September 23, 2011

No matter how big your burden or problems or worries are, please remember that God is good all the time and that He never fails! He might have given you those loads to give you a lesson or to make you and the people around you an even better person. There comes a time in your life that you feel like you are stretched too thin or challenged way beyond your physical capacity or your means, but at the end of it all, you will realize that God put you in that exact position to tell you something. He might have wanted you to leave your old ways and start over a new leaf or to leave all your doubts and worries behind and put all your trust to Him. He might have placed you in such a predicament or dilemma to test you or to remind you that He will always be there whenever you need Him. God works in many ways and means that transcend all our senses and reasons, that sometimes even if it may seem difficult or impossible, you just have to put all your faith in Him and let Him do his works. As an old adage said, “where reason ends, faith begins,” sometimes we just have to let it go, and let God take care of the rest for us.

Yes, HE is in fact great, amazing and everything beyond and in between. We should offer our whole heart to HIM and trust everything we have and all will be fine. I absolutely agree! Everything we have now are owned by HIM and every little thing or huge has all reasons why it is there and we just have to widen our knowledge, have more faith as well as again, trust everything to HIM. Whatever obstacles we have we can make it if we have such, that's for sure!


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