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July 29, 2011

Speaking of a journey in our own kitchen, it is great to have a durable and stable stuffs like where we put our spices. Mostly we have cabinets but what if the cabinets are too small or not what we like to put it on? Yep, spice rack is an ideal place for it. Like me, I don't like to dig-up on that dark big cabinet or it is located above the visibility of my two naked eyes. Sure, I like to have that spice racks especially if I have a wide kitchen spaces or the other way around since it only need small space as how it is made. It is great to look-at and at the same time it is organizes and easy to get when needed.

What about you, do you also like the cool kitchen spice racks on your precious kitchen? I doubt if not because as you could only see the benefits it gives, it is worthy. Why sacrificing when we can have it at an affordable cost with the huge selection of different styles and that would fit the color of our kitchen? Or we can even put it in elegant way and saves space as well as kitchen spice racks, is very much available. This is what I like on this modern time, we have a lot of choices on the stuffs we like or want to have. Don't you love it (both the spice rack and the modern time we have now)? It is really awesome! It is your choice. Choose the best!

July 26, 2011

If you will be having a journey away this weekend for your much-awaited summer vacation, and will be gone for a while to explore the beach or embark on that 3-day mountain climb you have been dreaming to take for a few months now, that is good news. You will going to bond with your family or friends. That would be a lot of fun. But just before you go, it is best to check out those pool covers for your pool property so you will have a durable yet affordable protection for your pool whilst you are away. When we have a pool, that is one of the steps you want to do before you go. Tell me about it! You do not want the pool covered in muck or dirt, or fallen dried leaves, or worse tiny pesky insects, when you got back from your vacation, right?

I can imagine what you think right now. Of course, the fun moments! I wish I could join with you folks! *wink* The important is you are having fun at the same time not worrying on something in your home and the stuffs left. You can then guarantee it is safe from something (after making sure all are under control)!

July 23, 2011

Mailboxes are private boxes for mails of individuals from the post office. Yours truly and my DH have our own and I can see people living here in United States of America have their own mail boxes unless otherwise if the person is a homeless, or no contact to any person living in a house. When we say living in a house, it could either he/she rented it, already owned (no balances in the bank, not a loan anymore), or still paying the house from a loan. Rented apartment, condominiums, townhouses and alike considered already a house, a house rented that is. And I (with my DH) living in an apartment, yes rented apartment and we considered this as our abode. The mailboxes here is called cluster mailboxes, a vertical one. Each apartments have own and an own key (of course). An apartment complex is a commercial building hence the owner of this business have to purchase commercial mailboxes before the opening of this complex (which the owner purchased way back then) business. 

This cluster mailboxes comprised of Cluster Box Unit or CBU mailboxes to which as I said, one for every apartment. I have also seen horizontal apartment mailboxes near in the apartment complex we live or around the city. I can tell having an apartment rental, mailbox(es) is a must and a business owner should comply before operating. Yes community mailboxes, is really a must. Ooh yeah, that is one of the steps of operating a business like apartment rental and of course the mailboxes where a business would buy must be approved by USPS. Apartment complex by the way is a community of people living in an apartments.

July 21, 2011

Our home is the most important place among any other places. It is where we have to bond our family and even friends. What more can we think of having it comfortable, safe and have a great atmosphere we like to live with. We might want it develop from time to time. One step of developing such is to change from carpeted floor to tile and even plain tile to mosaic tile ones. Yeah, you maybe thinking that as of now. Well, there are many different varieties of mosaic tiles to choose from anyway. Just do not be confused to choose. *smile* One of those varieties is glass mosaic tile which for me is beautiful and great to put in any part of the house. In this journey of changing it, we may like to have a bulk or just one variety for all the floors in kitchen, living room, bathroom or even in the bedrooms. It is great to step-on what we really like to, right? What I like with glass tiles is easy to clean and elegant to look at.

And what about the walls, should we have to match it with the glass mosaic tiles on the floors that we already choose (if that's what we choose)? It might be great too. When we have glass mosaic tiles, it is also great to pair the walls with mosaic wall tile as well to incorporate it with others and looking uncrowded. Then we have a great home ambiance that our family love. :-) What do you think?

July 20, 2011

Imagine spending a relaxing evening stroll whilst taking in the beautiful scenery around you then settling in for a quiet evening in the comfort of your home. It would be just the perfect way to end a stressful day at work. A weekend night out with your loved one or close friends would just take a couple of minutes of driving into town. If you want to have that and more, then your search for that quality of home is over. Jacksonville NC homes have such and even many houses are on-sale right now. This is your great step to acquire a house and lot which appears to be your ideal one. I know there could never be better if what love to have is what we got. Join the Sterling Farms community and you can have the home you want with a countryside feel to it. At Sterling Farms you can find Jacksonville NC real estate that is only a couple of minutes from the complete amenities of Jacksonville, NC. It has several natural streams with untouched wooden areas as you can see. Jacksonville NC offers a wide variety of amenities and activities that every member of your family will truly enjoy such as parks, beaches, and malls. The Jacksonville NC houses for sale at Sterling Farms would surely be what someone who loves to enjoy home living. You can enjoy their 3500 square foot clubhouse where you can lounge around the pool or enjoy a special gathering with your family and friends during special occasions or even just in ordinary days where you want to bond one other. It will be an awesome get-together then! With over 500 single-family home sites and multiple house plans to choose from, you would surely find the one where you can live the kind of lifestyle that you want. I maybe did not know how long you are longing to find and get the house that you really like but this might be your lucky time, who knows. You can contact Sterling farms today and check it out for yourself. Enjoy on your journey of finding the best home you dream of!

July 12, 2011

When you move-in to a different home, apartment, condominium, townhouse or place, it is great to update your address in a timely manner. I just want you to know that even if you notify or request the postal office (am referring here in United States Postal Service/USPS) about your current address, the standard mails and catalogs sent unto you won't be forwarded. Only the First Class, Priority and Express mails; packages; and newspapers and magazines will be forwarded to the new address but of course it has limited time or expiration dates. Am talking here if the address the sender put is the old address, the postman will be the one to forward to your new address instead of being in "return to sender". Currently, the mail forwarding (from USPS notification), mail forwarding may be available for up to 12 months and covers only certain classes of mail (to which I mentioned above). So it  is best to update address to everyone who sends you (the mover) mail once you have already a mail key to the new place you are going to move-in.

How to update? You can do it by person or by online. By person you can directly go to your post office. And by online, just go to usps(dot)com and (1) search or type-in "change address" in the the space provided or search bar then you will find an answer, click the " Change your address " option and then follow the directions. Or (choice #2), once you're in the website of USPS, you can simply simply click the " Receiving Mail " drop-down menu under " Products & Services " located on the right middle part of USPS homepage next to "Track & Confirm" search bar, then follow directions to fill-up. That's it! It's just easy, isn't it? :-)

Other way to change your address by the way is to call. So it's either, (1) by person, (2) online, or (3) call . For me, I did the three. Don't forget to list the of everyone, the companies/establishments or important people, or like to whom and which you will have to inform on your new address so it's easy to track which or whom of them wasn't yet able to notify. Have a great day! Have a happy new place! Ah, moving journey.. :-)

Our abode is the most important place for ourselves and our family, yes, our home should  be the top-notch of all places. We may have travel or about to travel, journeying to any places or country but we end up in our home, house and home. Since population already increases, bad guys also increases but that is expected. In this world, there is always that bad guy. It is just on us how to deal with them, but what the heck, why can't he/she/they disappear forever, right? Okay, we need solution to get rid of them. Electronics/technology helps a lot  nowadays. Having cctv cameras are one of those stuffs that can help us for the safety and security of our home especially if we are on-vacation moment. Of course, police patrol is a big help but for personal share, it is really a big help. It is our eye when we're not around. It watches like a dog. We have choices on how to protect our crib and it is up to us on how to use it!

You know we just moved-in. I and my DH are now living in our new apartment-rented abode. I always told you how better is this than the old one we reside. But there is a flaw. The kitchen sink got rusty when we just came in but then it did not bother that much to us speaking of the general conclusion. But if I/we would be given a chance to remodel it (the remodel fee should be deducted to our rent or the landlord will do it for the tenant), I would have to suggest a new kitchen sinks. I can see it is not that expensive, it could actually cost under a hundred bucks or a little about 60 bucks for one. We have two kitchen sink and yes, both of such goes rusty eventually. The other one is already free (for now) of rust for now but the other one beside has still some. Comet did not get it and I don't know when will it be gone. I already did the scrub and such but to no avail. Though there's only little left but am still hoping it will gone. I don't like looking at it even if it's not that so big. My kitchen journey is better without it and yes, better with new stainless steel 16 gauge kitchen sinks!

June 27, 2011

We are already on our fourth day of staying here in our new apartment abode. I love this place. The paint is light and the carpet too. :-) The important point is we are in the ground floor section to which advantage for a pregnant or mom-to-be like me. I don't have to go up and down just to go to the laundry room or just to throw trash and get mail. :-) DH and I were so busy on our final moving from Friday up to Sunday. The transferring and arranging up to cleaning. I was the one who arranges stuffs. It wasn't stressful for me because I am loving it. I confess I was a bit tired but not stressed. I lift some stuffs to which I just sneaked-in since DH won't allow me to do it. If I waited of his presence (which I can do it by myself) to do it, it would take week or maybe weeks to do it because he had also important stuffs to attend to. And I did it! Now, it is more arranged when you come unto our new abode. :-) Only some minor stuffs like taking the other bed off from our living room which was from our old second bedroom before, Salvation Army will pick this up but have to wait four days from now. Ah, I can't wait to dispose this thing off. During the journey of final moving step of transferring our stuffs, I was not able to cook foods. We just order and eat then rest a while and did again. Finally, I could have more rest now. :-) Not yet to cook foods but maybe this weekend or next week because I still have stuffs to do like address transfers, both online and offline then pregnancy stuffs as well. Good thing is I am not running with the time no more. I don't like seeing crowded boxes in our abode that's why. Thanks goodness I and my baby inside my tummy is perfectly fine. :-) Hooray! :-)

May 28, 2011

Often I can see blinds to put-up in windows. Well, it is great because anytime we want to replace it, we can, and that is because it is not an expensive one. Only, it takes an effort to pull it off and have to replace it time to time. Unlike plantation shutters that it will leave on its place for long time. And besides of its sturdiness, it does not need an effort to and extra time on replacing it as it is because as I said, its life span takes longer than blinds or alike.We just have to clean it, repaint or anything to beautify for a period. 

What about you, which do you like? And how do you like it? Ah, the journey of a family in their abode. Have fun (as always)!

May 08, 2011

Do you think only goods can be manufactured? Can you imagine there is also homes that are manufactured? I am new to this because I was born in a country where there is no term like this. Yes, nothing there in my birth country. But because this is United States of America, everything is possible. Believe it or not, there are different types of homes. There are also different kinds and different homes. Just like manufactured homes. Yes, you read it right, houses are manufactured and buyers or families will just see the catalog of what type of house they like and then let the company bring it to the place where a person would like to put it. Yep, it is carried by vehicle from the store to the person's place and then he/she/they have already a home with just a day or an hours. Cool, isn't it? 

March 08, 2011

Lighting is important in our home. In wherever we like to journey in specially at night, lights are essential, isn't it? Imagine yourself in a place or house where there is a blackout, what you have in mind? Ah, darkness isn't our taste, or do you like it? Nah, not me and not you for sure! :-) We cannot do stuffs normally without lights. Big, medium, or tiny lights (like bulb, fluorescent, etc) watts are our surely all essentials. Kitchen need big light wattage and so does living room at times. But when we want to have a romantic living room or in times we just only need small wattage, for me, track lighting is great for it. It is elegant and isn't cost that much. Aside from it is economical, it comforts us in our mood at times when we need it. 

We have track lighting at home just right above my computer table (but not just like these mini pendants, this is so cool for the wall or hallways) and I love it much.

 (I was given the right to use this images from CSN Stores, thanks to Sean)

As you can see these colorful and elegant mini pendant track lighting does not only comforts our mood when we like to have low lights but also gives beauty at our home wall  (especially the light walls or hallway) or hallway. Doesn't it stimulates the romantic sense in us? So cool, don't you think?! If it's not cool or romantic, then I don't know what you think. Nobody beats a beautiful romantic home ambiance!

February 08, 2011

(Thanks for the post, Arthur Lawrence)

During winter break, my kids developed a couple of bad habits. First, they stayed up late because there was no school that they had to wake up for. Second, they spent a lot of time on video games and watching TV. They are good kids and have done well during the previous semester, so I decided to let them slack a bit during vacation.

Once the return to school began getting near, though, it was time to begin reintegrating my kids to their school schedule. This meant putting them to bed at earlier times. I cut a half hour off their bedtime every night for the three nights prior to school restarting (I had been letting them stay up an extra hour and a half). I also began waking them up earlier until they were getting up near their normal school wake-up times. And also setting the security alarm to know they are safe.

I also had them cut down on the video games and TV and spend more time reading (which was a major challenge) and playing board games with the family (not as much of a challenge). By the time the first school day back came around, they were at least slightly more focused.

Now that they're back, they have readjusted in no time. They are pretty flexible, although there was some serious complaining and hopes for a snow day.

February 02, 2011

When there are friends, family, alumni-get-together and alike, what would usually is on the center? Yes, I can hear you! Drinks, wine, foods which include dessert and everything but what else? Yes, discotheque (or simply called "disco") or with a live band which everyone celebrates what should have to be celebrated. But what about karaoke? Yes karaoke with the use of its karaoke machine makes the group alive and could shout, oops I mean sing what their hearts out. He he he! And everybody happy! Yes, everybody would be happy with the help of the host/hostess great party. :-) That would be awesome, don't you think? Do you love singing?

Me, I love it that much though I do not have such a very voice. Well, practice makes perfect, right? Ha! What's the use of your own karaoke if you won't use it? How I wish I/we have one. Just for family bonding or for special occasion.

January 14, 2011

If we have a large backyard, I would definitely suggest my DH to have a tree house fence. Of course our home should have a fence but it is refreshing to have trees especially summer that it is excruciating hot. Electricity bill is very much likely to rise when using air condition or even just a fan if doesn't have a shade of trees near the house or to stand-by during such period. It is great to have shades of fruit trees or trees just like maple tree, sweet gum tree or  maple tree which changes color during fall season. Or maybe an indian tree just like what my father put on his outside house. But I got an eye for such sweet gum tree as its name is interesting!

December 12, 2010

Do you know how it feels when a woman still has her "monthly visitor" ? Well, not all the time for me but this time I am "in" with it. Yes, laziness attack on me. Have you observed it to yourself? I know being lazy is not good, maybe you could say there is really a time being lazy that all we can do is to savor the moment. That all left to do is have fun with our self. It is just like we are treating our body to do the usual thing. Now, just do not be immune with laziness or else you will just wake up that he/she do not have something to eat already or the worst being homeless. :-) Just doing it to treat yourself  you know.. :-)

How about you, when did you have your last day of laziness attack? Whenever it is,we will  just have pray and being supportive all the time. Oops, not a support for laziness but how to get over it. Have a great day!

November 21, 2010

Can you sense the bells ringing? Yes, Christmas is on its way! Thanksgiving Day will be this coming Thursday (November 25) then comes its sale event Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Then after that, time to Christmas trees either it will be artificial Christmas tree or the live one. Then it will come eight dawn masses and Christmas Day then! What have you thinking?  Your gifts, foods, presents and so on, or so forth? Then include me to that thought. Ha ha ha! As I always said to my friends and extended family excluding my husband = my Santa Claus ;-) } , Christmas card is already enough. I could have a big smile with that already, as in grin. :-D Merry Christmas in advance and have an awesome Christmas tree decorating then! ;)

October 29, 2010

(Contribution by Saul Martin)

When I think of the Fall, I think about Rugby. The best time for a little rugby is just as the leaves start touching the ground and the weather gets a little nasty. I've been playing rugby with my friends ever since I was a wee little tot and while I enjoy a spot of angling as well in the Fall, rugby is most definitely my favorite of all the fall sports. 

Nowadays, I often play with my roommates on the weekends. Since we all go out for the entire day, we make sure to set our home security alarm (ADT CA online offer) before we go. After throwing all our gear and a cooler in the trunk, we head over to the store for some liquor and grub. Once we reach the field at Skyline we flip a coin to pick the teams and get started with the 1st game. Afterward we all down some ale and then we get on to game number two. We continue on this path for as many games as we can go. It's quite hysterical once we're getting on to games number six or seven. By then most of us are well liquored up and not in our right state of minds. It really doesn't matter who wins or loses, its all in good fun. Although I'm not sure all my friends would agree with me on that one.

October 12, 2010

Family time is precious, some call it priceless to an idea that it cannot be bought by money since it is that very much expensive. Can you get the logic? I guess, you know that. Every family wanted that. Quality time, does not mean family must spend expensively. Family can have it anywhere but mostly at home watching television. Every nook family wanted. It would awesome anyway to have it at living room with a home theater seating perfect for the whole family or having an allowance sits for the visitors as well. :-) Don't you think? Ooh well. Have a great bonding folks! It would be one of those great moments. It's not just because of the home theater but how everyone spends it as well. :-)

August 31, 2010

I can only remember one word as one online plurk friend of mine (Sakura) said and told as Tues as Choose as in Tuesday of Choose-day! It has more to it as it is a sentence (or rather sentences) but one thing I know, logically, we have to choose this day to be happy! As in choose this day to be happy, lovely and lively! Okay, not only Tuesday but throughout the whole week but Tuesday is more than to it as it sounded as rhyme on the two words few letters (Tues/Choose). Despite of the obstacles, we just have to choose what would make us happy (responsibly). It is great to work hard if we know there would be him/her/them who will appreciate despite the hardships. Well, hardships is always there, we just have to deal it. As Te Shaw's word and I define it on my own as we just have to embrace it as we embrace the good one happenings. It will go over down as there would always be rainbow after the rain. As long as we know what would make our hearts go fonder, then that is it! Keep the love (all kinds of love like filial love, friendship love, paternal, maternal, special kind of love, and all alike) and optimism burning!

Okay, that is all about it. I have to go now wash the clothes and few stuffs I bought yesterday for woman's need and will do some other chores whilst waiting for laundry machine to stop. God bless you all (as always)! :-) ~hugs&kisses~

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