August 29, 2011

Five days ago, I posted about my quest of thinking any recipe with spam canned goods since I my taste bud cannot take its taste if I eat it alone. And then I thought of my stashed gourd vegetable I had in the refrigerator waiting for me to cook. :-)

And yes, yesterday yours truly cooked soup-y sauteed gourd vegetable with spam canned good and a little bit of corned beef from left-over. Ingredients (gourd, spice(s), cooking oi, spam, a little left-over corned beef, salt and a little bouillon beef) were gathered. I then (1) chopped the spam into small quarters along with an onion (the only spice I had in the kitchen). I wanted to put garlic and bell peppers but I cannot find any. So only onion was being mixed with it. Then what I did after chopping the spam and onion, (2) I heated a little bit a pan and put cooking oil as well as an onion and spam with corned beef while waiting for me to (3) skinned and chopped the gourd vegetable. The next thing I know was I already finished chopping the gourd and washed it in running water while the. And the sauteing began. I put a cup of water because I like it soup-y. (4) After boiled and half-cooked, I then put salt, a dash of beef bouillon to taste. Wait for another boil and done! Yummy soup-y gourd vegetable with spam and a bit of corned beef!

It was my first time having this recipe out from scratch.


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