September 29, 2013

People create handicrafts for various reasons. As much as Americans and other people around the globe, Filipinos love and enjoy expressing themselves artistically as they create objects like wood carvings, woven baskets, lampshades, trays, home d├ęcor and many others. And one quality of the Filipinos have, is that Filipinos love to make and do things with their bare hands. They learn the craft as a challenging and entertaining hobby at the start. They do it during their free time and/or during weekends.

Engaging in handicraft is a very interesting passion. But what usually starts as a hobby can be a good source of livelihood, too. Some Philippine handicrafts are exported to the United States, Australia, some part in Europe, and co-Asian countries. In the Philippines, tourists crowd handicrafts stores to buy souvenirs items to bring home. By the way, just a short note, Miss Philippines has been crowned as Miss World 2013 which was held yesterday in Jakarta, Indonesia. Congratulations to Megan Lynne Young. She makes Filipino proud.


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