September 18, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Laptops are nice since I have currently one of those but one thing you should have to consider of having one is to have equipment like a fan where it sits(aside from the its internal fan) since it will easily got hot unlike desktop computers. What I like with desktop is what I don't with the portable personal computer(some called it "notebook" or "net book") and that I uttered already. When it comes to trends, desktop won't be far from it. Well, it has its own pros and cons but when having one, try to weigh what you like most especially when you are thinking of shopping very soon. I didn't regret of having my portable one since I like it the way I think before only it should have to have a big memory yet, I love it. For hubby, he likes desktop much than portable or laptop. Well, am happy for him 'coz that's what he likes. "Desktop Computer is cool" he said. (~_~)

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  1. Ms. Journ said...
    Lola cai, your hubby and my hubby likes the same. hehehe! gusto sad akong hubby desktop ako laptop... waaaa....

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