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October 09, 2012

It is already two hours after midnight here in my end. It is already Tuesday, the day after yesterday, the Monday. :-) It was such a good day for me because it was a holiday and hubby let me sleep for quite the normal routine I have, meaning he help me with our Sarah. Happy me. :-)

Then come Tuesday, we all be busy on our each other's journey. Him, busy with work and me, busy with the apple of our eyes and you know who. :-) Still I have to say "Happy Tuesday" to everyone. Talking about spreading the positive vibes. Hoping it would attract of what it is intended to.

Then let's make the starting step now. Why don't you do it! Go! :-) Again, Happy Tuesday! :)

April 20, 2012

It is every this day of the week that employees tend to shout "yay, it is weekend soon"! And yes that is true since I experienced that before and oops, not only me but my co-workers too! Time flies fast, eh? Seems like it was just Monday yesterday and now it is already Friday. It jumped huh! I like it though since something's important in our family matter is coming and will be done soon. Yay! --- of that!

Now let me greet you, Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy and have fun the rest of the week! Oops, enjoy responsibly! :-)

... weekend is coming! :-)

April 12, 2012

It is Thursday again. It is this day when Friday-off workers has to prepare themselves for the last day of their works. Though it is still 40 hours a week, but thinking about it is awesome for me. Why? You already know that I am not an office worker. I am just a stay-at-home-mom and a stay-at-home-wife. So now you already guessed whom I am referring to? Yes, you bet it! You got it. Before I knew it, just leave it on your own. Anyway, that doesn't matter with my sweet greeting to you to " Have a great happy Thursday" ! How's the day on your end?

I hope you have a great one and enjoying life (it is what it is for anyway) despite of the trials and struggles. Enjoy responsibly! Once again, Have a Great Thursday!

March 29, 2012

This has been a late post already but since it is already in the draft, I just then have to published it. It may not make sense to you but without Thursday it won't be a complete weekdays! :-)

Yep, "Happy Thursday" to all of you! This is from my time if you excuse if it's not (or it's not yet) Thursday anymore of your time there. Anyway, how's the rest of the weekdays did? I hope it's fine, better yet it already passed. Woohoo! Ooh, yeah right. Now one day more and weekdays already done. Time to face the weekends then. What's new with that? New journey, new steps of the process, way or what you call, ain't it?

And so, what's the plan for the coming last day of the weekdays? I hope you all have a great time upon planning forward. Smile. :-)

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