August 02, 2011

Rice is the staple food in the Philippines and some other countries but never in USA and other countries too. I am proud to say my Dear Husband eats rice even if he was born here in USA. Thanks goodness. :-) Whenever I cooked rice, he also ate. I am proud of him of not being picky when it comes to it (though he still won't a eat a lot of vegetables unless it is salad or potato). And we can eat together with rice unto our meals. Lately, he can also cook rice in stove well (I said in stove because we also have rice cooker and also rice can be cooked in microwave). Yep, he asked how to do it and then I replied. It is easy though. He prefers fresh rice (what I meant fresh is when it is freshly cooked not refrigerated from previous meal/s difference) unlike me that it's okay if it is already refrigerated, heat it up when I want to eat/. 

Yes, I am the one responsible for household chores and (of course) I used to do it (and until now for myself if he's not at home or I need it). But then since am now pregnant and doing chores (but if am free, I am the one doing the thing, of course), aside from he is practicing to cook for himself if we have the baby already, then that's what he currently did. Am happy about it, we share responsibilities. Thanks goodness I have a husband like him. :-) He cannot cook viands a lot (mostly he just heat it up or the easy way other than buying ready-to-eat ones) but that is fine with me because as I said there are lots of fresh foods-to-go from restaurants/food chains here. Well, am just a happy wife though maybe that's just too small for you. :-) Whatever! :-) Diary, keep it in memory. :-)


  1. Unknown said...
    Ako pod bana Baje is not "picky " about rice but prefer brown rice for health reason. When it comes to vegetables he almost like just about everything even those vegetables I bought from the Filipino store.
    bbtoo said...
    Mo kaon imo bana pinoy food Cai? ako bana dli gyud mo kaon ay.
    anney said...
    Good thing your hubby is not a picky eater! Bihira sa foreigner kumakain ng rice. Puro bread lang sila minsan.
    Mel Avila Alarilla said...
    Yes, it's great that your hubby can eat and cook rice too. And it is also wonderful that he shares household chores with you now that you are preggy. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
    hopeful said...
    Same pud sko hubby sis rice eater. Maayo nlang kay mukaon sya sko! If dili sya ako plutuon..heheheh.

    Musta na diha sis Cai? Hapit na imo due?
    Cacai M. said...
    Oi maau ky mo-eat pod diay og rice imo hubby sis Hope. Mao bah, mokaon pod diay xa sa imong mga luto like Pinoy foods? wow.. bongga nman.. wla ka-problema2x ky kaisa lang ka mag-cook, ako kaduha jud kung gusto xa og home-made viand (mostly he likes to get ready-made ones, hehe!). :-) And okay ra mn ko sis Hope and yep, hapit na jud.. :-)

    @ Kuya Mel, yep. Thankfully. :-)

    @ Anney, yep, indeed! Bihira lang talaga and am thankful that he eats rice.

    @ Anne/bbtoo, nah dli mn kaau xa ga-eat og Pinoy Foods oi pero maau nlng mo-eat sa uban. :-) Ay mao bah, dli jud diay mo-eat imo hubby Anne.. as in dli jud motilaw? hehe..

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