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July 21, 2012

Journeying in our kitchen is one chore that I love now that I am a wife. As a Filipina I do really love eating Pinoy foods. The one that you cannot take away from me is the love of ‘adobo’. Adobo can be chicken or pork. Those are my favorite meat by the way. Adobo is a very well-known easy Pinoy food. It is actually one brand of Filipino when it comes to food. Smile. I can share on how to do it, here:

1.) Chop chicken or pork meat
2.) Soy sauce
3.) Vinegar
4.) Black pepper & Pepper leaves
5.) Garlic
6.) Salt
7.) Water

  Mix them all together in a casserole and cooked it until it will be totally done. It will take 20-30 minutes depends on how much meat you are cooking. Check from time to time. Then right after your adobo is ready for serving . Try this one and surely you will say yummy… adobo taste so good and very easy to do, no need step and steps of process. Not much ingredients, so light and easy! Good luck guys, let me know if you do. I can teach you more if you need help! Just leave on your comments here.

May 11, 2012

I love eating sea foods especially healthy tuna. It is either fresh from the ocean, canned or frozen is best for our health. As it has been said, tuna is pack with protein, omega-3, vitamin D, and selenium which plays an important role in our body. According to the research of scientific study, diet rich in fish that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, like canned tuna, can curb or prevent cognitive decline, dementia, depression, neuro-psychiatric disorders, asthma and inflammatory disorders. An issue between tuna and pregnant women questioned but scientific studies prove that tuna is safe to eat for pregnant women! It is even proven that pregnant women who always eat tuna boosts her child's brain. While it is true that pregnant women should stay-away see foods that have high-mercury (like shark, mackerel, swordfish, tilefish), it is actually SMART to eat seafood during pregnancy (following what your OB-GYN or doctor words about what fish to eat or not)!

For me, I prepare my healthy tuna food usually for sandwiches. My family (especially DH) likes it a lot and even always requests me of preparing him to bring to his work. Since I love pampering him and our tummy, I always do it. I also have come to search for another tuna recipe which I will have to prepare for my beloved in the next following days. I am chasing and been reading a Caribbean-Style Albacore recipe which I plan to cook. I find it good for us because we are into diet.

I can't wait to chase for tuna this coming days to cook this recipe. Ciao...

September 03, 2011

Have you ever put a beef meat for a mixed veges in a coconut milk recipe? How was it?

It was my first time to put a beef of a mixed vegetables in a coconut milk menu. Never in my life had I seen one with it, but out of curiosity and am craving of beef meat that time, I put it as a mix of such. For sure, it won't poison me because the beef and all of my ingredients are fresh. Then I began my kitchen journey for such menu. Yes, I put several ingredients of vegetables like leafy yum leaves, swamp cabbage/ kangkong, eggplant, string beans, taro root and squash along with the fresh spices like lemon grass, ginger, bell peppers of two different color, then a dash of salt and beef bouillon. Hoorah! I love the taste of it with beef! Well, for that time when it is still warm. Then since I cooked more than I one sitting of eating I  have the leftover to which I actually intent to stash for future meal(s) just a typical way when I cook such menu. But to my surprise, the time that I wanted to eat already, the food was not good anymore. It bubbled. It was not that I did not put it in the refrigerator directly because I did, I even put some in the freezer. And I thought of, because it is beef. Beef bubbles. I don't know but it will be a long time and have to persuade myself strongly with a strong proof that beef, is good to mixed vegetables in a coconut milk, that is hard to do. However, am not closing my mind for any experienced cook or chef about this. For now, I still cannot comprehend of mixing beef of such recipe. I promise myself of putting not. Really, it is a waste of ingredients thinking that such are not cheap. :-( Lesson learned for me.

July 10, 2011

Hello folks, how are you? I hope you are in the best of health and everything. Whatever it is, I hope you all the best in everything you do! Now, am sharing to you my kitchen journey. What I cooked and the ingredients of my sweetened root crops (or binignit in visayan dialect in Philippines or bilo-bilo in tagalog/Filipino language) this time. I said that because it depends on you root crops you want (or available) to mix with coconut milk, sugar, sago/tapioca pearls, fruits like jack-fruit and young coconut along with the water to soften the ingredients.

Below in the left image shows the ingredients I put on my sweetened root crops. Those were: yucca root, sweet potato, taro roots, jack-fruit, white tapioca pearls, brown sugar and of course the milk and water to soften the root crops. And on the right image below is the outcome or the about-done sweetened root crops in a pot. This recipe by the way taste sweet.
Then image below shows the about-done recipe (sweetened root crops mixed) in a pan over the stove fresh from my kitchen. Ah, kitchen journey! (Click images to enlarge)

Now am craving for this! Happy eating there!

February 22, 2011

You already know that I got this recipe from a friend, Jocelyn Wallace, thanks to her I made my first "embutido". Wonder what are the recipes to complete the gourmet foodie I made? Here's how (I made half a kilo of her recipe): 

   1/2 kl. ground pork
   1.5 (one and a half) pcs. large (or 2 small) raw eggs
   1/2 onion, chopped finely
   1/4 cup raisins/sultana
   1/4 cup sweet relish
   1/2 cup sausage/hotdog, chopped finely
   1/4 cup grated cheese
   1 hard-boiled egg, quartered
   1/4 cup finely chopped carrots
   1.5 (one and a half) tbsp. bread crumbs
   salt and pepper to taste

   Mix all ingredients except hard-boiled eggs. After mixing, put it in a foil then put the quartered hard-boiled eggs in its centers. Then fold/roll the foil tightly and tie both ends. While folding/rolling the foil with the "embutido" mix on it, preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Put hot water in the steamer (steamer should as long as the "embutido" in foil) and wait until the water boils (I guess by this time, you already done folding/rolling-up the "embutido" in foil). Once water boils already in an oven, put the folded/rolled "embutido" in foil and steam for one hour. And done! "Embutido" is already cooked and ready to cool-off to put in freezer or eat up. :-)

That is all! Have fun doing! ;-)

August 19, 2010

This was what I planned to cook lately. It was apparently a food trip. I craved for it, then I got it! *wink* Okay, the title speaks for itself, the name of my dish lately. Actually, I cooked for two meals so I still have one for dinner with hubby's outside order tilapia fish later. It was an intention to have a "soupy" one though usually folks cook it otherwise unless it is intended for soup purposes. It is my choice since I like to eat with soup on it even it is a sauteed type.

soupy sauteed swamp cabbage (kangkong)
Yours truly had the fun cooking at it. It turned out what I wanted to, not half-cook or overcooked but in between. A fully cooked one though I did something in the sink as I simmer it, thankfully it did not turned overcooked. I put beef flavor bouillon (this time the one on the bottle not the usual bar type, it is of the same taste though) on it. Bouillon is my cooking close ingredient when I do not like to cut any meat. Ha! :-) Though bouillon has already the ingredients needed, I still brown garlic, onion and two colors of bell peppers with vegetable oil.

cooked swamp cabbage (kangkong)

July 28, 2010

Okay, this pictures was more than two weeks already in my inbox. Well, it is for whenever I crave of it. Ha ha ha! Oops yep, kidding aside but seriously. Sweet potato tops are not common in our favorite (with DH, actually it's DH favorite then later on it became my fave then too). So in short, it is hard for me to get this just as usual. Not until I found out there is in our farmer's market which opens every morning up to one o'lock "post meridian" (until 1:00 p.m.). That was just only weeks ago I found it. And so the "veges-whore" of me then bought and make it a salad. Images below are my sweet potato salad (left) and its, sweet potato vinaigrette.
sweet potato saladpotato salad vinaigrette
What I did was that I (1) get the leaves of the sweet potato after it were washed. Then (2) boil a water, once it boiled I put the fresh raw sweet potato leaves. I then (3) put it on its vinaigrette. Yum-mm! And done. Oops how to make its vinaigrette? I just put the spices, namely: tomato, scallions, onion, bell pepper (in lieu of ginger, I was out of ginger so I put fresh bell pepper instead of it). Then have a dash of salt and vinegar. That's it! As easy as 1-2-3! Yum-mm!

June 22, 2010

I was not able to post my food trip the other week because of the Lakers game and some other stuff after it. I had my reserved post but was not able (again) to put some more words into it. Yep, I was that kind of busy, actually with my headache at the same time I was so weak that even just to type words, I was not able to do it. Hemmm.. blame it to the weather? Hemmm.. alright, just a few reminder -- if for any reason, you cannot have your air conditioning or fan on, be sure to drink to drink a lot of cold water. To me, I turn on and off the A/C because it seemed it was also very cold as well as the fan. Then really, cold water helped. Anyway, let us have for now my special spaghetti with that big home made meat balls or "bola-bola".

You can have some some folks should you like to. *wink* Yes, I called it special because I put a bit of condensed milk and I know it is unusual for an spaghetti to have a milk though some also put salt to taste it like milk. Together with the ingredients aside from homemade big meat balls (which my DH really like to have it big) and milk, I put also cheese, spaghetti sauce and meat sauce (some put ketchup but I haven't done it yet, I want to try to next time for a change :) and another dash of ground beef from some the set of meat balls, spices (onion, garlic), olive oil and a hot dog in a big can. What I did was that I thinly cube-sliced onion and cloves garlic as well as sliced diagonally the hot-dogs in a can then sauteed. Then I sauteed it with small amount of ground beef. After it has been okay (brown), I put the sauce and let it boiled. As it was already boiled, I put the cooked spaghetti and mixed altogether with the cooked meat balls. I then let it boiled again and done!
It is time to eat! Oops let it cool off a bit. ;-) By the way, I cooked the spaghetti in a water with salt and cooking oil (I use olive oil). Never forget to stir it frequently especially once it is already boiled so spaghetti noodles won't stick altogether. I don't cover it so I can chase the noodles and stir it frequently. :-) About my homemade meat balls, I will share it next time. We may have same process or different in other ways but that's what makes it unique and sharing, right? You may also like to share yours, how you did it. Come on don't be shy.. kidding aside.. *wink* Have a great Wednesday!

May 25, 2010

I was in the mood of cooking the chicken we had in our refrigerator after of how many days/week that stocked in the freezer. I let out or put the normal low refrigerator temperature so it would be thawed. After that, I began boiling the eggs and gathered the ingredients after. I then put on the vinegar, soy sauce, a dash of iodized salt, a little oil, garlic, onion, a dash of black pepper, bay leaves and a little water. Before that, I skinned-off the pieces of chicken legs. Anyway, one can cook either pre-marinade or not.

I assume you know how to cook chicken adobo, if not, it's just easy. Just put all the ingredients (except the eggs, put it on when just about done) and let it stand for a couple of minutes or hours depending how you like the meat cooked --- if it has to super soft, just in between or just normal. I, too, like either way depending on my taste bud. ;-) But that time I like it super soft and about emptied its sauce. I let it stand for an hour or so. I just lowered the heat after the first boiled or putting up the desired taste.

So then, happy cooking and eating.. ;-)

March 18, 2010

gizzard adobo in skillet

I know typical Americans or some part of the world do not like inner body part of meat as their food but most Filipinos do (am a Filipino). People of any areas have differences and I understand that. I even read some not-so-good comments on other blogs but I do not care, it is their business so I respect them. Anyhoo, speaking of adobo(pork adobo) it is very well-known as it is Filipinos signature food, I guess. What about gizzard adobo? Male pinoys like this a lot. I remember, my late grandfather and other male relatives in an island, loves this so much to which I was curious of tasting it. The way it is cook makes a difference. I like it a lot and now, I somewhat get used to it. :-) An image above is what I cooked more than two weeks ago (the date tells), it was my first time cooked of this as I do not like cooking when I was still single and besides I haven't seen this before in the place where I am now, so definitely my first time. I planned to cooked it as fried because I am not that good in adobo as to pork adobo --- I cannot perfect it as to what the typical adobo taste but fortunately, it turned into adobo without my knowledge.. :-) I utilized the spices I had to which those are: garlic, onion and three colors of fresh bell peppers (green, orange and red) with olive oil, soy sauce and a pinch of salt then a touch of water. My mind planned only to fried it but to my surprise I was gathering some spices which you do not need when frying, then I just then continued because I had it already in my hand. hehehe.. what a coincidence. :-) So the adobo recipe went. I used a lot of spices (half to soak it and half on the final touched) to get the smell of chicken. And to my surprise, I did it good to what I didn't expect but the taste that I adored when someone good at adobo does. Whew! It is really good when it's just only a little sauce it has or let it soak for minutes with its sauce leaving it a bit. Just not a lot of salt but more soy sauce and a touch of water so the sauce is not dark, and also be sure the oil is not much and not less --- just enough that you could see the oil when it is already cook. Boiling the gizzard before the adobo process is the important step.

Above image is fresh from my skillet and ready for me to eat. :-) Actually, I just ate minutes ago because I craved as I saw this image. :-) Have fun eating (if you like gizzard)! Paired it with soft drink after ward. (~_~)

March 04, 2010

Hello folks, how everyone doing? I hope you all the best on this day and onwards. Today is already Friday in Philippines and beyond (as well as other countries that is advance five hours advance from Eastern Time (ET) or eight hours advance here in Pacific Standard Time (PST). We all know that 12:01 AM is already another day, so welcome Friday! That is also mean that weekend is coming... For now, let us have some food tripping this Friday. This time, my food trip is my own version of beef steak. I actually do not plan to cook beef steak as of cooking the image below days ago but to my surprise, I have seen that is already a beef steak (but my own version)! (LOL).. I can still remember a cousin of mine who is good in making her special beef steak that she has to put force through paddling the steak over the beef to make it soft and as she said deliciously-taste. Then she has to marinade it overnight with lemons and all that marinade stuffs. What I did was simple but I made it to the point that it is savory because I did not marinade it overnight. I just steam it a couple of minutes to soak with the flavor and spices.

my own version of beef steak

How I did it? I separate the onions and bell peppers for starting (browning it with cooking oil before the beef is put) and finishing (after steaming the ingredients drowning each other) as to what you can see over the finished cook beef steak above that it was not that soft. Then I put three (3) colors of bell peppers --- red, orange and green. And of course garlic is present as well as beef bouillon even though pure beef is present. I intended such for it to make it more beefy savory. And again, I boiled it for a couple of minutes so all the ingredients and main meat mixed good together (I did not marinade it that is why). Olive oil, a little soy sauce and water --- are also present.

That is it folks! Happy eating! :-)

February 05, 2010

sauteed grated green papaya w/ spicy sardines

January 21, 2010

sweetened root crops

I thought of cooking a dessert made of purplish taro root after I saw that I could put some ice on it and eat it cold. I usually eat this dessert on warm so, I decided to try it out. I was in the middle on my journey on making it, but then it turned out that the liquid (a little water part from boiling the taro root and a can of 400 mL coconut milk) was more than what was for the content. So I twist it into sweetened root crops. I add another taro root, potato, yellow squash, a can of jack fruit (more than the size of the coconut milk, and of course more granulated/white sugar. What I did was stopped the stove and peeled the root crops and boiled until half cook then put it into the stopped cook supposedly-sweetened taro root. By the way, I cut the jack fruits from the can into thin strips. To continue, I then together put the strips of jack fruits into the mixed root crops. After that, add sugar and boiled again. And done!
I tell you I made 6 servings! Yep, and because DH don't like to eat root crops, I was only the one devouring it. It was good for days of consumption for me. It was okay because it is good if it is cold. I put ice on it and it is yumm-o! By the way, I also called this as "root crops in coconut milk or not-so-binignit"

January 19, 2010

posted by: Cacai M.

I was in the taste of sauteed string beans and because pork is also available with the spices needed, the hand was able to cooked the viand I wished to partner with my steamed rice. You may wonder there are the same picture content but of different scene, that is because I was able to took a picture with the flash of the camera and without.
The first image was without a flash to which you can see the tag at the bottom and the the other too, contrary to the first, it is an image that I did use a flash on my camera.

(photography without flash)

(photograph with flash)

And now you can compare what's the difference but of same content. I did that for you to have a choice in which way you like to glance the image. So then, the recipe I used were string beans, pork, green and red bell pepper, onion, garlic, soy sauce, olive oil, a little water, and tomato. Yes, I put tomato in it though tomato can make the food readily to taste bad but due to the fact the tomato adds taste to the food so I put some aside that I will put the leftover (after 40 minutes or so as long as it's not warm anymore) in the refrigerator. It's really different when no fresh tomatoes in it. The procedure is easy, just like any other saute' foods, warm up the skillet then put the spices (tomato, onion, garlic, bell pepper) until brown. Then put the pork and let it boil. After it is boiled, put the string beans and boil again. Then put soy sauce and little water to taste. Let it boil again or until string beans are cook. And done! Ready to serve..

January 17, 2010

posted by: Cacai M.

I got very fresh shrimps from the market so I thought of making such of tamarind shrimp soup (sinigang na hipon in Tagalog---Philippines' language). Because I had tamarind powder, okra, string beans, scallions (onion leaves), salt and green bell pepper I made it right-away. And that's the result (image above). It's just easy to do. Just boiled how many cups you want (I put three cups on that), then put the shrimps and other ingredients, then reboiled again then wait for one or two minutes (depending upon your taste--if you want the ingredients fully cook or half cook) and done! Soup is ready...

December 08, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.
biko (sweetend glutinous rice)

So this is it, this was my biko! Not bad for my second attempt of cooking this eh? I tell you it's not that easy even if you have researched it by videos and recipes thinking that no one will supervise me how. Well, I learned my lesson as I said the last time. This time it's not that perfect still but close to it. It has just to cook like rice. I had my second thought that I cooked it according to the other style but nope, when you will cook the glutinous rice like the usual ones (for meal), you will really have to cook it fully because the measurement of the coconut milk varies. I actually cook this last Saturday evening for less than 20 minutes for two cups of glutinous rice. This was my recipe I used:

2 cups glutinous rice
1 and 1/2 cups water (for the glutinous rice)
2 cups dark brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
4 cups coconut milk (2 cans sold in Oriental store, if two cans isn't enough add water to make 4)

Cook 2 cups glutinous rice with 1 and 1/2 cups water. While the glutinous rice is cooking, mix the other ingredients (brown sugar, salt, and coconut milk). When you feel that the glutinous rice is already cooked (approximately simmering for 15-20 minutes), boil the mixed ingredients. Then once boiled, put the cooked glutinous rice and mix altogether stirring gradually until the liquid absorbed as well as the rice is fully cooked. Let it cool and put it in refrigerator afterwards. Serve cold. Enjoy!

December 04, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

salad okra and broccoli

My food trip entry for today is about late but hey it's still Friday here in my place. :-) So by the way, that is it the salad okra and broccoli with its vinaigrette. I put fish sauce with it but can't be seen because I just remember the time I was about to eat. The vinaigrette I mix were fish sauce, tomato, vinegar, scallion, and garlic. I felt like eating such cucumber in salad and I tell that was my first time (I just felt like to eat it). So that's it, that's my food trip.

For more of my FTF entries, it's in here and for more food trippers, just click the logo below. Have fun!

November 14, 2009

cooked stir-fry mixed vegetables

Yesterday, I felt like being vegetarian. Actually, I am more on vegetables but when cooking it there should even just a little meat in it especially that hubby wants me to eat something meaty since it is good source of protein which our body needs. Even though the pork is already defrosted and ready to sliced, but I was more on vegetables all. So, it ended stir-frying the okra, chayote, and mushroom with the spices onion, red bell pepper, and garlic saute with soy sauce. The procedure is just easy! After washing all the veges and fresh spices, cut it all length-wise. Then heat-up one teaspoon of olive oil (or any kind of oil), then brown the onion and garlic, then add the red bell pepper. As soon as it's already okay, put the chayote. After it boils put the mushroom then okra, then boil it again then put soy sauce. Then wait for five minutes or so until it is fully cook and taste. Put soy sauce if you think it tastes better. And done! Serve it with rice. Happy eating!

November 03, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

sweet and sour fish

Here comes my kitchen journey, my sweet and sour big eyed scad fish. Big eyed scad fish(some called this as cow-eyed fish, or yellow tail snapper) is the English name and "matambaka" is what we named this in the Philippines. This isn't a good fish for sweet and sour but I have it in my ref, and I liked to eat "escabeche" or sweet and sour that time.

So what I did was fry first the fish. While waiting of the fried fish, slice the spices: ginger, tomatoes (more than enough in cooking), green bell pepper, and onion. Then after the fish is fried, heat another skillet and put cooking oil, I put the spices. Then after it was boiled, put the fish over the skillet, and mix with sugar. Then taste!

August 05, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

The food below is what I always said- see at the last paragraph of this post - that I will already have to cook the noodles that I craved to eat. This is a Pinoy(Pinoy is same as Filipino which are the people who live in the Philippines) food which is very common in Asian Countries. Usually eaten by rice(and am one of those), some just eat it alone since noodles is same nutrients to rice(carbohydrates). Anyway, the recipe is just simple.

yellow and white rice stick noodles
shrimps(peeled and deveined) or shrimps ready to eat in a pack
salt and pepper to taste

What I did for the procedure was that I peeled the carrots and potatoes and wash then, I chop into cubes. After chopping, wash it again and put the potatoes into water above its level to avoid discoloration(dark) and set aside. I then soak the rice noodles into water until it was smooth so I can cut it to the desired length. After cutting all, I drained it from water and set aside. Next was I chop the pork into cubes and prepare the defrosted shrimps. After that I got the wok(skillet) from its cabinet and put into stove with oil then warm. Before it was warm, I made it sure that I already slice the onion with the garlic. Afterwards, I put on the sliced onion and garlic, then let it a little brownish color then put the pork and let it stand for three minutes with the carrots and potatoes, then put on the noodles and mixed. I let it stand for three minutes again and put seasoning and the ready to eat shrimps in a bag as well as the cabbage. Then wait one minute then mixed again. And done! Happy eating! (~_~)

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