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January 23, 2010

posted by: Cacai M.

Nobody beats fresh fruit salad but I don't have that much but I had canned so what I did was I just combined the two to attained what I wanted to or should I say I could have fresh too---knowing that a canned fruit cocktail is enough to make a salad. :-) So I drained the canned fruit cocktail to separate the juice and the fruits. I also had a can of whole kernel corn and drained as well. While those canned fruits draining, I peeled red apple and so the green ones but then I thought that it would be nice that the skin would be left on (for some other apple) for colorful purposes. So that's what I did. Some cut apples were skin peeled off and some don't. I also cut fresh ripe banana. Then opened the small canned nestle cream and condense milk, prepare two to three tablespoons peanuts. Yes, I put peanuts. You can lessen or add more if you like. I then mix all the ingredients (drained small can fruit cocktail, small can whole kernel corn, cut peeled and skinned red & green apple, small can nestle cream, two to three tablespoons of condense milk, two to three tablespoons peanuts) and done! I let it cool first (I put in freezer for two minutes and transfer down after) then serve! It's eating time... :-)

January 19, 2010

posted by: Cacai M.

I was in the taste of sauteed string beans and because pork is also available with the spices needed, the hand was able to cooked the viand I wished to partner with my steamed rice. You may wonder there are the same picture content but of different scene, that is because I was able to took a picture with the flash of the camera and without.
The first image was without a flash to which you can see the tag at the bottom and the the other too, contrary to the first, it is an image that I did use a flash on my camera.

(photography without flash)

(photograph with flash)

And now you can compare what's the difference but of same content. I did that for you to have a choice in which way you like to glance the image. So then, the recipe I used were string beans, pork, green and red bell pepper, onion, garlic, soy sauce, olive oil, a little water, and tomato. Yes, I put tomato in it though tomato can make the food readily to taste bad but due to the fact the tomato adds taste to the food so I put some aside that I will put the leftover (after 40 minutes or so as long as it's not warm anymore) in the refrigerator. It's really different when no fresh tomatoes in it. The procedure is easy, just like any other saute' foods, warm up the skillet then put the spices (tomato, onion, garlic, bell pepper) until brown. Then put the pork and let it boil. After it is boiled, put the string beans and boil again. Then put soy sauce and little water to taste. Let it boil again or until string beans are cook. And done! Ready to serve..

January 17, 2010

posted by: Cacai M.

I got very fresh shrimps from the market so I thought of making such of tamarind shrimp soup (sinigang na hipon in Tagalog---Philippines' language). Because I had tamarind powder, okra, string beans, scallions (onion leaves), salt and green bell pepper I made it right-away. And that's the result (image above). It's just easy to do. Just boiled how many cups you want (I put three cups on that), then put the shrimps and other ingredients, then reboiled again then wait for one or two minutes (depending upon your taste--if you want the ingredients fully cook or half cook) and done! Soup is ready...

December 30, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.
smoking sauteed beef with potato, canned carrots and green peas

The food shown is what our viand for dinner yesterday. That's my first time to cook this kind of viand. Usually, I make beef curry and when the meat is port, I put some tomato sauce but not until yesterday. As to what I cook for my dear husband for dinner depends upon his taste, so what I does is I call him couple of hours before his end duty so I can decide what I have to cook. I always suggest though. Sometimes it's fish, pork, and beef.

And here is the recipe: beef, onion, garlic, potato, and canned carrots and green peas. What you have to do is cut beef into chunks. Wash the beef and set aside. Then, chop onion and garlic. After it is brown, put the beef and grab some little water to put in the wok, then simmer. While it is simmering, peel the potato, slice, and wash then put it in the wok with the beef simmering, bring to a boil. Then once it is boiled, ladd iodized salt and lower the heat to simmer until tender. Then put the canned carrots, then the other onion (bigger sizes). Then taste after boiling. And done! Pretty simple, you can do it easily.

posted by: Cacai M.

One of me and dear hubby's Christmas preparation is the smoked baked ham shown above. At first I wanted to cooked the ham which has to be cooked for long hours through a raw pork meat-- that ham which is super soft and so tasty. I even texted my aunt in the Philippines (it's one of her specialty when it comes to cooking) how she made it and asked for the recipe. And she texted me back and gave it to me the ingredients and a little instruction on how to do it. And so I Googled it more. But then I found out that 99% cook here in America use the smoked ham and clover. I wasn't convinced with it, insisted to cook the traditional cooking even how many hours of simmering it with the ingredients to make it fully soft. After hours of looking at YouTube and other information, I proceeded to the market and bought stuffs for "Noche Buena" centering the ham. :-) Hubby dearie don't like to eat though... even just a little to taste, it's not his thing. He wasn't fond of it. And so even he don't want to eat it, he let me got it. In the wet market, I haven't found a good pork meat, only one left and the rest was sold out already. So I ended up looking at the smoked ham.. Couple of minutes comparing different holiday hams, I got the brownish two pounds one. So that was it, I sliced the two layers plastic cover and slice it(crisscross preferably) a bit from end to end and put pineapple juice. Then put some brown sugar in the skin slits. Then I put some of the pineapples slices at the top of the ham and covered it with tin foil. Baked it at 325 degrees Farenheit for 20-30 minutes every one pound so all in all I put it in the oven for 40-60 minutes. And done! Happy eating..

November 14, 2009

cooked stir-fry mixed vegetables

Yesterday, I felt like being vegetarian. Actually, I am more on vegetables but when cooking it there should even just a little meat in it especially that hubby wants me to eat something meaty since it is good source of protein which our body needs. Even though the pork is already defrosted and ready to sliced, but I was more on vegetables all. So, it ended stir-frying the okra, chayote, and mushroom with the spices onion, red bell pepper, and garlic saute with soy sauce. The procedure is just easy! After washing all the veges and fresh spices, cut it all length-wise. Then heat-up one teaspoon of olive oil (or any kind of oil), then brown the onion and garlic, then add the red bell pepper. As soon as it's already okay, put the chayote. After it boils put the mushroom then okra, then boil it again then put soy sauce. Then wait for five minutes or so until it is fully cook and taste. Put soy sauce if you think it tastes better. And done! Serve it with rice. Happy eating!

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