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March 12, 2013

The lunch bag has gone a long way from the time “baon” (food to bring) was wrapped in brown bags, banana leaves, or plastic cellophane. Oops! I am talking about our lunch box or lunch pack in the birth country. Now, the traditional baon wraps have given way to more innovative designs that are compact, handy and convenient and, most importantly, keep food fresh and crisp.

More than just the designs, though, it is also important for lunch bags to be tight and drip-free so food and drinks won’t leak and create smudges or stains on your bag, or clothes when you open it. This is really important, especially if you are giving a lunch box to your child in the school. You should consider buying a lunch box with air and liquid tight, and must have a resilient silicon seal to keep your food fresh longer, warm longer and eliminates odors and spills as well.

February 03, 2013

If you are looking to give your professional career a boost and be offered more opportunities for career advancement, you can consider getting a master’s degree. Although a college degree may be enough to get a job, there are still many benefits to having a master’s degree. The in-depth knowledge and additional skills that you will get from a master’s degree will make you more eligible for higher and more lucrative positions at work. You will become an asset to the company that you work for. The many benefits that you will get with your master in public administration online degree will fully eliminate the doubts that you will have as to whether the extra money spent or the extra hours of studying are worth it. Throughout the duration of your studies, you will be able to form relationships with people that you may be working with in the future. The networking opportunities that you will have will be beneficial to your chosen career. You will learn from experienced and highly knowledgeable mentors whose real life experiences will be helpful in making you become the best in your field. With your master’s degree, you will be given more opportunities not just in your chosen field but also in industries that you may not have initially considered. You will become more eligible for leadership or administrative positions. Projects or jobs that require more in depth knowledge will be offered to you if your company sees that you have a master’s degree. With the many benefits that having a master’s degree can offer, the cost and extra hours of studying are definitely worth it.

Becoming successful in our chosen field is a confirmation of how effectively we able to maximize the skills, talent and knowledge that we have. It also gives us a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. To make sure that we able to adapt to the increasing demands of our job we must be open to learning new skills. If we continuously work on enhancing our skills and knowledge, we will be provided with more opportunities for career advancement. The chances of getting promoted, for instance, are greater if we constantly look for ways to improve our skills. If we are looking for more career advancement opportunities, we must also make an effort to make ourselves worthy of these opportunities. If you are looking for a higher position at work or you are looking to change careers altogether, then you must decide which steps to take to make it happen. If you belong to the health care industry and you want a more stable job than what you currently have, then you can increase the chance of making it happen by earning your online doctor pharmacy degree. Through an online course, you will be able to finish the degree that you want while still holding a regular job. If a regular classroom setting is not possible because you still have your job, then an online course is suitable for you. You can even choose to take your online classes during weekends or at night after your regular working hours. The courses that you will take will provide you with the knowledge and skills that will make you more eligible for whatever bigger career opportunities will come to you in the future.

December 08, 2012

On my first year in college, I never bought textbooks to all my subjects because I need to save a little money for my daily allowance. I just borrowed textbooks from the school library. However, students were not allowed to borrow books for the whole semester. They only allow bringing home the textbook for a week and not for the whole semester. In addition, students can just borrow two to three textbooks per week. If you are a smart student, buying a new textbook is not worth doing because you cannot use it after the school term. The practical thing you could do is to rent textbooks.

Do you know that you can rent textbooks? When you rent textbooks, you can save 40-90% off of bookstore prices. Some others, shipping is free in both ways. Some company gave flexible renting periods, and you can highlight the important texts in the textbooks. Just make sure that the next borrower wouldn't find it annoying. One thing is good in some great company; they partnered to an organization that the main objective is to give a beautiful smile to children who have cleft lip problems. They perform cleft lip surgeries for children whose families couldn't afford to pay the operation. So, on every textbook you rented, such great company donates some amount to Operation Smile. I always love people smiling.

November 13, 2012

Household chores can pile up throughout the day, particularly if only one person is doing them. By encouraging your children to help out with chores from an early age, you will not only benefit from their help but also teach them the necessary life skills they need to run a household. Chores teach responsibility, respect, and practicality. However, sometimes it can seem like pulling teeth to get any help from your kids around the house. By establishing expectations and a routine, you can get your kids more involved and make life easier for everyone in the long run.

Start at an Early Age

Some easy first chores for children can include making their own bed, tidying up their toys, setting the table, and helping fold laundry. These can be done from a very young age, don't take too much time, and help improve motor skills. Toddlers tend to enjoy helping out around the house. By encouraging your child to help out from a young age, you can start to instil good habits that will hopefully last through the later years.

Some of these tasks can be difficult for small children to do alone, so you can work with them to straighten sheets or fold laundry. When your kid is ready to go to school, you can get him or her involved in school preparations such as organizing school supplies, affixing school name tags to clothing, and preparing a packed lunch. Children in primary grades are just learning to enjoy their new-found independence, so this can be encouraged by letting them take an active role in preparing for school.

 Keep House Clearly Organized

It will be easier for your child to help around the house if he or she knows exactly where items are supposed to go. You can use name labels UK to mark sections of the living room where each child can put their own toys. When a child is setting the table, it's helpful if dishes, place-mats and cutlery are always in the same places. This will help teach order and organizational skills along with independence. Shelves, cubby holes, and drawers can be used in bedrooms to give plenty of room to put items away in their right place, rather than simply throwing them all in a heap in the closet.

Don't Turn Chores into a Punishment

Although as children get older it may be increasingly difficult to turn chores into a fun game, you don't want to give the impression that they are being punished by keeping a tidy house either. Reward children and teens for completing their tasks, rather than punishing them with extra housework. If you punish them with chores, they'll have a negative connotation with helping out and will avoid it at all costs. Show your appreciation when a job is done well, and give them additional privileges if they go above and beyond expectations.

Whether you choose to actively reward your children for their help around the house or simply keep chores as a basic expectation, consistency is important. Let children know what you expect from them and follow through when they don't meet your expectations. By setting standards from a young age, you will help raise more independent and helpful youngsters.

(Thanks for the guest post Alina Anghel)

October 08, 2012

When you start planning a business, the competition is part of an overall strategy that encourages bringing together business ideas and people who have the research, capital, connections, and general know-how to get a start-up. I remember our feasibility study in college; we couldn’t graduate if we couldn’t pass a business plan. Even if we were just a graduating student, there was some kind of business plan competition. With the help of thorough research on the net and reading some blogs like Mandrien Marketing blog, for sure if you're in this level right now, your group could have won the first prize just like my friend!

Her business plan was truly successful for it was posted, until now, at the library of the university where she  graduated and some businessmen used this plan. Every time I saw a business like the business planned they created; she think if they have been to the school where she studied, and buy this business proposal. By the way, the group received a plaque of recognition plus a guaranteed job from one of the sister company of the school. Anyhow, at Mandrien Consulting Group, they can help make you to start your business effectively. If you have been into your business, and it seems that the business activity is running so slow, they can also help you identify the problems and how to cope with such problems. I would suggest trying to read their blog so you would know why you should hire their services.

May 25, 2012

Tutoring nowadays has been famous. I heard it everywhere both online and the typical way. I think I can be a tutor of my own child in the long run when she will going to school as I do not work in the office like any moms do to which they most likely need a tutor for their child/children.
A friend in UK for sure needs a tutoring like any online tutoring UK to help her child maintain her being top of the line grades in her school as she and her husband is very busy in their work. As it has been said, Tutorhub is an online tutoring and homework help website which designed to help children with their schoolwork, homework and revision. I think she got the right one. Good luck to her child for doing great in school and for having a great tutor then.

May 04, 2012

College expenses do not only include tuition fees and housing costs. Every college-goer or parents, has to keep a tight budget for that! One also has to think of his food and clothing allowance and textbooks. College textbooks can be quite costly which is why most college students are looking for a more inexpensive alternative. Some would just share textbooks or just go to the library whenever they need to use a textbook. A better alternative would be to rent textbooks. There are book rentals companies that rent out books to thousands of students from various campuses.

Why rent textbooks? Here are some advantages:
  • Save 40-90% off of bookstore prices 
  • Allows you to highlight in the pages of the textbooks 
  • Free shipping both ways 
  • Flexible renting periods and payment plans 
  • A donation is made to Operation Smile for every textbook rented 
  • Excellent customer assistance 
  • Every rental comes with a 30-day worry free guarantee 
Textbook rental companies have large inventories of textbooks in every subject. Students will surely find the textbooks that they need just like International Business (12th Edition) book. They are also able to deliver the textbooks on time ensuring that the students will have their textbooks once the semester starts. If the students decide to keep the textbook, they only need to pay a small amount for it. Great, isn't it?

March 30, 2012

It is a common adage, "too much to do, too little time" and yes, that's what I am feeling right now. Much chores piled-up waving up on me to finish or at least getting the most of it. If only I can buy time. But not now, not ever. Maybe, in the sense of "reading between the lines" I can buy it sometimes, but as I said, not this time. Gr! I know, this might also what you are feeling right now. So, appear?! Cheers to that, ha ha!

It is not easy I know. But this is our life, we have to learn how to manage it so we can have a great life. An order life is a boring life, maybe but maybe not. As I said, it makes it easy and less stress. A manageable one, that is. What we could just then do is to maintain it.

And so we have to strive hard to control our time that we won't be stressed-up even just by thinking about it. Relax and enjoy the time-being. How I wish I can have that this time. Well, I know this won't be long. As it has been said "no pain, no gain" , "no perseverance, no fruits", so endure it! As long as we're in the right track, that's all that matters, don't you think? Have a great one!

March 19, 2012

1)     Letter sounds- In the English language there is only a finite number of different sounds. Once the child has a simple command of the sounds that come out of their mouth then there are the solid foundations that lead to rapid improvements
2)    Letter names- Once the child knows the different sounds in the language, the next important step is to teach them the different letter sounds. In other words, they need to know the alphabet but the order of the alphabet is not yet important.
3)    Recognize letter shape- before learning what sound goes with what, a basic recognition of each letter shape is needed. Once the child is able to recognize these different shapes then it is a lot easier for them to build their spelling skills. There are many different ways to do this, one way is by having fridge magnets in the shape of letters, even reading your book with them looking over your shoulder is useful as they are slowly getting more and more used to these shapes.
4)    Forming letters- Once able to recognize the shape, the next step is for the child to be able to form the shape of their own accord. The importance of this is obvious, without this skill it will be impossible to write at all, let alone be able to spell to a good standard. There are lots of fun ways to do this. One way is to make some plasticine and mould the letters with this, this is a great example of an activity that is both educational and enjoyable, another way to do this is by drawing the letters in the sand.
5)    Refine Sounds- Go through the speaking process again but this time make sure each sound is made more clear than before, this is so there is no confusion between each distinct sound which will cause confusion later on in the process.
6)    Refine names- Learning the letter name with clarity is important for the development of the communication of spelling, and the language in general. It is also crucial for the next few steps.
7)    Awareness of letters- Show the child that letters are everywhere, point out what letters are what if possible. A good way to start this is by using letters from the child’s name and showing that they are in all different kinds of words. This is because the familiarity of their own name is far greater than any other word, and thus will be able to associate that with letters a lot more easily.
8)    Spelling their name- Although they may be able to recognize their own name on a piece of paper, the next important step is for them to be able to write it by themselves, this is the start of the creation of the word bank.
9)    Learn alphabet- Teach the child the alphabet song, this will mean they will be able to know the order of the alphabet and will also give them a better all round knowledge of all of the different letters.
10)   Ispy game- Showing you child different words, make them sound out the first letter of each word, once complete, the basics of spelling is finished.

Once this is mastered, it is necessary to build upon this. One way to do this is to use a revolution prep coupon to get a great supplementary education experience but not breaking the bank!

October 06, 2011

Aside from the quality of education being offered both online and traditional, one of our main considerations as parents when choosing the right school for our children is whether it has the facilities that can offer more learning opportunities to its students. Most schools nowadays have a spacious library with a large selection of books, a modern audio-visual room, an auditorium where plays can be staged and a computer room for all its students. These schools know that students also need to have an outlet to express their artistic and creative side and the chance to put into practice or test the theories that they learn from books. Telescopes and other modern equipments in a science laboratory are just some of the things that students need. 

Schools know where they can purchase telescopes for sale including refractor telescopes that will be used in the laboratory acitvity. With all the proper equipments being made available, students will surely have a more enriching experience in school which is great as part of molding them.

September 03, 2011

 In our life's journey, we have this we call "a student for life" , what this mean? Should we have to go to school for lifetime? Why not?! But of course, when situation or work calls for it. Experience can be called a lesson especially in time of trials. We have to expect for trials because that's what life is. Embracing such and learn from it, makes our life's journey smooth. We just have to go with the flow. Be ready all the time as if we are a girl scout. Now let's talk about being at school, children up to a certain age, at least college or in a masters level, is advisable to be at a classroom and continue its journey then when a line of work needs knowledge upgrade.

In advance countries like US, technology is leading students to develop easier and more comfortable. A typical school here have the classroom audio systems to which it is already a need for students. I just remember the past days or in a developing countries that even a TV is hard to produce. Now or here in an advance country, students must be grateful that they can have other ways to learn. It is really great to have a classroom audio aside from having a television as a help for teachers to apply lessons to the students through gadgets. It would not be boring unlike if it is only a discussion or looking at the book. Students have upgraded its way of learning. A lot of option of teachers to choose from. A classroom amplification is part of a classroom audio system which plays an important role. It is already a package of having such in connection to an audio system. One must be going to select the best one which suits the mode of latest technology especially that it is for the benefit of the students. And when time calls for a meeting of parents and other conferences, a conference audio systems, is a must. It would be a great help for a person to use it for speaking to a large crowd of parents and alike.

You may not notice it but aside from students can already attend class anywhere or at the comfort of one's home (online class, that is), a typical classroom gadget advanced to the latest (or close to latest) technology also nowadays. Having a classroom gadget, like an audio system plays a vital role in a journey of teacher. And I can see it is really worth it to have such one.

August 06, 2011

Most of us would agree that having a good education and finishing a degree can help us advance in whatever field we are currently in. A college degree can create more rewarding job opportunities for us. If somehow you are not able to finish school for whatever reason, it is never too late to enroll and acquire a college degree. If you are currently have a job and it is not possible for you to attend regular school, there a number of Online Universities to choose from on your journey to finish your education you like to get. You can even browse through their sites and choose from amongst the various courses such as online degree programs in business management course.

Decide which course you will take. You have to make sure that you will be able to manage your schedule well so that you can set aside time for your studies. You have to be committed so that you will be able to finish the course in time and that you will truly learn from the course you have enrolled in. Work diligently and submit all the necessary requirements on time. If you need financial assistance, you can seek help form sites like that offer aids for federal students. Application is free. Just browse through the site and see what they require to qualify for a grant.

August 01, 2011

Most folks love to read. In time of travel specifically in a plane or road to the destination, it is great to read books or booklet, right? Just to buy/kill time, we need it. Or at least to those who loves to read. I have a friend who just really loves books. He has a library full of books and booklets. He prefers books than watching television and alike. There are also folks who love to write and even compiling booklets for future references or just as a hobby of piling it up. Bloggers can do it too, well, to those professional bloggers. In the journey to do it, it must have done with complete booklet printing, if possible the glossy one to have a beautiful-look aside from it is sturdy quality one. It is worth it especially if you are an organized and meticulous on your stuff. Don't you like it if it is awesomely done? If it is done in a timely manner?! Meaning, how fast it is done, the better! That is even a great requirement to the beginning business owners, students and alike who look ways and means to have the printing did in a very professional and efficient way. I just remember during my education journey wayback college. We were obliged to have a thesis and had it book bind. Of course we like having it did awesomely so we could have a good grade aside from the content of it. That is one step getting the best grade. Content does not only speaks the quality of the book/booklet but how it is presented, inside and outside you know.

July 28, 2011

Practicing ones chosen field is not an excuse to try and find ways to improve here in our life's journey. Graduating from college and getting a degree is not an excuse to stop learning and constantly improving a craft. If you are in the medical field, for example, there are various courses you can take which can help you become better. There is a consultant interview course which you can take which aim to help improving communications skills as one of the steps. You will then learn how to make medical presentations making it possible for you to relate your message more effectively. One can also enroll in a medical training course which introduces in the latest in the medical field. With so many medical discoveries and studies being released regularly, it is important that you keep yourself updated. 

A medical management course is ideal for those who hold a higher position. Those who lead a team of other medical practitioners are encouraged to take this course. They will be guided on how they can be effective leaders. A teach the teacher course is for those who prefer to handle classes and teach those who want to be in the medical field as well. If you are consciously making an effort to learn and improve yourself, being the best in what you do is something within your reach.

June 24, 2011

Are you happy when others are happy? Or,  do you like the crab mentality thing? Or, you just want to remind yourself a hundred times that you are sad? That, you don't want others happy? Ooh, how sad is that?! Unless, if you are that of the first sentence of this paragraph.

Now, comprehend, examine yourself if you are this person or what. For sure, there's that good in you, that one day you twist your understanding that it's really great of being happy of what other's makes them happy. It really makes a huge difference if you do that.

Why? Think of your own happiness. There is always a jealousy attitude I know, but when you start telling yourself that you should not do that, instead, tell yourself you are happy about it. Promise, you feel at ease of yourself. Take it from me, mark my word. Do it, not later but now (and see the difference)!

April 10, 2011

How many of you here is taking up a college course of nursing? Knowing that health professions are in-demand nowadays especially the nursing job, for sure you already know what it is or at least the work of such. It is a great profession of taking care sick people and it is a rewarding job, so to say. Are you currently taking up nursing? Where did you studying? Are you getting or pursuing it in online as online nursing degree or you go to the traditional school? Whatever it is, I wish you all the best and the having such and soon enough working on that field. Again, it is a decent and rewarding job, that is why I vow to the nurses. I even think  when I was young of stepping unto this course but then I got the other one. But no regrets, maybe one day I will. Good luck to me then, if so, and God bless to the nurses!

March 06, 2011

There is no question education plays an important role in our life. To know how to handle life and struggles, have a good source of living, have a decent (and so much more), we need education. Whether you like it or not, we need it! No question about that but when it comes to school flag like college flags, it is not really an "in" thing for students unlike a nation/country flag which is compulsory when it's an Independence Day moment (which is really great). But here in U.S. of America, you can see school flags everywhere especially in sports place. People /parents/students here are emphasizing and gives honor to their students, they are proud (which is great). It is just normal here having seen such.

January 20, 2011

In other countries like Philippines, school starts already on the first Monday of this month. While here in USA or other countries, it just started or about to start (it is either next week or the week after next week) for Spring semester (USA has three or four semesters: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter). With that, school supplies are on their way out or to take on. School supplies store or department is already busy then especially talking about making their own supplies like making documents binding stuffs which use VeloBind supplies or any other alike. In college, one time my schoolmates and I made a notebook which compose of bond papers and other materials. We could have use such velobind for another variety then, if only we know it before. :-) 

(This time as I am back going to school, materials were being kept in one binder which is already prepared for us. We just have to pay for its material fee which is excluded on the class fee.)

January 14, 2011

Yep! I (actually my Dear Husband and I) will be going to school tomorrow! It starts nine o'clock sharp (9 a.m.) until one o'clock (1:00 p.m.) and we discussed each other to go only every Saturday since he works on weekdays. He do this (as he said) for me to have a companion and at the same time would not commute through bus. The school is in Los Angeles near Beverly Hills. It will a short-term class good for 64 hours which cost more than thirteen bucks or less than fourteen per hour (<$13/>$14) plus material fee of $40. The class/certificate is PC Computer Repair  which prepares students (us) for CompTIA A+ Certification  test. After completing this Computer Repair Certification course, I will be able to  work as a Computer Specialist in technical support, computer repair and troubleshooting, computer assembly, and help desk . I so like this class as I so love computers. For three years of being here in US with DH, my main chores is PC. ;-) That is why when I want to go to school I wanted about computer. If this goes on and if time permitted, I wanna proceed to Computer System Repair which will take 240 hours (or on and on as long as it leads me to earnings not only schooling *wink*... *smile*), Okay not for now. If I can have this first class and its certification, I wanna apply or have a short home business so I can earn myself to help my DH with our expenses. Okay after I got my certification or such program or have already enough, I have to study CNA and get its certification then proceed to Home Health Aid in preparation for my DH, alright, other than that, these are also a reliable and in-demand job nowadays and  more to come in the coming years, hopefully. So, that is it for now. Until then. Hopefully, Lord God will grant it. Please give me your bliss folks, be happy for me too. ~hugs&kisses~

I have to go now and get ready to sleep since I have to wake up at six o'clock tomorrow (6:00 a.m.) to cook, do the necessary things to do of our abode and prepare for myself. Bye for now.Until then.

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