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May 14, 2013

What is our breakfast today? Oops! Not a breakfast anymore because we woke up late, and it’s almost lunch time, so this is what we called a brunch, a combination of breakfast and lunch. Anyway, I made this so easy to prepare brunch for us. I made grits, ham and hard-boiled eggs, plus a milk chocolate "Ovaltine" and a coffee (combination of the two).

I like grits because it is very easy to prepare, and it is really good, especially when it is still hot. Anyhow, do you know that the white corn grits contain more calories, protein, carbohydrates, fiber and fats than the yellow corn grits? Nevertheless, both grits are good for our health. And I'm glad I have that two: white (rice)and yellow (corn) grits. The fiber and other contents which can be found in grits, help us to feel full longer periods of time and it helps to promote regular digestive functioning. In addition, grits contain almost no sugar and mainly consist of starches. So, if you are trying to reduce weight, include grits in your diet. It will also flatten your stomach if you eat it at least three times a week.

Good luck and all the best (in the dieting journey)!

February 28, 2013

Our diet has a great deal to do with how we feel. Every day there seems to be another study that points out the relationship between the amount and type of food we eat and our health. Whatever the study, the evidence clearly shows that we should increase our intake of vegetables, fruits, and some whole grains. And reduce the amount of sugar and saturated fat we eat.

Another good practice is to substantially increase your water intake. This provides the fluid base the body needs to function effectively, and is essentially when you are walking and exercising. It is recommended that you drink six to eight glasses of water a day. While other beverages, such as soft drinks or coffee, may provide you with liquid, they also increase your intake of sugar and, in the case of drinks with extra caffeine (cola, coffee, tea), they dehydrate you. Juices in moderation are good for you, but do note that they add extra calories.

December 11, 2012

Our body needs proper nutrition to keep us alive, strong and healthy. The different parts of our body work well when we eat the right kind and amount of food. It is important to consider the different nutrients we get everyday from the food we eat. Eat food rich in protein to help the body grow big and strong, carbohydrates and fats provide the body with heat and energy, and food rich in vitamins and minerals to make the body free from diseases and illnesses.

Eating a balanced diet helps maintain a pleasing personal appearance and good health. Always eat three meals in a day. Have a complete breakfast to give you the fuel needed by the body for the whole day activities. Eat green, yellow and leafy vegetables, and fresh fruits. Drink milk everyday. Avoid eating too much candies, chocolates, and junk food. They are not good for the body.

December 03, 2012

In a world where being thin is seen as attractive and images of slim models are plastered across magazines, TV and films it is no wonder that most of the nation always seems to be on a diet. In between images of impossibly thin and toned women are articles on the next great diet guarantying you mega weight loss in an impossibly short period of time and celebrities who have miraculously dropped 4 dress sizes in two weeks.

The number of diets available to do is incredible, from faddy diets like the Cabbage Soup, Grapefruit and Hollywood to diet to longer term and more sustainable diets like Dukan, Weight Watchers and Slimmers World. Diets that promote healthy eating and educate people on healthy diet plans are more successful in achieving long term weight loss as they are looking at changing your way of eating forever, not a quick fix where you lose a stone in a month then put two on the next month which is what often happens with fad diets.

The Dukan diet has been around for about 30 years but has only relatively recently reached celebrity status and is now considered a good long term eating plan. The diet looks at burning fat by eliminating carbohydrates initially then slowly reintroducing food over time. There are four Dukan diet phases to follow – Attack, Cruise, Consolidation and Stabilise. As it is a very high protein diet people often draw comparison to the Atkins diet however Dukan is considered safer as it recommends oat bran for fibre and looks at ens

As weight loss plans go Dukan is effective as it provides a varied diet – 100 food items that are good to eat in the attack phase and new foods introduced in each phase. It is created to be sustainable in the long term, a lot of people diet and then gain weight as soon as they return to normal but Dukan is more a way of eating for life then a short term fad.

(Thanks for the guest post Samuel Winters)

August 13, 2012

The World Health Organization (WHO) has already declared obesity as a pandemic issue and for the time being it seems to be that it’s not going to come to an end or perhaps even just slowing down. Several authorities have tried to clamp down possible contributing factors by imposing sanctions to companies and establishments but it only brought chaos in an already complex situation that even the condition itself is so complex to understand. And the ironic part here is that it coexists with another equally serious health disorder which is malnutrition.

On the other hand, losing weight is an enormous problem for everyone to overcome but what I think is it boils down to a misguided game plan. Many have used protein drinks or supplements and totally avoid carbohydrates to start getting rid of the extra flab. And some even skipped meals, believing that it will increase the metabolism and subsequently lose weight. No argument to that and that is true but what many also don’t know is that the weight loss is just temporary as your body system is trying to adapt to the altered metabolism. Then your metabolism eventually slows down as there’s no food to break down in the process which causes a harmful metabolic changes in the body as your body tries to hibernate to conserve energy. So what about using atkins baking mix to enjoy cooking a low carbohydrates without doing anything excessive diet plan? That would be a great plan, what do you think?

Have fun on your diet journey!

July 21, 2012

Are you on diet? Thinking of journeying towards it? If you do so, then watch on your intake. Make sure to avoid much calories in every food you take. Avoid too much calories. I have a friend who totally dedicates herself to be firm and sexy so what she does is she really has to avoid eating much carbo and food or drinks that contains higher calories. And yes, she has a very fit and healthy bod. In my case, sometimes do check on content but not totally avoiding them. So far, I do not need to go on dieting as I am not complaining yet into my figure now. I am well satisfied and thanks GOD for giving me a healthy lifestyle and of course it is always very good to watch out our intake. We must be aware that illnesses are just around the corner so we must fight on it if possible.

So if you have not given a chance to choose the right foods and drinks to consume, then maintain it. Do all the possibility to live healthy and in the future (apparently as now too) you will be the only who can benefits on it.

July 18, 2012

I am just lucky that I still maintain my figure after giving birth to Sam. I am flattered to read comments on Facebook online and even with my friends that still I have the same figure as before. Well, not so, because I already have crow's feet, okay the stretch marks (good thing it is not that visible now. Thanks to cocoa butter. Haha!). Mostly when you have a child the possibility of gaining is really there. But for me, just so thankful that I am not in that stage yet. I had a crash diet with the help of detox cleansing method which lasted 10 days (if you are following me, you already know it since I posted it here). Hoping never at all after such!

What is my secret? Well, some of my friends are asking me that way. All I can say nothing, since I already told you. Just eat what I want and get enough sleep if possible. Maybe it is in our genes also or a self-control. Control to the bunch of foods that if I ate it all, for sure I could be  humongous as you think. For me stresss can also make us big, since I experienced when I was stress, I like to eat. Ah, self-control. Ha! Of course I want to maintain this way so thanks God that HE gave me the shape that I want too. As long as I am healthy that is the most important matter to consider. Stay healthy no matter what!
Just be thankful of what you have now, sexy or not.

June 01, 2012

You may already know that my taste-bud has already like eating fresh vegetable salads which is a no-no for me before. I could not content my happiness that very first time I love to eat it. It seems a miracle to me, but it already happen. Whew! Now I am loving it!

Ever since I love vegetable salads, I haven't eaten all my share of exactly the same of what I had before. And you bet, I am so happy about it. Thinking of learning and loving what I can taste and eat just amazes me. My thoughts exactly. Ah, this must be because of my dieting huh! If such, then I must be glad I bump into this journey. Ooh yes, who would not like being a mother? I say such because I gain a lot of weight of having my baby girl and I never regretted even a very little. In fact, I love it much. It's just that, I have to loss weight to which I did and continue doing or maintaining at least. :-) I am just two pounds (2 lbs) away from my pre-pregnancy weight now after having a crash diet to which I lost five-six pounds (5-6 lbs) so not bad, isn't it?

And now, if I don't like eating the pure fresh vegetable salads or the ones that we used to buy in our favorite food chain for such, then I just have to buy the pomegranate dressing, my favorite ever. I now have the buddy for such. Yay! :-)

Have a great day everyone!

May 30, 2012

Before I eat this all, you can now get your share. :-)

Sometimes it is funny how taste buds change. For long time, I never ever like eating raw vegetable or a salad like this. But this time, my taste buds changed. I am longing to eat of such already even without the pomegranate salad dressing (my fave dressing ever). This time, I have the fresh lettuce veges with spinach along with fresh cranberries and the crispy apples with chicken cubes on top. I ate it all except the three pieces of chicken. Wow! I cannot believe that I ate it all, this is my first time. Whew! Happy me. I no longer need a rice for my meal. My tummy can now stand without a rice in my daily platter! What a great news from my tummy and the taste-buds. Ha!

Image above of some of the lettuce salad had already been eaten. I think one-fourth (1/4) of it. I cannot imagine how I loved it to which I ate it all. :-)

And the diet continues. Smile. :-)

May 26, 2012

I already lost four-five pounds (4-5 lbs) as I had my crash diet weeks ago of most liquid and an easy-digest foods I ate for 10 days. This way was introduced to me by a good friend Anne. True enough, I succeed and I lost my undesired weight, in short, I got my goal of having such. It is not an easy diet journey but because I was determined I got it and good thing I still maintain my weight until now. Good news, isn't it? I can just smile. Such diet was my first time. By the way, I gained weight as I had my baby, this is from my pregnancy body up to delivery and afterwards. Now, I am proud I am already 118 lbs from 122-123 lbs. Yay! It's a call for celebration. :-)

If I did not lost such, I may consider to have another way of dieting to which they called as african mango diet just to attain my target weight. It's just on my mind that I really have to lost such weight because I am not used with my weight and I can see the parts of my body like it is swollen. I can't blame my thoughts because I am fit or even slim when I was still single. I never dreamed of this weight, but because I long to have a child of the right time which is this time, I have to endure it during such. Actually, I loved it! And after delivery and before the 3/4 quarter of a year age of my child, that was the time that I have to do the dieting I ought to have, or planned of a right time which is best for my health which won't sacrifice the quality of care my child deserves to have. You know, when it's not a right time for dieting yet, you may end up to being sick or alike to which will affect your time for baby care. You know. :-)

May 18, 2012

Wow! That was (I just had my dinner) my first time I finished four (4) pieces of medium drumstick deeply fried of olive oil by my husband. Yes, he is now the one volunteering to fry chicken every time fried chicken is our meal. I could not contain my happiness of what he is doing. I am happy because I don't like frying chicken. I usually had blisters out of a very hot oil. It is not my first time frying chicken but I don't know know I just cannot minimize the hotness or so. What my husband does and advises me at the same time, is he put a cover on the pan but that is close to impossible to me to do that because our stove is high. Putting a cover in the pan would make it worse for me. Good for him because he is tall. Alright, I am grateful he sees the problem. Ha! I can just remember, every time I had blister/s before, he is always there for me to put vaseline on it so it won't be painful. :-) Just being grateful, on the other hand. :-)

Okay, so, this is a record for me and apparently I am making a note. (*wink*) To pair with my viand 4 fried medium drumsticks, a half a cup of rice is doing great along with a lemon-sugar free maple syrup. Burped! Oops! Excuse me. I just had a great dinner (aside from DH cooked it). Smiley me. :-)

May 03, 2012

Whew! Yeah right, it has been days that I am making fish soups as my viand. It has been already aged that I don't like foods that has anything cooking oils on it, most of the time. I mean as it has been cooked. I don't know but that's what my body told me so. And I love it!

By the way, I am making my steps for me to loss weight. So far, it has been five days that I am doing my detox cleansing. Thanks to my friend Anne/Annie for this idea.

And so back to my fish viands, rather steam soups viands. I don't know if you like it that way but for me, I so like it (obviously)! I even thinking of making again now that don't have such in the kettle anymore. Addicting? Nah! My taste coincides to what my goal is, which is to loss some unwanted weight. So good luck to me on this journey. Smile. :-) I am seriously making this do come true. Even if won't get into my target goal, at least I loss some and it's not on the unwanted weight raise "chu-chu" (it is a term) but a progressive weight loss. :-)

Do you think I can make this? Let's see! :)

April 30, 2012

Haiizzzt, you know, right! Some person just have to wake-up in the middle of the night to feed the baby daughter. Actually, it was passed 1:00 A.M. already that time. Then made a lemon-maple sugar-free with cayenne juice. And since the lemon juice just only little left, I then immediately made more aside from the reason of I didn't want my lemons will be rotten as it were already going to such. Then I did! Yes, I did the squeezing of the five (5) grocery bags which has a total weight of 31+ lbs large lemons unto the juicer, strained, put in the container and the routine work mentioned.

And the journey continued in the kitchen alone, whilst the housemates were busy sleeping. Aright! Yes! But then that's the only time I had so I grabbed the chance. And it went fine. It went fine of four hours standing and squeezing and such! Oops, there was also an extra work of putting the done lemon shells along with its little left juices to the kitchen upper tiles. And so that was it. I did it all! Good luck to my next step, my main goal. :-) Guess.. :)

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