March 30, 2012

It is a common adage, "too much to do, too little time" and yes, that's what I am feeling right now. Much chores piled-up waving up on me to finish or at least getting the most of it. If only I can buy time. But not now, not ever. Maybe, in the sense of "reading between the lines" I can buy it sometimes, but as I said, not this time. Gr! I know, this might also what you are feeling right now. So, appear?! Cheers to that, ha ha!

It is not easy I know. But this is our life, we have to learn how to manage it so we can have a great life. An order life is a boring life, maybe but maybe not. As I said, it makes it easy and less stress. A manageable one, that is. What we could just then do is to maintain it.

And so we have to strive hard to control our time that we won't be stressed-up even just by thinking about it. Relax and enjoy the time-being. How I wish I can have that this time. Well, I know this won't be long. As it has been said "no pain, no gain" , "no perseverance, no fruits", so endure it! As long as we're in the right track, that's all that matters, don't you think? Have a great one!


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