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March 29, 2011

Okay, this is Lenten Season. A time for fasting and abstinence. Next month, specifically on the third week, will be the holy week and then came Easter Sunday. And what's comes next? I mean what family occasion should we celebrate? Do you remember Mother's Day happens every month of May and then for Father's Day for the month of June? Yes, Mother's Day is on the 8th of May (just three days after my birthday). Whew! Time flies so fast! Seems like I was just 21 years old yesterday, hah aha! And then days will come-by and I will be a mom. What a nice feeling it would be. But for now, let us talk about your plan for this Mother's Day celebration which is fast approaching. Do you have some special mothers day gifts planned for your beloved mom? You know it is great to plan and make a list unlike having some difficulty of finding it because we did not plan it. You can just put it on your mind or as I said put it in a list. For sure you would want your mom feel very special on that day. As in, you are very happy having her. Why not?! Grab such opportunity to thank and let her feel on that special day of hers. Good luck then, and all the best on your plan. :-)

February 26, 2011

You maybe one of those folks who collect mugs, like to give mugs as giveaways or any other occasions (okay not all the time) or just give it to your friends and family as remembrance. You are sweet. Your hobby teaches you to be kind and being one of a kind. Alright, I may not be a mug obsessed but I appreciate mugs especially with arts on it. It would be better if it is photo mugs as I love looking up photos of my family and friends. Well, for some kind of unique way instead of photo frame or a photo album kind of stuff. For me, photo mugs are also great for gifts as the receiver is the character in a mug, don't you think it's cool? I don't know what you think but it is cool for me.

Yep, my paternal sister's husband has an automotive shop. They live in Tennessee. Aside from such job on his shop (which is located at their home), he also sings as his hobby and even earn some bucks out of it. I won't wonder why he has a hobby of singing, perhaps influenced by Elvis Presley and many other county singers in Tennessee. :-) Talking about his shop, I do not know if he also assemble cars and use/buy assembling materials like hydraulic hose but for sure, he does repair. If he also assembles, then, maybe his industrious attitude will cause him wealthy. :-) I am just happy because he is such a responsible person. I hope them all the best!

February 08, 2011

(Thanks for the post, Arthur Lawrence)

During winter break, my kids developed a couple of bad habits. First, they stayed up late because there was no school that they had to wake up for. Second, they spent a lot of time on video games and watching TV. They are good kids and have done well during the previous semester, so I decided to let them slack a bit during vacation.

Once the return to school began getting near, though, it was time to begin reintegrating my kids to their school schedule. This meant putting them to bed at earlier times. I cut a half hour off their bedtime every night for the three nights prior to school restarting (I had been letting them stay up an extra hour and a half). I also began waking them up earlier until they were getting up near their normal school wake-up times. And also setting the security alarm to know they are safe.

I also had them cut down on the video games and TV and spend more time reading (which was a major challenge) and playing board games with the family (not as much of a challenge). By the time the first school day back came around, they were at least slightly more focused.

Now that they're back, they have readjusted in no time. They are pretty flexible, although there was some serious complaining and hopes for a snow day.

February 02, 2011

When there are friends, family, alumni-get-together and alike, what would usually is on the center? Yes, I can hear you! Drinks, wine, foods which include dessert and everything but what else? Yes, discotheque (or simply called "disco") or with a live band which everyone celebrates what should have to be celebrated. But what about karaoke? Yes karaoke with the use of its karaoke machine makes the group alive and could shout, oops I mean sing what their hearts out. He he he! And everybody happy! Yes, everybody would be happy with the help of the host/hostess great party. :-) That would be awesome, don't you think? Do you love singing?

Me, I love it that much though I do not have such a very voice. Well, practice makes perfect, right? Ha! What's the use of your own karaoke if you won't use it? How I wish I/we have one. Just for family bonding or for special occasion.

January 14, 2011

Yep! I (actually my Dear Husband and I) will be going to school tomorrow! It starts nine o'clock sharp (9 a.m.) until one o'clock (1:00 p.m.) and we discussed each other to go only every Saturday since he works on weekdays. He do this (as he said) for me to have a companion and at the same time would not commute through bus. The school is in Los Angeles near Beverly Hills. It will a short-term class good for 64 hours which cost more than thirteen bucks or less than fourteen per hour (<$13/>$14) plus material fee of $40. The class/certificate is PC Computer Repair  which prepares students (us) for CompTIA A+ Certification  test. After completing this Computer Repair Certification course, I will be able to  work as a Computer Specialist in technical support, computer repair and troubleshooting, computer assembly, and help desk . I so like this class as I so love computers. For three years of being here in US with DH, my main chores is PC. ;-) That is why when I want to go to school I wanted about computer. If this goes on and if time permitted, I wanna proceed to Computer System Repair which will take 240 hours (or on and on as long as it leads me to earnings not only schooling *wink*... *smile*), Okay not for now. If I can have this first class and its certification, I wanna apply or have a short home business so I can earn myself to help my DH with our expenses. Okay after I got my certification or such program or have already enough, I have to study CNA and get its certification then proceed to Home Health Aid in preparation for my DH, alright, other than that, these are also a reliable and in-demand job nowadays and  more to come in the coming years, hopefully. So, that is it for now. Until then. Hopefully, Lord God will grant it. Please give me your bliss folks, be happy for me too. ~hugs&kisses~

I have to go now and get ready to sleep since I have to wake up at six o'clock tomorrow (6:00 a.m.) to cook, do the necessary things to do of our abode and prepare for myself. Bye for now.Until then.

Can you tell there are errors (in terms of arrangement of utensils and obviously one food) in an image below? Yes, there are four mistakes! Can you find it? I should have to say, obviously! Sorry about it, I ran out of time that was why I just put it as what you see. I know it right after it was arranged (the day after such actually since I already have time to search it out how. Hehehe! Sorry about this.)

And so about what I displayed above (you can enlarge through clicking the image), it was what I prepared on Christmas Day. The highlight was a hamonado-de-pinya or pineapple ham since that was my first cook of such recipe. I got such recipe from my maternal aunt-in-law which before Christmas of two years ago, I thought of how tasty her ham was when I was still there in Philippines. She usually cooked and served it during fiesta but since there is no fiesta here in USA and ham is the main food during Christmas then I planned and got her recipe through text and call. Ha! What a silly me. After that, I was not satisfied since I want to see a video or picture how it was being made. You know, ingredients are not cheap and I do not want to messed it or wasted. I was intimidated of my curiosity actually. And when I went to the wet market to buy such pork upper leg, I found nothing just enough for three or four people, it was big so I decided not to buy. Until Christmas 2010 came, still such pork upper leg could found nowhere as the size I wanted. And so I settle of small one which fit to my standard which do not have skin just few fats (I wanted the fats and the skin as well) but that was fine. And so that was it. I also baked two cakes (red velvet cake and carrot cake from Betty Crocker) which ended up looks like only one and haven't artistically completely done. But it ended up taking off the frosting as DH preferred it nothing, too much sugar is no good. For some other foods in there (other than I mentioned lately) were ready-made barbecue chicken, broiled catfish, Christmas-sy decorated cupcakes, fruit cocktail and cheese breads. Together with the foods are martinelli and sprite for the drinks. Let's eat and Cheers!

And this is my Food Trip this Friday! (Again sorry for the arrangement of the utensils and the undone cake)


For 15 days from flight going and back including, I managed to enjoy every minute of my vacation there in my birth country, Philippines. Though there are some that I was not able to do and meet (sorry to those folks), still it was fun and full of life relaxation away from the house. Oops, I did not mean I do not like staying our rented-apartment abode with my DH but sometimes times like this is needed. I was not able to update much while I was there and even haven't contacted much my husband (blessed to have an understanding and thoughtful husband) due to Internet connection. I was using globe tattoo USB connection to satellite but not so sure if it was the problem or the location. Most of the time, it was slow as in s-l-o-w. But then as I said, I was having fun. Pictures coming soon. ;-)

For now, I will share to you my ever want  most craved roasted pig (lechon/litson in Philippine language which it is one of the famous foods in there) fresh from where it was cooked with my paternal family (minus one) father,  stepmom and step siblings (minus one) .

father, brother Dong, youngest sis Lovely, step mom, me and brother Ling

Have a great day! Enjoy the coming weekend!

December 24, 2010

When it comes to kids, Elmo is such a common thing. Kids adore it and wanted it like their mom. Oops! Okay, it is kids stuff. This time of year, giving gifts to kids is such memorable to them. I would not believe it is one of their happy moments (if not happiest) the whole year round. If you want your kids to be merry, you may like to give him/him personalized elmo apparel especially if they are Elmo fans. For sure, they would not forget you. Now, it is not only you are happy but the kids you love too! Merry Christmas!

If you read or watched news, you already knew we had six days rains in a row. Yes it is consecutive as in non-stop which is odd when talking about California. I was not able to get and mailed Christmas cards to my family and friends here in USA and Philippines though it was already late. I just greet them through text and call. Or through yahoo messenger or Facebook. Gosh how I really wish to continue our (together with DH) family tradition of sending the traditional way of greeting this Christmas time. I really wanted to go out one of those days, well, if only I have rain boots like overshoes such our traditional way would not be stopped. DH just would not allow me to go outside knowing it was raining hard. I know you will understand anyway. I just have to say to my friends and extended family that I will make it up next year. Anyhow, merry Christmas all! ~hugs&kisses~

December 22, 2010

Any vehicle that have motors and even do not have (but more specially to those it has motors) are important here in USA. Who said it is not knowing how big USA is and the fact that establishment and workplaces are far from each other too (which is not a problem). This anyway great that goods and services are being put into a service-able vehicle area which is not far from other folks too. Since accident is inevitable, motor vehicle insurance is a must just as how important vehicle is. This also has to coincide that motor vehicle owner can get a great competitive rates prior to getting it in final. Comparing prices and its term, reading reviews are just one of the many things to consider before having such vehicle in front. :)) Would you believe then that one cannot ride his/her car without a vehicle insurance? Yes, that is a must here. 

So one should have to consider getting a vehicle insurance prior of using a car unless if one has an identification being a student driver. Ooh well, I cannot imagine there is any who will just ride and do not have any vehicle insurance. Can you imagine it? Again, vehicle accident is inevitable. So driver must have an extra careful when in the road.

December 14, 2010

Love is the greatest gift of all we can have for Christmas but of course it is great to have the material things as we live in a material world. Oops, we have to give love not only for Christmas. Nah! It is most celebrated during this season that is why it is important to have something for your love one. Family and friends often exchanging gifts.  Many likes an idea of giving cell phones to their kids or family circle as this is important for communicating each other and often well-wished. Well, cellphones are expensive and mostly expensive stuffs are most looked or loved aside from it is precious to family. For me, I only want Christmas cards excluding from my hubby. He he he! Okay, I also allocate and reserve some idea too for him. It is not good to just receive and nothing to give (excluding to those who do not have really), agree? To everyone, advance merry Christmas and enjoy giving gifts!

It is not just a house but a home. Not just an apartment, condominium or town house but an own house. Mortgage. One way of owning a home is through home loans. Well, it is a common way here in USA, that is. It is seldom you can hear a person or family buys a house with spot cash or cash. Well, they prefer it that way than renting though there are also advantages of renting. 

Mortgages of owning homes, buildings, land and alike is to pledge that if a buyer cannot pay for a desired length of time of paying the loan, agreed to give-up such property. But of course there are ways and means before that happened and I believe one cannot have loans without a solid credit history or an ability to pay for it. Five Star Mortgages has an explanation and terms for that as it explains its business ideals. You may like to find and check it out, its rates and many others concerning about owning a home through mortgage or loan, if you are planning to have one. Owning a property especially a house is such an accomplishment and fulfilling  a dream. Good luck of your journey to own a home then!

December 11, 2010

I love biking. I even have a bike way back when I was still in the Philippines. Then I gave it to my uncle, now I missed it. I saw it when I was there but cannot run no more. I wonder why. Well, ooh well. Just this time, I also remembered a couple friend of mine who have their bikes and did it at Huntington Beach during their leisure or exercise time. Now that they have already a baby and their mom with them, they would then surely need a hitch bike racks to put on their other car as their pick-up cannot accommodate them no more especially that they have already a baby. They like to bring their baby whenever they go out as to get a sunlight, an outdoor air or whatever the power of an outdoor. :-) It's a great family bonding too!

Ha ha ha! That is always what one should have to say, well, an optimistic way. What else? ;-)

I actually was at home about four days ago. Jetlag galore, monthly sickness (menstruation, you know..), some sleeping chores as I was exhausted, tired and feeling still in clouds. Ha ha ha! Ooh well, two weeks is just a little time but it is enough to those who are contented and include me to that. I wanted to extend but I know I cannot have everything. The catch is I have the major ones, yey! Speaking of contentment, what more could I ask for? Nothing. Just understanding and appreciation. Nothing more, nothing less. Nyahehe!

I would also like to thank my dear husband for granting me to go alone [oops, he said that would be the last trip of being just me, meaning he will be with me next time or we will be at home together. :-D And that is not bad.]

My mareng Lulu also is one of the few who "save me by the bell", some online chores. Thanks mareng! Your argentina and piniato is on its way (tomorrow).. hehe.. muahhh! To you my folks, friends, ladies and gentlemen. Thanks a lot for remembering me and still be her. A lot of kisses. ~muahhh~ {just being grateful}

December 08, 2010

Here in USA. Here beside my husband's arms. Hehehe! Okay, here in our home, apartment rented home. So glad my travel yesterday was safe. By the way, I am currently using my husband's PC checking and a little write-up at the same time trying to figure out how to continue reformatting it using my drivers. Angelie did great of reformatting this but just have to adapt my place here especially the Internet network, have to connect it. Some drivers are lacking so I have to put it back on. For now, I do not have the guts of doing those things maybe tomorrow or the next day(s). With that, I expect no glory too. Ha! I still have to uploads tons of pics so the extended family back in the Philippines can see it, that is what they are after as of this moment so I may put it in Facebook first then go on with my other backlogs.For the meantime, I will be checking-in my emails and if I have task to do. I will be busy! Busy as a bee! Buzzzzzz.

(This post wasn't published as only half was done. This wasn't published unto its original date wrote but the original date remains it is. Just so if you  are wondering or maybe surprise if you subscribe on my RSS feeds or through email subscription.)

December 03, 2010

The date is December 3rd here in Philippines. I am (with my biological father, aunt Tata, Nang Linda (a Tabamo relative of great grandparents and aunt Tata buddy in her house} and my youngest sibling Lovely) here now in Tagbilaran, Bohol particularly in Dao Diamond Bed and Breakfast Hotel near in Island City Mall (ICM). I managed to do a little write-up (but I guess I can publish this as I am there in US already, just so you know) as this hotel has a free WI-FI. I am here together with my family just for a short tour, two days and one night though only a day for a regular tour as this afternoon we are just here in hotel, well as of this time. No definite plan yet if we will go jamming in one of Panglao white beach resort or go swimming and wrap-up for a definite plan together with the thought of Wena, my contact here in this hotel. She knows and help me some itinerary plan. Well, that is her job but still am thankful. :-) It is up to me then with the rest of my extended immediate family of the decision. Okay, basically the shoulder is upon me, as I am their sponsor. Hehe! And I am happy to treat them as I am also enjoying. Thankful for my husband too. I used to think to stay in Bohol Agricultural Center dorms since it is inexpensive but to my awe, to no avail as they won't accept without reservation. Well, I am overloaded with thoughts as I forgot to reserve it whilst I was in Gingoog or Camiguin as Internet connection of Globe Tattoo of my computer (or location) did not sound so good. Thankfully the connection here is great. Then I came here in this hotel without reservation too but we (Wena and I) had  a lot of email conversations already, thankfully their room is ready. She suggested the family room is great than getting their dormitory. This room has a nice ambiance. Many spaces and a big area for accommodation. 

(And above paragraph ended but not yet published due to some reason (well, for editing and others) and now it is done but the date remain the first date it was written.) 

By the way, after such conversation to the front desk and all, we managed to go to ICM to buy supposedly ferry tickets for tomorrow's travel to CDOC but to no avail, we got it at the on-set before heading to the ferry. Then had our dinner and some sight-seeing at the mall. After that, Lovely and I went swimming at the hotel with aunt Tata and Nang Linda on the table. Father didn't went swimming too, was at our room, watching TV for his comfort getting ready for our tour at 6:45 a.m. the following day as at 4pm we'll be on the ferry bound to CDOC. That is all for now. :)

December 01, 2010

I remember I saw a slogan in Benoni Seaport of Camiguin before, as it says "Camiguin, Come Again". And now it definitely shows how I feel. The biggest reason is I grew up here, most of my folks live here. So there is no way that I wouldn't miss this beautiful Island of Camiguin, Born of Fire.I am in second day now. It is morning here and by the way, the date and time of my computer has been adapted here too. Later, I (together with my sister and a cousin) will be going to Magting to go swimming at the seawater and visit some maternal relatives too. And ooh we will be eating roasted pig ("lechon") too! I will have to buy ingredients for young coconut later along with two big cans of fruit cocktail for a salad. I already called them to start to cook already so it is then ready to eat. You know. I have to go now. Ciao..

November 29, 2010

To which I considered an extended immediate family. Just so you know, I am here in Gingoog City, Philippines. Right from stepping upon the airport of Cagayan de Oro City, we are already complete (minus one of them, Jhoyce and if it is counted another minus one who is my brother, we're both the same illegitimate from my father's bachelor days who is Eric, he is older than I. Well, he also has his family already and seems like we have been disconnected for how many years. He may like to focus on his family already, I guess. We do not live together so there is less sibling affection. Even so, he is nice to me. It is just that it is just the way the situation and we can do nothing about it but have to go on with our lives.) since I asked them (the two guys who are studying in CDOC to come and be with us, by the way my stepmom and father managed to fetch me at the airport. It's just the youngest sibling did not, since it is better for her to use his last day for work (which fortunately she managed to have a leave, she works in jollibee, just to be with our bonding. Well, we plan it first before the 25th of November, and it is fine with her. Thank you Lab! 0_o) after that day, then back the day after I will be going to go back to US. And so the bonding continues. :) We'll be going to Bohol to have a tour on the 3rd of December after visiting Camiguin then after Bohol, it will be CDOC visit and a semi-reunion with paternal relatives. I will be treating them with the help of my DH though the two school boys cannot come to Camiguin and Bohol due to its schooldays and I understand.

November 12, 2010

Who among you in here still practices a customary hanging-up of stockings during Christmas as Santa Claus is coming? Well, I assume there are many still and mostly mommies does it for children are expecting such, well, not only children but adults too. And it is great when such are custom made Christmas stockings as it brings more beautiful when there are names on it. It is easy for Santa Claus to determine which name should he put the goodies in. Happy kids and adults! Merry Christmas indeed. :-)

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