August 18, 2011

Let us spread the positive vibe folks! We may not be happy all the time but we have the obligation to ourselves to at least not be worried most of the time. We are unique individuals but we have same journey of having obstacles in life that come and go. We just have to learn how to embrace and learn from it. It is hard I know but we have to survive. After all, there is always a sunshine after the rain. I believe, if there is still life, there is hope, don't you think? Now we have to spread that. If you think a person needs a word to comfort him/her, then go, and do not hesitate to give your heartily words of comfort. We are just temporary here in this world we journey, and there is no sense that we will not spread the help and comfort if we can. No monetary value can exchange for that. We just have to be sincere to the deserving one. And you will be remembered.

Spread the positive vibes! Love, love, love! Optimism, optimism, optimism!


  1. reyapot said...
    nice perspective sis.. buti ka pa.. thinking positive. ako mejo downers lately :((
    Cacai M. said...
    Kelangan sis eh baka mabubuwang tayo.. haha! Thanks for the visit sis.. muahhh!

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