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February 14, 2011

Netbook, laptop or any other name it corresponds with, of course it has the same features as it is. :-) When one is planning to buy, it is a good move to read on reviews first. If planning to buy a netbook, then it is advise to read on net-book reviews for customers view about it after they have purchase of such. The good thing about it, is that it's not only one who view about such but there are many of them (customers). Or you can also put your review about such product if you happen to buy one. Have fun!

November 15, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

When you have a personal computer, it is more likely that you also have an Internet connection. Or should I say that Internet is important nowadays that's why you have your PC, right? Now, I know that without an antivirus software, it is like you want your PC dead. Why? Since there are many malicious hackers and peeps spreads viruses in the internet world lurking and waiting around. So, it isn't advisable of using Internet without an anti-virus protection.

I assume you have an anti-virus protection now, but is the service good? I had been talking a lot of frustrations about my Internet before and I found out that one thing that caused my PC slow was because of an anti-virus protection that isn't up-to-date. It even crashes my PC and even until now sometimes. I didn't even suspect but I got the proof. Sometimes am in the middle of a task, suddenly the anti-virus just turned-off and it says it needs an update and even if I updated it, it's just still the same! Ooh my! I always send error report but until now am still struggling how to cope up with this. The answer is get the latest version plus the anti-spyware but since I still have the time to consume this stuff that hubby bought for our(hubby and me) PC, so I will just figure this out how or else the next time I will suggest hubby to get other one. There's that Sun Belt Software that is rated five star downloadable from customers reaction after tested. Other thing I see is it is of the same amount of my current anti-virus software. Has the latest version and compatible to Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 (the latest windows). It has an email protection threat. The most important thing to me is it won't slows down PC. This is the next generation anti-virus software plus anti-spyware. This is a recommendation of a friend to me and that is what I got as reviewing it. This made up my mind that my anti-virus protection is slow. I will check this one so there's no regret and nagging at PC will happen in the future.

August 25, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Hi folks, this is a personal paid review from Gonzaga University Online School. I am paid of modest amount for this review but of course an honest based upon my personal thought.

I was not one students of this school but I would like to partake what I have seen and heard based on my concern. I am a homemaker and wants to pursue a master's degree. I graduated a four-years course back in my home country(Phils.) and in Spring 2009 I went to community adult school to refresh my computer skills I had before. And currently am looking forward to get my master's degree and looking of the school where I would like to go into either in traditional way(in field) or online. Perhaps getting an online masters degree is cool because it is at the comfort of our home. Now, I take a look of Gonzaga Online master degrees and it offers Master's in Organizational Leadership, Master's in Communication and Leadership, Master's of Science in Nursing, and Servant Leadership Certificate. Which one would you like to get? Let us together take a look and find out this:

  • Gonzaga University is ranked number 3 in the West by US News and World Report.
  • Gonzaga University is ranked one of the nations best universities by The Princeton Review and Forbes Magazine.
  • Kiplingers Personal Finance ranks Gonzaga a best value among private universities.
  • Gonzaga offers several of its masters degrees online.
  • Not many top ranked schools are offering online programs.
  • Many of the top ranked programs are reluctant to go online because they feel that this diminishes the quality of the education.
  • Gonzaga finds the exact opposite, because it allows experienced professionals the opportunity for an advanced educations, who may otherwise not be able to because of professional or personal commitments.

For me, as long as it is accredited, reputable, and it has what I like, then go!

June 10, 2009

I have been given free product to review from Vantzen Products, Inc. I am paid of a modest amount of money but of course of an honest review. The product arrived yesterday. And the image above is the product that I took after it arrived. You can click the image to enlarge.

I haven't heard of BugZip products before. I only knew that there's a pouch for girly stuff that similar to BugZip products which I like very much. According to the company, BugZip is a bed bug encasement especially designed for advanced resistance to bed bugs.

Me and hubby didn't travel that much nowadays but I would like to use this if we do(one day) thinking that it is good for the health. Neither me nor my husband don't want to be beaten by bed bugs. Bed bugs are just too difficult to handle because it is invisible in our naked eyes.
BugZip is made up of vinyl which is too slippery for bed bugs to climb up, so it is a great deterrent. It is better to be aware and do the prevention before we will be having a bed bug.

Upon seeing the products arrive at our home, I could say it is good. I like it since it was what I expected and arrived in proper time.
It came of four different sizes: Medium, Large, Garment, and Drawer perspective all in one pack.Below are images of how Bugzip is use:

for more of these images, visit

Since I wasn't able to travel yet, what I did is that
put on my purses and shoes. I also put my laptop case which I only use when needed. Below are the pics of what I did at home to keep away from dust directed to my belongings and of course for bug prevention. Thanks God that we don't have bed bug in the house(since we didn't experience itchiness) so what I did with the product is this:

my purses/bags

my laptop case, and shoes/sandals

-- and am happy of the outcome and thankful of the person who invent this product as well as the company. Have a pleasant day folks! Remember to keep-away from bed bugs!

June 02, 2009

Business or commerce needs advertising. Advertising can be done through radio, newspaper, ads, flyer, posters, markings, bulletins, web, and the like through word-of-mouth and writing. Without such, businesses tends to be slow, unknown, or won't exist. The above word (advertising) is really very essential. Hence, one should have it especially if you're new in business world to boost your product goods or services offer to market to attain company goals and objectives especially inthe long-run. That will result to good profit and fame. Nowadays, advertising into commercials (like tv, etc) are pretty expensive, merchants finds and tends to advertise on blogs to save expenses that is of course quality are as pretty as to the latter and the value is good and reasonable. No need to spend such huge bucks especially now that economics is experiencing a downturn. Internet and computers are some kind of essential or a need already of a family nowadays especially here in United States hence mostly has it, with that, world wide web is very much accessible as to information. And then came blogs that are famous of thoughts, real views and reviews, then put it into writing, with that one is able to introduce the products to the desired market. In that way, connection is processed good as well as in quality words that one wants to find out. Content is a king and honesty is the best policy! Everyone wants that, don't you? Search engine optimization is also pretty cool and of of course the traffic is good. Good and valuable information to readers is the goal of every blogger hence, it's at its best before it is open to the public.

Peeps, you can also submit your articles at wherein they features submission of your unique-content article and free tutorials, free article for unique content pieces, and free submit tutorials if they are original and not published on the internet yet. Just read the information in there and all of the info's you need if you wanna want to submit. So go on and check it out folks!

May 30, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Dieters out there, how particular are you about reviewing the product you are about to buy or bought already? Are you concerned about how the consumer reviews about it? Afraid of scam?

Hemmm.. visit for the diet pill reviews that you're concern to know about.. Don't get scammed, review and get the information you wanted! Don't be fooled by advertisements, okey? Get the buying diet pill do's and dont's. Let your product that you like seen as consumer review about it and be satisfied with the result folks!

Happy dieting!

May 03, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

The title talks all about rv. It features 10 rv and camping articles, forum and discussion board, rv news, its community events, sales as to buy or sell an rv, and its resources. If you own an rv vehicle, planning to have one, or sell the one you have, or even want to find camp grounds, parks, dealers, and the like - then you might like to check the best one. It's all in there, all you need to do is read what it has and such and perhaps everything of what you need about rv will be alright. Be sure to know all before deciding to sell, buy, and the info's essential about it, okay? Have fun folks!

April 30, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Wicked Profits is an option investment advisory service of which their business tag is "Where The Professionals Come To Make Money" . Wicked in here means impressively excellent. How do you define a company having an AMR (Monthly Average Return) of 5.00% , Cumulative Return of 539.57% , and Current Win Ratio of 82.01% since inception of April 2000? Isn't that impressive?
By the way, if you want to know about their service objectives, these are the following: Makes 4% return each month, Minimize losing trades, Make consistent returns, and Maintain an 80% win ratio. They then take note that these are all goals to meet by the company not a promise or guarantee but they will be going to focus on that in order to success both the investor and company so, mutual interest. It's not only for them but of course it makes for the two to tango! Remember that, they don't promise anything but a company objective! You might then want to check their best featured offer called an auto trading.
You may browse their site for more information at You may then have to read their Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) page. I know you will review it all and examine the pages when you're already there and ask some questions that you haven't read that is very much available for you. Have fun browsing folks! May the Almighty God be with you all! muahhh!

April 29, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Are you ready folks? Summer is coming! ... and Yep! At Sea World Orlando they have a coming roller coaster ride called Manta - the only flying coaster of it's kind in the world will be opened on May 22, 2009! Yay! I can't wait to ride in it, I wanna know how's the feeling of like a bird flying. And not only that aside from having a ride Yoohoo! It would definitely be very fun folks. Can you imagine a very huge ray and you're at it's back flying with the air punching (with your loved one and close) or other 32 fun peepz? That would be an awesome one I can foresee! I can't really wait, am so excited. I hope hubby will take me there even only once especially this opening. Yeah hubby is kind and been a very nice one so, hopefully without any circumstances can come in there. How about you would you like to? Fun people come one and have fun at Sea World Orlando, okey? Let's not let the problems hid the enjoyment of planning ahead now because you might miss the amazing opening of it that would be so much of enjoyment.
Anyway, if you like of participating contests they have it and it's on-going now. All you have to do is participate and win. To participate you may have to click the "Participate and Win" section and follow all the rules in there and done! If you're qualified and a lucky one, you will win! You can then go in there with some of the benefits and some. Go ahead and browse now. I know lots of you eager to come in there ride with their in-coming Manta, watch the very huge floor to ceiling aquarium with the live big sting rays, rare fishes and beautiful ones as well as the well-known kind and schools, Pacific Octopus, and more of it's kind! You'll then see beautiful and lovely water creatures that you'd wish to. Come on ... join the fun! hop-in there! Don't forget the 6 steps so you can get your own "Front-of-the-line" pass to Manta at SeaWorld Orlando... Remember just only 6 and you're then done - as easy as one-two-three ... and go!


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