May 03, 2012

It came into this idea as yours truly is in the point of settling down. Well, after such, actually. I know where I have to stop and being contented of what I have. No more working wise and hard just to attain such goal but rather, making the most of everything I have. I like the idea of "I don't have everything but I am making everything I have" , don't you think this is a great adage? Okay, this is about  why should we have to live life as it is the last. As in we just have to enjoy to the fullest. Enjoy the present, never mind the past (just make it as an inspiration and point of idea) and not to worry about the future as the future will worries itself. :-) As in, we just have to fully make what we can do today for the future and it will do its way. Being wise and hardworking would be the key but that is not all about it. Being contented too and knowing where to stop.

It is great to imagine one can think of not worrying of anything because they are doing everything what one can do currently. Now it is the fate to determine the next. Remember that God does wonders and won't leave us in the dark tunnel if we are doing good. HE even won't leave those non-followers, how much more those followers, right?

Alright, we just have to do what is best and God will do the rest. Living life as it is our last makes difference! :-)


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