October 02, 2013

September 29, 2013

This picture (which is pixelated, I know, sorry about that) was taken more than five years ago. I was just few months after I arrived here in United States of A. I was there together with my friend Au & her hubby. That was in Our Lady of Angels here in Los Angeles, California. It is quiet famous as many tourists went there. Though, it is just 15 minutes away from where my little family live, still it is quite far as it will be crossed in a freeway. It really needs time to go there unlike a chapel here near us (three minutes drive or seven minutes walk *walking is a good exercise*). I can always look at it when passed-by going to my daughter's appointment in Vermont Ave, Los Angeles (plus the Jollibee food chain) once a day, every week, though. Anyway, this picture doesn't do justice, this church is beautiful in actual much more nowadays.
I plan to go back and spend time there one day soon. Can't you guess, I also miss by slim bod here. Ha! Reminiscing. Now I'm already 120-124 lbs. Whew!

I love Made in USA stuffs! This Okabashi slippers are just good as where it has been made, yes, it is Made in USA! Good thing I had been given an opportunity to review their quality stuffs. Then off I went to select. I got a Size 7 Brown/Patent color of Indigo for myself and Size 11 of Weave (Black color). In a matter of days, I had it on our feet. They are fast in shipping. To my surprise, I love the style of what my husband's choice. It is light, neat and I love its weave. Mine on the other hand is cool and the color is what I expected, though I wish it had been a lightweight (but that's just my own opinion, I'm quite sure that there's a purpose why it has been like that), other than that I love all its feature. Both have soft sole and its arc felt the feet relax. Also, its costumer service is as fast as lightning if you need or ask something. All in all, it's a great slippers! --- Made in USA.

 I received products above complimentary from Okabashi in return for a review or testing purposes.

People create handicrafts for various reasons. As much as Americans and other people around the globe, Filipinos love and enjoy expressing themselves artistically as they create objects like wood carvings, woven baskets, lampshades, trays, home d├ęcor and many others. And one quality of the Filipinos have, is that Filipinos love to make and do things with their bare hands. They learn the craft as a challenging and entertaining hobby at the start. They do it during their free time and/or during weekends.

Engaging in handicraft is a very interesting passion. But what usually starts as a hobby can be a good source of livelihood, too. Some Philippine handicrafts are exported to the United States, Australia, some part in Europe, and co-Asian countries. In the Philippines, tourists crowd handicrafts stores to buy souvenirs items to bring home. By the way, just a short note, Miss Philippines has been crowned as Miss World 2013 which was held yesterday in Jakarta, Indonesia. Congratulations to Megan Lynne Young. She makes Filipino proud.

I received the products below complimentary from Aurorae review or testing purposes.

I have been meaning to write blog post/s but due to some things and stuffs that has come to attention first which caught me up before my draft has been finished. But anyway, here I am, at your service. Wink. ;-)

Yours truly is into jogging lately, though I really wanted to have a yoga class even every weekend for an hour but time constraints that I cannot just do it as for this time. And I don't want to force the circumstances. And off I go the easy and typical way to sweat and boast my confidence. Brisk-walking, jogging or running --- off I go! So that capri pants above is sure an addition to my exercise suit. I really like how it is fitted. I just have to use a long shirt to cover my "a little big booty" , ha! Next time I need to get the medium size unlike the other ones I bought that it is size small. Yes, one tip is to get the next size of your size to get the best one. Other than that, I love the way it is! Surely, a good suit for me!

APledge Aurorae Candle, the Harmony Lavender Soy, is also a bomb. I like its smell and of course its color as lavender is my favorite color, as you know (if you don't, then now you know, *wink*) This is great if you're into meditation or when you're into romantic moment. Off the electric lights and light the candle on.

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Time check ---> 12:57 A.M. (Pacific Daylight Time or as commonly seen "PDT") as of September 29, 2013. One day to go before the September end day. So how's everyone, what's up?

Me? I have been caught up with a lot of things especially with a two-year old toddler. You know, it is really had being a mom juggling being a home-maker, as a mom and as a wife with no assistant or a help. I have to focus on my child but I also have to cook, clean and everything associated with that house work as well as being myself and keep my sanity intact all the time. I guess, that's all we are all working on, especially the latter, isn't it? Ooh well, you can't relate if you're not a mom yet.

Anyway, have a great Sunday everyone! Spread the positive vibes. By the way positive vibes doesn't mean it doesn't have negative aspects but rather, being positive means overcoming the negative/s! Be optimistic.

Once again, happy Sunday!

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