January 23, 2010

posted by: Cacai M.

Nobody beats fresh fruit salad but I don't have that much but I had canned so what I did was I just combined the two to attained what I wanted to or should I say I could have fresh too---knowing that a canned fruit cocktail is enough to make a salad. :-) So I drained the canned fruit cocktail to separate the juice and the fruits. I also had a can of whole kernel corn and drained as well. While those canned fruits draining, I peeled red apple and so the green ones but then I thought that it would be nice that the skin would be left on (for some other apple) for colorful purposes. So that's what I did. Some cut apples were skin peeled off and some don't. I also cut fresh ripe banana. Then opened the small canned nestle cream and condense milk, prepare two to three tablespoons peanuts. Yes, I put peanuts. You can lessen or add more if you like. I then mix all the ingredients (drained small can fruit cocktail, small can whole kernel corn, cut peeled and skinned red & green apple, small can nestle cream, two to three tablespoons of condense milk, two to three tablespoons peanuts) and done! I let it cool first (I put in freezer for two minutes and transfer down after) then serve! It's eating time... :-)


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