June 30, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

If you've been following me before (which I guess you do) or if not, this is my rant post about my computer speed not even mentioned how many times I call my Internet Service Provider of which I will not disclose it's name to protect it's privacy and also it's some kind of personal. It's just my thought that I wanna disclose (~_~), anyway, am educated enough to put some things into proper place and has to investigate before proper action. Take note, am referring this to general huh--not specific person and it's my personal thought. Calm down and take a deep breathe. (~_~). So to continue, I figured it out the solution after several attempts and ohhh boy, I even scream silently of wishing how will my internet speed be fast as I want and I guess mostly bloggers and computer user do care about this especially when you have to do something to finish a deadline, isn't it? Okey, my tip for you computer users in world wide web who will use it almost the whole day, keep away from heat and if it does, turn on your air condition(a/c) or a fan but I go for a/c or any that keeps the pc not hot. And second and best solution (because am assuming that you already know the basic wizard that computer is an enemy of heat)-- run your anti-virus software hourly instead of daily. Even if you have to download it and save hourly, it's worth it if you want fast internet connection. Anyway, it will just pops-up hourly after setting up the hourly update and all you need to do is just click it to download and wait for a very few minute or minutes(3 minutes maximum). And oops I assume you have your basic problem solution there. If not, you can come back here if you have questions or if you can relate this topic. I will do as I can to help you regarding this subject.Ohh by the way, you can delete your downloaded update after you end up using your pc for that day to avoid shortage of memory.




  1. Monica said...
    Thanks for sharing this Cacai! ;)
    analou said...
    Hello dear Bestfriend. Sometimes, I also experience very slow internet connection but at the same time, I am glad that we have two monitor to work on. I mean I can use one of our monitor, let say opening EC website and the other monitor for my blog site. I usually open at least 10 sites at a time. I will post this in my blog one of this day the advantage of having two monitor. I am also glad the you finally found the solution of your internet connection. Thank you so much for all the thoughts....Makahilak man sad ta dani oi. Ingat diha ha kay magwork sa ko.....
    Anonymous said...
    Grrr...I know the feeling and there is nothing more frustrating when you want to get something done. Thanks for the tips!
    Cacai M. said...
    Hello An, I used to have that 10 windows in minutes but I quit for some important reason. Anyway, thanks An! muahhh!

    To Monica, congrats for being my FC! Thanks for sharing your kind words.

    To Peter and Shiela. Thanks a lot for being here. I hope you come again. hugs all!
    katherine said...
    scan every hour?? never do that but i will try..haha thanks.

    Asa ka sa Mindanao Cai..thanks sa dalaw..will grab your badge..ayaw kasuko hehe.

    hopefully next month, andyan nako sa top EC list mo. hehe
    Cacai M. said...
    Nope it's not scan Kath, just an update or I guess a short scan to them but the term is hourly update since there are lots of malicious threats that's why it slows down the speed.

    And nope I will not be mad, instead I feel honored. I will hit you back now.. muahhh!

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