December 11, 2010

Ha ha ha! That is always what one should have to say, well, an optimistic way. What else? ;-)

I actually was at home about four days ago. Jetlag galore, monthly sickness (menstruation, you know..), some sleeping chores as I was exhausted, tired and feeling still in clouds. Ha ha ha! Ooh well, two weeks is just a little time but it is enough to those who are contented and include me to that. I wanted to extend but I know I cannot have everything. The catch is I have the major ones, yey! Speaking of contentment, what more could I ask for? Nothing. Just understanding and appreciation. Nothing more, nothing less. Nyahehe!

I would also like to thank my dear husband for granting me to go alone [oops, he said that would be the last trip of being just me, meaning he will be with me next time or we will be at home together. :-D And that is not bad.]

My mareng Lulu also is one of the few who "save me by the bell", some online chores. Thanks mareng! Your argentina and piniato is on its way (tomorrow).. hehe.. muahhh! To you my folks, friends, ladies and gentlemen. Thanks a lot for remembering me and still be her. A lot of kisses. ~muahhh~ {just being grateful}


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