June 10, 2009

When I checked my email just a minute ago, I was wordless to see this award coming from my very good friend David Funk of Basic Bloganomics because it's just amazing one! Even if I know that I subscribe his blog through email, still I got surprise because I thought I saw sports history and yet it's more than that! Wow! And yep, I was thankful that in venturing here in blogosphere world, I came to see his good blog full of sports history and a fiction humor write-ups which I like most. Thanks D for being one of your awardee of this very nice amazing award! Have a happy Wordless Wednesday everyone!

Analou and Bones


  1. analou said...
    You always deserve it my friend. Your very sweet and kind thats why many people loves you. Don't change even if our hair will turn to gray....Take care.
    Bill said...
    Hi my friend i also have a couple of awards for you please swing by when you can. Have a great weekend.
    David Funk said...
    This is why everyone adores you, and I think you're an amazing lady and blogger, too.

    I thank you for being a great friend and for posting this award!:)

    P.S. I enjoy getting emails from subscribing to your blog, too.

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