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October 23, 2010

How do you like to have pimples? No one would, that is for sure. It is not just quiet leave scarce and dark spots on our skin but also dis-beautify us. Not to mention how it affect to one's confidence. I know how pimple victim would want to have pimple remover the best pimple remover which suits to his/her skin. It is not easy having it. In fact it is a hassle! It is a physical problem, basically. I am sad but fortunately, it could be treated. Good luck then.

October 12, 2010

Gimme money! Hahaha! Aright, you might think I have a lot of money or I am obsessed about it. You are wrong, either which it do not apply to me but if you give me without something in return (I know it is impossible), then surely I will accept with all my hands or 10 fingers with all my heart. Hehehe! How is that? *wink* ;-)

I am a product of hard-lessons in life and with that, yes am resilient and committed to what I want or should I say, I need. Money is nothing if it forfeit our souls. Of course it is important as it is the medium of exchange especially here in United States but that is all about it. Your truly is already determined of just have enough (I guess most of all you do, maybe, just maybe since you are the one who knows about it), yes average or more a little more than average but of course it is great being rich but then that will be hard for me, for my situation or maybe if we will win a lotto. Ha ha ha! Oops, it would not be possible. :-D Okay, but I am striving not going down since I know how hard it is. I can sense some younger ones just don't really care about it. I do not know their future, especially if being pregnant young. Well, I guess they made their fate and that is being down though there are also some recovered. Ahhh.. my maternal first cousin came up unto my mind. I am disappointed, I just knew days ago she was pregnant. :( Now back to the main topic, just being silly and played the pre-graphics of my SGH-A777 (in case you may ask, just evidence. ha ha ha) phone and did some putting-up my photo and so it came-out below.
How do you like it? Ha ha ha! Errr.. corny.. :-P

I just wanna share one of my currently typical vegetable-meat food for me once I like to cook vegetable. It is  a sauteed chayote with beef meat. By the way, I emphasize me because my dear husband seldom eat sauteed vegetables. Once I cook like this, expect it to to believe I will eat it alone, I meant just by myself as from a fact given. :-) By the way, do your American husband eat foods like this?

Well, would your American husband would like foods like this or not, nonetheless because wives like me can eat it alone. He he he! Ooh well, chayote vegetable is one of my favorite especially talking about saute-ing it. ;-) By the way, I also put beef bouillon even there is meat mixed and I put more than a usual fresh green bell peppers (different color to make it colorful. *wink*) and the rest is typical cooking style just like putting up garlic, onion and cooking oil with salt. I also put by the way more water because I like it "soupy" like (but of course not too much which just deserve of what its taste).

Accountancy graduates surely wanted to have a work which belongs to what they learned from school. With four-years course in college, one could land into an accounting jobs though passing an accounting board would land into bigger opportunity. Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is one accounting job anyway, it's just only the highest form of rank when it comes to this line of course graduated. Back then, I still did not know fully that being a CPA (or at least an accounting graduate) could land into big income. Well, okay, in demand nowadays just like computer works. Graduating this kind of course is no joke so one just deserve what he/she accomplished. I remember my paternal aunt whom she really likes me to get accountancy course. Ooh well, it is not offered everywhere and lack of financial resource is the problem. Oops! To all applicants of an accounting job, good luck then.

October 11, 2010

Okay, I said I will give you my own recipe of beef chili beans. Yes, my own version. I didn't read it anywhere or anything like that which I could improvise. Just that I got it from my cousin of cooking ground beef with slices of fresh bell peppers, onion, garlic, potato and carrots. This time, no more potato and carrots. This time without potatoes and carrots but with a can of "Hormel Chili with beans" as shown below.
Oops  it is not all about that, of course. I did not only heat that up to make my beef chili beans recipe. But what I did was heat up all the ingredients (green and red bell peppers, onion, garlic) in skillet with olive oil. Then let it brown. After that, I put the washed ground beef together with the brown spices under heat. Then simmer a bit like two or three minutes then put a can of an image above, do not forget to include some water. In short, I mixed it altogether. Then put a bit of iodized salt. Simmer again for about just a minute then that is it! Beef Chili Beans by Cacai M. ;-) Is not that easy? As easy as 1-2-3!

September 06, 2010

If you could remember the post about my ultimate wish this year then you will know how hungry and thirsty (what a words huh! :D ) of a digital SLR though there is that second thought (aside from it is kinda heavy for my light pocket) on the other side of my brain because of its heaviness. Just a personal thought but the bigger reason is the bucks (LOL).

I just then realized after scouring the pages of such brands, the research, reviews and chasing (*wink) I came to realize it is not practical for me to have it this time. But instead I have my wish before I thought of that DSLR, it is something that makes it sophisticated or for the soon-event that would happen. I would just let it remain just a mystery for that stuff and that planned event to happen for now. I will just then reveal if I have it already. Hehehe! Ting..ti..di..ding... ;-) I thought I would enjoy it more than DSLR yet. For DSLR, it would just still be a wish-a-wish but not that I so dying to have it for the moment. Waaaa.. Guess? It is still just a digi-camera. (LOL) but not "SLR". Perhaps I could just wait for a lightweight DSLR. :) Just a personal thought, not against (actually I so love to have it as I said) of course. :)

September 01, 2010

September is the first month of "ber" months. Today is September 1, hence, it is the beginning day of "ber" months. I bet you too can smell the sounds and bells ringing for the eight dawns of Christmas. Did I say Christmas is coming? What is the significance and its essence, or at least for Christian believers? What about for Christmas season gift-givers, are you excited? Ha! I can say it is great if it is an exchange gift or yes to those who have a lot or extras. God bless to those kind-hearted ones. I am excluded as I do not have a lot. Ha ha ha! Greeting card is okay for me. That already exceeds my expectation (if you want to give me *wink). Okay, it is not all about me. This personal blog is not all about myself but personal thoughts. Got it? That's great! You are smart, yey!

And now let's go for the greeting. This blog and me (with my DH) is virtually greets you in a very advance "Merry Christmas" ! Oops, happy Halloween and happy Thanksgiving too! ;-) Am I the first one to greet you? I hope so. Let me know. I will be happy if you will tell me and is/are telling the truth. ;-)

Have a great first months "ber" day!

August 30, 2010

Not in terms of transportation or destination, but the drive to something one wants to do. Perhaps some "moolah" or something in exchange of hard work. Now, am inspired to do something and being energetic. Whew! Am I that desperate enough? Ha ha ha! Now your logic is soon be spinning again. Nope, it is not for you to think logically (or not at least, if you can relate on it then great for you) but sometimes it is just have to be this way for some reason. And the reason is for you to find out (if you have not found out yet. What I mean here is if you can relate already, then you already found it; you're on the direction. On the other hand, if not then, don't bother?) What can we imagine for the maintenance and such if we do not have something to finance on it unless if you are rich and just wanted to spend it without any hesitation. Whatever it is, the drive to blog does triggers and evolves a lot of ways. Not just for maintenance but for blogging life in general, life, surroundings, people. Whatever one's thought of blogging and such or how one does in what he/she/they like to do in one's life does count and if one is happy about it. Ooh yes, happiness and contentment, is it really hard to get? Hemmm.. whatever! Be happy, lively and lovely! ;-) Do what is really the right thing and make you happy, responsibly. :-)

August 29, 2010

Momentarily, oops! I mean for this year or before November, my only ultimate wish is digital SLR camera either of the brand Canon, Nikon or Sony. My DH and I do not have a brand Canon or Nikon yet but for Sony, we have our video cam already of this brand that is why it is my third choice if ever I could own one. Momma Ench and Dhemz suggested to have the first and second choices and made me to realize and comprehend it is also great to have knowing those brands are already tested for how many years. Just days ago, Sony sent me email and mail (after I subscribed and put-up the video cam registration) that Sony have now a lightweight DSLR unlike the traditional heavy one. I got curious and made me wish to have one. Well, you could not blame me for wishing to have a DSLR camera for I love to take photos which I could think I began to love it when I was nine years old after my mother brought one home which made me broke it without her knowing. Whoa! Bad me! But she knew who made to broke it after I told her afterward. *grin* Oops I am not that stubborn, okay? It just made me realize how I love to pose and take pictures. Ha! ;-) Okay, that is all about it. Not the very high-end but above the average. *wink* I am saving for it but I guess it will take me 148 years to get all the accessories and main DSLR. Ha ha ha! If one would offer as a gift, why not? Paging DH (or any of you?)! Ha ha. Am just kidding Hon. I understand how it is tough to get bucks and just have it for a want. Whew! ;-) It is my wish but there are obstacles from surroundings which made me not to get it because they also wanted my savings for that DSLR. Geeezz! I wonder what can I get when I will give what they wanted in exchange of soon-reward for myself. :( My DH is outside with that. Anyhow, I just lay down my hands to God with it. Wish-a-wish!

August 18, 2010

Don't you dare to ruin my happiness. In my dreams, I know. Ha! Ha! Ha! Oops, does it have to be that way? ;-) No one can tell you what to do and for sure when, where, how and all the "w's" to make you happy but you should have to be optimistic. Okay, that's all about it. I was about to have messed up my happiness. Yes, I am back. After all the frustrations of my Internet connection, it is now back and my mood corresponds too, though it is not all about Internet but I have to shout " woohoo! " . *wink* And the other which messes my mood (just being immature sometimes, yep, I know we should not be ruined by other people but I have to do it sometimes to give my sentiments and that's life according to me, don't you think, not? Isn't it fair?), I would just prefer not to disclose. It is my right but do not be grounded with it. It is enough that I told you about it (according to me). It does not meant to complicate you because I choose to live happy, lovely and lively! ;-) I don't like to give you headaches. After all, we are responsible of ourselves. Now should you like me to ask you a question (but of course it is your right not to answer or remain silent ;-), how do I know you if you are happy? Because if you ask me, I have to stand-up and tell you "if I talk or write a lot" . Hep, hep hooray! It's a giddy feeling. *wink* It is because if am sad, my mind would also corresponds with which my thoughts would be like it is having a war inside. Troubled mixed thoughts, that is. So I better shut up and sleep. Ha! Okay, I just have to say, yes, I am happy! I hope you too! :-) {I hope I inspire you} ~hugs&kisses~

August 05, 2010

Hi folks, I just want to say hello and happy Thursday!

My yester-week (from the word yesterday week or commonly called "last week") was not good in terms of my Internet connection. I was not pretty sure the cause if it is my computer or my Internet Provider. Actually it is still as is until now though this day was not that very bad. It was already one week and one day today as talking about my intermittent connection problem. It is very frustrating which whenever I was online every 15 minutes it went off and I have to ping or diagnose it which it usually went back after five minutes and then again and again (so and so forth) the other days until it every 4:00 p.m. . Whenever I had something important to do online which I liked to wake up in the morning, I cannot because of what happened. Don't you think it is frustrating? Yep, super! Most of the times I am scheduling what to post or thought about it when just suddenly it was interrupted with my intermittent connection and so the thought was gone and had to go back again what I was thinking. I wanted to jump start so it went smoothly but most of the times I cannot. It is good if that is only what I do but I also have other stuffs, things and have to think to be done. And so! And the worst of all was that lately in the morning as I was dropping off the mails and had to buy stamps at the post office, I was about to collapse right at the post office. Ooh my gosh! That was so shameful but time called for it. It was an accident which I knew it would have to be like that but unfortunately I cannot hold the time. I jogged, ran for an exercise but I stopped directly while my body did not coped it up yet with the fast heart beat. And so the light, bright surroundings just turned gray and dark. I was pale and weak due to sudden stop of my jogging and running activity. I thought I gonna died. It was completely black. Good thing the USPS are very kind. They let me sat with their hands on my shoulders to comfort me. They called 911 (I heard though my body was weak, I was able to tell I was okay, I just need rest. But without my knowing they called. Five minutes after I was fine but our city's USPS manager didn't want me to since 911 health assistance was coming to check for me. That was time I knew they pursue the call. I respect them and I thought also it was good for my body so I can rest more. And so five minutes after five minutes 911 arrived, they're more than five but less than 10. They checked my blood, put four patches on my body for my blood pressure and checked my heart beat. Asked personal questions and my ID. I was obedient. After few more minutes, I signed the paper for being checked and signed the waiver that I was fine with my confirmation since I do not want to get into hospital for emergency or even dropped into our home. Because I knew I am fine already. Thanks to the very nice USPS people in our city, very immediate responsive 911, very nice folks. Thanks am fine and still alive. I have to rest after some more minor chores after this. More details next time should you like to know and be informed should you it will not happen to you. Thankful and happy Thursday! Have a great one, enjoy the rest of the week for weekend is fast approaching, have an extra care! ~hugs&kisses~

July 25, 2010

My first black and white sketchers shoes was purchased about three months ago. Literally this is a big help on my journey. I am a person who like to mix and match clothes to shoes, sandals and even bag or any other stuff related to what I wear. Yep, it is not just on going outside but even just inside our house. That is just me as I grow, tend to adopt simplicity and in between. This is a big help because my first choice of plain color of clothes is either black or white aside from brown. It is a combination of my basic colors choice. So I can wear this with such color, plain black shirt or white or any plain jeans or shorts, or either way. I was dying to have a plain black sport shoes but this is better than it though I still want the plain black one. Ha! ;-) Okay, I have to be contented and I am. The plain black is just close to luxury to me because I cannot have it for now or it is not so important. I do not need to save every penny I can just to have it. Ha! ;-) Diary, keep it in memory.

What about you, how do you like mixing and matching colors? What are your choice of basic color for your outfit?

July 20, 2010

Ouch! CSJ's author's stomach is in trouble. :( I can still feel the trouble whilst doing this post. It hurts and have my loose bowel movement from time to time. Thanks God that it does not occur as of this moment but I just keep here in front of computer rather than lying in bed hoping to get asleep. I know I cannot do it so to get a bit comfortable (or at least) at the same time of not disturbing my DH (his work for tomorrow at 5 a.m. wake-up is far more important than this), I just have to keep awake -- the better for this situation. As far as I can remember, this stomach trouble (pain, growling, gas dramas) started after I took a bath which was lately at approximately 10:30 p.m. (my time is pacific time), the LBM (or commonly called as diarrhea) started just more than 30 minutes ago and now it is already 2:34 a.m. (I got the time on my PC-- it is Eastern Time so I have to minus the time with three hours. The time difference is three hours behind Eastern Time). You do the math should you like.

Err, it may be gross to those who can imagine but sorry about it. I think it is not that gross as you may think but then again, sorry if it is. Now I can feel only just a bit. Thanks to God. As of this moment, I am multitasking. As I do my thing here in the computer at the same time ready to go comfort room, I am also cooking rice through rice cooker or the electric rice cooking. It is less hassle but I have to check the boiling water from time to time so the rice could be cooked at its exact time. After all, I am waiting of it as it is cook. I need to replace the food or fluid out.

While having the pain, I thought of what its cause why am having this. And it came to my mind, this is due to, first: it is very possible because of the birth control pills lapsed. Supposedly I have to take beginning four days ago, this day should be the fifth but for some reason my DH (with my fault too) forgot to get it in the pharmacy and all that problem or circumstances. First circumstances I got lapsed for four days and as expected this resulted to upset stomach though I just took it at my regular daily time today, nope, I did not took five pills in a row good for five days but just only one pill as in this day should I mark as my first day not my regular day of starting from now on. Yes, I have to expect the upset stomach. Oops, I have to disclose that some of my information about birth control I mentioned of this post should not be put on your mind or get your personal information through this because each one woman should consult a physician/doctor regarding this matter. This is just a note, we may have the same pattern but it is advisable to read your pills leaflet or if cannot comprehend, go to your doctor. Secondly, this upset (or troubled) stomach could be the reason because I did not have a good meal lately good for a dinner and I ate "ice cream shake and malts" to comfort the humidity I experienced lately. Nope, the weather is great but I just took for granted to took a bath, ooh well, my fault so I expect it (but that was better for the situation as to that moment but not advisable). So there you go it could be the first reason or the latter but possibly both. For now, my stomach does not command me to go for comfort after several went. Ah it must be tired. Ha! So I need to go for now to find something to eat (rice is already cooked, just have to find a viand for it) and after eating will rest for a while (will not sit but stand or the better if can have a soundless walk in our living room to and fro in our kitchen for about five to ten minutes then go to sleep. So then, thanks for reading. I have to go now for a journey of a several things to do, begins with a single step after this post. Our water will shut-off tomorrow starting from 11 a.m up to 3 p.m. so I have to save water for personal use in the comfort room as well as here in the kitchen, keep all the in-sinks clean and should all are in order with regards to water which also means to stacking waters completely good for four hours. The stacking of water and taking a bath should I have completely done before 8:30 and it is all-set. I need to have at least five hours of sleep. Time check for now is 3:19, can I manage my time management of waking up at 5 a.m to iron DH shirt for work? How many minutes should I have to budget to prepare food to eat or thinking what viand I have to prepare? Can I still have the minimum time of sleep which is five hours? I have to! Bye for now, I gotta go. ~hugs & kisses~

July 12, 2010

Hi folks, how are you today? I bet everything's doing well and that is great! Just get into the happy journey albeit of the trials we experience every now and then. The sufferings are just spices in life so we would know how to appreciate what we have. Just like this sweet potato pie below. It needs to bake it good and mix well. Its ingredients should all gathered together prior to preparing or putting it in a pan. It should have to be like that or else you cannot taste the sweet potato pie you wanted to.

Oops! Am I serious enough? Just currently wanted to eat some sweet potato pie and then off to go to the post office. I have something to mail, return that is. Ah.. sweet potato, I want you now badly. Wanted! ;-) How do you like your taste bud to try something you do not like or you crave for? How do you spoil your craving? Err... I have to go now. See yah later potato pie. :)

July 11, 2010

Health is important to every person. You are giving your best but not thinking about your health? That must not be. You got me. Getting a health insurance plan could ease the financial pain in the future. One or a family must have to think about it because one day you will be stacked in a pile of bills. Ha! That is what is it, that could happen anytime. But yep, it is also not easy to get one or just jump into an impulsive decision, one must have to think which is which if you will get a Blue Cross NC or any other. That will be your decision to make because DH and me has our Blue Cross already. It is great to one that we can trust, isn't it? God bless and all the best! :-)

July 01, 2010

Yes, just a doughnut, a big tasty doughnut from my DH favorite convenience store (and became my favorite 24 hrs store too). While doing my thing in the "lappy" computer one day, the husband told he wanted to go out and buy some drinks and other small stuffs. I just then told, I wanted to go with him and hurriedly dressed-up. Off we went to a certain store. I actually did not knew that such store sells doughnut but my yes caught it up and there you go, I got four of different artistic faces but of same taste, sweet. Ooh well, do we have a sour doughnut? Ha!

Some time in a day, we just want to eat something sweet and even sour, bitter or salty but that time, I wanted to eat sweet. Yes, so sweet just like what I had and it made my day. Just a taste of doughnut. And it made me going, eh?! ;-) Yes, I got to do some backlog and chores which it needed to be finished but of course with meals and a lemon juice. What a day (but fulfilling one)! :) Have a fun-filled food trip this Friday!

June 18, 2010

As a wife and a homemaker, I always make sure that our home is free of clutters especially our bed and kitchen. Though we cannot get rid of dust as we just clean it then, later or tomorrow there is that dust again but ooh yeah that is my job. :-) When it comes to bed sheets and mattresses, it has to be changed often and it is great to have that allergy mattress covers to free from allergies. You know, we are smelling it and lying-in there at six to eight hours a day so if it is not clean, and allergy-free, probably you will suffer then from asthma or sickness like that.

June 15, 2010

The game six for National Basketball Association for this year is now on-going currently. Time check 6:42 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time as of Charter Communication's time. As I typed this post, I am at the same time watching the game between the green team Boston Celtics against the yellow team Los Angeles Lakers. The game held in Los Angeles Lakers team home court --- Staples Center. By this time, it is already in second quarter as of 8:45 time with the score of 34-22 in favor of Los Angeles Lakers team. So far, Lakers is doing a tremendous defense hoping will win this game so there will be game 7 or to tie up the series score of the match-up. With that then, game seven will be the decision game of which team will be the champion which will be in Staples Center still. On the other hand, when Celtics won this current game, then there will be no game seven, meaning Celtics will then be declared as NBA 2010 Champion. That will be a shameful play for the Lakers if happen knowing it is its home court. Ooh well, I know game won't be judged through a team's home court but it's sadder when Lakers will loss at its home court, am I making sense? Ha! ;-) You know, am Lakers fan but if you followed me from my first post here regarding NBA, then you also know that I also like Celtics team but I admit, am more of Lakers -- just FYI about like Jack Nicholson to Lakers. ;-) For now, time check at second quarter's clock two minutes and 17 seconds before this quarter ends, score is 49-29 in favor of Los Angeles Lakers. I would like to stop now, I have to concentrate on watching the game. It is getting hotter and hotter! Haha! So far, it is 20 points lead by Lakers. Let us see what will happen to this game if Lakers will hold on with its score until this game ends. See yah of which team will win then.. which is your bet?

June 04, 2010

Savings, why do we save as much as we like to invest our money to save for the future? Is it because we want to have a bright future or we have something to get in times of emergency? Or is for legacy purposes? Why or all of the above? Why not? ;-) Well, we cannot predict the future but we can be prepared for it. Just like investing money through gold bullion.

Yes, why not? Gold bullion are rare and one of a kind. Whatever happens with the economy, deflation occurs or whatsoever, still gold is gold and people will still want it as to one's legacy. A fruit of labor, that is. It is a fashion that won't fade. It is better than stocks. So one way of protecting your hard earned money is through buying and keeping a gold bullion. There is an assurance, really (just keep it away from thieves just like anything else). :) {Oops, do not expect that I have gold bars, okay? I hope I have but I do not have. Perhaps it will only in my dreams that I can own. We are just an average family. Sad to say but sometimes reality sucks. :(

May 19, 2010

Hi folks, how's everything? I hope all are well. By the way, are you fond of anchovies? Anchovies, is a fish that could preserve into dried and salted which eventually serve as a viand or some. It is also good as a pair of an unripe mango or alike. As to my side, I am fond of this little fishes either fresh, salted or dried. Perhaps I grew up of eating like this so my taste bud crave sometimes. I even have stocks in our home in its proper place currently or most of the time.
salted anchovies in a bottle

I have stock of dried ones but not fresh and salted. Days ago, I had like such salted ones like an image above for the second time around but unfortunately I ended up getting the "not good" on my taste. I don't know what happened but it really doesn't taste like what I expected. Perhaps because it's imported? I doubt but on the other hand, perhaps. I don't really know the reason or perhaps I just missed my home land. Ahhh! I don't know... but I conclude my taste bud didn't like it for the second time around. It ended up throwing that bottle/s away. What a waste and I don't like wasting stuff but it need to (that time). Only me will eat it, apparently my DH won't even taste it. So, what would I do then? Yeah, threw it. :( I was sad because I crave for it big time. Ooh well, I could just settle for a salted fish sauce alone than that with its flesh (: , yeah it's better that way. I hope one day I can encounter a same taste of salted anchovies as like what I used to ate back in my home town. I am longing to have some. So then, good luck to me. Ha! :)

What about you, are you fond of such salted anchovies like that above? How was it?

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