October 23, 2010

Well, it is not a secret that a person will become old. We could not be young and turn younger. But age is of ascending way. It is just the way it is and nothing we can do about it. Wrinkles would also come and one can tell through it, though some are not yet that old. Otherwise, such wrinkles especially in the eyes would be treated like putting-up wrinkle eye cream as everyone would like to have, a wrinkle-free. That also meant it would look as younger you, logically and physically. Once one tell them about one's age, they would surely tell "what is your secret?" ! Ahh.. you have to prepare your answer to that, it would be either be in joke-style or seriously. Or you can either do not tell or no words utter if you do not like to tell that person. Oops! Sharing is loving.. ;-)


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