter. Then the Spring, is the beginning of warm/hot season, the summer (sun tanning time). And spring fun is here!

Today is first day of Spring 2012, March 20. What have you done right now? What are you up to? Any plans? For sure there is if you have something doing there for this day, well, not just the topical day, isn't it? Maybe first warm walk? Whatever it is, enjoy the rest of this first Spring season throughout year 2012!

Happy Spring Season USA folks!

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