December 09, 2010

Still am in jetlag even it is already two days after I came back here in USA. I also had my "monthly visitor" so that adds with the weak bod. I know I have to cope up with my blogging as I have many posts to finish which were in the dashboards. And maybe this is one of those that could be published later on but the dates we're on schedule. The important thing is I did not fail to blog. Ha! Don't you know that I have to continue reformatting (which Angelie, my friend whom I call PC technician, initially reformatted this back in Gingoog City) my PC as it has still have many drivers to load unto it? Yes that is what I plan to do since I cannot let the video cam on and many others. Also the Internet connection. Currently, I am using my husband PC which is not a normal thing for me since I have my own. Well, just to blog and check emails and etcetera. Again, do not be surprised if this will be published on the later date which its schedule date differs.

Now see yah tomorrow. I still have to check emails and so on. Have fun!


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