May 11, 2012

Yes, the fresh lemons would do for cleaning the kitchen tiles.

As much as I know lemons can be a good cleaning stuff for stained clothes,a very good cure for cough, meat marinade, an ingredient for detox cleansing, a usual juice and the likes, this can also be a good stuff for cleaning. Just as I said, it is a great stuff or kitchen tiles cleaner, to name just a few! It's not that I know. But days before this day as I extracted a juice from it, there are residue spilled into the tiles of my kitchen. And before I knew it, it already made my hard to clean dark spots in the tiles now squeaky clean. Whew! What a good find. Now I know. You  know what, I find it very hard what to do with the above tiles in the kitchen in a savvy way (yep, I don't want to put grout on it, well, before putting such you have to let it clean so the dark spots won't be spotted still since our tiles in the kitchen is color off-white (close to white).

So, that's a great news to those moms/homemakers/housewives like me who wants to clean their kitchen in a savvy way. I got a juice at the same time I have cleaned my kitchen! What a great day! Smiling left and right me. :-)

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  1. analou said...
    Wow what a discovery baje. No wonder cleaners with lemon extract are so popular.

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