August 16, 2011

In our life's journey, we cannot be always young but we can always be smart, or can really we? It is now time to think about that because we are concern with our mind. What we think is what we do and what we do can affect our daily routine. But how? Is there any science and training that does that? I heard about brain training program online and how it would assess a person's cognitive ability with a step by step help on how to improve our brain function and keeping it healthy and smart. 

Nowadays, scientists, neurologists and alike have many experiments regarding on how to improve our way of life. That's their passion and job anyway. Yes, as our age progresses our brain function decreases. Indeed, with time and age our memory and other reflexes such as eye to hand coordination diminishes. It has been called as cognitive decline by experts. For me that is also due to stress, hard work and other problems we encounter day to day, and it does really affect to our thinking. On how we think about stuffs and things alike. And it has been said that it is now proven that we can do something about it to maintain our skills and even improve it. This is interesting to me, not only because it is free and can be done online but because we need it to maintain our mental ability. Our mental alertness is far more important just like our physical appearance. We need to be physically and mentally healthy, otherwise, we loss consciousness on how beautiful life is despite of the obstacles we face day by day. After all, obstacles are spices in life. It adds taste just like having it on our favorite meal.


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